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Suikoden 2 Greenhill Matilda Clive

North Window Castle
After returning from Two Rivers, Shu tells you of the demise of Greenhill. Highland Jowy invades Greenhill, with just 5000 soldiers. Teresa is captured and must be procured, Greenhill in general is a huge part of the City-State. It's a college town so young character's can infiltrate it.

Flik is the leader for this task. You can only choose certain character's to come with (animals, younger characters, kind of strange actually). Make sure to bring Luc along. Get a Wizard Rune for Luc, take off the Pixie Rune, and put a Blue Gate Rune on his head. And watch him maul enemies left and right.

At the Inn you see Hix and Tengaar going to the Kobold Village. Don't do this sidequest yet, it is much easier once you have the Blinking Mirror or at least can teleport around.

Two Rivers
Hans still doesn't have your money. Go to the rune shop and buy Wizard / Warrior runes if you can afford it.


Make up fake names, and you get in easily. Rest and save, then go northeast to see a student, Nina. A scene with a highlander and Flik, then go north more to the college of Greenhill.

Go straight north up to the front desk with Emilia. She shows you the main floor, so follow her north and you will see Shin also. Talk some more, and report back to Emilia at the desk. Tell her your situation and she is sympathetic and joins you after this whole ordeal.

As you get outside of the main entrance, Nina is out talking about Flik. Take the west building and talk to the desk clerk to get your rooms. Go up the floor, then south to your rooms.

Next day, Flik runs off from Nina. Speak with Emilia, and head into town. At the very southwest is the Innkeeper who is having problems with the Highlanders. Shin comes out and asks Rowd why they are being so aggressive. Shin runs off, so you should to. Go to your dorm to sleep.

On this day, go east a bit and north into the main building with Emilia. Go immediately west to see Nina in the shade. Speak with her for a bit, then go outside to get Flik. Then go into town. Fitcher is having problems with civilians in town so Flik comes to the rescue. Flik puts on a good act.

North a bit and Flik is chased by Nina. Go back to your dorm to rest.

At night, you are woken up. Go to the top floor to see a shrouded figure running around. Chase him back down to the middle floor to see him go down again, and again.

In the basement area, search the light that is off along the north wall. This is a switch that opens a path north. Follow the path northeast until you find yourself in the main classroom building. West to see the figure.

After you attack it, you find it is Flik. Search the statue just west and north of here to find an entrance behind the building.

Greenhill Forest
Just go north. At the fork, go east for Protect Mist and northwest to continue. Keep following the path for a ways, until you see Shin and Teresa's house. Both of them come out to talk to you. Teresa re-tells the story of Jowy attacking Greenhill. The plot was to release the Muse troops and starve out the city, forcing in-fighting. Which is what happened. Highland did not have to lay a finger.

You appear back in the dorm the next day. Get Flik, then head south into town. Rowd has 20,000 potch on Teresa's head, but Greenhill doesn't bite. However Jowy comes and all of a sudden the town is turning. Pilika runs out and blows your cover, so your army retreats back to the main school building. Fight the Highlanders along the way as you make your way back to Teresa's house.

Nina is here when you arrive. Despite her pleading and Flik's threats, Teresa is intent on turning herself in. Alright, so she goes back into town and you must too. This is getting a bit repetitive. Back in town, Shin is protecting Teresa from Rowd and his soldiers. Step in and help defeat a few sets of soldiers. Teresa eventually is moved by Nina's comments and decides retreating and coming back later will be best. Rowd runs off from the villagers rioting and you are back in the forest heading north.

As you get to the house, Flik knocks out Teresa so she stops complaining and Shin thanks him and holds off Rowd. The path goes east for a bit but take the southeast detour for Toe Shoes, then go east and north for a Silver Hat. East to continue, then go south. You will see a Chimera Rune along the way. Further south and Jowy and Rowd end up talking a bit. Culgan and Seed stand up for Jowy and pledge allegiance to Mr. Atreides.


Forest Village
Speak with Wakaba outside the Armor Shop and say 'what about me'. Wakaba will join you. In the big house in the northeast, talk to Tony a few times. Ask him to be a farmer at your castle.

Muse-Greenhill Border
Stop by here to see Meg and Gadget try to get through.

Kobold District, Two Rivers
Enter the east-most house (assuming you have Gengen with). Gabocha is here and he will happily follow you.

Winger District
Head to that underground sewer spot, specifically the area about three rooms in where you go down a ladder then go west through a wall. This room is where Sid lives. He'll freak Chaco out and decide to join your army.

Two Rivers Human District
Speak with Jeane at the Rune Shop. She will gladly join your party. Buy a Wizard / Warrior Rune if you can afford it.

Go to the Lakewest Inn to talk to Shilo. Probably want to save your game here just to make sure you win and don't lose a ton of potch.

