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November 28, 2008

Suiko III Geddoe Chapter 1 Aila


Geddoe's Chapter 1 should be the last one you do. Geddoe usually has a bit of spoilers as he is more of the behind-the-scenes plot character acting as a member of Harmonia. Not to mention, Geddoe's party generally has the harder chapters / boss fights.

Vinay Del Zexay

The party is to pursue the Fire Bringer story, which started in Iksay (Grasslands). Talk to the villagers of Vinay Del Zexay, and be sure to use your potch on sharpening your party's weapons.

Zexen Forest
Just walk east through the forest. The enemies should not provide much resistance.

Yaza Plains
There are two different routes to take in Yaza Plains, but for now just go straight north.

Great Hollow
Geddoe knows how to talk to these lizards. Shiba lightens up once Geddoe speaks with him.

The main area of the Great Hollow is huge. You can explore later, just follow to the path up and then to the chief. Speak to the guard outside for a Sunbeam Rune.

Geddoe's meeting with Chief Zepon is brief but he understands the main idea regarding the Fire Bringer. Afterwards, go west and talk to the soldier for Old Book Volume 3. Then enter that room, the training center. You won't have much in terms of ability points, but you may as well use what you have. Check out the Armor Shop / Weapon Shop if you want, but you are likely low on funds unless you abused the Lottery system already.

East of the armor shop are three lizards speaking about some suspicious activity. Follow the lizards even though they tell you not to. Just as you begin to follow, the lizards stop and fight you. They have a high attack, but are slow and you should be able to gang up on them slowly. After 3 turns, the battle stops. Shiba joins.


Return back to the training center, as Shiba has a ton of ability points you should use up. Back to the tunnel, and pass through. You will come to another lizard, who runs in the far door. Follow him. Soon you will be outside.

Zexen knights have some lizards down. Battle begins against Chris and five Zexen Knights. Again, unless you abused the Lottery System, it is highly unlikely you will win this battle. Chris will cast Breath of Ice and that should take off about 200 on everyone. A great reward is yours if you win, but don't expect to. The zexen knights flee, but head back inside. Strangely enough, the knights make no noise as they retreat.

Return to where you met with Chief Zepon. Turns out the enemy got Chief Zepon. Geddoe suggests seeing Chief Lucia now of Karaya.

Karaya Village
Aila and four Karayan Fighters greet you at the entrance. Just survive a few rounds and the fighting will stop. Aila just uses physical attacks but if you don't use unites, this group can overwhelm you a bit.

Jimba comes up to you after the fight and stops Aila. Go to the northeast hut for another scene with Geddoe and the chief.

Ace and Joker go off. Head towards the entrance to see Aila and a weird, blue-clad woman. She says the village is going to be burnt down. Aila just chases her down and Joker / Ace choose to follow. Save and rest up before doing so.

Plain Amur
Go to the save point, then head north to see Aila. She then runs off again.

Back in the village, Jimba talks with Geddoe about the Fire Bringer bandits.Combined with the assassination of the Lizard Chief Zepon, things are definitely strange around the Grasslands. The conversation is then interrupted.

Back to Plain Amur, as Aila finds Sarah. However two strange figures teleport in, a guy in black and a robed man. Joker and Ace take Aila and run away. Save your game and go towards the fire in the village.


Karaya Village
Chaos ensues at the village. Queen and Geddoe are together still. If you wish to fight you can choose "I have an inkling". You will be going up against Borus and two Zexen Knights on horses. First of all, hopefully Queen and Geddoe are fully healed to even have a chance. You will need to get off a Soaring Bolt from Geddoe, so hopefully you had a chance to upgrade his Lightning Magic and the other part of the equation is Queen dodging an attack or two from the Zexen Knights. Otherwise she'll get slaughtered and Borus and friends will move onto Geddoe. Whoever wins will gain a ton of experience points. Geddoe and Queen flee, but meet up with Jacques, Ace, Joker and Aila towards Plain Amur.

A few spots open up. You are to go to Caleria to end the chapter, but first check out Mt Hei Tou.

Mt. Hei-Tou
Go east a few screens, then north. Stick to the northeast until you come to a corpse for Recipe #15. Further north for the BlueMantix. The Blue Mantix can be a tough enemy in the low-mid 20's for levels, which you are likely in. It has a long-range attack, and also an area-based poison attack it loves to use when you have a few melee fighters nearby.

The key for your party is to get off Soaring Bolt, and then other lightning rune attacks with Geddoe. Have Aila provide the healing, and everyone else can just do physical attacks. It may take a while, but you will gain nearly 90,000 Potch, along with a Wall Rune, Blinking Rune, Melon Seeds, Old Book Volume 12, some nice armour and Mega Medicines. A decent haul. Head out of Mt. Hei-Tou. One note about these treasure bosses - they re-spawn if you are using a different character or even with the same character so long as you have a few hours of gameplay. For now, on to Yaza Plains.


Yaza Plains
Instead of going directly south, take the western path a few screens. You can now go to Lake Castle.

Lake Castle
Cecile greets you at the gate. Thomas and friends then come by to explain the free trade system at Lake Castle. Now you can 'recruit' characters, though since you have a full party with Geddoe there is not really a point to recruit a lot of characters. Most are better left for the weaker characters. Still, Geddoe will meet Stars of Destiny along his path that are worth recruiting. Before leaving Lake Castle, bring the Old Book Volume 12 to Eike and dump off some spare items to Muto to clear your inventory.

As you leave Lake Castle, Thomas' flame at the Trinity Sight System will open up. You can pick him next time if you wish.

Brass Castle - left side
Take Yaza Plains' south exit so you can go towards Vinay Del Zexay or Brass Castle. Scott and Waurenhyte are outside Brass Castle left side. Scott wants a few Deer Antlers.

Inside Brass Castle, and go to the Rune Master shop. Jeane is here. Ask her to come to Budehuc Castle - she sets up a Runemaster shop and also can be used as a support member. After Jeane joins the 108 Stars, check out the next door Tutor to level up your Lightning Magic for Geddoe. I also suggest getting Joker a Water Rune (from Vinay Del Zexay) and level up his Water Magic here. The Fire Rune is simply broken in Suikoden III. You will constantly be attacking your own allies with the area-based attacks. Better to have a healer instead of a worthless rune.

Vinay Del Zexay
Buy that Water Rune. Check out the Trader Shop for a Deer Antler. We'll drop this off with Scott a bit later. Sharpen your weapons if they are not at level 7 yet. The officer nearby gives you a Medal Set #1. The Item Shop has Belts of Strength, great accessories for your melee fighters. Last but not least, speak with Dominic at the Armor Shop. Buy the Mole Armor from him. Dominic will appreciate your sense of style, and join you. You now have an Armory at Budehuc Castle.


You will also see Guillaume chasing Shabon here. Speak with Nei and Toppo, then head to the square by the Council Hall. Guillaume and Shabon are here. Stop Guillaume and a duel occurs.

Guillaume is pretty obvious with his Deathblows. He will always say "Deathblow Attack!". Other than that, you may want to be conservative and defend. Guillaume is somewhat powerful and can handle quite a few hits. Nei and Toppo come afterwards. You have the option of telling them about Budehuc but I prefer to recruit these three later with Thomas. Geddoe has a stable 6 characters so there is not a lot of variety.

Brass Castle
Sell the Deer Antlers for 2500 to Scott, and he joins your group.

Great Hollow
Head to the top level to train your attack skills. Then head along clockwise to the trade shop. Buy a Crystal Ball here, then speak with the human in blue, red and white. He hands you an Iron Hammer. Give that Iron Hammer to the Lizard Peggy at the Blacksmith shop.

Mt Hei-Tou
Head back to Mt Hei-Tou, and to the spot in the north where BlueMantix is. It will have reappeared, with more treasure. The fight should obviously be much easier now. Just continue to use the Shield Rune level 1 spell early on in battles with Aila to up everyone's attack power essentially, with your allies berserked. Geddoe should of course use Soaring Bolt.

After winning, you will likely gain about 60-70,000 Potch, and some more weapons / items. It should be significantly less valuable than the previous haul, but you will likely get the Medal Set #3 a ? Figurine.

Mountain Path
Far to the southeast on the Suikoden III Map is Caleria and the Mountain Path. Save your game at the beginning part of the mountain.

As you get to the first split, take the east path if you want some Asian Herbs. Probably not worth the walk. Go north to exit. Another long path with a fork at the end in the next area. Go north this time for Medicine. Further east for a save point, and then you'll see a big three-way split with a huge center area. And an area boss ahead.

This is the Twin Snake, with a Right and Left Head. Watch out for this beast's Tri-elemental attack on all members for 100-120 damage. Otherwise it can use physical attacks that take off about the same, but on one character. Also the heads will cast magic, and you can be screwed if it used The Shredding (wind attack) immediately after using the Tri-attack.

As for your strategy, this is one of the toughest mandatory bosses in the game, even for Geddoe's capable party. The goal is to get one of the heads taken out, so that you can avoid the Tri-attacks. Preferably the right head so it won't use Wind Magic on you. Use Great Blessing to heal with Aila, or the first level Shield Rune spell to Berserk everyone. Starting off, use Geddoe's second level magic on the left head and everyone else should attack, except for Joker or Aila if you get hurt. Round 1 you will likely take a tri-attack, but the key is to attack the left head incase it is casting Wind magic. If it gets off the wind magic right away turn 2, you're screwed. Once you take that head out (about 1500-2000 hp), the battle will turn in your favor. It is easy to dodge the physical attacks from the body, and they are only powerful on one ally. The right head uses fire magic but it is weaker and area-based. Definitely a tough battle early on but your rewards are nice in EXP and skill points.


Plus the treasure. You will gain 44000 Potch, with a few Medicines, ? Figurine, ? Statue, Dancing Flames x1, New Casque, Feather Band, New Chain Mail, OldlgtngLeather, New Tunic, Old Silver Robe, Feather Earrings, Winged Boots and a few Antitoxin. Nothing too special but still worth getting of course.

Le Buque is to the north, but you cannot go there so head southeast for Caleria.

Lots of stuff in this place, including the frontier defense force's HQ in the back. Check the left though for a blacksmith. There are Tomato Seeds with the other person here. You can sharpen your weapons to level 10, I suggest you do so considering you have a bunch of potch from the BlueMantix (2x) and that Twin Snake. There are some nice things at the rarities armor shop. If you have extra potch, spend it on that.

When you go to the back area by the HQ, the party splits up. Ace goes to give the report, and you regain control. There is a warehouse in the back here, just talk to the northwest guy. Don't worry, it has the same stuff as Muto (somehow). Also, a Bujutsu teacher here. Surely you could use up some of the skill points you gained through Mountain Path.

Duke and friends approach when you get to the Inn. Gau and Nicolas don't talk much but there is Elaine, with her...well, you know. The hunt for the True Fire Rune is about to commence among the border forces. Geddoe Chapter 1 ends, and you can start up Thomas Chapter 1 to finish all the 1's up.

November 26, 2008

Suikoden 3 Chris Chapter 1 Zexen


Vinay Del Zexay
Chris Chapter 1 starts off in Vinay Del Zexay. Chris is the head knight of the Six Knights of Zexen, who are run by the Zexen Council. Chris' chapters are quite easy in comparison to Hugo and Geddoe's, except maybe her third chapter. She also has advantages in money and starting ability points.

Chris is upset about late Captain Galahad and Vice Captain Pelize. She then has a summons in front of all the council members. They give all sorts of complements to her and think that now would be a great time for peace negotiations after showing the council's strength in previous battles.

Chris is dropped off at her house. Just go inside and rest for you, you can do more later. Save your game, and the next morning the Six Knights of Zexen are at the gate to leave.

Before you leave, enter the Zexen Capital and go to the Council Hall. Take the side doors in front of you, one leads to the armory / rune sage / item shop and the other leads to a Bujutsu teacher. You may also wish to sharpen you weapons in town before you leave.

Zexen Forest
Thankfully, Chris has a horse so you can just burn through here.


Brass Castle
Lulu gets bumped into by Louis here. When you get a chance, check out Brass Castle and the east end of it.

Lord Dupa of the Lizard Clan is paying a visit. He says Chief Zepon wants to hold a gathering on the Amur Plains to 'rest the grides' (peace treaty). Go up to Louis and tell him you will rest.

As you wake up, it will have been a few days and time for the peace treaty. Lucia, Dupa, Beecham and a few others come to sign the treaty for the Grasslanders.

Afterwards, the soldiers become agitated. A messenger comes in to say Lord Myriam and Lord Lanchet have died in a surprise attack.

War Battle Zexen vs. Grasslanders
You are severely overmatched, as the Lizards have most of the area occupied. After a turn, the victory conditions change to escaping via the east route. You will need to take out one army of Karayans to open up the path. Send out your Zexen Knight forces to soften them up. Roland's unit can finish them off, and then have Chris retreat. Reach the east-most spot for a Safe Retreat.


Karayan Village
The party is on Plain Amur, near a Karayan Village. Salome plans to raid it. Go up ahead to save your game first.

As you enter the Karayan Village, Chris will travel with the horse. Lulu rushes up to her and gets it, this time you see the scene from Chris' perspective of course.

After this, you are to flee towards the back of the village. Karayan Soldiers fight you, 4 at a time. They also drop new chain mail regularly. Near the back are a ton of dead karayans. Chris and Salome are worried it may be Borus.

The next day, enter the center door at Brass Castle. Borus ensures Salome he did not massacre those Karayans. Anyway, Chris is summoned back to Vinay Del Zexay, so do your things around Brass Castle then go to the west side of it. Borus is waiting with the horses.

Zexen Forest
Burn through Zexen Forest with the horses. You may see Rico and Fred as you near the exit. Just make your way to Vinay Del Zexay


Vinay Del Zexay
At the Council Hall, Chris will be ordered to be on the attack with the Grasslanders. You can head back into the Council Hall if you want to use your ability points on Bujutsu or magic.

As Chris gets back to her house, Borus leaves. The Butler shows Lady Chris a coat of arms from the Lightfellow Family, which was delivered recently. Chris Chapter 1 ends, and you should start up Geddoe Chapter 1.

Suikoden III Hugo Chapter 1 Fubar


At the Trinity Sight opening, choose Hugo Chapter 1. The Trinity Sight System by the way is done very well, as the three main characters come across eachother throughout the game.

The cursor starts on Hugo and it's a fitting beginning to Suikoden III.

Karayan Village

Hugo starts off in a Karayan village led by Lucia. Lucia is from Suikoden II, a former enemy in the Highland army.

When you get a chance, you can sharpen your weapons and go to the Bujutsu Teacher to train skills. Go to the far west house on the map and talk to Jimbo, and soon Luce comes out. Lucia then tells Hugo he must deliver a message to the Zexen Capital of Vinay Del Zexay. Of course he will be accompanied by the Duck Clan Chief Sgt. Joe, and Hugo's pet Fubar, and also young Lulu. With the Letter to Zexen, you are off.

Before you leave the village, Jimbo asks you to drop off this Pentacle Amulet at the Lightfellow Residence in Vinay del Zexay.

Your first look at the map as you get out of the Karayan Village. You can go through Plain Amur-North to visit Duck Village, but there is not much to do there unless you want to advance Hugo's Wind Magic to D. Get used to the battle system on the Plain Amur's and take the west Plain Amur towards Brass Castle. There is a save point for you to use here.


Brass Castle
The party admires all the stones. The blacksmith inside can sharpen your weapons to level 7. Also, you will meet Belle on this side of the Brass Castle.

In the middle area, Lulu will get bumped by Louis. Hugo will meet Chris Lightfellow and some of the Six Knights. Just continue along, checking on the shops if you want. But considering the weak enemies you've had in your way so far, it's unlikely you have much Potch to spend.

Zexen Forest
Take either path going west here, picking up Mid-Blossom Herbs if you would like (Medicine D). Towards the end you will run across Fred and Rico, the Maximillian Knights.

Vinay Del Zexay
The trip to Vinay Del Zexay was not too bad. The Zexen Capitol is a beautiful place. Take that path going west as you enter and look for a yellow line on the west part of the map. This is the gate to the Lightfellow House. Drop off that Pentacle. You can ask for nothing, for food, or for money. You are pretty broke, so asking for money might not be the worst thing. You get 5000 potch and if you don't feel bad asking for more, you can get another 5000 for a total of 10,000 potch.


Now to deliver that letter. Go to the huge center council building. The Zexen at the door takes a while to talk to but he eventually is receptive. As you get in, you learn it may take 2 to 3 days to get in and speak with a councilor. At least you have time to explore and the 10,000 potch from the Lightfellows to spend. Particularly the Blacksmith, try to get Hugo and or Joe to level 6 / level 7 weapon. Maybe sharpen Lulu's a bit but don't spend too much on him quite yet.

In the southeast there is a confrontation at the square, between Melville and Guillaume. After this, go to the southwest to here Elliot and Alanis talking about the Knights of Zexen. Follow them down the alley. Meet the Saint Loa Knights. Agree to go with them to the North Cave in search of Melville's father.

North Cave
Travel north through the cave, eventually to a spot to rest at night. Soon after, you come across some bandits. The young Saint Loa Knights get a little scared, but jump down the side as you walk down in a circle. Bandits are below, and a save point in the next area.

The Saint Loa Knights charge ahead as they see light, but Guillaume flips a lever and the kids are trapped. Meanwhile, bandits sneak up on Hugo, Lulu and Sergeant Joe. There are four of them, so you might want to try Wind of Sleep and then kill off the bandits that don't fall asleep. You get a decent amount of EXP / Potch for winning along with a ? Figurine. Elliot and Alanis hit the lever and Guillaume runs away, after wailing on Melville.


Vinay Del Zexay
The Knights go their own way after journeying back from North Cave. Time for your party of three to rest, and check out the Zexen Council the next morning.

Finally on this day, they let you in. The Zexen rep is an idiot, but you have to give him the Letter to Zexen. Back to the Inn.

At night, something weird is going on in the bar. Later on, your party will hear some Zexens run to the Inn. As they walk in the Bar, and then to your room, they find it empty.

As Hugo and friends run away, you fight a few sets of Zexens. The orange Zexens are a bit easier than the Zexens in armor. At the Vinay Del Zexay gate, Percival and Leo are waiting for you. If you say "No Chance", a battle will ensue. Your best bet is to use Wind of Sleep and hope 2 or maybe 3 units fall asleep. You just need to wound one of the Six Knights here, preferably Percival since he's weaker and has less HP. Leo is a beast, you will definitely want him asleep. Breath of Ice by Joe might be a nice spell to try too, but just work on Percival and the Knight in front of him. You get no reward for winning besides Joe taunting them after the fight. Fubar flies in to save your party as you run off.

Brass Castle
As you get to the center of Brass Castle, you are noticed, thanks to the aristocrat. Hugo, Sergeant and Lulu go down a chimney.

Take this strange sewer-like route north. Banshees and Arachnvore's are down here. They may actually become difficult towards the end as your MP is probably sapped. Eventually, you see a dead end but a door right by you. Thankfully, it leads to the Grasslands side of Brass Castle.

Plain Amur
Take Plain Amur towards Karaya. You may fight Dark Hare's, and they may drop a ? Screw. You need this Screw for a recruit you may have talked to in Brass Castle, named Belle. Can't get her yet though so keep going towards Karaya Village.

In the second area, you see smoke in the distance. Save your game, and Hugo goes straight to Karaya.


Karayan Village
Yes, it was the Karayan Village on fire. Just as you run in, Lulu encounters Chris. Unfortunately, Chris makes a stab without looking. You can duel Chris if you want, but it will be broken up. The knights eventually leave.

The village stops burning the next morning, as Hugo and friends are about to set out towards Duck Village. Hugo Chapter 1 ends here. It is advised you choose Chris Chapter 1, then Geddoe Chapter 1 to continue.

November 25, 2008

Suikoden II LRenouille Beast Rune

North Window Castle
You appear back at the castle. The Matilda Knights have surrendered to Highland. Apple suggests attacking Muse quickly.

Greenhill City
The party is now staying at Greenhill before the move. Go outside the dorm to see Lucia run away. Follow her towards Teresa's secret house. Jowy is with Lucia.


