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Suikoden II Dunan Shu Kuskus


Coronet City
Rest and save at the Inn. Try to go all the way south to the port, but the highland guard stops you.

Back to the Inn to see your circus friends, Bolgan, Eilie and Rina. Make sure you have 2000 potch with you, save your game, then go to the southeast house east of the port boats. Sheena runs out, and once you go in you will see it is Yam Koo and Tai Ho's house. After some chatting Tai Ho will agree to go if you gamble 2000 potch with him on Chinchirorin. Suikoden I veterans will remember this game. Mostly it is a game of even chance, though it seems like you will lose quite often. You just need to win once to earn his respect, and he will boat you over.

Get the circus friends at the Inn first, then report to Tai Ho.

Tai Ho and Yam Koo drop you off at the Kuskus port, which is now in the south part of the City-State.

South Window
Straight south of Kuskus is South Window, your meet-up destination. Speak with Viktor and you will see Clive west of here. Ask him to join but nothing comes of it. He wants to go to Lakewest, remember that. To the Inn to speak with Flik and Viktor.

Viktor and Flik join you here, and you can go to the head of South Window, Granmeyer. Speak with him to hear about North Window and the girls disappearing there. Viktor reluctantly decides to go check it out.

Back at the Inn, Flik leaves the party but Eilie joins.

North Window Village
Northwest of South Window is North Window. As you enter, you see Neclord! If you fought Suikoden I Neclord you thought he was dead after his defeat, but that was just a doppelganger. Neclord battles you, and you cannot win. Viktor tells you about the Cave of the Wind just south of here that has the Star Dragon Sword you need to damage Neclord.

Cave of the Wind
Save your game after Viktor opens the passage. Travel northeast as you enter for the exit to the next area. Continue northeast in the following area to the third area. In this third area you will go north and then east once more, but the path begins to wrap back west eventually. As soon as it does, take the far northwest path (hard to see) but it leads to a Sun Badge. South and west through a few areas.

Eventually you reach a T fork, so go west for a Fish Badge and then northeast. Keep going for a while until you reach another T intersection. Go west first for a Fire Wall, then northeast until you reach some boulders.

Push the center one west to continue on. See the gust of wind coming from the north in the next room? Push the boulder west to block it, then run south of the boulder so the wind does not get you. Do the same thing in area three, but push the southern boulder north, and then push them both west to create a boulder-bridge of sorts so that you can run through.

Four boulders in the fourth room. Position them so you can make the top-most ledge going west. Get the 3000 Potch, Medicine, and the ridiculously good Blue Gate Rune. This can only be equipped on a rune user's head, but is such a powerful rune. The old guy here can teleport you out, but of course refuse his offer as you have other things to do.

Back to that ledge just east of you. Allow the wind to blow you south a bit but go back west to the next path going west. Make your way south a few screens then west but look for a southern path that leads southeast for a Stone of Defense, and west of here for a Half Helmet.


Northwest to the next screen to see a shrouded figure, Kahn Marley a vampire hunter. He wants some of Neclord too, so he joins up. Kahn is one of my favorites in this game, and he starts off good with a Resurrection Rune. North a bit more to find the Star Dragon Sword. Viktor makes 'it' mad, and now it's time to battle the S.D. Sword. Just use physical attacks, or Riou's level two Bright Shield Rune spell. The Star Dragon Sword has a lightning attack for 30-50 on everything, and also a physical attack for 30-50 on two members. Last, it uses a black hole type attack for 50-60 damage on everyone. Use the hero to heal with Great Blessing and Battle Oath. Battle Oath can Berserk your allies too which is always good (hopefully you have a Fury Rune from Muse too, on Viktor would be nice). Once you do enough damage, S.D. Sword shrinks and joins Viktor. The north path leads to the entrance, so you do not have to walk all the way back thankfully. Save your game and rest at Kuskus before going to North Window.