On your way back, take the boat to Kuskus then Radat. Speak with Stallion - if you have run from a significant amount of battles, he will join your cause.

North Window Headquarters
To the meeting room, as Shin, Fitcher and Nina are just behind your main party. Time to rest. Riou doesn't sleep well tonight.

Highland Camp
Jowy wants to marry Jillia Blight.

North Window Headquarters
At the meeting room, Shu says that striking an alliance with Matilda may be the best move at this juncture. You are to go to Matilda with a party of your choosing. Put in 5 females to go with Riou, for now. Visit the courtyard of the castle first to see Hai Yo the cook. You now have a place to eat for your forces.

Talk to the old lady near the entrance and re-enter if you have to. But with all females, go west across the first bridge to get ambushed. Fortunately, a tough woman named Oulan is here to save you. She joins.

Greenhill-Matilda Border
Northeast of Greenhill is the border to Greenhill and Matilda. You are allowed to pass north. Bring Clive, he needs to go to Matilda.

Next area, you will see Badeaux. Even with Shiro, you cannot recruit him yet. East and north for a Guard Ring, and north to exit. North through the next path.

Look northwest in the next area for a Mega Medicine. Take the northeast-most path for a Dragon Armor, then southeast to come across Viki. She is a nice spell-caster in Suikoden II and of course she can teleport you to places you have been before (when you are at Headquarters). If you have her 'join you', she'll just cast teleport back to your castle :(.

Just a bit east from Viki and you are greeted by Miklotov and Camus.

Rockaxe Town
You are escorted to Rockaxe. The meeting with Gorudo does not go well. During the night, Leknaat greets you.

Next day, Miklotov runs by you. Follow him to Gorudo and they are mobilizing their troops. But in reality, Gorudo does nothing in this fight as refugees are slaughtered by Luca.


Back at Rockaxe, you see Miklotov run out. Camus tells you to follow him to Muse. In town, go to the Inn. Since you have Clive he'll inquire about Elza. Now Elza is at Radat.

Go to the bar with Clive. It is advised you walk all the way back now because soon we won't be able to go into Radat for a while. Having Stallion and the True Holy Rune makes walking all the way back here a little easier.

Clive duels with Elza at the bar, but Clive's Storm gun doesn't shoot. You are back at HQ with Huan, with an injured Clive. He is okay, just a little stunned. Now you cannot continue this quest until much later (when you re-take Muse) so you do not have to worry about bringing Clive around unless you want to. Bring Luc so he can abuse the Blue Gate Rune in some tough battles ahead at the mountain.

Highway Village
Southeast of Rockaxe is the Highway Village. Go to the Inn to see Futch run out. Talk to Humphrey for a bit and you'll see Futch and Kent talking about dragons. Humphrey enjoys the talk so he pays for your stay.

Next day, leave and see Kent run off to Rakutei Mountain. Return to Humphrey and tell him to join to go after Kent. Futch runs in and goes to bed, so talk to the Innkeeper and rest yourself.


Rakutei Mountain
North of Rockaxe and the Highway Village is the Mountain of Rakutei. The Bright Shield Rune lifts the mist. Go north a few screens until you reach a T. Go west for a Fur Cape, then east twice for a Thunder Runner. North to continue.

Another T. Take the right path for a while and get the Thunder Amulet. Take the west route north a screen and yet another T path. The west leads to a Stone of Power, then go back east to a new screen. Take the lower path east ahead and continue to take the lowest east path until you reach Unicorn Plans #2. Go back west but north when you can, looking for the next path east for a Skill Ring.

North a bit now to a T but there are two paths east. Take the upper east path for a Medicine Rune, then go all the way west for Dragon Plans #2. East a bit, south, and east again for 2000 potch. Go back northeast where the Medicine Rune was but take the lower path northeast of that to get to a new area. Go west to save, rest up, then go north to fight the Harpy. It uses flying physical attacks and can pick up and lift your allies for good damage and unbalanced status. The worst attacks are a wind attack for 70-140 damage on all allies a wind energy attack for 200+ damage on everyone. Meanwhile, hopefully you have Luc with a Lightning Rune with as Thor Shot can take off 1100-1300 damage on the Harpy. It has over 7000 HP, so this battle will take a while. 40000 Potch is your reward. Run north to see an egg. Bright hatches. You then recruit Futch and Humphrey.

Muse-Matilda Border
You see Miklotov here, and he joins your party or convoy. As you get closer to Muse, you see some sort of magical presence going on at Muse, and the Beast Rune at work.

Muse City
No one is here. Go northwest towards Jowston Hilltop. A man comes stumbling out, saying a grey monster ate everyone. Fight some Highlanders, and return to the home of the Matilda Knights.

Rockaxe Castle
Follow Miklotov to Gorudo. After the scene, leave Rockaxe and you will get escorted back to North Window Castle. Miklotov and Camus come with.