Muse War Battle vs. Highland
After a few turns, the Highlanders flee sans the Karayans. Take them out as fast as you can but use archers. Karayans have high attack but low defense so you're better served to attack from a distance. Lucia is pretty tough but with Fire Spears, Lightning Magic and Luc's high attack you should be able to get her in a few turns.

Muse City
Muse is abandoned. Go to the council hall. State members start running out as a Golden Wolf appears. This thing is fast in battle. It is strong against Lightning also. 10000 potch is your reward, then run straight south out of Muse.

Greenhill City
You have some time to do stuff before you 'rest'. Go to Greenhill City, the Inn. You have Annallee, so speak with Pico to the west.

Tinto City
Go to the Armor Shop to see Alberto. You have Annallee and Pico, so he joins.

Tigermouth Village
Take the path east towards Drakemouth. Take the southeast path though, to see Georg Prime. He will join you so long as you don't quit the war. He is insanely good, both in regular battles and war battles. You will be happy to recruit Georg Prime.

South Window City
Speak with Gantetsu a few times to have a test of strength. Bring lots of characters with high attacks like Georg and Viktor for example. Gantetsu will then join.

Go to Kuskus, the blacksmith. Tessai is here, and if you have Viktor and the Star Dragon Sword, he gets happy. He then joins your party, and you need various hammers to make his blacksmith sharpening ability go up.

Bring Simone to Radat, where you found Simone. Vincent De Boule from Suikoden I is here. He will join you thankfully.

Tinto Mines
Remember Mazus near the Rock Golem? He wouldn't join you before but he's one of the characters who requires 100+ recruits to get. Talk to him again and use an Escape Talisman to leave the Tinto Mines.

Cave of the Wind
Go all the way to the top. Pesmerga should be here. He's like Georg, awesome in regular battle and war battles.

Talk to Jude in the school blacksmith area. He needs clay. Also talk to one of the trainees here for a Silver Hammer. You need this to sharpen your weapon to level 15. Go do that, and head to Coronet via boat. Speak with Genshu. He will join if you have 100+ characters and a level 15 weapon.

Meanwhile, go to Forest Village for the Clay. It is in the far northeast, then go southeast and talk to a guy who has it. Return to Jude. He joins and that should be 108 Stars of Destiny.

North Window Castle
Go to the floor where Shu's room is. Kiba walks in. Speak with Shu afterwards and agree to go to war with the Kingdom of Matilda.

Leknaat comes during the meeting, if you have all 108 Stars of Destiny. You can now use level 4 Bright Shield Rune magic. Nanami wakes you up the next day as you prepare for war. See Kiba as he walks out, then to the meeting room you go.


War Battle vs. Highland and Matilda
This battle is not too hard, even after enemy reinforcements. Though Culgan's back attack can be tricky if you have someone vulnerable in the back. The good thing is, you have a lot of quality generals on your side by this point in the game. You have reinforcements of your own, even if it's just barbara and the White Deer Inn folk.

Rockaxe Castle
North as you enter, then west for a Stone of Speed and stairs. East for an Escape Talisman, then west for another ladder. Continue west and go in the north door for a Crimson Cape and a Stone of Defense. Back down the ladder, then head north a ways.

North to a ladder then east on the balcony. Ladder leads to a locked door. North for a door and an east path and ladder. East for Earth Shield and then take ladder. South for Power Gloves, and east for the path outside. Travel east and north through the main gate.

Bunch of treasures in this area. Go west a bit and enter the first room for Mega Medicine. West and into the next room for a Gold Necklace. North for a Flame Helmet.

Take the far west path for some Matilda soldiers and stairs. Go east for more stairs. Go south for Unicorn Plans #4 and Dragon Plans #4. Save point up here, then south to the rooftop. Make your way in and try to go up the stairs. The party will split up.

Just go north through the door as Nanami and Riou walk. Jowy is here and ready to fight. Talk to him for a while but Gorudo shows up to the left. At this point if you are trying to save Nanami, tap X as fast as you can so you can pick one of the options in a split second. Nanami gets hit and is down, but Jowy and Riou team up to fight Gorudo. This is an easy battle and your only time to see Forgiver Sign, the level 4 Black Sword Rune spell for Jowy. It is devastating. Just beat Gorudo up for 125,000 potch and Knight Armor.


Nanami is hurt though.

Note that you can go back to that Rockaxe Secret Passageway. If you reach the end (where Nanami and Jowy were) you can continue on to a matilda knight. He has a Thunder Rune, arguably the best non True Rune in the game. Lightning magic itself is powerful enough. Further along that path is an Earth Armor chest and in the bookshelf nearby, Recipe #37.

North Window Castle
Everyone will be waiting outside Huan's office for the news.

Muse City
When you wake up the next day, teleport to Muse with Clive in your party. Go to the Jowston Hilltop to see Elza again. Clive's gun Storm continues to not shoot.

North Window Castle
Save your game and talk to Shu. It is time to take the fight to Highland, and end the war.

As Riou walks out of the meeting room, he passes out. Freed Y comes across him. Jowy does too.

At night, go to Shu's room to see Apple go in. She picks the Fire Card. Go back to your room to sleep. Re-arrange your troops the next morning and it is time for battle in L'Renouille.


War Battle vs. Highland at L'Renouille
This is it. The last battle and one of the few straight-up war battles with no reinforcements or fixed retreats. First off, Shu and Viktor bait Leon in and burn his troops.

After the L'Renouille battle, put a party together with Stallion and Clive in it. Leave L'Renouille, and travel west to a small Highland village.


As you go in, Clive encounters Elza for the last time. You had to make it here under 20 hours, but if you did, pat yourself on the back. Especially if you recruited all 108 Stars of Destiny along the way.

Also at Sajah, you will want to check the item shop plenty of times. You will see the Window Set #6 here along with the Golden Hammer. With the Golden Hammer, Tessai can upgrade weapons to the final level of 16.


With a party of your choice, head north. As you enter you are greeted by Lucia immediately. She attacks thrice with the same attacks, physical ones and then high level flame magic. Unfortunately, she attacks three times per turn. Your characters with lesser HP are in trouble if she uses magic more than once. Her HP is low but because of her amount of attacks, this is a dangerous battle. Keep at it for 50,000 potch. Teresa talks to Lucia afterwards.

Take the left path to reach some Highland units. Continue a ways until you reach a sideways T - take the eastern, inner route. Soldiers are in here but raid the area for a Fury Rune. If you took the right path at the beginning you'll have another warehouse type area to raid with Bolt of Wrath. For both paths, you will come to a center double-door with a bunch of highlanders. Also, a locked door south of you.

Enter the north door to come to Han Cunningham. A duel is coming up, and not an easy one. Han does a good job of hiding his disguising his attacks. Still, Riou should be plenty powered up at this point, likely level 16 weapon and great armor. After defeat, Han tells of his friend Genkaku and how they sealed their runes as the Rune of the Beginning.

Take either side south to a four-way in the next room. West is a locked door. Take the east path then. South and east path, take the east path as it goes north a long ways (the south path leads to a locked door anyway). West when you can for soldiers and a Wind Amulet / Champion's Rune. North of here is the room where Agares Blight gets poisoned. If you keep going north via the east route, you hit stairs going up. You can find a Stone of Defense and Stone of Power to the north, but that's it.

South after finishing off Han leads to soldiers. South path has those soldiers, and a T. If you take either west or east path and go south, it leads outside to a dead end. Both paths also have paths going north though. The eastern one is locked by a door but the western one goes north quite a bit, all the ways to a set of stairs.

Once up the stairs, go north to some soldiers. North is a tactical room, west for another fork. North leads to nothing, so go west to go outside to the courtyard. Enter the eastern door.

Just travel northeast to the next area, the doors are locked. North until you reach a T with several doors on the side. Go east a little and north for a save point. Next room east has an Escape Talisman. Further south for a Goldlet.

Up the stairs to the northeast, then go south grabbing the Window Set #7. Continue along the path until you get to a north - south split. South leads to the altar where the fake Jillia was sacrificed. Northwest leads to a big set of stairs up.


Up the big stairs, look for a western save point. This restores your HP / MP too. Culgan and Seed are just a tad ahead. As usual, gang up on one of them to start the battle. Seed is strong against physical attacks, Culgan against magical attacks. With your powerful attacks you should be able to kill off one of them in a few turns. They both have strong magic spells on everyone, and also will attack twice per turn. Not the most dangerous duo but have the hero ready to heal on turn 2. 130,000 potch is your reward, though your potch is probably 999,999 after going through L'Renouille.

After the battle you see a scene with Pilika and Jowy. Travel back south to save and rest, then go back north to the hall area. Leon is here, bleeding for the Beast Rune.

This is a hard battle. Surviving early on takes luck especially if the Beast Rune uses it's most powerful attacks multiple times. Have the hero ready to heal at all times and a Spark Rune on him helps so everyone can attack afterwards. With Viktor and Flik having Fury Rones and Double Beat Runes, you can really maul any of these parts. Start with the rune, then the left leg which can heal parts. Once the rune is gone the battle turns, it is just about surviving those first few turns.

160,000 potch is your reward and your characters reach level 61-62. The Suikoden II Beast Rune is gone. Your party runs out of L'Renouille afterwards.

Make a separate save after you beat the game. This can be used in Suikoden III, as some character's levels and weapon levels will carry over.


November 23, 2008

Suikoden II Tinto Neclord Yuber


North Window Castle
When you get back, Riou passes out. Meanwhile, Jowy accepts the throne in Highland. Next morning, you can do some things.

Radat Town
Hopefully you bought a Celadon Urn from the Gregminster Trader. Go to Lebrante the appraisal expert, and he will join if you have that Celadon Urn.

At the Radat Bar is some guy named Hoi impersonating you. Stick up for him, and you'll both get beat up.

Have you got a Rose Brooch from Banner Village yet? Bring the Rose Brooch to Simone on the southwest part of the Radat Bridge. Simply ask him to join your group and he can have the Rose Brooch back. You can also recruit McDohl and Gremio at Banner Village.

South Window
Max runs in as you enter. Accept his pledge and he will join your army.

At the Inn, Annallee gets kicked out. Now go looking for her, though she is hard to find without help. She is in the northeast part of town, east of the stairs going up to the council hall. Tell her you want to hear her sing, and then tell her to do it again afterwards. Annallee then joins you.

Speak to Killey by the Trader Shop and tell him about Alex. Back to HQ, as Killey is at the Item Shop talking to Alex. Return to Killey at South Window and ask him to join 3 or 4 times. Eventually he will.

Kobold Village
Return to the Unicorn Forest, specifically that big tree where the sheep were. Sigfried shows up if you hold up a Listening Crystal (assuming you have a female with). Let Siegfried join you.

Banner Village
Put Kasumi in your party. Make youe way to Toran. When you get to the spot with a bunch of ladders, go to the next screen. As you go north and then east, look for a path south through the forest. Basically, hold down as you travel east.

Rokkaku Hamlet
You are caught as you enter, but Kasumi knows Hanzo. Hanzo sends Mondo and Sasuke with you. Speak with the Ninja outside for a Blinking Crystal. At the Trader Shop, get Sound Set #6 downstairs.

Note that if you do not have Kasumi, you cannot come here until you have 100+ recruits.

Go to Gregminster while you're here. Speak with Lorelai, who will join since you have more recruits and Killey.

Ask Gordon to join you at the Trader Shop. You need to make 50000 Potch trading around the world of Dunan. This is not too hard, if you bought Ancient Texts early on from Kobold Village and anywhere else you can find them cheap. Sometimes they are cheap at Gregminster and other times you can sell them for a huge haul at Gregminster. If the ancient text money is not enough, try Crystal Balls at from Forest Village and sell them at Kobold Village.


Back at Kuskus, save at the Inn and look for Karen the dancer. Not too hard to do this dance, write down the combo if you absolutely have to.

Go to the north part of town as Culgan has shown up at Kuskus. Take Culgan back to North Window.

North Window Castle
Go to the meeting room, and Culgan formally gives you a peace treaty letter. Riou decides to go to Muse, but everyone is worried it is a trap. Shu has a backup plan with Viktor. Take the boat to Coronet, then walk north to Muse City.

Muse City
Of course it's a trap once you get up there with Leon and Jowy. Shu's idea is to have Viktor smash the archers and have Pilika be the bait so Jowy won't attack. It works, and you can escape.

North Window Castle
After this, you are back at the castle. Talk to Shu near the stone tablet on the first floor. Then rest up and go to the entrance of the castle. You will see Koyu, and then will be talking in the meeting room. Turns out Zombies are infesting the Lampdragon Bandits home near Tinto. Viktor of course joins up along with Koyu. Pick a powerful party, and start heading southwest of Two River City and Kobold Village. Actually, first make a detour to the Kobold District of Two River City, to recruit Bob. You should have enough recruits to do so now.

Drakemouth Village
Rest up and save. Then talk to the guard in the northwest. He opens up the Drakemouth Trail.

Head west until you see some stairs going up to the northeast. Take those stairs until you reach a T, then go east for a Master Robe. West leads to Gijimi and the Lampdragon Bandits place. It is decided you will be going to Tinto to help out Gustav. Just go all the way west now.

Tigermouth Village
Check out Sierra at the Inn if you want, and get the Tomato Seedling and Chick around town.


Crom Village
Go to the Inn here with Wakaba. L.C.Chan runs out. Look for LC Chan hiding behind the Item Shop. He will willingly join you to show you his combat skills and to eat your food.

Tinto Village
Tinto is the flashing light in the northeastern part of the map here. Go to the east part of town for two houses with Unicorn Plans #3 and Dragon Plans #3. Check the stores, there are nice things at the Armor Shop. The Blacksmith can sharpen to level 13.

Up the stairs and visit with Raura to the east of the State building. Tell Raura about Jeane and she'll want to join your army. Head on into Gustav's building afterwards.

Enter their meeting room and Gustav has a bit more respect for you after defeating Luca Blight. Agree to aid them and Tinto will aid you too. The dork Marlowe gets you a room.

The next day, Shu has sent Ridley and Klaus to oversea the operations in Tinto. Shortly after talking, Lilly runs in to tell about the monsters that have shown up. Sure enough, run to the front of the town to see Neclord and about 15 zombies. They taunt you and then flee.

Back to the meeting room in Tinto, as Jeff and Hauser of Old Muse come in. Jess denounces you because he still thinks you killed Anabelle. Jess flips out some more and then leaves. Talk to Klaus and Gustav about the actual strategy with Neclord now. Then go to bed.

Leknaat wakes you. She talks about the Shining Shield Rune and Black Blade Rune (thought they were the Bright Shield Rune / Black Sword Rune but...). Next day, go downstairs to find out that Jess is sending out the army! Your army now has to commit to his strategy while you and Viktor stay back.

When you get a minute, go up the elevator in the east and talk to the two miners. Go behind them and follow the path to another elevator inside the mine. Take the east path for a Cape of Darkness and a bit more north to see Neclord. Seems like he has ambushed you and Jess' risk has failed like your army knew would happen. Neclord beats you up for three turns and then tells you about his awesome Moon Rune. Neclord tries to curse you, but you can see the other True Rune the Bright Shield Rune, rejects the curse. Run out of the mine back to Tinto.

Back in Tinto, it is infested with zombies already. Riou passes out from the Bright Rune, then 'Joei' has some problems himself in Muse. Riou wakes up in Crom Village, southwest of Tinto.

Crom Village
As you wake up and talk to everyone, form a party with Leona and try to leave Crom Village. Who walks up but Kahn from the Cave of Wind. He has an idea on how to stop Neclord, but needs help from someone in Tigermouth Village.

Tigermouth Village
The lady that was sleeping is now up in the middle of town. Something strange with Sierra, and she offers to join if you battle her. Use your best rune magic right away, she does not have much HP and you can rest right afterwards. Chances are you can take her down in a few turns, despite her relatively powerful physical and magical attacks.


Crom Village
Back at the Crom Village headquarters (in the back of town), Sierra takes a liking to Klaus. Choose your party in the morning, as you are to sneak into Tinto through that mine entrance east of Crom.

Mine Entrance to Tinto
This is one of the longest caves in the game. Save your MP as best as you can, you have multiple bosses to deal with.

When you get to the first north-east-south fork, go east. Southeast for a bit for another fork, where you should go north and continue northeast to the next area. The hallway gets darker in the next room at the T. Go right for Dancing Flames and west a long ways, north a long ways, then southeast down some stairs. Just head northeast in the next area.

Go right for a Stone of Magic Defense and a Full Helmet. Take the north path, which wraps west and south to the next area. North here, taking the rock-stairs up for a Master Garb. East to exit. North a long ways and then west when you can. Follow the path under the bridge and continue to go north for Window Set #5 and Old Book Vol. #9. Take the east path across the stone bridge to a T. Go east for a good ways until you can go south for a Silver Necklace. South more for a Mega Medicine, then go back up north all the way and east for some slides.

Hit the right-most slide twice to get to the eastern area. South for a Double-Strike rune. Speak with Mazus, but you cannot get him quite yet. But soon, so remember his location. Back east a bit and north up the stone stairs to the save point. Down the eastern slide for a Wind Hat, then go north of the save point for Star Earrings. Drop down the path straight south from the save point, and follow it a good distance.

When you see a box, push it north into the recess so it acts as a bridge. Soon you will reach the Stone Golem. It has an earth attack for 130 damage on everyone. Use some of your spells, but remember you have more bosses to fight so keep some high level magic as well. 50000 Potch is your reward and a bit of EXP.

Go straight north, then east to cross over into the Tinto mine. Follow the path to the elevator, and continue to the next elevator until you reach Tinto town.

Tinto City
Take the Elevator to the south and then work your way west to the blacksmith. Defeat the zombie here and then start going up the stairs. All the way to the top, to the church of Tinto. Rest up before you enter the green door.


Neclord is sealed by Kahn and Sierra is taking care of the Night Rune. As for the battle, Neclord likes his bat physical attacks for 100 damage or so. But he has an instant-kill laser type attack. Use all of your spells here to take him down. With any luck you saved some high-end spells despite that Stone Golem fight. Despite his legend, he has a meager HP total. 70000 Potch and The Shredding are your rewards.

Neclord gives back the Night Rune, but Viktor slices Neclord up. Time to go celebrate with Gustav.

Strange enough, the town is populated the minute Neclord leaves. Jess and Hauser join you at the gate along with a host of other automatic recruits (the Lampdragon bandits, Marlowe, etc).

Crom Village
Enter Tenkou's house in the northeast part of town. Since you have Window Set #5 now, he will join you.


North Window Castle
Back at the base, talk to Shu as the group discusses retaking Greenhill. Save and rest first. Go to the first floor at night, then back to your room. Lucia ambushes you. She is not afraid to cast high level magic on you. Riou fights her for about 5 turns, so just stay alive and soon enough Flik, Viktor and Tsai barge in to stop her.

Lucia escapes the next day.

Please bring Kahn with. Along with another Resurrection Rune user, or two. You'll see why up ahead.

right at a fork for winged boots. north more for dream robe, then far west and north for stone of skill. Go go all the way north to a new screen, then you'll see some highlanders as the path turns west. Soon you will reach Lucia and some other Karayans. Use some high level rune spells on all enemies to take out the front-line Karayans. Lucia attacks a few times around and has good technique so she will probably counter you often too. Her best attacks are high level fire spells, and it's trouble if she uses it twice in a round. Just spam high level lightning magic on her to put her out in 5 turns or so. 33000 Potch and another Blue Gate Rune are your rewards.

Lucia leaves, and you can continue west. This is the same path you took leaving Greenhill the first time, so you don't have to worry about the treasures. Just continue south once you reach the house, back into Greenhill City.


Greenhill City
Fortunately, south of the school is a lady who allows you to rest. And a state soldier who allows you to save. Do so, as back in town you have more highlanders to defeat. Continue to make your way to the gate.

The dangerous Yuber is here. You don't have to fight him but the Bone Dragon he summons is just as dangerous. Bone Dragon attacks once but his attacks are absolutely brutal. He has a physical attack for upwards of 400 damage on one character and a huge meteor attack for 300+ damage on everyone. Bone Dragon probably has close to 10000 HP, if not more, to go along with a stingy physical defense. This will be a long battle, hopefully you don't have too many Lightning Rune users. A whopping 100,000 potch is your reward.