North Window
Take the east route north for a Fire Rune. Go west a few areas, then south to see a blocked off treasure. Work your way west and south to reach it, a Stone of Magic-Def. Continue west a few screens, south a bit, then push the statue onto the brown spot on the floor.

Through the door and follow the path for a while, until you reach some lit candles and some unlit candles. Light all the top candles and go through the east door. East a bunch until you pass a bridge, then up the stairs. Go east after going up the stairs for Chain Mail and a Necklace. North a bit more, then west across a bridge. Up the stairs in the next part of the castle, and north.

Neclord is playing the piano, and almost gets Viktor to give him the Star Dragon Sword. But Neclord eventually flees, and a battle with Abomination ensues. This creature is undead, so make use of the Charm Arrow for oh about 1200 damage. Abomination has a lightning attack on everyone for almost 100 damage, and then a jumping attack for 60-80. He can put a hurting on you because he attacks twice per round. His physical attack can take off about 100-120 on one character but it beats having to heal everyone. Viktor with Fury / Berserk status can take off about 700 with a critical so hopefully you can get one of these. 10000 Potch is your reward.

Kahn leaves you after you decide to go back to South Window. Unfortunately just as you are going to leave North Window, Flik and friends come. Flik tells you that South Window has fallen to Solon Jhee, and Granmeyer is dead.

The group talks more in the conference room of North Window. The party comes to the realization that the Highland Army will soon be here. Apple has an idea, a man named Shu in Radat can help. Form your party (bring Freed Y for sure) and walk around what has become your new place. Save your game right outside this meeting room and exit out of North Window.


South a bit and east for quite a ways to get to Radat. Head south (don't exit though) and go east to see Freed Y's house. No one is here. Just head east all the way through Radat.

Mercenary Fortress
East quite a ways and you will see you are close to the Mercenary Fortress. You will see a young mapmaker, Templton, get kicked out. Speak with her, then she'll leave. Go to the far northwest to Toto Village. Look on the west part of the village to see Templton again. She is upset about the town being burnt down, so she joins and hands you the Suiko Map.

Back to Radat you go. It is a long haul but just run from the weak enemies. Go to Shu's house, which is just west of the sluice gate and north. Shu does not seem like he will join you, he is just a trader after all.

Go to the Inn and get Recipe #14. The item shop's rare finds might have Sound Set #5 by the way. Anyway, at the bar speak to everyone and try to leave. Shu comes walking in, and Apple literally begs for his help.

Speak with the goofy guy in the southwest, Richmond the detective. Agree to pay him 1500 potch to hunt down Shu, then go rest at the Inn. Overnight, Richmond comes running in. Shu will have to cross the sluice gate tomorrow he says, so go there in the morning.

Sure enough, Shu and his confidantes come walking across the bridge. Shu has a coin he flips into the river. Give Riou the best equipment you can buy and heal him up. Then talk to the green guy on the bridge, Gin. He won't close the sluice gate but after enough pestering, Amada comes out. You have to duel him to shut the sluice gate. Amada is not too hard to oust - if he is being careful, just regular attack. Otherwise defend and after one Wild Attack miss on his part, you will slaughter him. He agrees and closes the sluice gate. Search around for the coin, and eventually you find it; thanks to Richmond. Shu finally joins as your strategist, and notices your rune on your right hand. Shu can tell that Riou is destined for great things.

North Window
Back at North Window, go to the meeting room. Shu puts his foot down right away on Viktor, and the strategy for the upcoming battle is already ensuing.


Battle vs. Solon Jhee
Solon Jhee has some armies coming to the North Window peninsula. After the first turn, Riou and a state army appear in the back. Just go towards Solon Jhee and attack him - after one attack, Freed Y and the South Window state troops will switch over to your side. Continue to attack Solon Jhee, even if you do not take off any damage you will force him to retreat eventually.

North Window
Back at North Window, Riou marches in victorious. Shu wants Riou to be the leader of the New State Army. Talk to Viktor about Genkaku's history at night, or just rest.

