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FFIVDS Lunar Whale Lunarian Fusoya Bahamut


Final Fantasy IV 4 DS walkthrough FAQ continues. As you return to King Giott of the Dwarves, the party despairs over losing the final dark crystal. Golbez can now go to the moon. But Giott mentions the Lunar Whale. He doesn't know Mysidia exists but after hearing so, he is sure the elder is attempting the revival of the Lunar Whale.

You will need to return to the Light World, but how? Talk to Giott a bit and then Cid will come out. He is hurt but he will affix a drill to your airship, to plow through the hole. To Mysidia, to the Tower of Prayer. Cool scene here.

The Lunar Whale is now yours. Go inside of it, and the south end has little ports where you can rest. Then go to the north part to activate the Crystal and head to the moon.

Lunar Tunnel West : See the big blue crystal area? You are to land northwest of this, on a plateau with stairs leading down and a cave to the west. The Lunar Tunnel West has a Golden Apple to the east, but you fight a Eukaryote and two Prokaryotes for it. Finish up the Lunar Tunnel West map for 3 Sirens. In the northeast there are two more chests, a Lunar Curtain and Stardust. Straight to the north is the exit.

Outside on the Moon, travel east and south a bit and you will reach the Lunar Tunnel East.

Lunar Tunnel East : Nothing special here. Just go south to complete the map for 3 Sirens.

Outside, go west and north into the Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace : Inside is the Lunarian Fusoya. Fu So Ya is an FF classic. You will hear that someone is manipulating Golbez, a guy named Zemus. Also you hear of Kluya, Fusoya's younger brother. Kluya is Cecil's father.

After all of this, you are to leave the Moon with Fusoya and return to stop the Giant of Babil! Before touching the crystal to go back though...

Lair of the Father : The Bahamut Cave (Lair of the Father) is the structure east of the Crystal Palace (on the map). Definitely save before going in here; this cave is optional, and very difficult no matter when you go. Entering it on your first trip to the moon, it is that much harder. You will need to run to survive.

Lair of the Father B1 : Travel south all the way until you reach the Genji Gloves. Head back north and look for an eastern route. Take the northeastern route and go through the wall for a Genji Shield. For completing the Lair of the Father B1 you get a Golden Apple. Take the southeast exit to continue onward.

Lair of the Father B2 : You are to head west right away. The northwest has a Genji Armor, then go straight east for the Genji Helm. The thin north path is dangerous. You will fight an automatic boss, a Behemoth. He counters everything you do to him, so your best bet is to use Blink on your attackers, Edge and Cecil, and then when he counters he'll miss. It may take a bit but it is a foolproof strategy. Finish the Lair of the Father B2 map for another Golden Apple.

Lair of the Father B3 : Another thin path going south, and another Behemoth. Use the same Blink strategy. Before you get to the far west side, you will have a third Behemoth to defeat. Completing the Lair of the Father B3 cave nets you yet another Golden Apple. In the northwest is the king Eidolon, Bahamut.


When you walk up to him, you will fight. So make sure you are prepared. Starting off with your party, Have Fusoya and Rosa use Haste on everyone. Then Slow on Bahamut (very important), and Shell on everyone. This should allow you to hammer Bahamut and kill him before MegaFlare comes. The Reflect strategy does not work like it did in Final Fantasy IV 4 SNES, because Bahamut will just reflect the spell off himself. Have Cecil regular attack and Edge either regular attack or throw Shurikens. Rydia should spam Leviathan. With any luck you will have Bahamut killed before he gets off MegaFlare. If not, Shell and defending should help you survive this battle. Obviously, the Bahamut Summon is your big reward. This summon will help immensely with some tough parts coming up.