Suikoden II Luca Blight Tinto Neclord


North Window Castle
Shu is worried Highland is en route soon. Next day, it is reported that Highland has taken Radat. Viktor wants to check it out.

Radat Town
Choose to go further in. Stick to the east end as you go south to see a meeting with the villagers and Kiba / Klaus. Stick around to talk to Klaus, evidently Jowy and Jillia are getting married. Back to North Window after this.

North Window Headquarters
Go to the meeting room, as Shu wants to do battle with Kiba right away. You can wait and change your units if you would like - usually I put my strongest characters (Shu, Hanna, etc) in Luc or Ridley's units.

War Battle vs Highland 3rd Company (Kiba) and 4th Company (Rowd)
Ridley is disgruntled early on in this battle because the Kobolds are fighting on the front line. After the 2nd or 3rd turn, Ridley and the Kobolds will bail on you. Still, with a powerful Luc you should have no problem beating down the Highlanders here. Still, after about 5 or 6 turns your allies will want to retreat even if the battle is going well. Losing Ridley is too much for your army.

North Window Headquarters
Talk with Shu. Everyone is disappointed and felt they should have won that battle. Go to your room, talk to Eilie and go to bed.

In Highland, Jowy and Jillia Blight are getting married. Jowy and Luca make their move here on Agares Blight.

North Window HQ
Next day, Shu states his plan. Riou is to take a small army and get the enemy to charge at them, and then the other generals will fan in from the sides to capture Kiba.

War Battle with 3rd Company Kiba, near South Window
It is just Riou on the map, with Rowd's crew staying put in the east, and Kiba / Klaus coming at you from the southeast.

Your ambush party is sprung early. This is fine though, just work on killing off Kiba's other Highland units, to put you in a position to surround Kiba. You may have a tough time of it, but eventually Ridley and the Kobolds appear right on top of Kiba's units. Use the Bright Shield Rune if you sustain any injuries, but you should be able to overwhelm the lesser Highland troops. Kiba may have a high defense but his attack is really not that high. The battle goes on for a long time though so just be careful about not losing a unit and potentially having a character die. Eventually the 4th company retreats as Leon comes by. Kiba is badly outnumbered so he gives up.


North Window Castle
Choose to recruit Kiba and Klaus three times. After the third, a messenger comes. Klaus reads the underlying message - King Agares Blight have been murdered. Kiba and Klaus are sickened, and they join the City-State to stop Luca Blight.

The next day, go to the entrance of North Window Headquarters to see Sheena. To the meeting room now as several Stars of Destiny are convening. Sheena comes in, who is the son of President Lepant in Toran if you remember from Suikoden I. Freed Y and Sheena join your party as you get ready to visit the Toran Republic via Radat Town.

South Window
Just stop by the northeast hall as Freed Y reminisces about Lord Granmeyer. Rest and save, then go to Radat Town.

Radat Town
Go to the right side of the bridge and go south to see a boat.

Banner Village
South a good ways, to Banner Village. Always check the Item Shop when you are here, until you find a Rose Brooch. Expensive, but you need one for a recruit. The northeast path leads to a forest near Toran.

Take the north path as you go east, for a Mega Medicine. East to the next screen and at the fork continue east for a Full Helmet. Back south and east.

Eventually you reach a north area with two ladders. Take the west one for a Stone of Luck, then up the right ladder. Two more ladders, take the left one for two more, and then go west to go DOWN a ladder for a Magic Ring. The really long ladder going up just a tad east of here is a Wing Ornament. Now go all the way east and up some ladders, grabbing the Poison Rune along the way.

Follow the path east, south, and back east to a new screen once you are in the forest. Save at the Journeyman Crystal.

North for a Silver Shield, then take the south path for a Silverlet. Now continue through the east path to come to a boss, a Worm. The Worm likes to use an attack that hits two characters vertically. More damage to the weaker, back row character most of the time. Also a lightning attack for 150 on everyone. This is another boss with a ton of HP, so expend your runes and hopefully you can get Freed Y in Berserk mode so he is at least some use. Overall though, a pretty easy boss. 35000 Potch is your reward.

Continue north and east to reach Varkas, the border guard. Varkas takes you straight to Gregminster.

Gregminster Palace
You wait in the same room Teo and Tir McDohl waited in. Talk with Lepant for a bit and you are asked who you would like to have in your party. Valeria is better in battle in my opinion but Kasumi allows you to get some recruits early, which is helpful. You also get the Blinking Mirror which if used on the world map allows you to go back to North Window Castle. Last, Lepant orders Sheena to join your army.

You automatically leave Gregminster but talk to Varkas to head back so you can explore.

At the Inn, on the second floor talk to Sarah from Suikoden I. She gives you a Cyclone Rune (high level Wind Rune). Buy a Celadon Urn at the Trade Shop if they have one. You need it for Lebrante in Radat. Buy some Ancient Texts too, they will be good to sell off later at Forest Village.

Lorelai is walking around in the northwest. She won't join you quite yet. Check the rare finds around the armor and rune shops, you might find something you like. Not much else to do here in Gregminster for the time being though make note of Gordon the trader and Lorelai for later.


Banner Village
As you get to Banner Village, Ridley and Apple are here to escort you to the base. The Highland Army is approaching.

Forest Path (Greenhill to Matilda)
Take Shiro to the Forest Path, where that strange Badeaux character is. Since you have more recruits he is receptive to you and with Shiro he knows you are a kindred spirit. Badeaux has Hearing-Ear Crystals for you. You acquire two Listening Crystals.

Forest Village
Teleport to Forest Village since you have Listening Crystals. Oh, and bring a Sound Set. You will see Ayda. Fight these Griffins and then use a Listening Crystal to talk to Feather. Feather is grateful that you saved her, so she will join with Ayda.

Take a Sound Set to the house north of the Inn. Connell is inside. He will join assuming you have a Sound Set with. Bring all the Sound Sets to him at the castle to get them out of your inventory.

Two Rivers Human District
If you asked for 300,000 potch from Hans, he should finally have it! Took a while but it's probably worth it to wait for that sum of money. Kind of mean asking for it, really. But you now have an armor shop at North Window Castle.


Kobold Village
If you talked to Hix and Tengaar and Lakewest, they should have made their way to the Kobold Village. You have the Blinking Mirror and Viki so you can do this quest quickly.

First you need a Blue Stone at the South Window Item Shop. When you get to the Item Shop, a kobold comes running out of the store. The Red Flower is at the Cave of the Wind. You don't have to go too far into the cave to get it, that's for sure.

Check the Two River City Sewer to find the Green Bell. You have to go a bit into the sewer which is annoying. Back out to Kobold Village, but Tengaar has disappeared.

Unicorn Woods
Past the north gate of Kobold Village is the Unicorn Woods. Go west at the T, then start heading northeast to the next screen. Then start going southeast a long ways. Eventually you reach Tengaar and the village chief. It's all a hoax! But a real unicorn comes. Hix protects Tengaar, you appear back in the village, and the two join.

Leave and re-enter Kobold Village. Speak with the little girl, Yuzu, to the north. Help her, and now you are by the unicorn forest tree where Tengaar was hiding. Pick up the sheep, one of behind the tree (along with a Mangosh Shield).

North Window Castle
Head back to the meeting room of the castle. A big battle looms as Luca has enlisted Harmonia as help.

Next day, Ridley has been ambushed. You must send your units and pray you can save him.

War Battle To Save Ridley
Ridley has been ambushed near Radat. He is a huge asset in war battles so he must be saved. This is near impossible to get him to get out of a four-way pincer attack. Your only hope is to quickly get by one of the walking infantry units above you or to the left of you. Then get the rest of your army to Ridley so that you can recruit. Luca comes after round 2 and your army comes after round 1. You don't have much time and will probably lose Ridley here, but do not worry if you do.

Luc comes in after the battle to say he can take care of Sasarai of Harmonia. Go back to your room to see Tsai. He wants to go back to his house quick, so put him in your party and do so.

Ryube Village
Still burned down. But it is being re-built. At Tsai's house is his daughter Tomo. Tomo-chan joins your army after a bit of a talk. Go back to your castle and go to bed.

Overnight, you see Ridley being brought in to Luca. Next day the strategy is to draw Luca in and have your 20,000 soldiers circle him and take him out.


Decisive Battle vs. Luca Blight
Luca only have 4 units, but Luca himself is a beast as you can see. 18 strength 17 defense. Chances are you will not be able to do any damage on him but if you do, he unleashes a powerful attack on everyone. Concentrate on defeating his allies and keeping all of your troops alive. Despite his high attack, Luca won't do much damage since he's attacking someone with high defense themselves (Kiba). Luc comes and does a crazy spell to harm almost everyone in the stage. Eventually though your party cannot handle Luca Blight, and you retreat.

Everyone is demoralized. Head out of the castle on 1F to see Chaco and Ridley. Ridley is saved and has a message for Shu from Leon Silverburg. Save your game and this is your last chance to build up before the main battle against Luca Blight.

You are to form three groups of 6, led by Riou, Flik and Viktor. You want as many Lightning Rune equipped magicians as you can. Preferably those with over 100 magic at the levels you can get to (levels 37-40 pretty much). Tengaar, Viki, Nina, Luc, Rina, Eilie and Zamza are all close to 100 magic or well over in the case of Rina, Luc and Viki. These characters are essential for using high level Lightning magic. Even though Luca is strong against magic, this is your best bet to do the most damage. Physical damage on Luca is hard to come by but you'll still want your best tanks like Humphrey to absorb damage.

Luca Blight Night Raid
At night, the army has Luca ambushed. The first group is Flik and friends. Luca Blight is a powerful enemy, arguably the hardest one you'll fight in the entire game. His stength is crazy, and he attacks thrice per round. His physical attacks hit three times for good damage and his flame attacks can attack 2 or 3 characters. Healing is helpful but you'll want to expend all the high-level attack magic on him. Each group needs to take off 2000 damage on Luca, but you cannot take off more. Likewise if Viktor or Flik's party dies before Riou goes, you have to make up that HP on Luca that you failed to take off earlier! Which is a good reason to balance your groups well.

After 2000 damage from Flik's group (or their death), Luca moves onto Viktor. Same strategy here with Viktor and Riou, just spam Ball of Lightning and Bolt of Wrath (level 3 and 4 Lightning magic). Having the Cyclone Rune from Sarah equipped on Riou is nice to be able to use the fourth level spell to heal your entire party and take off 300 or so damage. These battles really are not too tough with the Lightning Rune strategy. 15000 Potch is your reward, but you need to chase after Luca. Heal up, and go after him.

Viktor and Flik join up so get rid of two other members. Heal up Riou and go north after you give him the best equipment. Two sets of Highland soldiers and you will be in an area near Luca Blight.

Luca sees a letter, which releases fireflies. Archers shoot Luca but Luca charges to Riou! A duel commences! Luca has little HP but his attack is still so devastating you have to be careful. Chances are he will use Wild Attack and you can defend to knock him out quickly, but he'll really make you sweat if he chooses defend. Be conservative with defend and you will probably win. After the Luca Blight boss battle, you see Jowy and Leon watch from afar, pleased with what has happened.


November 22, 2008

Suikoden 2 Greenhill Matilda Clive

North Window Castle
After returning from Two Rivers, Shu tells you of the demise of Greenhill. Highland Jowy invades Greenhill, with just 5000 soldiers. Teresa is captured and must be procured, Greenhill in general is a huge part of the City-State. It's a college town so young character's can infiltrate it.

Flik is the leader for this task. You can only choose certain character's to come with (animals, younger characters, kind of strange actually). Make sure to bring Luc along. Get a Wizard Rune for Luc, take off the Pixie Rune, and put a Blue Gate Rune on his head. And watch him maul enemies left and right.

At the Inn you see Hix and Tengaar going to the Kobold Village. Don't do this sidequest yet, it is much easier once you have the Blinking Mirror or at least can teleport around.

Two Rivers
Hans still doesn't have your money. Go to the rune shop and buy Wizard / Warrior runes if you can afford it.


Make up fake names, and you get in easily. Rest and save, then go northeast to see a student, Nina. A scene with a highlander and Flik, then go north more to the college of Greenhill.

Go straight north up to the front desk with Emilia. She shows you the main floor, so follow her north and you will see Shin also. Talk some more, and report back to Emilia at the desk. Tell her your situation and she is sympathetic and joins you after this whole ordeal.

As you get outside of the main entrance, Nina is out talking about Flik. Take the west building and talk to the desk clerk to get your rooms. Go up the floor, then south to your rooms.

Next day, Flik runs off from Nina. Speak with Emilia, and head into town. At the very southwest is the Innkeeper who is having problems with the Highlanders. Shin comes out and asks Rowd why they are being so aggressive. Shin runs off, so you should to. Go to your dorm to sleep.

On this day, go east a bit and north into the main building with Emilia. Go immediately west to see Nina in the shade. Speak with her for a bit, then go outside to get Flik. Then go into town. Fitcher is having problems with civilians in town so Flik comes to the rescue. Flik puts on a good act.

North a bit and Flik is chased by Nina. Go back to your dorm to rest.

At night, you are woken up. Go to the top floor to see a shrouded figure running around. Chase him back down to the middle floor to see him go down again, and again.

In the basement area, search the light that is off along the north wall. This is a switch that opens a path north. Follow the path northeast until you find yourself in the main classroom building. West to see the figure.

After you attack it, you find it is Flik. Search the statue just west and north of here to find an entrance behind the building.

Greenhill Forest
Just go north. At the fork, go east for Protect Mist and northwest to continue. Keep following the path for a ways, until you see Shin and Teresa's house. Both of them come out to talk to you. Teresa re-tells the story of Jowy attacking Greenhill. The plot was to release the Muse troops and starve out the city, forcing in-fighting. Which is what happened. Highland did not have to lay a finger.

You appear back in the dorm the next day. Get Flik, then head south into town. Rowd has 20,000 potch on Teresa's head, but Greenhill doesn't bite. However Jowy comes and all of a sudden the town is turning. Pilika runs out and blows your cover, so your army retreats back to the main school building. Fight the Highlanders along the way as you make your way back to Teresa's house.

Nina is here when you arrive. Despite her pleading and Flik's threats, Teresa is intent on turning herself in. Alright, so she goes back into town and you must too. This is getting a bit repetitive. Back in town, Shin is protecting Teresa from Rowd and his soldiers. Step in and help defeat a few sets of soldiers. Teresa eventually is moved by Nina's comments and decides retreating and coming back later will be best. Rowd runs off from the villagers rioting and you are back in the forest heading north.

As you get to the house, Flik knocks out Teresa so she stops complaining and Shin thanks him and holds off Rowd. The path goes east for a bit but take the southeast detour for Toe Shoes, then go east and north for a Silver Hat. East to continue, then go south. You will see a Chimera Rune along the way. Further south and Jowy and Rowd end up talking a bit. Culgan and Seed stand up for Jowy and pledge allegiance to Mr. Atreides.


Forest Village
Speak with Wakaba outside the Armor Shop and say 'what about me'. Wakaba will join you. In the big house in the northeast, talk to Tony a few times. Ask him to be a farmer at your castle.

Muse-Greenhill Border
Stop by here to see Meg and Gadget try to get through.

Kobold District, Two Rivers
Enter the east-most house (assuming you have Gengen with). Gabocha is here and he will happily follow you.

Winger District
Head to that underground sewer spot, specifically the area about three rooms in where you go down a ladder then go west through a wall. This room is where Sid lives. He'll freak Chaco out and decide to join your army.

Two Rivers Human District
Speak with Jeane at the Rune Shop. She will gladly join your party. Buy a Wizard / Warrior Rune if you can afford it.

Go to the Lakewest Inn to talk to Shilo. Probably want to save your game here just to make sure you win and don't lose a ton of potch.

On your way back, take the boat to Kuskus then Radat. Speak with Stallion - if you have run from a significant amount of battles, he will join your cause.

North Window Headquarters
To the meeting room, as Shin, Fitcher and Nina are just behind your main party. Time to rest. Riou doesn't sleep well tonight.

Highland Camp
Jowy wants to marry Jillia Blight.

North Window Headquarters
At the meeting room, Shu says that striking an alliance with Matilda may be the best move at this juncture. You are to go to Matilda with a party of your choosing. Put in 5 females to go with Riou, for now. Visit the courtyard of the castle first to see Hai Yo the cook. You now have a place to eat for your forces.

Talk to the old lady near the entrance and re-enter if you have to. But with all females, go west across the first bridge to get ambushed. Fortunately, a tough woman named Oulan is here to save you. She joins.

Greenhill-Matilda Border
Northeast of Greenhill is the border to Greenhill and Matilda. You are allowed to pass north. Bring Clive, he needs to go to Matilda.

Next area, you will see Badeaux. Even with Shiro, you cannot recruit him yet. East and north for a Guard Ring, and north to exit. North through the next path.

Look northwest in the next area for a Mega Medicine. Take the northeast-most path for a Dragon Armor, then southeast to come across Viki. She is a nice spell-caster in Suikoden II and of course she can teleport you to places you have been before (when you are at Headquarters). If you have her 'join you', she'll just cast teleport back to your castle :(.

Just a bit east from Viki and you are greeted by Miklotov and Camus.

Rockaxe Town
You are escorted to Rockaxe. The meeting with Gorudo does not go well. During the night, Leknaat greets you.

Next day, Miklotov runs by you. Follow him to Gorudo and they are mobilizing their troops. But in reality, Gorudo does nothing in this fight as refugees are slaughtered by Luca.


Back at Rockaxe, you see Miklotov run out. Camus tells you to follow him to Muse. In town, go to the Inn. Since you have Clive he'll inquire about Elza. Now Elza is at Radat.

Go to the bar with Clive. It is advised you walk all the way back now because soon we won't be able to go into Radat for a while. Having Stallion and the True Holy Rune makes walking all the way back here a little easier.

Clive duels with Elza at the bar, but Clive's Storm gun doesn't shoot. You are back at HQ with Huan, with an injured Clive. He is okay, just a little stunned. Now you cannot continue this quest until much later (when you re-take Muse) so you do not have to worry about bringing Clive around unless you want to. Bring Luc so he can abuse the Blue Gate Rune in some tough battles ahead at the mountain.

Highway Village
Southeast of Rockaxe is the Highway Village. Go to the Inn to see Futch run out. Talk to Humphrey for a bit and you'll see Futch and Kent talking about dragons. Humphrey enjoys the talk so he pays for your stay.

Next day, leave and see Kent run off to Rakutei Mountain. Return to Humphrey and tell him to join to go after Kent. Futch runs in and goes to bed, so talk to the Innkeeper and rest yourself.


Rakutei Mountain
North of Rockaxe and the Highway Village is the Mountain of Rakutei. The Bright Shield Rune lifts the mist. Go north a few screens until you reach a T. Go west for a Fur Cape, then east twice for a Thunder Runner. North to continue.

Another T. Take the right path for a while and get the Thunder Amulet. Take the west route north a screen and yet another T path. The west leads to a Stone of Power, then go back east to a new screen. Take the lower path east ahead and continue to take the lowest east path until you reach Unicorn Plans #2. Go back west but north when you can, looking for the next path east for a Skill Ring.

North a bit now to a T but there are two paths east. Take the upper east path for a Medicine Rune, then go all the way west for Dragon Plans #2. East a bit, south, and east again for 2000 potch. Go back northeast where the Medicine Rune was but take the lower path northeast of that to get to a new area. Go west to save, rest up, then go north to fight the Harpy. It uses flying physical attacks and can pick up and lift your allies for good damage and unbalanced status. The worst attacks are a wind attack for 70-140 damage on all allies a wind energy attack for 200+ damage on everyone. Meanwhile, hopefully you have Luc with a Lightning Rune with as Thor Shot can take off 1100-1300 damage on the Harpy. It has over 7000 HP, so this battle will take a while. 40000 Potch is your reward. Run north to see an egg. Bright hatches. You then recruit Futch and Humphrey.

Muse-Matilda Border
You see Miklotov here, and he joins your party or convoy. As you get closer to Muse, you see some sort of magical presence going on at Muse, and the Beast Rune at work.

