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FFIV DS Tower of Babel boss treasures

Been playing a ton of FF4, for the FFIV DS walkthrough faq, since it came out on Tuesday. I'm already in the Dark World, on the way to Tower of Babil to get the rest of the crystals.

The boss fights in this game are much harder. Each requires an entirely new strategy basically.

Tower of Babel

Basement Floor 13 : 5 Antarctic Winds

Basement Floor 12 - 3 Arctic Winds. Green Beret in northwest. Ice Lance in far east (Security Eye monster). Icebrand Sword in the southern door (Security Eye monster). Continue on in middle door.

Basement Floor 11 - CatClaw to the left. Phoenix Down and Basement Floor 10 passage to the southwest. Southeast has passage to Antarctic Wind and Killer Bow. Hi Potion in far east. Basement Floor 11 gives White Fang for clearing.

Basement Floor 10 - West for save point. Southeast for Ice Armor (Security Eye monster). Northeast for Ice Shield (Security Eye monster). Complete Floor B 10 for 5 Hi Potions. Northwest has stairs to Basement Floor 9.

Basement Floor 9 - Grab Arctic Wind to the east. Center room is locked. Hi Potion to the east, exit to the northeast. Basement 9 floor completion nets you 5 Remedies.

Basement Floor 8 - Take nearby stairs.

Basement Floor 7 - East for save point. South for Dry Ether and stairs to Basement Floor 6.

Basement Floor 6 - Head west to the center for Rubicante and Dr Lugae. Rubicante is going to Eblan. Dr Lugae battles you. You will be fighting Doctor and Barnabas the giant. The giant attacks Lugae first but eventually figures out how to attack you. This should be an easy battle, though Barnabas will self destruct.


Careful after this. Dr Lugae changes form. He has a Reversal Gas ability that reverses moves (so Curaga will kill your party). He'll use it again to lift the reverse mode from you, so when it is off you can heal yourself normally. However in reversal mode you will heal Dr Lugae when you attack. So you can use healing items like Elixir on him for an instant kill, or wait until reversal mode is off to attack him. Meanwhile, use black magic spells on your own party to heal! This is the only way to heal in reversal mode.