The next morning, tell Shu and everyone you will be their leader. They are happy to have you. Dr. Huan comes out of no where to join you as the doctor of the army. You get to name the castle now, but we'll just call it North Window Castle to avoid confusion.

Lady Leknaat appears. You remember her from before with Jowy. She gives you the Stone Tablet of Promise, and Luc joins. You remember, Leknaat has Luc and the stone tablet join in Suikoden I as well.

As you try to leave North Window, Fitcher emerges. He goes to the meeting room, but don't follow him. Take this time to put Freed Y in your party, and head outside of North Window.

South Window
First stop is South Window. Make sure you have a Sacrificial Jizo (Bolgan has one), a Wooden Shield and a Wind Rune. Enter the building north of the Armor Shop now. Speak to Adlai. He wants a Sacrificial Jizo, so give him one. Then a Wooden Shield, so give him that too. Finally, choose to throw the Wind Rune at him (2nd choice). Adlai wakes up and joins you.

North Window Castle
You teleport back to North Window automatically as Adlai shows you the elevator. Might as well go to the meeting room to talk to Fitcher, who wants you to ally with Two River City. But you need a capable boat user to be able to travel to Lakewest and ultimately Two Rivers. Put Freed Y in your party and go to Radat.

Try to get Richmond to join you. He has a trick coin, so you will never win. Go to the bar and talk to one of the guys in the west part. He gives you 'a coin' to use with Richmond, but when you bring it Richmond just joins outright since he knows you know he cheats.

East of here is Yoshino, the wife of Freed Y. Let her join you and her husband in battle. Speak with Amada near the east bridge of Radat, but he wants to fight again. As usual, be conservative unless you can tell he is going to defend. After trouncing him, Amada finally joins your force.


Amada can use a ship fine, but why not go to Kuskus and get Tai Ho and Yam Koo? They are at the docks and join willingly. Well of course, you need to earn 5000 playing Chinchirorin with Tai Ho! Once you take 5000 potch or more, Tai Ho and Yam Koo join up. Unfortunately, only Tai Ho can be used in battle. No longer can you abuse their 3x damage unite attack like in Suikoden I. Tai Ho is still an all time favorite. Anyway, back to North Window Castle.

North Window Castle
Put Tai Ho or Amada in your party and go to the meeting room. Choose Tai Ho if you want a scene with Viktor and Flik.

Go to the basement and look for the anchor symbol to lead you to the boat. Board the ship and sail west to Lakewest.

Enter Lakewest and you get the Reference letter from Fitcher. Immediately head out of Lakewest and to South Window.

South Window
Speak to Clive. Since you have a means to Lakewest, he joins. If you took too long, he won't be in South Window anymore. Remember, you need to make haste to complete Clive's optional quest that requires the game essentially beat by 20 hours.

Before leaving South Window, go to the top of the Inn to talk to Alex and Hilda. They join, as the Item Shop owner and Inn respectively.

To Lakewest you go. Speak to the guy next to the Innkeeper and Clive asks about Elza. The guy has a letter from Elza. Evidently Elza is going to Forest Village which is a ways away.

Speak with Taki four times in the northwest building. Taki joins your army. She gives you hints on characters to be recruited still. Tetsu next door likes baths but you can't recruit him quite yet.

Two Rivers City
Travel west to Two Rivers City, where you are to meet with Fitcher. Just as you walk in, a winger steals your wallet! Go to the far west and then north to another part of Two Rivers. You see Chaco here, the winger who stole your wallet. Chase him around until he flies away.

Back to the original Two Rivers City, and you will see a scene with Fitcher and Ridley. Ridley sees your rune and trusts you. Lord Makai is waiting inside. He wants to ally with you and apologizes about your wallet. There is a reservation at the New Leaf Inn for you to stay.


The rune shop here has some really really nice runes. Check the rare finds for a Wizard and Warrior rune, both are extremely valuable. Alas you have no potch to buy them, but they will still be there. Remember that.