Muse City
No one is here. Go northwest towards Jowston Hilltop. A man comes stumbling out, saying a grey monster ate everyone. Fight some Highlanders, and return to the home of the Matilda Knights.

Rockaxe Castle
Follow Miklotov to Gorudo. After the scene, leave Rockaxe and you will get escorted back to North Window Castle. Miklotov and Camus come with.


Suikoden II Dunan Shu Kuskus


Coronet City
Rest and save at the Inn. Try to go all the way south to the port, but the highland guard stops you.

Back to the Inn to see your circus friends, Bolgan, Eilie and Rina. Make sure you have 2000 potch with you, save your game, then go to the southeast house east of the port boats. Sheena runs out, and once you go in you will see it is Yam Koo and Tai Ho's house. After some chatting Tai Ho will agree to go if you gamble 2000 potch with him on Chinchirorin. Suikoden I veterans will remember this game. Mostly it is a game of even chance, though it seems like you will lose quite often. You just need to win once to earn his respect, and he will boat you over.

Get the circus friends at the Inn first, then report to Tai Ho.

Tai Ho and Yam Koo drop you off at the Kuskus port, which is now in the south part of the City-State.

South Window
Straight south of Kuskus is South Window, your meet-up destination. Speak with Viktor and you will see Clive west of here. Ask him to join but nothing comes of it. He wants to go to Lakewest, remember that. To the Inn to speak with Flik and Viktor.

Viktor and Flik join you here, and you can go to the head of South Window, Granmeyer. Speak with him to hear about North Window and the girls disappearing there. Viktor reluctantly decides to go check it out.

Back at the Inn, Flik leaves the party but Eilie joins.

North Window Village
Northwest of South Window is North Window. As you enter, you see Neclord! If you fought Suikoden I Neclord you thought he was dead after his defeat, but that was just a doppelganger. Neclord battles you, and you cannot win. Viktor tells you about the Cave of the Wind just south of here that has the Star Dragon Sword you need to damage Neclord.

Cave of the Wind
Save your game after Viktor opens the passage. Travel northeast as you enter for the exit to the next area. Continue northeast in the following area to the third area. In this third area you will go north and then east once more, but the path begins to wrap back west eventually. As soon as it does, take the far northwest path (hard to see) but it leads to a Sun Badge. South and west through a few areas.

Eventually you reach a T fork, so go west for a Fish Badge and then northeast. Keep going for a while until you reach another T intersection. Go west first for a Fire Wall, then northeast until you reach some boulders.

Push the center one west to continue on. See the gust of wind coming from the north in the next room? Push the boulder west to block it, then run south of the boulder so the wind does not get you. Do the same thing in area three, but push the southern boulder north, and then push them both west to create a boulder-bridge of sorts so that you can run through.

Four boulders in the fourth room. Position them so you can make the top-most ledge going west. Get the 3000 Potch, Medicine, and the ridiculously good Blue Gate Rune. This can only be equipped on a rune user's head, but is such a powerful rune. The old guy here can teleport you out, but of course refuse his offer as you have other things to do.

Back to that ledge just east of you. Allow the wind to blow you south a bit but go back west to the next path going west. Make your way south a few screens then west but look for a southern path that leads southeast for a Stone of Defense, and west of here for a Half Helmet.


Northwest to the next screen to see a shrouded figure, Kahn Marley a vampire hunter. He wants some of Neclord too, so he joins up. Kahn is one of my favorites in this game, and he starts off good with a Resurrection Rune. North a bit more to find the Star Dragon Sword. Viktor makes 'it' mad, and now it's time to battle the S.D. Sword. Just use physical attacks, or Riou's level two Bright Shield Rune spell. The Star Dragon Sword has a lightning attack for 30-50 on everything, and also a physical attack for 30-50 on two members. Last, it uses a black hole type attack for 50-60 damage on everyone. Use the hero to heal with Great Blessing and Battle Oath. Battle Oath can Berserk your allies too which is always good (hopefully you have a Fury Rune from Muse too, on Viktor would be nice). Once you do enough damage, S.D. Sword shrinks and joins Viktor. The north path leads to the entrance, so you do not have to walk all the way back thankfully. Save your game and rest at Kuskus before going to North Window.

North Window
Take the east route north for a Fire Rune. Go west a few areas, then south to see a blocked off treasure. Work your way west and south to reach it, a Stone of Magic-Def. Continue west a few screens, south a bit, then push the statue onto the brown spot on the floor.

Through the door and follow the path for a while, until you reach some lit candles and some unlit candles. Light all the top candles and go through the east door. East a bunch until you pass a bridge, then up the stairs. Go east after going up the stairs for Chain Mail and a Necklace. North a bit more, then west across a bridge. Up the stairs in the next part of the castle, and north.

Neclord is playing the piano, and almost gets Viktor to give him the Star Dragon Sword. But Neclord eventually flees, and a battle with Abomination ensues. This creature is undead, so make use of the Charm Arrow for oh about 1200 damage. Abomination has a lightning attack on everyone for almost 100 damage, and then a jumping attack for 60-80. He can put a hurting on you because he attacks twice per round. His physical attack can take off about 100-120 on one character but it beats having to heal everyone. Viktor with Fury / Berserk status can take off about 700 with a critical so hopefully you can get one of these. 10000 Potch is your reward.

Kahn leaves you after you decide to go back to South Window. Unfortunately just as you are going to leave North Window, Flik and friends come. Flik tells you that South Window has fallen to Solon Jhee, and Granmeyer is dead.

The group talks more in the conference room of North Window. The party comes to the realization that the Highland Army will soon be here. Apple has an idea, a man named Shu in Radat can help. Form your party (bring Freed Y for sure) and walk around what has become your new place. Save your game right outside this meeting room and exit out of North Window.


South a bit and east for quite a ways to get to Radat. Head south (don't exit though) and go east to see Freed Y's house. No one is here. Just head east all the way through Radat.

Mercenary Fortress
East quite a ways and you will see you are close to the Mercenary Fortress. You will see a young mapmaker, Templton, get kicked out. Speak with her, then she'll leave. Go to the far northwest to Toto Village. Look on the west part of the village to see Templton again. She is upset about the town being burnt down, so she joins and hands you the Suiko Map.

Back to Radat you go. It is a long haul but just run from the weak enemies. Go to Shu's house, which is just west of the sluice gate and north. Shu does not seem like he will join you, he is just a trader after all.

Go to the Inn and get Recipe #14. The item shop's rare finds might have Sound Set #5 by the way. Anyway, at the bar speak to everyone and try to leave. Shu comes walking in, and Apple literally begs for his help.

Speak with the goofy guy in the southwest, Richmond the detective. Agree to pay him 1500 potch to hunt down Shu, then go rest at the Inn. Overnight, Richmond comes running in. Shu will have to cross the sluice gate tomorrow he says, so go there in the morning.

Sure enough, Shu and his confidantes come walking across the bridge. Shu has a coin he flips into the river. Give Riou the best equipment you can buy and heal him up. Then talk to the green guy on the bridge, Gin. He won't close the sluice gate but after enough pestering, Amada comes out. You have to duel him to shut the sluice gate. Amada is not too hard to oust - if he is being careful, just regular attack. Otherwise defend and after one Wild Attack miss on his part, you will slaughter him. He agrees and closes the sluice gate. Search around for the coin, and eventually you find it; thanks to Richmond. Shu finally joins as your strategist, and notices your rune on your right hand. Shu can tell that Riou is destined for great things.

North Window
Back at North Window, go to the meeting room. Shu puts his foot down right away on Viktor, and the strategy for the upcoming battle is already ensuing.


Battle vs. Solon Jhee
Solon Jhee has some armies coming to the North Window peninsula. After the first turn, Riou and a state army appear in the back. Just go towards Solon Jhee and attack him - after one attack, Freed Y and the South Window state troops will switch over to your side. Continue to attack Solon Jhee, even if you do not take off any damage you will force him to retreat eventually.

North Window
Back at North Window, Riou marches in victorious. Shu wants Riou to be the leader of the New State Army. Talk to Viktor about Genkaku's history at night, or just rest.

The next morning, tell Shu and everyone you will be their leader. They are happy to have you. Dr. Huan comes out of no where to join you as the doctor of the army. You get to name the castle now, but we'll just call it North Window Castle to avoid confusion.

Lady Leknaat appears. You remember her from before with Jowy. She gives you the Stone Tablet of Promise, and Luc joins. You remember, Leknaat has Luc and the stone tablet join in Suikoden I as well.

As you try to leave North Window, Fitcher emerges. He goes to the meeting room, but don't follow him. Take this time to put Freed Y in your party, and head outside of North Window.

South Window
First stop is South Window. Make sure you have a Sacrificial Jizo (Bolgan has one), a Wooden Shield and a Wind Rune. Enter the building north of the Armor Shop now. Speak to Adlai. He wants a Sacrificial Jizo, so give him one. Then a Wooden Shield, so give him that too. Finally, choose to throw the Wind Rune at him (2nd choice). Adlai wakes up and joins you.

North Window Castle
You teleport back to North Window automatically as Adlai shows you the elevator. Might as well go to the meeting room to talk to Fitcher, who wants you to ally with Two River City. But you need a capable boat user to be able to travel to Lakewest and ultimately Two Rivers. Put Freed Y in your party and go to Radat.

Try to get Richmond to join you. He has a trick coin, so you will never win. Go to the bar and talk to one of the guys in the west part. He gives you 'a coin' to use with Richmond, but when you bring it Richmond just joins outright since he knows you know he cheats.

East of here is Yoshino, the wife of Freed Y. Let her join you and her husband in battle. Speak with Amada near the east bridge of Radat, but he wants to fight again. As usual, be conservative unless you can tell he is going to defend. After trouncing him, Amada finally joins your force.


Amada can use a ship fine, but why not go to Kuskus and get Tai Ho and Yam Koo? They are at the docks and join willingly. Well of course, you need to earn 5000 playing Chinchirorin with Tai Ho! Once you take 5000 potch or more, Tai Ho and Yam Koo join up. Unfortunately, only Tai Ho can be used in battle. No longer can you abuse their 3x damage unite attack like in Suikoden I. Tai Ho is still an all time favorite. Anyway, back to North Window Castle.

North Window Castle
Put Tai Ho or Amada in your party and go to the meeting room. Choose Tai Ho if you want a scene with Viktor and Flik.

Go to the basement and look for the anchor symbol to lead you to the boat. Board the ship and sail west to Lakewest.

Enter Lakewest and you get the Reference letter from Fitcher. Immediately head out of Lakewest and to South Window.

South Window
Speak to Clive. Since you have a means to Lakewest, he joins. If you took too long, he won't be in South Window anymore. Remember, you need to make haste to complete Clive's optional quest that requires the game essentially beat by 20 hours.

Before leaving South Window, go to the top of the Inn to talk to Alex and Hilda. They join, as the Item Shop owner and Inn respectively.

To Lakewest you go. Speak to the guy next to the Innkeeper and Clive asks about Elza. The guy has a letter from Elza. Evidently Elza is going to Forest Village which is a ways away.

Speak with Taki four times in the northwest building. Taki joins your army. She gives you hints on characters to be recruited still. Tetsu next door likes baths but you can't recruit him quite yet.

Two Rivers City
Travel west to Two Rivers City, where you are to meet with Fitcher. Just as you walk in, a winger steals your wallet! Go to the far west and then north to another part of Two Rivers. You see Chaco here, the winger who stole your wallet. Chase him around until he flies away.

Back to the original Two Rivers City, and you will see a scene with Fitcher and Ridley. Ridley sees your rune and trusts you. Lord Makai is waiting inside. He wants to ally with you and apologizes about your wallet. There is a reservation at the New Leaf Inn for you to stay.


The rune shop here has some really really nice runes. Check the rare finds for a Wizard and Warrior rune, both are extremely valuable. Alas you have no potch to buy them, but they will still be there. Remember that.

To the Inn, and speak with the innkeeper. To the top floor and speak with Hans who wants to open an armor shop. You can have him join immediately for free, or ask for a ridiculous sum of money like 300,000 potch. It will take a long time but it is some nice $. Your choice.

Next door is Chaco. The jerk just went ahead and ate your dinner. Talk to him and then it's the next morning.

Back to the Two Rivers meeting room. Ridley and Makai don't seem to be getting along here. Agree to go talk to Ridley, but as you get to the Kobold Village they have it on lockdown.

Chaco steals Fitcher's wallet as you get to the winger's village. Follow Chaco through the passage he opens up.

Two Rivers Sewer
East for a few screens until you get to an area with a treasure to your east. Grab that Head Gear and go northeast for a Resurrection Rune. South from here to a new area.

Down the ladder then go west through the wall and into a room. A winger scares you out of the room though but remember where this is. Back east and south to a new area.

Continue south a bit then west for a Healing Wind and a west exit. West some more but north when you can for a Fire Emblem and a Stone of Defense. Go west and north a long ways, up some stairs, west, and down a ladder for a save point. West for the door.

A Pest Rat is up ahead. No, not Chaco. A real rat, a big one that is blue. Use Shining Light on it with your hero and of course have your hero heal as well. The Pest Rat has a physical attack for 90-100 damage and a rockslide attack for 100-120 damage on everyone. Hopefully you do not get two rockslide attacks in one turn, this could lead to death for some of your characters with low total HP. Continue to attack and hopefully the Battlefield (level 3 Bright Shield Rune) puts some characters in Berserk status. The Pest Rat has a ton of HP but once dead, you will reach level 30, get 20,000 Potch and a Poison Rune.

Kobold District of Two Rivers
Follow the path up a ladder to the Kobold District of Two Rivers. Ridley catches you but trusts that you were trying to catch a thief.

Two Rivers
Back at Two Rivers, you see Klaus and Kiba leaving. Seems like Makai really is giving in to Highland. You should be able to afford a Warrior Rune now so get one for one of your better attackers. Someone in the back row like Clive would be nice since your defense is halved. Speak with Makai at his office now.

Follow Chaco outside to his home, and speak with Susu. Show her the Bright Shield Rune, and go back to the New Leaf Inn. Speak to the Innkeeper, then the next morning go outside.

Turns out Kiba and Klaus are attacking, and stupid Makai fell for it. Two Rivers knows Highland is attacking but it may be too late.


Just attack the highlanders as they come to you. When Fitcher asks you though, retreat and talk to Ridley. Meanwhile, the wingers begin attacking Highland. Now Ridley decides to let the Kobolds loose and attack. Two Rivers has finally overcome their inner strife. Still, more Highland battles to fight for Riou and friends. Klaus, Kiba and Highland end up retreating after a few sets of reinforcements start coming from the City-State army.

Lord Luca's Camp
A scene at Luca's Camp. Solon Jhee is murdered, while Jowy goes to Greenhill.

Two Rivers
Fitcher wakes you up. Go to Makai at his office. Fitcher is fired so he can join your City-State army. Leave town and Chaco gives you your wallet back..but not Fitcher's. Fitcher chases Chaco away now.

Kobold District
Go to the Kobold District and buy some Fried Tacos. They make you "toasty" if used in battle. West to exit out to a new part of the continent by Greenhill and Forest Village.

Forest Village
Far to the northwest is Forest Village. Head here once you have Clive in your party (hopefully you just kept him in since you brought him to Lakewest). Once you are here, go to the far north part of the village to see Elza. Or an Elza lookalike. Turns out Elza is going to Matilda now.

Now about those Fried Tacos. Hopefully you bought a few of them and equip them to your character's inventory. Save, and then use them in battle until the hero starts smoking (toasty). Once toasty, go to Tetsu the bath guy at Lakewest. He is impressed, and joins. Back to North Window you go.

November 18, 2008

Suikoden 2 Riou Jowy Kyaro


Highland Youth Brigade
Riou (you) and Jowy are part of a youth squad, in Highland. You can wonder around the area at night but choose to sleep - you are woken up by the screams of war. An ambush has been set.

You are told to run east, but after a few screens Jowy says it'd be smarter to go the other way. As you get back to camp, you see that this was a setup by Rowd and Luca Blight. Continue to run left to the cliff, but Rowd catches you. Defeat the Highland soldiers with your unite attack (attacks all for 1x damage). Choose to jump off the side and Riou will be stranded from Jowy.

Mercenary Fortress
A familiar face from Suikoden I finds you. Viktor takes you to his fort. But since you are from Highland, they want an explanation of what happened on that night and also you are still their prisoner.

The next day, Pohl comes to greet you. Pohl is assigned to take care of you while you are at the fort, and he has you push some boxes to the wall. Then, you need to gather some things for him like Flint, Boots and Flour. You can get the former two but Flour is at Ryube. Talk to Pohl, then Leona.

With Gengen and Tuta, head northeast to Ryube. You probably won't even get in a battle. Go straight to the Item Shop to get the Flour. Then you can do whatever you want around town before heading back southwest to the Mercenary Fortress.

Mercenary Fortress
Return to Pohl and he gives you a task the next day. Wiping up oil. Check all the floors including the northernmost room on the top floor. Return to Pohl, eat, and go to sleep.

At night, Jowy breaks in. As you try to leave though, Flik and Viktor capture you. Tell them what really happened with the Unicorn Youth Brigade. Viktor has you stay at the Merc Fortress, but Jowy has other plans at night and breaks out. Just make your way to the top floor.


First at Ryube, go watch the circus performers. Don't move during the demonstration. It doesn't matter if you succeed here though. Eilie, Bolgan and Rina join you.

North Sparrow Pass
Rina charms her way into the pass for your party. Head north to the next area.

At the first fork, take the west path for an HP / Rune restoration pool and a Fire Wall magic item. East route leads to the third area of North Sparrow Pass. As you travel north in this area take the east fork for an Escape Talisman, then northwest to continue on.

East for a Brass Armor, then take the long winding road north via the west fork. A Journeyman Crystal is in the next area to the east, then rest up before going north.

Mist Shade is here, your first boss. First of all, you will want to expend your Fire Wall and Flaming Arrows. Also Rina's Angry Blow. This should give you a good head start. The Mist Shade will generally attack you with physical attacks in it's first form, then will morph into a female and cast lightning for lesser damage but on everyone. If you just spam your magical items especially the fire magic, you should prevail in 3 or 4 turns. 2000 Potch and Kindness Drops are your rewards.

Follow the path north, going east when you can for a Feathered Hat then north to exit.

Kyaro Town
The circus parts with you at the gate. Jowy goes to his house, and you should go towards yours too. Go west, but north right away in the next screen. North all the way to the top, where you can see mountains in the background. See that big tree? Search it three times. Mukumuku joins you! This is one of the hardest recruits in the game to get if you don't know where to look.

Back south and west to see Nanami in the back yard. Before you leave the house with her, check Genkaku's room for ? Book and a Urn nearby.


As you leave, the highlanders try to stop you and Nanami (well, and Mukumuku too). You will smoke them, but Rowd then comes and the highlanders escort you off. Meanwhile Jowy is kicked out of his house for his actions. Looks like it's the end for Jowy and Riou.

They are saved by Viktor and Flik. The party then runs out of Kyaro and through North Sparrow Pass.

Mercenary Fortress

You now have a bit more freedom and are asked to go around and recruit fellow mercenaries. Fill up your party with Leona and head out. Hopefully you have Mukumuku, he has a high attack and is an asset over the mediocre characters you will be acquiring and already have (like Gengen, for example).

The nearest town to visit of course is northeast, Ryube. The guy passed out in blue is Rikimaru. Offer to go inside the Inn and feed him, but he basically costs 3000 potch as you need to pay the Inn for all the food he eats. Rikimaru is a short range sword user and a decent meat shield with his high HP totals.

Millie is in the northeast part of Ryube and is looking for her pet Bonaparte. Choose to help her with this, and then maybe go to the Blacksmith to sharpen weapons a bit if you have any Potch left. Go into the northeast forest. Take the northwest route as you get to the T. Search the baby bird and put it back in it's nest.

