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FFXII Dalmasca Rasler intro pics


The luscious graphics of Final Fantasy XII are obvious as soon as you start up the game. It is a long scene but you will see Ashe's lover Rasler go down in battle after the wedding day. Dalmasca is in trouble. The FFXII walkthrough guide does not begin with these characters, but they all play a major role in the story.

Nalbina Fortress North Ward
You will begin as 17 year-old Reks. A familiar figure is here to greet you, his name is Basch. Learn the controls a bit and talk to the two around you then open the gate. The first fight is simple but then you see an Air Cutter Remora.


As you enter the imperial area near the king, head north but look for an east route to the stairs up. Save your game on the next floor and continue up. You have to defeat three imperial knights here but you should not have much trouble, just attack efficiently, you should not need a potion.

Just a little bit ahead and everyone is on the ground. Basch is taken away.