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FF12 Nalbina Dungeons Barheim Passage


You wake up in Nalbina Dungeon. Balthier tells Vaan not to horse around but of course Vaan wants to explore. Not much to do here besides talk to the hopeless inmates. Save at the north part of the Stockade and then go through.

Bunch of wild Seeq's up here. They slaughter a defenseless Bangaa in front of you, then Vaan gets knocked out and finds himself in the middle of the pit with those three Seeq's. It is you and Balthier against them. This battle is not as hard as you would think. Casting Fire should quickly eliminate one of them. Save Daguza for last. Even with regular attacks you take off more. Wipe them out and your party retreats, not before overhearing a Judge and Ba'Gamnon speak.

As you begin to leave, your party finds all of your items / weapons / armor. And a map of Nalbina Dungeons. And two more treasures, a Tourmaline Ring and Gambit Fore: Targeting Leader. Save your game, then go east.


Lots of Imperials in the next area. Work your way northwest through them, until you get to an exit in the far north where the Judge is.

Basch is saved and joins your party, much to the chagrin of Vaan. Northeast in this room has 777 Gil, 293 Gil, 456 Gil. Burrogh here is very helpful with his weapons, armor, gambits, and more. For sure buy the Ally : HP < 50 and 30 % gambits. Upgrade Vaan's weapon if you haven't found a Long Sword / Mage Masher along the way. And a shield for Vaan if you are still fighting with a dagger. Blindna, Slow, and Poisona are must haves. Go up the stairs and hit the timeworn device in the center, and then go to the Gate Switchboard by Burrogh. Neither work so talk to Burrogh for a Tube Fuse.

Barheim Passage
Install the Tube Fuse into center device, the light will go on as the charge reaches 100%. Opening the gate ahead reduces that by 30% however, so this will continue to drop as you get further in Barheim Passage.

The Mimics in the next area continue to suck out the energy in these rooms. This restores their own HP and they will discharge that energy out on your members. Be wary of Basch with his lack of equipment, his HP gets low fast. As you get to the Great Eastern Passage, continue to head south and mop up Battery Mimics and Tiny Mimics. As the path turns southwest, be sure to head back northwest for the Map of the Barheim Passage. When you have the choice, take the northwest exit to OP Sector 36. Just clear the area of the two Battery Mimics and go on south. Take the west route again when you can, for OP Sector 37. Another Gate Switchboard at the far north once you've cleared the Battery Mimics and others. This opens the south gate.


So return to Special OP Sector 3. Head south to the north-south junction for a scene with Reks. Basch also gets a sword and armor now, I guess he found them on the ground. Save your game and continue the journey south, out of Barheim. Several treasures at the north part of the Zeviah Subterrane. Suriander frogs are down here, they have a decent physical attack but are not much trouble.

A save point in the area southeast of here. Then you will have a boss fight against the Queen Mimic, and a bunch of Tiny Mimics running around. The Tiny Mimics suck the charge at various points but really don't do much to you. The Queen has some decent attacks but is pretty weak until you take off about half of it's HP; then it busts out Shockstorm, high damage to all, and then Earth Shaker, which is a little less powerful. Use Blizzard throughout for maximum damage but save up MP for the end so you can really spam Blizzard to get it over with quick.

Dalmasca Estersand
You are in Dalmasca Estersand, with the entrance to Barheim Passage closed in. The goal is to head to Rabanastre but you haven't really explored Estersand, so check out the northern areas of Estersand. You will reach the South Bank Village. Seems the ferry normally runs but the boat is stuck at the north bank and the villagers don't know why. Touch the Estersand Crystal in the northeast part of the village.

Back southwest until you reach the Dalmasca Estersand Outpost. Hopefully you signed up for the Flowering Cactoid Hunt a while back, you can speak with Dantro here about this Mark hunt. Look for this Flowering Cactoid at the Yardang Labyrinth, towards the north end near the town. Not difficult at all especially with four members pummeling him at once. Cast Thunder, Fire, whatever, and put the boots to him quick when his HP gets low before he gets off 1000 Needles. You get a Cactus Flower as Flowering Cactoid is vanquished.

Return to Dantro at the Outpost, and he rewards you with 500 Gil and Potion x10 for Dalmasca's Desert Bloom. Back to the South Bank Village to give Dantro's Wife the Cactus Flower. She rewards you with a bundle of Needles. She needs some Semclam Shells now. Check the northwest part of the village in the water to find one.

Now Dantro's Wife needs Nebralim. What a fetch quest. Well go to Dantro and he says to look behind the crates, so search behind the Chocobo for a Phial of Nebralim.

On the way back, head to Nalbina Town, which is the far east exit just south of Barheim.


Nalbina Town
Touch the Gate Crystal of Nalbina. Really nice visuals as you head in. Nice things at the stores too, like Steel Bows and Iron Swords. A new spell, Poison, and some nice gambits available. Get what you can afford. There is a path to the Mosphoran Wasteland but ignore that for now and head back to the South Bank Village.

Return the Nebralim to Dantro's wife. Valeblossom Dew is next, but you cannot get to the Broken Sands quite yet.

Balthier, Fran, and Basch leave the party as you get there. Save your game and talk to the purple Moogling Attendant. He can transfer you around Rabanastre, much more convenient than having to walk.

At the Sandsea Restaurant, sign up for the Wraith Ghost hunt. The Petitioner is Milha in the north part of Lowtown. Before this though, get some magic, armor, and weapons that you can afford. Then to Migelo's Sundries. Speak with Kytes here.

You are then off to Old Dalan's house. Take the stairs in the northeast and look for Milha. If you signed up for the Wraith, you will hear about this mark hunt at the Garamsythe Waterway (storehouse 5). You just have Vaan, so we are not doing this quite yet. Head due south to Old Dalan's house. You are to deliver a sword to a guy on the map that Dalan has marked off. Find this spot on the map to meet Balzac, and you will go in and watch Vossler and Basch go at it.


Basch will join Vaan after this, and then go to the Sandsea. Up the stairs to here Migelo talk about Penelo, who has been taken. The party is to go to the Lhusu Mines in Bhujerba, with Basch.

The Aerodrome is by the west gate. Speak with Fran, and then enter. Go to the far north end to speak to Balthier to go to Bhujerba.