Now, return to the T and head east. Next screen you will see Bonaparte so continue that way. You see that Bonaparte can turn into a monster of sorts, and a battle begins. Use the Family Attack and just wail on him. He can chomp on you but if you sharpened your weapons even a little you should be in good shape. After the battle, Millie joins the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Back to where that bird's nest was, and you see a man named Kinnison and his dog Shiro. Take credit for setting that bird's nest back up and they are thankful and join you. Kinnison is a long-range bow user, but he lacks magical capabilities and his attack is limited. His Unite attack with Shiro for 1.5 damage on one enemy and .5 on enemies behind that enemy saves his values. Shiro is a beast in battle. His attack and agility are high, and though he has a low defense he can dodge and counter well. Hand him a Fury Rune (rare at Muse Rune Shop) or a Double-Beat Rune (dropped randomly from the bunnies in this area) and watch him maul enemies.

Leave Ryube at this point.

Northwest of North Sparrow Pass and Ryube is the village of Toto. Pilika is here and recognizes uncle Jowy. Before you follow her to her house, go east to the Inn. Speak with the eccentric man in yellow, Zamza. If you have Nanami in your party you can recruit him after a scene. Zamza is a balanced threat - hand him an attack rune like the Lightning Rune. He also has a decent attack and a useful but harmful rune. His only downside is that Zamza is a bit soft for a front line fighter and slow, but overall provides good value.

You can appraise the ? book you found at Genkaku's home in Kyaro. It is Old Book Volume 1.

Speak with Pilika at her home. This is the family that found Jowy and restored his health. Jowy and Pilika are good friends and Pilika has a request for you two; go to Muse and get a Wooden Amulet for her.


Muse City is through the northwest exit of Toto and further northwest to the huge capital of the City-State, Muse. Check out the Rune Shop here - it might be worth building up some Potch to be able to buy some runes here. Especially the Fury Rune which allows you to be in berserk status throughout and thus a higher attack. Anyway, buy some Fire Runes if you want and then go to the Item shop. Pilika's Wooden Amulet is here but more expensive than she had thought. Buy it anyway for her. Rest at the Inn if you wish and then just head on out back to Toto.

Back at Toto...it is a disaster. The villager has been burned down, Pilika is alive thankfully but traumatized. You'll be taking her with and as you leave, you run into Apple. Remember Apple from Suikoden I? She is more involved in Suikoden II. She is looking for Viktor so tell her about the Mercenary Fortress. Time to head back there to alert them of Luca Blight's terror.

First though, leave Tuta and re-enter. Look around for Hanna, a warrior similar to Rikimaru. Not a flashy fighter but he may be of some use if you have to use him (more on this later).

Mercenary Fortress
Back to the Mercenary Fortress and if you loaded Suikoden I data, Apple and Viktor and Flik have a special chat. Leona comes to Jowy and Riou, so then go to the top of the fort and talk to Viktor and Flik.

Viktor and Flik need you to go to the Ryube Forest to get Tsai, who is experienced with Fire Spears. You may remember Fire Spears with the Liberation Army of Suikoden I. You get 2000 potch to persuade him. Put in a decent party, and head out.

Remember where you put the bird in the nest for Kinnison and Shiro? Take this northwest route and take the west fork for a Gauntlet and Leather Cape. East all the way now across the bridge and you will come to Tsai's home.

Tsai willingly joins you without any potch needed. He joins you and you can head back to Ryube village.

Unfortunately, horrific scenes happen as you get back to town. Luca assassinates villagers as the Highland army burns Ryube down. Clearly the highland army is moving quickly and the Mercenary Fortress is next.

Mercenary Fortress
Back at the Merc Fortress, rest and save. Then talk to Flik and Viktor at the top - offer to help as Jowy wants to as well. But Flik challenges you to a duel to see if you are worthy. You do not need to defeat Flik by eliminating his entire health bar, just do about 1 / 4th damage to him and the battle will be over. Tell them you are ready, and war battle begins.

War Battle vs. Solon Jhee at Merc Fortress
This is your first battle, so Apple gives you a tutorial of sorts. In this battle, you will only want to use the Fire Spears. It can attack three spaces on the grid, so try to line it up so you get 2 or even 3 enemies in your range. It is not for sure that it will do damage to an enemy, but it is about 50 / 50 as far as the likelihood. Units in these war battles only have two damage points so if you manage to take out the enemy in this fashion, they will retreat from battle. Solon Jhee is aided by Seed and Culgan here but you should be able to hold them off.

Without much fanfare, the group at the Mercenary Fortress see that the enemy is on top of them. It is the same forces led by Solon Jhee, pressing forward. Alas, Luca Blight of Highland emerges behind the Mercenary Fortress and wreaks havoc. Once he gets in the Fortress, the battle is over. Just as good because he would slaughter your units.


Mercenary Fortress
The scene shifts to the Mercenary Fortress. Jowy wants to rescue Pilika but you will have to fight Highlanders as you go around the Fortress. Go to the top of the Fortress, in the strategy room. Luca Blight is in here with Pohl and Pilika. Luca slashes Pohl down to his death, and prepares to do the same to Pilika. Riou and Jowy fight him off but Luca still is ready to attack. Thankfully, Flik comes in after a Fire Spear explosion stuns Luca, and the group flees. Watch the scene and you will be out of the Mercenary Fortress.

As you leave, your party will form randomly. You are to rendevous at Muse City.

Which characters you draw here severely impacts the upcoming hour or two of gameplay, as a tough dungeon looms and if you get crappy characters like Millie or Gengen you could be in trouble. If you have any luck, Shiro and or Zamza will be in your party.

Make your way through Toto, and the party stops at the Shrine. Within, Jowy and Riou go ahead and meet Leknaat. Lots of stories about those two and it seems they will play an important role here. Jowy acquires the Black Sword Rune and Riou the Bright Shield Rune. The Black Sword Rune is probably the most powerful rune in the entire game, with all four magic spells taking off a lot of damage. The third level Black Sword Rune spell will be vital in the upcoming ruins. Riou meanwhile turns into a healer with the ability to heal everyone and cause Berserk status.

Muse City
You cannot get into Muse City. You need a pass evidently, and Viktor is not exactly at the border to usher you in. Return southeast to that White Deer Inn.

White Deer Inn
As you get to the White Deer Inn, speak with Hilda and Alex and stay the night. Next day Alex wants to go in those Sindar Ruins so offer to help him as you can get a way into Muse maybe. There is a Rune Shop and Item Shop here if you need it, otherwise head in with Alex.

Sindar Ruins
This is the difficult dungeon mentioned earlier, with grueling random battles. You will gain a lot of levels but may need to go back to the White Deer Inn to rest at some point in this journey.

First fork, take the west route and grab the Mega Medicine x3 and Stone of Magic. Continue on north until you get to an east route, which leads to a dead end but an Angry Blow item. Take the bridge east and north for a Gauntlet. Now, follow the south-most route under the bridge and into the next part of the Sindar Ruins.

Walk ahead and push the statue in it's obvious spot. Now you can enter the room for Shoulder Pads and a Round Iron Plate. Return to that marking in the wall with the door you passed earlier, and use the Round Iron Plate to open the door.

A double headed snake statue is ahead. Lots of passages in this area so remember this central spot to come back to in case you need to exit for a time. Left in this new area to find a Triangle Plate, and further left for a door that is half open and slip through for a Fire Lizard Crystal.

Back to the Double Headed snake, and north a bit until you can go east. Put the Triangle Plate in to reduce the water level. Now you can go back to the far north to get to the sewer area and north all the way for Chain Mail. Travel west a bit and south quite a bit until you see a Water Rune just a bit to the left. Further north and west for the Square Iron Plate.

Return all the way to the Double Headed Snake Statue. East here to use that Square Iron Plate and grab the Old Book Volume 2 and Magic Drain Crystal. Notice you still have the Square Iron Plate after this since you need to use it just north and west of the Double Headed Snake Statue. Within, a Save Point and you may wish to return to the White Deer Inn and rest up.


Past the save point is the Double-Headed Snake that you saw as a statue earlier. It is a tough enemy especially if you got weaker characters when you were randomly assigned a party after leaving the Mercenary Fortress. Anyway, you will still have Jowy and Piercing One (Level 3 Black Sword Rune magic) and Riou your hero can use Great Blessing to stay healed and Berserk some allies. For winning, you acquire the Spark Rune. This allows all allies to attack immediately after the character who acts with the Spark Rune. Thus, give it to someone fast like Nanami and everyone in your party will have her agility.

Further along and Alex finds the Sindar Treasure - a healing herb. Use an Escape Talisman if you have one, and leave to the White Deer Inn.

White Deer Inn
As you get back without the treasure, the kids panic because Hilda is sick. She is in permanent sleep mode. What to do? Take the hero back to the Sindar Ruins entrance, and grab the healing herb. Return the healing herb to the White Deer Inn and you will find that it restores Hilda's health. That is the gift from the Sindar.

Alex and Hilda show their appreciation by giving you the Muse entry passes.

Muse City
Try to enter with the Muse Entry passes from Alex. Unfortunately, your act is weak and the Muse guards throw you in jail.

Thankfully, Viktor comes in and bails you guys out. Go to the Muse Bar to drop Pilika off with Leona, and then work your way to the northeast part of Muse. A lady named Elza will stop you and ask you to carry the two packages to the entrance of Muse. A man named Clive comes by after this, but say you haven't seen the woman.


At the front of Muse now, give the packages to Elza. Clive finds you two, but Elza holds you up as a sacrifice. Clive ends up chasing Elza out of Muse, but this is an important, time-based sidequest throughout the game and this was step 1. So we'll pick this up a few hours later when you can do more with it.

At the town hall, meet with Viktor and go see Anabelle. Anabelle is the mayor of Muse and greets you. After speaking with them go to Jess in the northeast room. He has a suggestion for you and Jowy about entering Highland to see how many supplies they have and thus if they are going to attack quickly or be patient. Check the shelf for a ? book and return to Leona's bar.

You should see an interesting lady at the bar named Anita. Before talking to her, go buy some Antitoxin at the Item Shop. Speak with her a few times until she requests something of you (either Antitoxin or pouring her a drink). Talk to Leona to get a drink for her if she asks for it. Then, leave Muse and re-enter. Talk to Anita a few more times until she requests another task - keep doing this for her and eventually she thanks you for your efforts. At this point, ask her to join your group. Anita is a powerful ally for you with her Falcon Rune, a solid front-line fighter. If you miss her you can recruit her later but I advise just getting her now. West a bit and north of the Inn to see Tuta walking around. Speak with him to recruit him as Doctor Huan gives him permission to join you. Also, if you talk to Huan a few times he will give you Recipe #3.

Muse-Matilda Gate
Leave Muse and go north to the Muse-Highland Border. East through the secret passage, and all the way east in the forest for a Circuret. Now start heading north, and before you know it you will be in the Highland Camp and Jowy and Riou change outfits to the Highland Unicorn Youth Brigade.

Check out the provisions in the northeast of camp. Rowd then sees you so you have to flee - but take the Fire Sealing Crystal in the northeast first. Then, go to the Royal Tent which is Jillia's Tent. Jowy and Riou talk to Jillia for the night and drink some tea. Eventually, you have to leave.


When you do, Rowd is there waiting. He knew Jillia was lying. Start fighting the Highlanders, but eventually Jowy sacrifices himself so you can escape. You have no choice but to leave, so do back to Muse.

Try to go to the council room but Jess seems to be busy. Return to the Inn but Flik and Viktor see Jowy is gone. They are extremely upset that Jess asked you guys to go considering you are young and Jowy is now captured.

Viktor joins your party and just busts into the council hall room at the north part of Muse. Back to the Inn and Nanami will go wait for Jowy. You can wait for her or just return to the Inn. Eventually, Jowy comes back at night. Somehow, he got back even though Highland had a huge number advantage. Time to sleep for the night.

In the morning, you are woken up. Everyone is at the Jowston Hilltop Conference, but check the Rune Shop to see if another Fury Rune is there in the Rarities. Then, head to that Jowston Hilltop Conference and Viktor and Flik join you. Inside, Gorudo of Matilda bumps into Nanami before the conference. You also meet Makai of Two Rivers, Teresa of Greenhill and Gustav of Tinto. Some of the members of the City-State are willing to send reinforcements with Highland on the attack, while others are reluctant. However, before the meeting ends a messenger comes in saying that Highland is marching towards Muse as we speak.

War Battle vs. Highland at Muse City
Anabelle asks Viktor and friends to hold off the Highland army until City-State reinforcements come. So, rest and save then talk to Viktor at the Inn. It is absolutely essential you save here.

As the battle starts, Flik and Viktor recognize Gilbert. Now if you do damage to him, he will join you. But as you probably already noticed, doing damage can be very random so that's why you save here in case you can't do damage to Gilbert. You then lose that recruit forever. However, once you do damage Gilbert decides to switch sides. Continue to use the Fire Spears in this battle, on Gilbert and everyone else. Miklotov and the Matilda Knights come in to aid you from the west.

After the battle, speak with Nanami and you will see Jowy and Kage speaking. Talk to Anabelle the day after and then return to the Inn to speak with Nanami. Lurk around outside by the Council Hall and you will see Kage and Jowy talking once more. Shady activities on Jowy's part. Confront him but soon it will be night time.

At night, Viktor and Anabelle have a chat at the Muse City Council Hall. Then, Nanami and Riou decide to go visit her. Unfortunately, Jowy is already here. You may have foreseen the scene ahead with Jowy's shadiness, but nonetheless Jowy flees the scene as you and Nanami get there. Jess comes in and it looks like Jowy has framed you as you two are there with an ailing Anabelle.

Rush to the Inn to get Pilika. Leona says to meet up again at South Window.

As you get outside of Muse, Nanami ponders Jowy's decision. You are in the southwest part near Coronet, so head into Coronet.

Coronet is a port town southwest of Muse where the Suikoden II walkthrough guide will pick up.


November 17, 2008

Suikoden Shasarazade Barbarosa

Castle of Toran
After you finish Moravia and get Vincent at the top, go to the meeting room on the fourth floor. Agree to get ready for the Fortress of Shasarazade.

Watch the scenes as your army prepares for one of the biggest battles yet. Viktor gives McDohl the Steel Hatchet (Gremio's weapon).

The next day, go out to the port part of the castle. 500 boats have been made thanks to the Dragons, and your army is ready to attack Sonja Shulen's Floating Fortress of Shasarazade.

Battle at the Floating Fortress Shasarazade
The enemy has a whopping 17000 soldiers here. You should have slightly more if you have all 107 recruits at this point. Continue to use your Ninja's to figure out what the enemy will be doing. Sonja is capable of using magic or a charge on you.


Choose your party afterwards, Viktor must come with. Bring a powerful party, tough bosses are within. Go west down the stairs to get a Chaos Shield. Follow the path as you work south a bit then west once more for a Guard Ring. Southwest of here for a Master Garb.

Continue east, south, and then when you get to the T go west for a Mega Medicine. Rest up before you go south here.

Shell Venus is here. "There you are!" says Viktor. This Shell Venus has like 10000-12000 HP, so even though you can likely do a ton of damage at this point you will need to do it for several turns. Using Lightning Runes is nice as is Judgment by McDohl. I had Yam Koo and Tai Ho (level 16 weapons) using their unite to take off about 1500 each time it was used. 100,000 bits are your reward.

Take the Thunder Crystal, a high-level Lightning Rune. Very nice. Viktor shuts the sluice so run out, but as you leave it seems someone set fire early! Sonja Shulen rushes out, upset about the fire. She has about half the HP as the Shell Venus but your rune magic is probably expended at this point. Or at least a lot of it. Use your best attacks on her to put her away but her physical attack and magic can be devastating if you don't have the means of healing.

Outside the army is in flux, as Sanchez lit the fire early. Sanchez was the imperial spy (which is why he was never one of the 108 stars). Mathiu says not to execute him now so that morale does not plummet.


Castle of Toran
Back at the Castle, go to the basement to see a scene with Cleo and Sonja. Talk to Sonja and convince her to join, even if she hates you. Sonja is the last recruit, assuming you followed the guide up to this point. Save your game and then talk to Mathiu.

Mathiu wants to march on the capital. Once you talk to him he won't let you say no so hopefully you have all 108 characters at this point. And hopefully Pahn survived the Teo fight. If so, Leknaat will come and revive Gremio for the final fight.


The Last Army Battle

Yuber and Kanaan are waiting for you, with 100,000 enemies. But Lady Leknaat and Joshua combine their magic to magic 80,000 monsters disappear. Like the Shasarazade battle, you should have an easy time telling what the enemy will do with three ninja's and three thieve's on your side. If a thief fails just send out Joshua's dragon knights for some damage. Yuber Charge is dangerous so it would be great if your Ninja or Thief told you about that attack early on. With little effort you should be able to finish the last war battle. Hanzo from Rokkaku thanks you, even Zorak from the Warrior's Village is here.

Viktor and Flik join McDohl at Gregminster. Choose the other three characters. Hopefully an elite magician or two (Crowley, Luc, Hellion, etc) or a combo with a great unite attack (Tai Ho / Yam Koo, Sydonia / Varkas, etc).

At the bridge leading to the palace area, you see Ain Gide. He will not let you pass despite the Imperial Army being overthrown. He uses high level fire rune magic like Final Flame, so you will want to take him out quickly. Fortunately he has only 8000-9000 HP so 3 turns with your party should be enough, especially if McDohl can cast Judgment 3 times.

Gregminster Palace
As you enter, things look a little different. Take the Windspun Armor to the east (elite heavy armour). Now go northwest to exit, though you'll have to face some Imperial Guards along the way. Get used to them.

Head to where you met Barbarosa first, with your dad, but go behind this area now. Soon you will be fighting soldiers left and right, approximately 10 groups on one floor where you travel west a few steps, fight a group, and repeat. Make use of Hell, and use your magicians spells up. You will probably want to go all the way through here to kill off these mandatory soldier fights, then return to spend your bits on sharpening weapons and rest up.

When you get past that area, continue to go east in the next one until you reach a Horned Helmet. Northwest of here for a Power Ring and a save point. This is it, the end. Make sure you save here if you plan on transferring your data to a Suikoden II 2 play-through.

Emperor Barbarosa
Follow the path north until you reach the garden. Barbarosa does not plan on giving up of course. He uses his Dragon King Sword to turn into a three-headed Golden Hydra.


Fortunately, this beast only attacks once per round despite the three heads. It will either be an exploding-cocoon attack for good damage on one ally, or a thunder attack on the party for decent damage. Having a Flowing Rune user makes for each healing otherwise you'd have to bust out a Mega Medicine for everyone. This beast is strong against Lightning and you cannot use it at all on the middle head. The left-most head (it's RIGHT head in actuality) can heal the other heads, so defeat that one first. Then it doesn't matter which one you take out last. Because it only attacks once per turn you really should not have too much trouble.


No level up for defeat, as this is the end. Enjoy the ending and reading about the fate of the 108 Stars of Destiny for Suikoden I.

November 15, 2008

Suikoden I Dragon's Den Kasim Hazil


Castle of Toran
At the Castle, go to the meeting room to talk about going to the Dragon's Den. Humphrey and Flik are coming with.

Northwest of Scarleticia is the entrance to the Dragon's Den. The guard won't let you pass even with Humphrey Mintz.

Vincent De Boule is having a problem with the innkeeper. Pay the keeper 200 bits and then go back to the path to the Dragon's Den.

Dragon's Den
Vincent de Boule shows you a secret passage here. Enter the cave behind the rock. North for a bit, east for a Goldlet. North for a while, then the path goes east to the Old Book Vol 5. As it turns north again you will have some stairs going up.

East at the next intersection for Power Gloves. West and before you know it you will fall down a cliff. Sleeping dragons are abound. This must be why they closed off the path. Futch and Lady Milia are here. Now that you know their secret with the dragons, leave to the west.

Dragon Knights' Fortress
As you enter, go due north and look for a red ninja along the east end of the castle. Fuma the ninja will just join you. Enter the big doors and speak with Kreutz. Humphrey knows him and convinces him to join.

Upstairs to meet Joshua. He explains the dragons just fell asleep a few months ago. Search the bookshelf behind Milia for Old Book Vol. 4 and then Window Setting 2.

Bring Liukan to Joshua now. Turns out someone poisoned these dragons. Milia joins and you are to go to Seek Valley on her dragon Thrash, one of the few that is still awake.


