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Suikoden II LRenouille Beast Rune

North Window Castle
You appear back at the castle. The Matilda Knights have surrendered to Highland. Apple suggests attacking Muse quickly.

Greenhill City
The party is now staying at Greenhill before the move. Go outside the dorm to see Lucia run away. Follow her towards Teresa's secret house. Jowy is with Lucia.


Muse War Battle vs. Highland
After a few turns, the Highlanders flee sans the Karayans. Take them out as fast as you can but use archers. Karayans have high attack but low defense so you're better served to attack from a distance. Lucia is pretty tough but with Fire Spears, Lightning Magic and Luc's high attack you should be able to get her in a few turns.

Muse City
Muse is abandoned. Go to the council hall. State members start running out as a Golden Wolf appears. This thing is fast in battle. It is strong against Lightning also. 10000 potch is your reward, then run straight south out of Muse.

Greenhill City
You have some time to do stuff before you 'rest'. Go to Greenhill City, the Inn. You have Annallee, so speak with Pico to the west.

Tinto City
Go to the Armor Shop to see Alberto. You have Annallee and Pico, so he joins.

Tigermouth Village
Take the path east towards Drakemouth. Take the southeast path though, to see Georg Prime. He will join you so long as you don't quit the war. He is insanely good, both in regular battles and war battles. You will be happy to recruit Georg Prime.

South Window City
Speak with Gantetsu a few times to have a test of strength. Bring lots of characters with high attacks like Georg and Viktor for example. Gantetsu will then join.

Go to Kuskus, the blacksmith. Tessai is here, and if you have Viktor and the Star Dragon Sword, he gets happy. He then joins your party, and you need various hammers to make his blacksmith sharpening ability go up.

Bring Simone to Radat, where you found Simone. Vincent De Boule from Suikoden I is here. He will join you thankfully.

Tinto Mines
Remember Mazus near the Rock Golem? He wouldn't join you before but he's one of the characters who requires 100+ recruits to get. Talk to him again and use an Escape Talisman to leave the Tinto Mines.

Cave of the Wind
Go all the way to the top. Pesmerga should be here. He's like Georg, awesome in regular battle and war battles.

Talk to Jude in the school blacksmith area. He needs clay. Also talk to one of the trainees here for a Silver Hammer. You need this to sharpen your weapon to level 15. Go do that, and head to Coronet via boat. Speak with Genshu. He will join if you have 100+ characters and a level 15 weapon.

Meanwhile, go to Forest Village for the Clay. It is in the far northeast, then go southeast and talk to a guy who has it. Return to Jude. He joins and that should be 108 Stars of Destiny.

North Window Castle
Go to the floor where Shu's room is. Kiba walks in. Speak with Shu afterwards and agree to go to war with the Kingdom of Matilda.

Leknaat comes during the meeting, if you have all 108 Stars of Destiny. You can now use level 4 Bright Shield Rune magic. Nanami wakes you up the next day as you prepare for war. See Kiba as he walks out, then to the meeting room you go.


War Battle vs. Highland and Matilda
This battle is not too hard, even after enemy reinforcements. Though Culgan's back attack can be tricky if you have someone vulnerable in the back. The good thing is, you have a lot of quality generals on your side by this point in the game. You have reinforcements of your own, even if it's just barbara and the White Deer Inn folk.

Rockaxe Castle
North as you enter, then west for a Stone of Speed and stairs. East for an Escape Talisman, then west for another ladder. Continue west and go in the north door for a Crimson Cape and a Stone of Defense. Back down the ladder, then head north a ways.

North to a ladder then east on the balcony. Ladder leads to a locked door. North for a door and an east path and ladder. East for Earth Shield and then take ladder. South for Power Gloves, and east for the path outside. Travel east and north through the main gate.

Bunch of treasures in this area. Go west a bit and enter the first room for Mega Medicine. West and into the next room for a Gold Necklace. North for a Flame Helmet.

Take the far west path for some Matilda soldiers and stairs. Go east for more stairs. Go south for Unicorn Plans #4 and Dragon Plans #4. Save point up here, then south to the rooftop. Make your way in and try to go up the stairs. The party will split up.

Just go north through the door as Nanami and Riou walk. Jowy is here and ready to fight. Talk to him for a while but Gorudo shows up to the left. At this point if you are trying to save Nanami, tap X as fast as you can so you can pick one of the options in a split second. Nanami gets hit and is down, but Jowy and Riou team up to fight Gorudo. This is an easy battle and your only time to see Forgiver Sign, the level 4 Black Sword Rune spell for Jowy. It is devastating. Just beat Gorudo up for 125,000 potch and Knight Armor.


Nanami is hurt though.

