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Final Fantasy IV Giant of Babil Four Fiends

Giant of Babil Final Fantasy Guide FAQS : Leaving the Moon with Fusoya, you will see the Giant of Babil just as you enter. Fortunately, your friends are fighting it. This allows your party to go inside the Giant of Babil.

Giant of Babil Mouth : Head to the north path and take it down to the neck.

Giant of Babil Neck : You get 3 X Potions for completing the smallest map in the game. Just go south and leave.

Giant of Babil Chest : Follow the path and take the Fuma Shuriken you see to the north. In the southwest is a Hi Potion and east of this is an Ether. Check the northeast corner for Yoichi Arrows and to the center for a Siren. Complete the map for 5 Remedies and take the center-north path going on to the Stomach.

Giant of Babil Stomach : Straight north for a Silver Apple, then take the skinnier far east path for a Soma Drop. Keep heading to the northwest to complete the Stomach map and get a Dry Ether.

Giant of Babil Inner Passage : Go south and east but take the first north path for an Elixir. North of here is the rest of the map for the Inner Passage, and you'll get an Elixir for completing it. Notice the red guy who sells sundries to you, and a save point. Buy some cottages because the Giant of Babil has always been one of the best level grinding areas and of course it's best to do it by the save point.


Giant of Babil Inner Stair : Just a bit to your north are the four elemental fiends, revived by Zemus. You will be healed and your MP will be restored. The order is Scarmiglone : Cagnazzo : : Barbariccia : Rubicante.

Scarmiglone still counters your attacks with nasty status ailments. That said your party is more capable of recovering. Still, having Cecil with Draw Attacks + Counter allows you to just let Scarmiglone attack and have Cecil's counterattacks do the damage, so as to avoid getting countered with status ailments.

Cagnazzo is a pushover. With Haste, you can use it on both Fusoya and Rydia to ensure a Thundaga user is always ready for his wave. If he hides in his shell, still pound him with Thundaga or a high summon like Bahamut.

Barbariccia is difficult to deal with since you do not have Kain around to stop her spin. She will use Maelstrom to knock down some characters to >10 HP. Make sure Rosa still has Haste on her to Cure at any point, and have Esuna ready for when she petrifies you.

Rubicante is a difficult one, with his Inferno attack being very damaging especially when not prepared for it. He always uses it as soon as he opens his coat so resist the urge to cast spells and defend with everyone until he uses it. Then heal up and use physical attacks if you'd like (though he'll counter those with Firaga). Having Draw Attacks + Counter helps here too because Cecil can just attack Rubicante back when Rubicante uses physical attacks. Also you can use Bahamut to pierce the coat for 9000-9999 HP damage. If you are trying to use spells wait until he has had his coat on for a while and then start the spell, so that it ends right when his coat opens. He is the final fiend so don't be afraid to burn MP on him.


Zemus' Four Fiends are defeated for the final time. Head back to the save point to use a Cottage and save.

The CPU fight is still one of the hardest fights in this game. The strategy is the opposite in this one. Instead of a weak attack node and a defense node that needs to be defeated, you have an extremely destructive attack node and a weak defense node. The Laser Barrage attack by the attack node can take off more than 2000+ to each member. This will likely wipe out a few members right away. Your best bet is to hope Rydia and Rosa can survive the attack, because then you can use a Bahamut to do a lot of damage on the Attack Node and Rosa can use Curaja. If you can get Haste on Rosa you are in good shape, though the Laser Barrage attacks come quickly! Curaja takes a while too so make sure you get Curaja up right away. One Bahamut and a few physical attacks from Cecil and Edge should do the Attack Node in. At this point, you just have the Defense Node healing the CPU for about 800-900 HP. Cecil and Edge take about this off, but if you have Rydia use Ramuh you're set. It takes off 4000 on the CPU and heals the Defense Node, so you don't have to worry about defeating both Nodes (which would be instant death because the CPU has a 9999 damage attack if by itself).

A Final Fantasy IV DS Exclusive Golbez Cut Scene occurs. You get a little more of the back story here between Cecil and Golbez.