Seek Valley
To get to Seek Valley, go in front of the Dragon Knight's Castle. Seek Valley can only be reached by a dragon.

Head east as you get in. Return to the dragon if you need to leave. Anyway, east for a Master Robe. The path leads south, west, and back north to a fork.

Take the east-most path to see a blacksmith in hiding. It is Mace, the top blacksmith. He will not join you right now. Back to the fork and take the west path for Sound Setting 2.

The center route is what continues onward. Go straight north for a Mega Medicine then take the path as it winds west.

You will run into a boss, the Crystal Core. This boss has 6 crystals surrounding it, as you take off damage the crystals will disappear one by one. The boss likes regular attacks on one member. However once you take off all the crystals and do some more damage, the Crystal Core turns into a little red ball. This is where things get interesting. It's physical defense goes down slightly but the Crystal Core will use a dangerous lightning attack from above every turn now. Expend all of the magic you have to destroy it as fast as possible because it can be hard to heal when your party sustains 200 damage each turn. Don't think it is almost gone once it turns into the little red ball, the Crystal Core still probably has 3500-4000 HP. A whopping 70000 bits is your reward for this fight.

West for a Cyclone Crystal and a save point. The Cyclone Crystal is high-level Wind magic, another terrific rune. North for a Gold Necklace and north more for Moonlight Weed.

As you are about to take the Moonlight Weed, Windy comes by and demands the Soul Eater. She brings Ted back out, but he seems weird. Ted demands the rune but choose not to give it to him since he seems possessed. The rune then beckons and McDohl and Ted talk to each other where Windy can't see. Ted has the Soul Eater consume his body, and Windy's plan is ruined. Soul Eater reaches level 4 and you can cast any spell with Soul Eater now. Windy tries to physically take the rune but she is blocked.

Milia grabs the Moonlight Weed and it is time to get out of here. Walk all the way back to Thrash and fly out of here.

Meanwhile, Futch is en route to get another ingredient, the Black Dragon Orchid. It is in the garden of the Emperor in Gregminster. Barbarosa is generous enough to let Futch flee after he catches him, but Windy is not so kind. She fires magic at Black and Futch as they flee, and the two go down.

Dragon's Knights Fortress
Thankfully, Futch is saved at the Dragon Knight Castle. Unfortunately, Liukan tells everyone what the third ingredient was. The third ingredient is a Dragon's Liver, and it belonged to Black. Black did not survive Windy's magic. Black though saved the rest of the Dragon's, they are awake and now the Dragon Knights will ally with the Liberation Army. Joshua joins, as does Futch and Milia.

Castle of Toran
Back at the Castle of Toran, Krin and Kasumi seemed to have found a spy. Go to the fourth floor and the spy talks since McDohl is here. Turns out this Taggart guy is a servant of Warren who is a friend of Viktor. Warren and Viktor lost to Kasim Hazil in the north, and obviously you need to save one of your big guns in Viktor.

Mathiu suggests that you 'train' for this fight. Agree to this hunch of his since he is generally right. Mathiu says to rest, but you can do some things.


At this time, Leon Silverberg at the front of Kalekka should say something about how your army has grown. You need almost 90 recruits for him to say something. Then go back to the castle and talk to Mathiu. You can't talk to him about it when the plot is going on but he is free on the fourth floor before you go training for Kasim. Speak to him and he sends a letter with McDohl to bring to Leon.

Now go back to Kalekka to give Leon Mathiu's letter. Mathiu still does not trust Leon from the past war but he nonetheless knows his power as a tactician. Leon is impressed by Mathiu's respect for him and thus Leon joins your army.

Enter Rikon and go to the Inn. Do you see a black shrouded figure to the left of the Innkeeper? If not, you either missed some recruits and need more, or you need to leave the village and enter it again and check a few times. If you have the recruits, eventually Clive shows up.

Seek Valley
You need a ton of bits to pull this off. With Moose, upgrade your hero's weapon to level 15. Then get Moose, Mose, Maas and Meese in one party. Like Clive and Leon you will also need about 90-100 characters for him to even want to join. But with all of those prerequisites met, bring those blacksmiths to Seek Valley and take that first east at the fork.

This time, Mace is proud to see his fellow blacksmith's and he joins up. You can now sharpen your weapons to the maximum level, 16.

Neclord's Castle
Having a Champion's Crystal makes this task less annoying (Escape Talisman's for some reason do not work in Neclord's Castle). But with 90-100 characters recruited you can get another character up here. Pesmerga is one of the most formidable heavy-armor, tank-type characters you can find. With the right number of recruits you will find Pesmerga near Neclord's piano, as he is in search of Yuber. Recruit Pesmerga


Qlon Cave
Remember that hermit-looking magician in Qlon Cave? Go to him now that you have almost 100 recruits. He will join you outright. This is another situation where you might want the Champion's Crystal so you do not have to any random battles.

Castle of Toran
Back to the Castle of Toran after you finish up with those recruits. Return to your room, and Mathiu will approach you about something. Evidently a spy has emerged in the Liberation Army, and Mathiu wants to oversea the military maneuvers tomorrow morning at training. Talk to Mathiu in his room in the morning to head out.

Northern Checkpoint
Just as you begin training, Mathiu announces a surprise attack on the Imperial Army. Since there is an imperial spy in the Liberation Army, Griffith at the Northern Checkpoint has the wrong information and is not prepared for an attack.

Battle at the Northern Checkpoint
Griffith tries to stall, but your party presses on. You should have around 4x the soldier count as the imperials here, so just use your Ninjas to figure out what the enemy plans to do, and counter it properly. My copy of Suikoden tends to screw up loading out of this war battle, but mine is old.

After the battle, recruit Griffith to your army.

Castle Toran
Mathiu plots what to do. He sends Lepant and Humphrey separate ways to get Kasim's army's attention. Meanwhile McDohl will sneak in with Kasumi and Krin.

Northern Checkpoint
Re-enter Northern Checkpoint to get the Old Book Vol. 7.

Moravia Castle
North of Northern Checkpoint is Moravia Castle. Enter the cast and get the Pink Paint to the east. North of here is a place to rest and save. Return back to your castle to equip your characters properly if you did not get a chance to earlier. Also, drop off the Pink Paint as it is the final one for Ivanov. Ivanov gives you binoculars for this.

In Moravia Castle, go west of the entrance to get Taikioku Wear. Follow the path north and stick to it as it winds outside to the balcony. It will go a long ways until you eventually reach a Mega Medicine.


Outside, Krin throws a rope across and you can enter the northwest area. Get the Needle inside, then continue to the next balcony. Eventually you reach the jail cell with Viktor, Warren and Vincent De Boule.

Meanwhile, Kasim Hazil is talking about the past with Mathiu. He will eventually have to surrender once McDohl and the reinforcements come in.

Northern Checkpoint
After you are done with Kasim, go back to the Northern Checkpoint. Max and Sancho will join you here. They look silly but they are actually the most powerful charge attack available to you.

Moravia Castle
Head back to the top of Moravia Castle. This may be a task you want the Champion's Rune for. Anyway, get the Mother Earth Crystal at the top and talk to Vincent De Boule. You just left him here when you escaped with Viktor and Warren.


Castle of Toran
The empire is crumbling. Only Kwaba, Gregminster and the Floating Castle of Shazarazade remain.

Suikoden 1 Neclord Hix Qlon

Castle of Toran
At the meeting room, the army is upbeat after the defeat of Teo McDohl. The empire is scrambling around to get it's forces in one place, leaving smaller areas uncovered. The region of Lorimar has few troops, so Lepant has his eyes set over there.


Lorimar Fortress
Turns out, no one is here. Kasumi scouts it to make sure. A bunch of empty graves at Lorimar. Choose your party; Viktor and Cleo join up automatically. Put Mose, Meese and Maas in the party actually, for now at least.

Leave and re-enter Lorimar. Kirke the grave digger is here. Pester him so that he joins.

Warrior's Village
A scene with Hix and Tengaar as you enter. Zorak is here too and he mentions Neclord, which catches Viktor's attention. Go back to their house for the night to hear the legend of his village. Talk to Viktor at night to hear about what Neclord did to his village. Now you see why he wants revenge.

In the morning, Neclord and Zombies are here to scare you. Viktor goes out to attack him, but nothing you do can hurt Neclord. After you wake up Zorak tells you to go to Qlon Temple to find a sword that might be able to do something against Neclord.

Check out the blacksmith house in the northeast of the Warrior's Village . You will find Moose. You need Mose, Meese and Maas in your party and he will join.

Once you get Moose, teleport back to your castle and get Kirkis in your party. Fight outside the Warrior's Village for a while, with McDohl's new Hell spell this should be easy. You want Kirkis in the high 30's, then teleport back to your castle. This time teleport to the Burnt Elves Village, then walk to the Kobold Village. Rubi will now join you since Kirkis is in the high 30's.


Qlon Temple
Before you enter the Qlon Temple, get the Blue Flower Seeds, Yellow Flower Seeds and Red Flower Seeds. They are at Teien, Rikon and Warrior's Village. Now at Qlon Temple, go northeast to see the gardener Zen. Give him the seeds. He thanks you, finishes planting, and joins you. Morgan inside also joins you, and Hugo would but he is looking for a War Scroll. Search the bookshelf near Hugo for an Old Book Volume 3.

Talk to Fukien in the south part. He knows that McDohl is Starmaster. Fukien opens the path to the Qlon Cave.

Qlon Cave
Take the east path as you go north for a save point. Down the stairs in the north, then you'll be moving southeast in the next area. Take the west stairs for a Crimson Cape. East a bit then north for a room with Medicine and a Flowing Crystal. The Flowing Crystal is an improved version of the Water Crystal. Back to the fork you were just at, and go south.

In the next room, angle southeast through the wall for a Window Crystal. Bring this to Window at Warrior's Village once you're done. Back through the wall and east (going north for a Head Gear when you can). Take the northeast exit for the Old Book Volume 2. South all the way, then west for 5000 bits. North for an Escape Talisman and the exit going up.

Travel southeast and another southern wall you can walk through. This one is much harder to navigate through, you have to weave east and west slightly as you head south. Crowley is down here but he won't join you until the very end. Back to where you went through the wall, then head northeast for the War Scroll that Hugo needs.

Keep heading southeast all the way until you reach a cavern door. Enter for Medicine and a Silverlet. Follow the path north and east, taking the north cavern for a Skill Rune Piece and Mega Medicine. Continue to follow the winding path until you reach a floating sword. The Star Dragon Sword will talk to you and teleport you somewhere.

Hidden Rune Village
Back in time actually. You will see little Ted. Take the Mega Medicine in Little Ted's house. Now you see a scene with the village chief being surrounded by Windy, Neclord and Yuber. The village chief will pass over the Soul Eater to little Ted, and you are told to flee the back route. First, go back in and go south to the treasure the old lady was guarding in the south house. It is a Champion's Crystal, which prevents weaker enemies from even starting a battle with you. This is great to put on a high level character if you just want to run through any given area.

Go to the Village Chief's house and go behind it, then south to see Yuber and Neclord. They teleport away and you appear back in the center of the village. Before going up to the light in the grey temple, head to where Yuber disappeared to get the Boar Crystal.

Qlon Cave
Back in Qlon, the Star Dragon Sword joins Viktor in his quest against Neclord. Use an Escape Talisman, hopefully you have one. Talk to Hugo at Qlon Temple since you have the War Scroll. He will join, give him your Old Book's on Floor 3 of Castle Toran.

Warrior's Village
Zorak and friends are going to Neclord's Castle to get Tengaar. Hix too. Meanwhile, go to Window at the western shop and he will join since you found the Window Crystal at Qlon. He is like Melodye except Window takes your Window Settings.


Neclord's Castle
Go south of the Warrior's Village to find Neclord's Castle. Unfortunately, Hix joins your party here so it will be him, McDohl, Cleo, Viktor and two of your choosing. I like to take Tai Ho and Yam Koo or Varkas and Sydonia for their outstanding Unite attacks, but you may wish to bring magicians with a Water Rune or Lightning Rune. If you have Varkas / Sydonia or Tai Ho / Yam Koo, sharpen their weapons as much as possible to make them even stronger. Hix is more or less a wasted slot as he is only a mediocre front-line attacker. Cleo can be useful with the Fire Rune but if you don't have a healer you may wish to give her the Water Run to be the party healer, even better the Flowing Rune you just got. Neclord is a really tough boss, arguably the hardest in the game.

Upon entry, take the eastern path as you go north. A zombie will give you advice for bits, but I would ignore it. Some can help, but you have a guide so why waste the bits? Grab the useful Full Helmet though.

Take the west route to save, then go north to the balcony. Head west a ways until you can go south. There is a puzzle with four pictures in the next room. First, check all the other rooms for an Antitoxin, Medicine and Sound Setting 1. Then at the puzzle...choose the second one from the right, then the third one from the right, then the right-most picture, and finally the last picture of Neclord the demon of the night.

Another balcony to traverse. Next area, get in the southeast room for Earth Boots. West a bit for a room with Green Paint, then go in the middle room with some tombstones. Travel north to get through and up the stairs.

On this next floor, refrain from going up the stairs in the southeast. This is the battle with Neclord. First search the other rooms for an Antitoxin, Earth Rune Piece, Cape of Darkness and a Magic Rune Piece. Heal up, hopefully you still have ample rune power and Mega Medicines aplenty in your party (unless you have a dedicated healer of course).

Up the stairs is Neclord, playing piano with Tengaar the bride. The battle soon begins. You need to attack Neclord with Viktor to be able to hurt him with anyone else. However unite attacks seem to work before this. Neclord has a very powerful physical attack, but his lightning and fire attacks on all is what causes trouble. This is why a Flowing Rune on Cleo is so important, so she can cast heal-all spells for a long while. Mega Medicines are only good on one ally unless you want the entire party stalled using Mega Medicines. Anyway, Neclord's magic defense is high so high-level Lightning attacks are dwarfed a little bit, but quality unite attacks can carve him up which makes Varkas / Sydonia and Tai Ho / Yam Koo so valuable. Viktor can just use the Clone Rune while McDohl attacks or uses level 2 Soul Eater. Neclord does not have that much HP but his added defense can make the battle longer. Once defeated, Viktor gives him the finishing blow.


Alas you cannot Escape Talisman out. Watch your way out to a hero's welcome. Afterwards, Viktor wants to go out on his own after this huge burden has been lifted off his shoulders. Tengaar and Hix join you permanently after this. Time to head back to the Castle on Lake Toran with Neclord taken out.

Suikoden I Teo McDohl Kalekka Silverberg

Castle of Toran
First of all, before you go to the meeting room to see the ninja, make sure Pahn is level 12 weapon, fully healed, with the best armor possible. And save.

At the meeting room, you will meet the Ninja Kasumi. She is from Rokkaku, an all-ninja village. Kasumi joins you, but you learn that Teo's huge army has returned from the northern expedition and is on it's way to take you out.

The fight is coming, as Gen sees the enemy on their way.

Battle with Teo
The battle with Teo begins. He has his armored cavalry, and they cannot be defeated. Just do a few attacks and the battle will be over. Teo wins, and he pursues you with Alen and Grenseal.


As you retreat, Pahn feels it is his destiny to encounter General Teo. Sure enough, he gets his wish. This is the hardest battle on the game. General Teo vs. Pahn duel

Problem is, Pahn's defense just gets shredded by Teo if you get hit by a Desperate Attack. Try to just defend the entire time, Teo is pretty aggressive in general. It's rare that Teo will nickel and dime you to death with a regular attack, he'll eventually use a few desperate attacks. If Pahn loses, well...let's just say despite the difficulty of this battle it is imperative Pahn wins for the secret ending.

Castle of Toran
Despite Pahn's victory, the party is demoralized from the Armored Cavalry. Rest with McDohl.

Leknaat wakes you up. She knows you have gone through a stressful time. She tells you about the Gate Clan and the 27 True Runes.

Next day at the meeting room, Flik remembers the Fire Spears! They should be finished at the Liberation Army Secret Base. Back by the port, Kamandol and Gen are working on a high speed boat. You need either Gen or Tai Ho in your party to use it since they are the ones who are good with boats around here.

North of the Pirate's Fortress is another rapid that you could not pass until now, with this high speed boat. Kirov is an interesting town with even more interesting music.

Check the two little buildings north of where you enter. Search the chimney areas to check out the stew. You need to find two of these stews, then go to that big building in the south. Lester is in here and he knows that you were testing his stews. He joins you, you could always use a second cook.

Try to recruit the maid Sarah here. She needs Soap though. Talk to the guy north of her who can give you Soap, but he needs Soy Sauce. The guy west of him has Soy Sauce, but needs Salt. The lady in the southeast has Salt but needs a Yardstick. The guy at the east part of the Inn has a Yardstick but needs Sugar. Thankfully, you can buy Sugar at the Item Shop. Then follow that list above, giving each character what they need until you have the Soap for Sarah. She joins your entourage.

At the Inn is a guy named Georges, who plays a card game with you. You have to win his game for him to join. Not a tough game to win, just get a match in the center of the cards and watch it open up real quick.

North of Kirov is Kalekka. If you have listened to any of the history of the Scarlet Moon Empire, you remember an important battle took place here. The town is destroyed.

The first building has Leon Silverberg. He is an old strategist but is not going to join you right now. The broken down item shop in the southeast has an Earth Rune Piece.

The bar in the center has the last living resident in the town. Grab the Old Book Volume 8 here. West of this bar is another building with an antique ? painting.

Speak with Blackman the farmer without stepping on his crops first. The building east of this has the Sound Crystal.


Secret Factory
North of Kalekka is the Secret Factory. Those goof-balls Kessler and Ledon are here, with a strong woman named Ronnie Bell. Step up and calm the three, then have Ledon and Kessler join up. Enter the Secret Factory and pay Kage 20000 Bits to join up for the rest of the war.

Take the Window Setting 0 here, and talk to Mose. You need plenty of boats to transport these but thankfully there is a guy named Kun To in Kirov that Tai Ho knows. Teleport back and use the Blinking Mirror, or go through Kalekka for EXP and bits.

Talk to Melodye in the southwest part, now that you have the Sound Crystal from Kalekka. Melodye joins. Give Melodye your Sound Settings (at HQ) and you can change the sound effects in Suikoden.


At that southern building, you see Kun To. Tai Ho asks for 10 boats from him. Kunto joins you and Ronnie Bell loads the boats up with Fire Spears.

Castle of Toran
As you return, Tai Ho goes and gets some rest. McDohl does too.

When you wake up, go save, then to the meeting room. It is now time to see how Teo's Army responds to the Fire Spears.


Army Battle vs. Teo
Teo thinks you are wasting his time again. To attack with the Fire Spears, just use your Strategist Mathiu to build up your Charge strength, then use your best Charge Attacks (Lepant's Family, Pirates, Hero, etc). Just straight up attack, Teo's forces have no choice.

Teo is in a bad way. But he challenges his son to a duel. You cannot refuse. He is just as tough as he was in the Pahn fight, but Teo has only half of his HP. Again, being defensive is best here.

After the victory, Teo is down. Soul Eater reaches level 3.

Suikoden FAQ Milich Liukan


Castle of Toran
Three months after defeating Kwanda Rosman, Flik is in the meeting room throwing a fit. He wants to know what happened to Odessa Silverberg. With the Liberation Army being rebuilt, Mathiu feels its time to reveal that Odessa is dead. Flik is in shot and upset that McDohl has taken over the lead of the army.

Go to the basement of Castle of Toran and teleport with Viki to Kaku.

Flik is here. He seems to have mellowed out, so allow him to join your cause.

Castle of Toran
Back to the meeting room, and Mathiu and Flik agree that the time is right to attack the gate to Milich's Domain, the Fortress of Garan. Choose to depart. These Imperials should be no match for you, as they are a weaker army than Kwanda's. Use Krin and Giovanni, and then Mathiu / Apple as your strategists to boost your charge. This battle can be over in as little as two turns.

Fortress of Garan
After taking over the fortress, Flik and Pahn get a little overzealous about attack Milich straight up right now.

Battle of Scarleticia Castle
You can use a thief here, but Milich will just use his Poisonous Pollen. Your party cannot survive more than one turn, so you flee and it turns out Mathiu was right. A reconnaissance team is a better idea.