To the Inn, and speak with the innkeeper. To the top floor and speak with Hans who wants to open an armor shop. You can have him join immediately for free, or ask for a ridiculous sum of money like 300,000 potch. It will take a long time but it is some nice $. Your choice.

Next door is Chaco. The jerk just went ahead and ate your dinner. Talk to him and then it's the next morning.

Back to the Two Rivers meeting room. Ridley and Makai don't seem to be getting along here. Agree to go talk to Ridley, but as you get to the Kobold Village they have it on lockdown.

Chaco steals Fitcher's wallet as you get to the winger's village. Follow Chaco through the passage he opens up.

Two Rivers Sewer
East for a few screens until you get to an area with a treasure to your east. Grab that Head Gear and go northeast for a Resurrection Rune. South from here to a new area.

Down the ladder then go west through the wall and into a room. A winger scares you out of the room though but remember where this is. Back east and south to a new area.

Continue south a bit then west for a Healing Wind and a west exit. West some more but north when you can for a Fire Emblem and a Stone of Defense. Go west and north a long ways, up some stairs, west, and down a ladder for a save point. West for the door.

A Pest Rat is up ahead. No, not Chaco. A real rat, a big one that is blue. Use Shining Light on it with your hero and of course have your hero heal as well. The Pest Rat has a physical attack for 90-100 damage and a rockslide attack for 100-120 damage on everyone. Hopefully you do not get two rockslide attacks in one turn, this could lead to death for some of your characters with low total HP. Continue to attack and hopefully the Battlefield (level 3 Bright Shield Rune) puts some characters in Berserk status. The Pest Rat has a ton of HP but once dead, you will reach level 30, get 20,000 Potch and a Poison Rune.

Kobold District of Two Rivers
Follow the path up a ladder to the Kobold District of Two Rivers. Ridley catches you but trusts that you were trying to catch a thief.

Two Rivers
Back at Two Rivers, you see Klaus and Kiba leaving. Seems like Makai really is giving in to Highland. You should be able to afford a Warrior Rune now so get one for one of your better attackers. Someone in the back row like Clive would be nice since your defense is halved. Speak with Makai at his office now.

Follow Chaco outside to his home, and speak with Susu. Show her the Bright Shield Rune, and go back to the New Leaf Inn. Speak to the Innkeeper, then the next morning go outside.

Turns out Kiba and Klaus are attacking, and stupid Makai fell for it. Two Rivers knows Highland is attacking but it may be too late.


Just attack the highlanders as they come to you. When Fitcher asks you though, retreat and talk to Ridley. Meanwhile, the wingers begin attacking Highland. Now Ridley decides to let the Kobolds loose and attack. Two Rivers has finally overcome their inner strife. Still, more Highland battles to fight for Riou and friends. Klaus, Kiba and Highland end up retreating after a few sets of reinforcements start coming from the City-State army.

Lord Luca's Camp
A scene at Luca's Camp. Solon Jhee is murdered, while Jowy goes to Greenhill.

Two Rivers
Fitcher wakes you up. Go to Makai at his office. Fitcher is fired so he can join your City-State army. Leave town and Chaco gives you your wallet back..but not Fitcher's. Fitcher chases Chaco away now.

Kobold District
Go to the Kobold District and buy some Fried Tacos. They make you "toasty" if used in battle. West to exit out to a new part of the continent by Greenhill and Forest Village.

Forest Village
Far to the northwest is Forest Village. Head here once you have Clive in your party (hopefully you just kept him in since you brought him to Lakewest). Once you are here, go to the far north part of the village to see Elza. Or an Elza lookalike. Turns out Elza is going to Matilda now.

Now about those Fried Tacos. Hopefully you bought a few of them and equip them to your character's inventory. Save, and then use them in battle until the hero starts smoking (toasty). Once toasty, go to Tetsu the bath guy at Lakewest. He is impressed, and joins. Back to North Window you go.


hi I'm Indonesian,my name is bagus.I like suikoden II very much.

Suikoden II is the best game ever in my book. Love it, even when I replay it years after the fact I get so engrossed in it.