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FF12 Rabanastre Estersand Westersand


After the opening scene, you finally get control of the main character Vaan, wandering around the upper level of Rabanastre. Speak with Penelo near you and then you are to head off to Migelo's item shop. Head south past all the other shops to get there and he will have you on an errand.

Fortunately it is not really a fetch quest, as when you get to the Sandsea restaurant north of Migelo's. Tomaj here will explain FFXII Mark Hunts, since he actually has one available. The Clan Primer he hands you allows you to keep up on the whereabouts of the hunts that you are currently signed up for. He also has a Writ of Transit, and he gives you an Orrachea Armlet. Since you cannot just equip weapons and armor, he teaches you about license points and has you unlock the Orrachea Armlet so that you can equip it.

Dalmasca Estersand
Obviously take the east exit here, after you sign up for the Rogue Tomato mark hunt. Use this save point to heal up and save whenever you like.

As soon as you travel a bit northeast in the Estersand, you can see the Rogue Tomato on the cliff. Beat up on some Cactuars first though to get to level 2, then rest up and return. The Rogue Tomato should be sliced up easily with just regular attacks, though halfway through the battle it'll make a maneuver down the cliff, so you will have to circle around to get to it. Try to avoid the attention of the nearby Wolves so as to not get them in the battle too. Down here the Rogue Tomato can only sustain a few more hits from Vaan but he also has a Flame Breath tactic that can do decent damage on you, so watch your HP incase you need to use a Potion. Grab the Galbana Lilies then return to Rabanastre.

Only to find out that you are locked out. After some scenes, Penelo and Migelo come and you have your way back into Rabanastre, just in time for the speech by Vayne Solidor. More pretty graphics.

Once you regain control, head to Tomaj at the Sandsea to get your reward; 300 Gil, a Teleport Stone and 2 Potions. Check the mark board to find that there is another hunt available right now, the mutant beast Thextera. Turns out the person you must find is right next to you at the Sandsea, so talk to Gatsly the merchant. He needs you to go to Dalmasca Westersand to take out Thextera, who is just to the south of the first screen in the Westersand (Galtea Downs).

Before any of this, you will want to train Vaan a bit more and get a Broad Sword, and some spells. Cure and Fire prove most useful here, but you'll want to just get the Broad Sword and then train up for a bit to sell enough Wolf Hides so that you can get Cure and Fire.


Thextera Mark Hunt
In Dalmasca Westersand you should be able to beat up the Wolves pretty easily and grab the nearby treasures, you'll probably find some gil to speed the process up. Still, you will want to be level 4 or 5 for Thextera who can be difficult with just Vaan especially for a new player. One trick is that once you clear the area around you, notice that your MP regenerates. So once you get Cure you should be able to not have to return to the save point too often with your MP regenerating.

Thextera runs around the battlefield fast, plus he is huge. Worse yet, even if you wipe out the Wolves by him, he can still call for help and get more Wolves after you. Regular attacks will leave you being bombarded by the enemies and not have enough time to Cure. The trick is to get Fire and cast that on Thextera right away, hopefully with just 1 Wolf or less nearby. You only need to hit him another 3 or 4 times with Fire, so keep spamming it as fast as you can. You will probably need to Cure or use a Potion once he uses Fangs, a powerful attack that takes off about 100. Quickly heal up once Thextera is defeated because the smaller wolves will still be there.


Back to the Sandsea to claim your reward. 500 Gil, a Teleport Stone and a Headguard. Sign up for the next mark hunt that you now see is available - the Flowering Cactoid (Rare Cactoid). Dalmasca Estersand is the location and you are to look for Dantro.

Before you do anything else, head to the Centurio Clan for Mob Hunting. So, go north a tad and west when you can (from the Sandsea). Look for the Conspicuous Bangaa, who notices you have the Clan Primer.

The Clan Hall is a nifty little place. Helpful hints are all around, and you will want to talk to Montblanc at the top right away. You are now a member of Clan Centurio. Talk to him again for 3 Potions, 2 Warp Motes, and 2 Teleport Stones.

Rabanastre Lowtown
To get to the Lowtown, head to the east or northeast to find a set of stairs. Head to the far southeast to Old Dalan's Place. Vaan wants to get into the palace to steal some stuff, and Old Dalan has a plan. He also knows about the Crescent Stone, but it needs to be augmented by a Sunstone in Giza Plains first.