Flik and Viktor join you outright, and then Gremio tries to but Viktor tells him not to. Still, Gremio won't not go with you, so he comes with. Talk to Mathiu to admit two more. You probably should have Pahn with you, you will need him in a key role very soon. Hopefully you have been using him, if not though Suikoden is nice in that you can gain a lot of levels really quick. Head west outside of Garan to explore the new area of Milich's domain.

Teien is the city just west of you. Called Lac Virginite by Milich's friends. Go into the Inn, and speak with Hellion. She is one of my favorite characters, a powerful mage. Have her join, plus she gives you the Blinking Mirror. This valuable item allows you to return to the headquarters at Toran Castle anytime you are on the world map. Combined with Viki's teleportation, it is very easy to get around now. So, grab the Blinking Mirror and the Mega Medicine.

The item shop sells three very important things; yellow paint, yellow flower seeds, and the awesome Killer Crystal which ups your critical hit rate. You don't need the yellow items quite yet, but just make sure you talk to the item shop guy so the items appear at your HQ.

The blacksmith here can sharpen your weapons to 12. Go ahead and do this for Pahn, undoubtedly. You will see why soon enough. You can really expend your bits at this blacksmith.

Eikei is by the eastern port. You are not strong enough to impress him but he tells you how many more levels you need to gain :).

South of Teien is Rikon, another port village. Like Teien, everyone talks about Liukan and his ability to make medicine, but he is a recluse now. Go to the top floor of the Inn and talk to Lotte, who wants her cat Mina. Remember the cat running around by Meg at Kaku? That's Mina.

Before you leave town to do that, go to the item shop to see that they have an Earth Rune for sale and the Blue Flower Seeds / Blue Paint combo.

Jabba is an expert appraiser. He won't join you unless you can stump him. Jabba is one of the toughest characters to get because you need a monster to randomly drop a Nameless Urn. The Holly Boys outside will eventually drop a Nameless Urn for you. Bring it to Jabba, and he won't be able to appraise it, so he joins you.

Use the Blinking Mirror, then teleport to Kaku. Get Mina the Cat (have someone with the Holy Rune in your party if you have to), then return to Lotte in Rikon to recruit her.


West of Teien is Antei, the third village in Milich's domain. Cool music in this place.

Go to the Inn and speak to the dancer, Mina. Remember how I said to equip the Toe Shoes on McDohl? This is where you need to have them equipped, so that you can dance with Mina. She then joins you. Upstairs in the Inn is Esmeralda, who is another character like Jabba who joins after you find a randomly dropped item, the Opal Ring.

Go to the armor shop to speak with Chapman. He will join you and open up his armor shop at your castle. Same with Jeane at the rune shop. This should be it for now but spend any money you have at the nice shops here.


Back to Rikon, the port specifically. Get in your boat and sail southwest (to the flashing dot on the map). rapids block you unfortunately. Use your Blinking Mirror and have Viki teleport you to Teien, after the party talks about their options. Go to the house north of the blacksmith in Teien. Gen is inside and he will help you but you need his neighbor Kamandol's help as well.

The party travels back to Rikon, you will have to make room for those two. A scene as you stay the night at Rikon, then you are off. Sail southwest and you can pass the rapids.

Liukan's Hermitage

Take the Black Paint in Liukan's house, then go talk to him. Just as you speak with him, Milich rushes in and takes Liukan. Milich doesn't want you neutralizing his plants so Liukan will be going to Soniere Prison.


Soniere Prison
West of Rikon for Soniere Prison. Of course, you can't just enter.

Castle Toran
Back to Toran and speak with Mathiu. He has an idea and writes letters to Kimberly and Tesla.

Go to the eastern house to meet the pink-robed Kimberly. After a night with Flik, she helps the party. Tesla is in the house to the north, after some hassling from Viktor he joins too.

Castle Toran
Tesla and Kimberly have the forged documents to enter Soniere Prison.

Soniere Prison
Pick a quality party here. Remember, you are looking for the Opal for Esmeralda here as well.

The illegal documents work and you get inside. Go north and east at the fork, to save and get the Silver Necklace. Back west for another chest (Old Book Volume 6) and hit the switch to continue down the stairs in the northwest.

Now you will be going through several sets of stairs. Fight all the battles since you are looking for the Opal which is a random drop from an enemy inside Soniere Prison.

Eventually you will reach a different area, with cells. Grab the Antitoxin along the way east and then south. Now you will come across Imperial Soldiers guarding the cells, so take out each group. Some of them at the very bottom south are optional but they are protecting treasures so fight them and grab the Half Helmet and Sound Setting 0. At the very southwest is Dr. Liukan, who is pleased to see someone rescue him.


Walk all the way back, but something bad happens. Remember that room with the lever? The party is stuck here it looks like, but a party member sacrifices themselves to shut the door and keep the rest of the party away from the deadly spores. Mathiu comes much later to release everyone.

Toran Castle

Back at Toran Castle, save and go to the meeting room. Liukan has prepared the antidote to stop Milich's flowers, so it's time to attack Scarleticia.

Battle vs. Milich at Scarleticia

You do not have to worry about Milich's flower attack that slaughtered your army. Still, you only have two thieve's to see what the enemy is going to do, so hopefully they are successful in telling you what the enemy is going to do. Most importantly remember that Milich's attack is a magic attack so be sure to use bow if you hear this ahead of time.

Once the battle is over, choose a party to go with Flik and Viktor and McDohl to subdue Milich. Take the left route upon entering for some Red Paint and the right side has a Magic Robe. On this first floor, go to the back west part to see a picture. Say that Milich too is a victim, and a stairway opens up. Take the Magic Rune Piece and the Window Setting 1.

Also on the first floor is Ivanov the painter (on the east end). He seems to want to be freed. Go upstairs and southeast to meet Kasios who likes to sing for her lord Milich. Most importantly, go west of here to get a Spark Crystal, which allows every character in your party to attack after the Spark Crystal user. So basically put it on someone with a high agility and everyone else will attack after this character.

Take the southwest door out and the party will confront Milich. The poisonous flower ends up burning Milich's Black Rune, and he gains his sanity. Only Mathiu notices this though, as everyone else wants him dead because of Gremio. Choose the option that says that something is wrong, and then ask Milich to join. Your party members will not understand but it is clear something is different with Milich.


Milich Oppenheimer has been converted to the Liberation Army. Stallion runs in with his True Holy Rune to tell you that the Imperial Army is attacking Castle Toran! Time to head back and consider strategy.

Toran Castle
Even though you are being 'attacked', you actually have some time before you talk to Mathiu for the war battle. Put Milich Oppenheimer in your party to go to Scarleticia.

You can recruit Ivanov without Milich in your party, but you need him to get Kasios the singer at the top of the mansion.

The girl at the entrance, Qlon, will join you here.

Pirate's Fortress
Put Tai Ho and Yam Koo in your group. Sail northwest of Castle Toran to see a new spot on the map, which is the island with the Pirate's Fortress.

Tai Ho mocks Anji, and then a fight starts with Leonardo, Kanak and Anji. Their attacks are similar and quite powerful as a group. Anji has the most HP so try to gang up on one of the other Pirates to take one out quickly. Tai Ho and Yam Koo's 3x damage unite is on display here.


Suikoden I Kirkis Kwanda Valeria

finecrew.jpgSuikoden 1 Guide continued

Castle of Toran
Now that you have Lepant and Pahn, back to the Castle of Toran. On the 2nd floor, you will meet up with Varkas and Sydonia. They heard about the Liberation Army starting up here, so they wanted to come join. Time to hold a banquet for all of the new friends like Varkas, Lepant, etc.

At the banquet, talk to everyone and leave the room. An Assassin charges out to attack McDohl! Not to worry, he makes a few weak attacks and flees.

The next day, your friends line up to protect your room from an Assassin. Overkill just a little bit. With Gremio, go outside to the port to find an elf down.

Turns out the elf is Kirkis, and the army puts him in the Hero's bed to recover :) When he wakes up, he tells the Liberation Army about Kwanda Rosman in the southeast who plans to exterminate the elves. Something must be done, despite the fact that your army is too small to mobilize. Take a small party there first, starting with McDohl, Gremio and Kirkis. Choose three more members. I suggest Juppo for sure, so that you can recruit Meg. Then two characters of your choice, though I like to bring two characters that can use Unites (like Lepant / Eileen, Varkas / Sydonia, Tai Ho / Yam Koo). Lepant is another good character to bring since he can recruit Sheena in Seika.

Your first stop with Kirkis is at Kaku. Since you have Juppo in your party (hopefully), talk to Meg near the Inn. She joins you. Save your game, then go to the bar.

Remember where you played the dice game with Tai Ho? Gaspar is now here. He will play with you, and if you win 5000 bits he will join you. Again save, because of the unpredictable nature of this game. Hopefully you get lucky and beat him quickly - you earn the bits, plus Gaspar joins you. At your HQ, he plays this dice game if you want.

Speak with Sheena in the Inn. Lepant will watch this circus unfold, and then scold Sheena. Sheena then joins as per Lepant's order. Speak to the cook Antonio here. He mentions he wishes there was an Inn for him to work at. Return to HQ and talk to Marie a few times until she mentions not having time to prepare food. Now return to Seika and Antonio. He will now join and you have a cook.

Great Forest
Southeast to the Great Forest. If you followed the guide, you've been here before to level up with these tougher monsters. If you did so already these monsters obviously won't be too tough. But now with an elf Kirkis in your party, you can continue east instead of be in an infinite loop.

Continue east in the Great Forest and you will pass a log bridge, and Viki teleports in. Viki joins and teleports back to your castle. If you revisit the HQ, you will find that Viki can teleport you to previous villages you have been to. Very useful. East more when you get her, for a Gauntlet, and then south and east for an Escape Talisman.

West to continue on, grabbing the Needle and Water Rune Piece as you go. The path will wind back east, so grab the Fortune Rune Piece and keep going until you reach the Kobold Village. The Kobold Village is empty, except for one curious Kobold named Kuromimi.


Village of the Elves

Now that you are out of the Kobold Village, you are in the southeast part of the continent, a place you have not been yet. Go directly south (maybe a bit east) for the Elve's village.

As you enter the big tree of the Elves, you see the Elf King argue with Valeria who gets sent to prison. The elves aren't too keen on humans. Check out the Armor Shop if you want for a Magic Robe, then head north to the Village Chief and Sylvina. Your entire party gets locked up here.

In Jail, speak with Stallion and Valeria. Valeria seems to know a lot about General Kwanda Rosman, since she was a former imperial herself. She is sure that Kwanda is planning on destroying the elves from Pannu Yakuta Castle. The Burning Mirror is what Kwanda will use to fry the village. Search the jail cell afterwards and Sylvina will help you out.

Exit the jail cell and leave the Village of the Elves. Valeria catches up to you and joins. She is a tremendous asset as a fighter but you have to send one of your 3 optional members back.

Dwarf Trail
Northeast of the Village of Elves is the Dwarf Trail...which of course leads to the Dwarve's residence. Take the northeast exit in the first area, then look northwest right away in the following area for a Feather, and north to exit.

Third area, look east for a Karate Uniform. North a bit more and west for a Sacrificial Buddha. North to exit. Now you have a few choices here, but first go west and north up a ladder for a Guard Robe. Down the ladder and east for a Killer Crystal (hard to see, but make sure you get it). Then go up that eastern ladder.

You are on the mountain top. Just go north in this first area and then look east for a Medicine. North in the next area for a Fortune Rune Piece then north across the steel bridge. In the next path you will find Kuromimi again. He is mad that the Dwarve's won't listen to him. Continue north and you will find a save point. Then east to exit.

Village of the Dwarves
Northeast of here is the Village of the Dwarves. At the Item Shop we can buy a Turtle Crystal which prevents status ailments but is pretty useless overall.

Talk to the Blacksmith Meese. Since Maas joined you, he will too. Why do you need multiple blacksmith's? Because they have different max levels. Maas' was 5, but Meese can sharpen weapons up to 9. The generic blacksmith here can even sharpen weapons to level 9. It is expensive but this is where all those bits from the Rockland Marco game pay off even more. Hopefully you got about 200,000 bits because you can then get a few characters to level 9 weapon with ease.

Check out the Armor Shop for some goodies like Half Helmet and Fur Cape. But talk to the Dwarf Elder at the north part of the village when you are ready. He asks you why you are at the Dwarf Mines and the party tells him that the Burning Mirror has been stolen from his vault. Naturally he does not believe you but if you break into his vault and get the Running Water Root he will believe your story and aid you.


Dwarves' Vault
North of the Village of the Dwarves is a huge vault. The dwarf lets you in.

Go down a few sets of stairs and you will come to three switches. Hit the middle, right, and left ones. Go south to get the Sunbeam Crystal and cross to exit. Down more sets of stairs until you see a door to the north.

You are now in a maze of sorts. Go to the southeast corner for a Blue Ribbon. Back west, then north for a Medicine. North more and circle around to the southwest corner for a Magic Robe. Take the northeast path to exit.

Down a bunch of stairs, now you have some platforms that move you around. Go south twice to take you to the Thunder Rune Piece. Now take the eastern platforms to take you to the southern area. Down more stairs, you are nearing the bottom.

Look for a Pointed Hat to the east, then a Skill Rune Piece north of that. Follow the path as it circles around for a Medicine.

The exit to the northeast leads to a weird gravestone and two switches. You need to rotate hitting them, not back and forth but you must figure out the order. The answer is left, right, right, left, left, left, right, right. The door then opens. At the four-way stop, go west for a Mega Medicine and east for 5000 bits. North for stairs.

At the next fork, go southwest for an Escape Talisman, then the southern stairs. Follow the path until you reach Gigantes, who looks like an old man on top and some sort of demon on the bottom. Throw all you have at this guy. He will use a physical attack and an attack on all of your members that takes off less. I had a Lightning Rune equipped on Luc and his Raging Blow did upwards of 1300 damage and Kirkis did 800 damage with The Shredding. This will quickly whittle down his 3000 or so HP. 3000 Bits is your reward, and you can continue north.

Take the left path for a Defense Rune Piece, then the center route for the Running Water Root. Use an Escape Talisman to leave.

Village of the Dwarves
The Dwarf Chief believes you, now that you have the Running Water Root. He tells you that the Burning Mirror can be stopped by the Firewind Cannon, but you must act quickly.

Dwarf Trail
As you leave the mountainous area of the Dwarf Trail, you see a forest on fire. The party is smart enough to know what happened already.

Burnt Village of the Elves
As you return, you can tell something is amiss. When you get there, you find the village in ruins. Kirkis throws a ring away but Gremio tells him to hold out hope.

Leave the Burnt Village of the Elves, and then re-enter. Templeton is here now. She is a cartographer and gives you the Suiko Map. Now navigating the world is much easier!


Kobold Village / Great Forest
Northwest of the Elves Village to the Kobold Village. As you get here, Kuromimi is here but so are a ton of Empire Soldiers. Valeria leaves the party to sway the enemies but they attack you anyway. Kill off these soldiers, and then you have reinforcements in the form of Humphrey and Mathiu. Sylvina and Stallion are here too.

More importantly, the Liberation Army is ready to go head to head with Kwanda Rosman's Army with your new recruits. Give the order, and your first Army vs. Army battle is about to occur.

Liberation Army vs. Kwanda Rosman's Army
This is actually probably the toughest army battle, because you do not have Ninjas to see exactly what the enemy can do. But you do have a few Thieves that can either steal money or tell what the enemy is going to do. But they are not 100% accurate, sometimes it does not work. Army battles are essentially Rock / Paper / Scissors matchups, with bows being strong against Magic, Magic being strong against Charge attacks, and Charge being strong against Bows. Start off by using a Thief under the Other command. Krin will go check on the enemy. As stated above, he may not be successful or he may steal money. But if he says something like Kwanda's Attack, you know for sure it is going to be a charge. Thus, use Magic.

One big note about a strategy battle is your characters can die here. Not special storyline characters (like Lepant for example), but someone like Luc or Eileen can die if the enemy trounces you on one of your attacks. This is why it is so vital your thieves find out what the enemy is going to do so you can counter properly, if not it is guesswork. Also note though that you can power up your charge attacks with Mathiu. So long as Krin or Giovanni is correct, you should be able to get the upper hand quickly on Kwanda Rosman's Imperial Army.

Pannu Yakuta Castle
At Pannu Yakuta Castle, Kwanda runs to the Burning Mirror. Just as he is about to, the Windfire Cannon destroys the Burning Mirror. The Dwarf Chief comes up and laughs about it, and it's time for your party to go in and apprehend Kwanda Rosman. Gremio, Kirkis, Viktor, Valeria, and Kuromimi go with McDohl. This may be a problem if you were not using a character like Viktor and he has poor equipment. The other characters should at least have decent equipment, plus Pannu Yakuta Castle can provide us with treasure.

Take the left path in for a Steel Shield, then up the stairs and north for a Thunder Rune Piece. North, and you are now in the castle. Take the northwest door for a Medicine and the northeast for the Old Book Volume 1. Southeast room has a Gale Crystal, then go south to the southeast balcony.

Speak to the maid to rest. This is helpful for grinding around here if you need to. Now let's enter the first floor. Skip the first two paths west and east, but go north a bit and east for a Gauntlet. Northwest part of this first floor has a Half Plate Armor. Now go up a few sets of stairs.

Ahead is the Dragon, which likes to use a Lightning attack on one character for almost 100 damage and a fire attack on each ally for about 50 damage. This battle will be a war of attrition, in part because you probably don't have anyone here who can cast strong spells save for Kirkis if you gave him a Lightning or Wind Rune. 3500 bits is your reward.


Behind the king's throne and up the stairs. Before you go out on the roof, heal up McDohl. Also, give McDohl the best armor you have here. Now go out on the roof.

Kwanda Rosman The Insurmountable is out here. You are now in your first duel. It is also very rock paper scissors-like, with you and Kwanda using defend, attack, and desperate attack. Defend beats a desperate attack, attack beats defend, desperate attack beats attack. Your hint is what your enemy says. When they call you to attack, they are probably going to defend. Likewise, they will let you know when they are attacking. The hard part is guessing if they are going to attack or use desperate attack. If nothing else, be conservative and use defend, which reduces the regular attacks and does a counter on the desperate attack. Kwanda should give you a test if you are a beginner, but you should prevail if you are prepared.

Speak with Kwanda afterwards, as his Black Rune explodes. He seems to have regained his senses after this. Say 'something is not right' and then ask him to join you. It is clear he was manipulated and you want to recruit all the quality soldiers you can get. Kwanda is a powerful addition to the team, a defensive juggernaut that can fight in the front or back.


The first battle is a huge success. The kobolds are freed, and now you have a huge army back at the Castle of Toran. When you talk to Mathiu, say that wait, I have some unfinished business. If you choose to go you will automatically return to the Castle of Toran, but there are things you need to do on the way back.

Great Forest / Kobold Village
Since you have Kuromimi in your party, go back to the Great Forest. Check out the south house to meet Gon, a friend of Kuromimi. He will join you (he can use a unite attack with Kuromimi).

The Inn has a few strange characters. Speak with the tiger-like Fu Su Lu. He wants a ton of food (10000 bits worth). Again, hopefully you made a ton of bits at Rockland with Marco :). Make sure you recruit Fu Su Lu though, he is a good fighter. Rubi is here too but he does not respect Kirkis. Maybe come back later. The item shop here has a Wind Crystal and Hazy Crystal. Not much else to do so head off. Head through the Great Forest and stop off at Kouan.

You are much more powerful than you were when you were last here. So go to Lorelai at the Inn, and she will finally join you.


Last but not least, go to Seika. Mathiu's home. One of his students, Apple, is here. She will join you after some bickering. Back to the Castle of Toran. Suikoden I Guide continues back at the Castle of Toran.

November 14, 2008

Suikoden Mathiu Silverberg Toran Lepant


Fortress of Kwaba
South of Lenankamp is the Fortress of Kwaba. Commander Lord Ain Gide resides here, an old friend of Teo McDohl. Decide a fake name, it does not matter which you choose.

