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Final Fantasy IV DS Eblan Rubicante

Okay I'm on my way into the Cave of Eblan. Got the Hovercraft taken near Eblan and the Tower of Babil, and I'm about to cross the shoals to enter.

Eblan Cave B1 - 3 Bacchus' Wines for completing the map. Head east right away for a few treasures, southeast for another, and southwest to reach Eblan Town.

Here in Eblan you can learn about the fiery Prince Edge. Buy some weapons and armor if you like.


Cave of Eblan First Passage - Grab the Ether to your right. North for a Tent and to Cave of Eblan - Second Passage. Before taking said passage, go to the middle of the screen and walk through the wall east for a Hi Potion. This is all you can reach in this area for now so go northwest.

Cave of Eblan Second Passage - Head north, east, then northeast for a Bomb Coreand south to go back to First Passage. Here you can grab a Cabin and two Hi Potions, then go east through the wall for two Elixirs. Continue all the way south and west for Spider Silk. Southeast has a Silver Hourglass and two Phoenix Downs. From here, go northeast to get 3 Hermes Sandals for completing Cave of Eblan First Passage.

You are back to the right side of the Second Passage now. West for a Shuriken and Gold Needle. The east room has a Save Point, and a Blood Sword to the east through the wall. Save and go north to meet Edge and Rubicante. Edge will fight but lose. Further north to complete Cave of Eblan Second Passage and get 3 Decoys.