Gremio pulls a nice act but the party still needs some help from Ain Gide. Speak with Chandler, an aspiring merchant. then leave.

South of Kwaba is Seika, where Mathiu is supposed to be. Water Crystals can be had here, and there are some characters here you will want to make note of, like Marie and Onil for example. Speak to the guy near the northeast house to find out where Mathiu lives.

The kids at Mathiu's tell you he is out for a walk so go back and talk to that guy. He is indeed Mathiu but does not want to hear about Odessa's last request. Talk to him again at his house, then leave.

Imperials rush to Mathiu's. Follow to see that they are threatening the kid in an effort to get Mathiu to join the Imperial Forces. Join the fracas and kill off the Empire Soldiers.


Talk to Mathiu afterwards, and his tone has changed. He is indeed Mathiu Silverberg, brother to Odessa and a key tactician in the Battle at Kalekka. Mathiu understands this will not go away so he offers to join. But he states that McDohl is the one in line to lead this Liberation Army - accept his proposal and your fate has now changed. You are to find a headquarters, and the search begins southwest at Kaku.

A blacksmith here but she does not go past level 5. Rest, save, and make note of Meg outside the Inn. Check out the bar in the southeast.

Camille is here and knows Gremio. Gremio is in debt to her in fact, but Viktor convinces her to just join so that she can get the money when you have it. She tells of Tai Ho, so talk to the barkeeper and then save. Make sure you save, then go back to the bar and downstairs to meet Yam Koo and Tai Ho.

Tai Ho can help you with a boat to Castle Toran but wants you to bet all of your money (by 'all of your money' he means 1000 bits I guess). Listen to his instructions if you want; this can be a difficult game if you are not lucky, which seems to be the case more often than not. That's why you save, and if you lose more than a few times just restart. Eventually you'll get a lucky hand or he'll get a 1-2-3 or 1-1-1 and you'll win.

To the dock area you go, and the party will sail to Toran Castle.


Castle Toran
Tai Ho joins the party here. I tend to talk to Yam Koo and return to Kaku, in an effort to build up levels with Camille and Tai Ho, and in turn explore this new land. If you want to just continue into Castle Toran, Ctrl F Castle Toran to follow the guide.

Back at Kaku, sharpen Tai Ho's and Camille's weapons to level 5. Then head south out of the village to find Kouan.

At Kouan you can appraise all of your ? antiques. Nice armor here as well, particularly the Emblems which increase magic and have good defense. The Karate Uniforms and Leather Armors are nice; this is where it pays off to have done all of that Rockland bit grinding with Marco's game. Leave Kouan and go southeast.

Great Forest
This is where you want to be. Tough enemies are east of this village in the Great Forest path, but they yield terrific EXP for this stage in the game. Rest up and save though, you will need Cleo's fire rune to win the first few battles to gain all those levels. Use a few Firestorms and Dancing Flames and with little effort you will be on level 18, 19 and or 20. Back to Kaku.

At Kaku, get a Holy Crystal if you have not. You may have given a Water Crystal to Gremio - if so, take it off and give Gremio the Holy Rune since his magic is poor. Now you can hold circle to run! I absolutely love this rune for that reason. If you have a Water Crystal, give it to Camille who is a decent magician. Set sail back to Castle Toran.

Castle Toran
Now that you are level 18-20, Castle Toran is much easier. Still, the enemies here are not to be taken lightly especially the bigger ones like Ghost Armor. Take the east route but before you take the entrance, look south for a Mega Medicine.

Enter the cave and go east, sticking to the south part of that pond. You can get that southern treasure this way, a set of Toe Shoes. Give these to McDohl, you'll find out why much later on.

Next area, look for an Antitoxin, 2000 bits, and a northeast exit. Up the stairs, then east to a new area. Go south for a Power Rune Piece, north for a Pointed Hat and south for Medicine.

New spot coming up with a save point and an Antitoxin. Go straight east to the next area and east again for a Wind Crystal. Back west but try to walk south through the wall. You kind of have to walk to the southeast and make your way to the Hazy Crystal. Southeast to a new part of Castle Toran.

You are in the castle part of Toran. Take the stairs down and rest up. A tough boss is ahead.

At the lowest floor you see the cause of this fog, the Zombie Dragon. This is where your leveling to 18-20 will help immensely, if you did so. If not, you can still win. Utilize your top fire rune spells like Dancing Flames for almost 900 damage. The Zombie Dragon has a breath attack that takes off 25-75 damage to everyone. His physical attack does more, but to only one member of course. This guy has a ton of HP, so even with a Dancing Flames and Firestorm spells you will be in for a multi-turn battle. For victory you get 2000 bits and sometimes a Lightning Crystal.


Castle of Toran
Once you acquire the castle, immediately the group begins thinking of a name for it. Dragon Castle, White Castle, McDohl castle, etc.

The scene switches to the next day, with Mathiu entering the castle. He declares this the New Liberation Army's Founding Day.

Leknaat teleports in to speak with McDohl. Remember her mentioning fate? She talks to you about this and gives you the Stone Tablet of Promise, which shows the stars you have recruited. There are 108 in all, scattered throughout the land. Her other gift is Luc, who will be one of your first recruits. He is still cocky but an able magician.

Afterwards, Mathiu tells you to go find some recruits. Namely a fellow in Kouan named Lepant. If you followed the above guide, you have already been to Kouan. It is just a stone's throw south of Kaku.

When you regain control, the joyous castle music plays and Gremio joins you. Head to Mathiu to get some advice about Lepant, and then Cleo and Viktor join you. Choose two more allies to bring, I generally take Luc along for his Wind Magic and Yam Koo to get his level up.

Return to Kaku, and speak with Sergei. He is the inventor who knows about the elevator, but now you have a place for him to go. And once you recruit him, you have an elevator at your castle!

Meg won't join you quite yet, so head northeast to Seika.

Head to the Inn and speak to Marie. You know she is loyal from when she helped you out, so have her join and run your Inn.

If you got the Lightning Crystal from the Zombie Dragon, you may wish to get rid of the Wind Rune for Luc and give Luc the Lightning Crystal, which has more powerful offensive spells. Anyway, go to the house north of the Inn to speak to Onil. She can be recruited easily and she mentions other recruits to you at your HQ.

Remember Chandler at Kwaba on your side of the gate? Go to Kwaba and speak with him, and he will be happy to open up an Item Shop at Castle Toran.

Great Forest
Head south all the way to the Great Forest. Check out the western building to meet a bath expert, Sansuke. He joins you, as does the blacksmith Maas next door. Might want to take a step east into the Great Forest to build up a few levels for Luc and or Yam Koo if you brought them with. Luc especially becomes a much more powerful magician if you can get him to the upper teens in levels.

Before you head to Kouan, go to the far southwest where there is a bridge. Speak with Kai who is on your side of it - he is the former trainer of McDohl and he joins you.

Now to Kouan (south of Kaku, northwest of Great Forest). Speak with Giovanni at the entrance to Lepant's mansion. He does not seem to be optimistic about you meeting with Lepant. Use the appraiser if you need to or get armor, but go to the Inn when you are ready.

Save, then talk to Krin. This guy sounds shady but he may be your only way in to see Lepant. At night he will in fact get a rope to go to the roof of Lepant's House. Take it, and enter the stairs down.

Lepant's Mansion
Get the Shoulder Pads, then go south. See that guy nearby? This is Rock, a storage guard. He joins you and will build you a huge warehouse. Get the Medicine and 700 bits that was near him.

Take the east exit, but you will see a ton of robots. Be sly when you move around them, so that you aren't in their direct vision. Grab the Counter Crystal in the southeast and exit to the north.


Get the Speed Rune Piece, then head south. Tons of treasures in this room. From east to west - Fire Rune Piece, Leather Armor, Medicine, White Paint, and then you will run into Juppo. Remember Meg at Kaku mentioning him? Anyway he shuts off those robots you saw earlier and walks away. In effect he actually joins you unofficially.

The west room is one giant roulette. You can land on a monster spot, an item slot, -10 EXP, + 10 exp, and the northmost path is what you are looking for. You just have to get lucky to get - I'm not sure if you can press X to influence, it seems like you can but it also seems kind of random too. Take that north exit when you can, and get the Kirinji sword.

Leave Lepant's house, and meet up with Krin. He has some 'tea' for the party. But they won't be fooled so easily after Ledon. Viktor forces Krin to drink it and he passes out.

About when this happens, Lepant rushes in. He wants his damn sword Kirinji back! Ask him to join and tell him Mathiu sent you. It seems like he would like to, but he can't leave his wife Eileen behind. Give him his sword back, but Giovanni rushes in! He mentions the new commander has taken Eileen.

Rest and Save, then follow Lepant. The guards at the new commander's house get slaughtered by Lepant, so go in. Two more guards get trounced by Lepant inside. The Kraze name is mentioned by one of these guards! Sounds like that idiot is here. Take the southwestern path for a Water Rune Piece, then go northwest to Lepant. He joins you here, so get rid of one of your spare characters.

Problem is, Lepant starts off in the back row and he has an S weapon. So he is useless in this fight, but just use the Fire or Lightning Rune to quickly kill this group.

Go upstairs, and take the west door for a ? Ornament. Enter the next door to find Eileen and Commander Kraze. Kraze complains to McDohl, saying he is the reason that Kraze got stuck in Kouan. More soldiers rush in after he talks with you, so just blow them away.

Next though, the man who betrayed you comes in. Pahn. Fortunately Pahn recovers his senses and knocks Kraze from Eileen. You now have a choice as to what to do with Kraze. Let him flee, or kill him. I'm thinking 99% of the players choose to just off this annoying guy. Your choice does not matter later on in the game.

Afterwards, talk to Pahn. Let him join you, then talk to Lepant and Eileen. They join too. You now have a significant group in the Liberation Army, certainly a good start. Back to Toran Castle to talk to Mathiu.


Suikoden Leknaat Luc Viktor Odessa

Back to Kraze at the imperial palace of Gregminster. Kraze has a mission for you; reach Lady Leknaat the Seer to get the Astral Conclusions. The Dragon Knight is by the barn to transport you. Leave the castle and go east to meet Futch and Black. They take you northeast to the Black Forest.


Black Forest
Weakest monsters in the game are here. If you went outside Gregminster to level up you should have no problem, even without that you should be fine.

North through the first area, then look west for a Medicine before continuing northward. When you get to a fork, take the east route going north for a Leather Coat.

The other path north leads to an enemy. Luc the magician uses his Wind Rune to summon a Golem. If you leveled up at all this Golem should be easy. Just attack with every character besides Pahn and Gremio, who should do Unite Attacks. A few turns should do this foe in, your reward is 1500 bits.

This Luc character is evidently with Leknaat. Follow him north and up a few flights of stairs. Speak with the beautiful Seer Leknaat, Windy's sister. Follow her to get the Astral Conclusions and she will take a closer look at you and notice that you have a heavy burden upon you. You do not know about it yet but you will find out later as this fortune teller assures you.

Before you leave, Leknaat rewards Cleo with the Fire Crystal. Then you are off back to Gregminster with Futch.

Return to Kraze, who continues to be a jerk and says you were late. Now Kanaan is with him. Give Kraze the Astral Conclusions.

Kraze then tells you about Rockland and Mayor Grady who won't pay taxes. Kanaan will go with you to make sure everything goes okay.

Rock Rockland. Chances are you have already been here, but if not just head east of Gregminster. You will find the village of Rockland.

Rest and save if you like, and you will see a unique character named Marco by the Inn. She plays that pick 'em game (choose middle for the 1st correct answer, left for the 2nd correct answer, quit, startup, repeat). Once you get to 10000 bits you can really make a haul.

Anyway, buy some stuff and head to the north mansion. Kanaan calls for Grady, who tells a story about the Mt Seifu bandits that rob the villagers making taxes impossible to pay. It seems you must go and take them out.

Mt. Seifu
East of Rockland is a trail that leads to Mt. Seifu. Enter the nearby cave after Kanaan makes his way to the back of the party.

Keep heading northeast in the first part of the cave for some Medicine and a pair of Boots. Back to the west path going north, and take this until you reach a huge fork.

Plenty of paths to take here. Start with the second one from the east edge, for a Defense Rune Piece. Use this on a character to increase defense. Then take the west-most path going southwest for an Antique / ? Pot. Back to the four paths going north and take the nearest one from that southwest exit. This takes you to 1000 Bits. Now take the path just east of here to exit to the north.

North a bit and then you will be in another area with several forks to take. West quick for a Medicine, east for a Leggings. Take the western path going north for an Escape Talisman, then follow the north path.

You will see a huge Queen Ant. You get in a fight with her so just beat up the Soldier Ants. Queen Ant will use Quake on you for 20 damage to all. After three turns, Ted takes over. He uses a strange rune that just banishes the Queen Ant. Kanaan makes note of this strange rune.

Continue north on the path and it will take you east, by a Thunder Rune Piece. The south route leads out of the cavernous area and near a save crystal.


Just ahead are the main bandits, Varkas the Whirlwind Axe and Marksman Sydonia. They sic a bunch of bandits on you, they are easy to trounce. Next though, Varkas and Sydonia attack. Sydonia has few hit points while Varkas can take a few hits. Might want to gang up on Sydonia and use your Unite to take him out quickly. Varkas is much easier by himself. You get a decent amount of EXP and 700 Bits. Not to mention Kanaan and the group take the bandits with them to Grady at Rockland.

Thankfully, you do not have to backtrack out of Mt Seifu yourself. The game does it for you. Back in Rockland, go east to find the little kid literally getting a shoe in his backside from the Empire Soldier. Choose to fight them and maul those soldiers. The kids thank you.

Talk to Grady in the north, and he takes away Varkas and Sydonia. Then he feels compelled to give Kanaan 10000 bits.

Everyone rejoices about the mission being over. Unfortunately Kanaan tells Ted to come with him to the palace.

Go back to Teo's house and the party gets ready for dinner. It is raining at night. When you get a minute, go downstairs to find a passed-out Ted.


Turns out Ted has a magic wound. He relives what happened with Lady Windy, Kanaan and Kraze. You learn more about the Cursed Rune, the Soul Eater. Pahn wants to tell the guards but is convinced not to do so. Speak with Pahn when you get the chance and he'll look for some medicine.

Then speak with Ted. He asks the hero to take off his glove, the Cursed Rune Soul Eater. Take the rune off his hand and you now have the Soul Eater at your disposal.

Just as this happens, Pahn, Kraze and Kanaan burst in through the front door. Ted just goes and surrenders himself since the empire thinks he still has the rune. Escape through the back by the kitchen with Gremio and Cleo.

Every place is locked, besides the Inn. Marie will help you out here. Next morning, try to exit but you will come across some imperials. Thankfully some Viktor guy bails you out and you leave the Inn.

Once you are outside of the Inn, go find Viktor to the north. He has an idea as to how to escape Gregminster. In fact, Viktor just gives the guard some money from Gremio's wallet and the party is out! Viktor wants you to meet someone at Lenankamp.

As you enter, Viktor runs off but says to meet his friend later. If you haven't affixed the Fire Crystal / Fire Rune to Cleo, do so here. Also there is a Blacksmith in Lenankamp. You may have noticed you do not buy weapons in Suikoden, but rather you sharpen your current weapon. As it reaches different levels it transforms into a more powerful weapon (look for a weapon name change). If you made several 10,000 bits from Marco in Rockland, you should have no problem getting everyone maxed to level 5. Weapons can be sharpened to level 16 in Suikoden but certain blacksmiths can only go up to arbitrary levels (like 5 for this one).


Head to the Inn. In the back is a guy who lost his life savings because someone robbed his hotel room. Hmm. Talk to the person at the Inn and save, then stay. A special room is prepared for you thanks to Viktor.

During the night the party questions what to do next. But soon enough the empire breaks into the Inn. A mysterious voice calls you to the clock, so go down the secret staircase.

Liberation Army Hideout
Meet Odessa and the rest of the Liberation Army. They fight the imperials, but are weak and have this humble secret base at the Inn.

Odessa Silverburg is the leader of the Liberation Army. Sanchez, Flik, and Humphrey are the other members you have not met. Speak with them, but Gremio says you probably should not join the Rebel Army! You can show interest yourself though.

After you are done speaking, go north to find a bandit near the entrance! How did he find this place. Anyway, he tells about how Grady of Rockland is going to starve Varkas and Sydonia without giving them a trial. Speak up, since you captured them. The party of three plus Viktor decides to go free them.

You know where Grady's mansion is. The guard stops you but Viktor gets the house on fire and thus a way in.

Take the left path once inside, the one you couldn't take earlier. Empire Soldiers rush out, kill them and take the Medicine. More soldiers in the north area, then three paths in that hallway south of you. The northmost one looking east has a Brass Armor and more soldiers, while the left path has soldiers and no treasure. Southeast path has a ? Ornament and the final path before the western soldiers has 700 and 1000 bits.

With the empire group there is another captain who is a bit more dangerous. Use Firestorm by Cleo if you have it. Go outside and talk to Varkas to set him free, and they'll join you for a second. Walk out and Grady is here to stop you at his entrance. He eventually runs from the bandits, and the party escapes.

Back in Lenankamp you are praised, and Odessa wants to go with you to Sarady to deliver blueprints for the Fire Spear. Viktor comes with. You probably don't need to buy anything for Odessa.

Mt Tigerwolf
Just northwest of Lenankamp is a bridge going west, and north of there for Mt Tigerwolf. This is a longer path with some tougher enemies, but nothing your party can't handle if you sharpened your weapons to 5 at Lenankamp.

Once at Mt Tigerwolf, just head north the first few screens for a Circlet, Medicine and Gloves. Circlet is nice for Odessa. Once you get to a north / west split, go west for a Wind Rune Piece and then north to exit. Continue this way until you meet Ledon.


Whether you like it or not you'll be staying with Ledon. And you have to sip his special tea...which of course poisons you. Just as he is finished robbing you, Kessler comes in to tell him that this is Odessa. They are friends of the Liberation Army and prepare the antidote for you. Rest and Save.

Further north, get the ? Pot in the northeast and continue on. When you see a treasure next, grab the Medicine, then go northeast for a Clone Rune. This should be affixed to Viktor when you get back to Lenankamp. It does near 2x damage but makes Viktor unbalanced for a turn. North to exit Mt Tigerwolf.

Sarady is to the north. Check out the Water Rune at the Item Shop, if you did the Rockland bits trick you should be able to get at least one of these. Might be useful for someone without a rune like Gremio just for a heal spell or two. Rest at the Inn.

Talk to Odessa at night, and then Kage comes to get the Fire Spear blueprint. Go back to sleep and head to Lenankamp the next morning.

Affix that Clone Crystal to Viktor first, then talk to the soldier by the Inn. Turns out the hideout has been discovered! As you enter the Innkeeper is down and a kid screams. There goes Odessa.

At the hideout take the west paths as you go south to encounter Empire Soldiers. The southern-most one has more soldiers and a screaming Odessa. After the battle you will hear her requests. You are to bring the Earring she gives you to a fellow named Mathiu in Seika village, and with that the party is off. The Soul Eater gains power.


November 13, 2008

Suikoden I PSN PS3 Margo Cheat


Suikoden I has made it's way to the Playstation Network for the PS3. This classic RPG from 1996 was one of the first quality titles on the original Playstation.

Start the game off after you name your hero - real name is Tir McDohl. You start off with your father Teo, who is a general in the Imperial Army led by Barbarossa. Teo is to head out to protect the Empire while you stay back and take care of some business for Kraze.

Once you gain control, head down the stairs. Instead of speaking to Kraze right away, go to the east room and search the eastern statue for 100 bits. Then talk to Kraze about your mission. You are to look for a Dragon Knight so you can fly north to Leknaat for the Astral Conclusions.


Before you go off and do that, I like to take Pahn, Gremio, Cleo, Ted and leave Gregminster town. The monsters outside are tough but if you can manage to win a battle or two, your levels will skyrocket. Now you do not need to head out here and it is dangerous at level 1, but this will get you ahead of the game for a bit. Just run from the Boar.

You can visit Rockland and do some educated gambling with Margo. This is quite easy to manipulate, as she always chooses the left and then the middle one. Then stop the game, talk to her again, repeat the pattern, continue to earn money.