Note that you can go back to that Rockaxe Secret Passageway. If you reach the end (where Nanami and Jowy were) you can continue on to a matilda knight. He has a Thunder Rune, arguably the best non True Rune in the game. Lightning magic itself is powerful enough. Further along that path is an Earth Armor chest and in the bookshelf nearby, Recipe #37.

North Window Castle
Everyone will be waiting outside Huan's office for the news.

Muse City
When you wake up the next day, teleport to Muse with Clive in your party. Go to the Jowston Hilltop to see Elza again. Clive's gun Storm continues to not shoot.

North Window Castle
Save your game and talk to Shu. It is time to take the fight to Highland, and end the war.

As Riou walks out of the meeting room, he passes out. Freed Y comes across him. Jowy does too.

At night, go to Shu's room to see Apple go in. She picks the Fire Card. Go back to your room to sleep. Re-arrange your troops the next morning and it is time for battle in L'Renouille.


War Battle vs. Highland at L'Renouille
This is it. The last battle and one of the few straight-up war battles with no reinforcements or fixed retreats. First off, Shu and Viktor bait Leon in and burn his troops.

After the L'Renouille battle, put a party together with Stallion and Clive in it. Leave L'Renouille, and travel west to a small Highland village.


As you go in, Clive encounters Elza for the last time. You had to make it here under 20 hours, but if you did, pat yourself on the back. Especially if you recruited all 108 Stars of Destiny along the way.

Also at Sajah, you will want to check the item shop plenty of times. You will see the Window Set #6 here along with the Golden Hammer. With the Golden Hammer, Tessai can upgrade weapons to the final level of 16.


With a party of your choice, head north. As you enter you are greeted by Lucia immediately. She attacks thrice with the same attacks, physical ones and then high level flame magic. Unfortunately, she attacks three times per turn. Your characters with lesser HP are in trouble if she uses magic more than once. Her HP is low but because of her amount of attacks, this is a dangerous battle. Keep at it for 50,000 potch. Teresa talks to Lucia afterwards.

Take the left path to reach some Highland units. Continue a ways until you reach a sideways T - take the eastern, inner route. Soldiers are in here but raid the area for a Fury Rune. If you took the right path at the beginning you'll have another warehouse type area to raid with Bolt of Wrath. For both paths, you will come to a center double-door with a bunch of highlanders. Also, a locked door south of you.

Enter the north door to come to Han Cunningham. A duel is coming up, and not an easy one. Han does a good job of hiding his disguising his attacks. Still, Riou should be plenty powered up at this point, likely level 16 weapon and great armor. After defeat, Han tells of his friend Genkaku and how they sealed their runes as the Rune of the Beginning.

Take either side south to a four-way in the next room. West is a locked door. Take the east path then. South and east path, take the east path as it goes north a long ways (the south path leads to a locked door anyway). West when you can for soldiers and a Wind Amulet / Champion's Rune. North of here is the room where Agares Blight gets poisoned. If you keep going north via the east route, you hit stairs going up. You can find a Stone of Defense and Stone of Power to the north, but that's it.

South after finishing off Han leads to soldiers. South path has those soldiers, and a T. If you take either west or east path and go south, it leads outside to a dead end. Both paths also have paths going north though. The eastern one is locked by a door but the western one goes north quite a bit, all the ways to a set of stairs.

Once up the stairs, go north to some soldiers. North is a tactical room, west for another fork. North leads to nothing, so go west to go outside to the courtyard. Enter the eastern door.

Just travel northeast to the next area, the doors are locked. North until you reach a T with several doors on the side. Go east a little and north for a save point. Next room east has an Escape Talisman. Further south for a Goldlet.

Up the stairs to the northeast, then go south grabbing the Window Set #7. Continue along the path until you get to a north - south split. South leads to the altar where the fake Jillia was sacrificed. Northwest leads to a big set of stairs up.


Up the big stairs, look for a western save point. This restores your HP / MP too. Culgan and Seed are just a tad ahead. As usual, gang up on one of them to start the battle. Seed is strong against physical attacks, Culgan against magical attacks. With your powerful attacks you should be able to kill off one of them in a few turns. They both have strong magic spells on everyone, and also will attack twice per turn. Not the most dangerous duo but have the hero ready to heal on turn 2. 130,000 potch is your reward, though your potch is probably 999,999 after going through L'Renouille.

After the battle you see a scene with Pilika and Jowy. Travel back south to save and rest, then go back north to the hall area. Leon is here, bleeding for the Beast Rune.

This is a hard battle. Surviving early on takes luck especially if the Beast Rune uses it's most powerful attacks multiple times. Have the hero ready to heal at all times and a Spark Rune on him helps so everyone can attack afterwards. With Viktor and Flik having Fury Rones and Double Beat Runes, you can really maul any of these parts. Start with the rune, then the left leg which can heal parts. Once the rune is gone the battle turns, it is just about surviving those first few turns.

160,000 potch is your reward and your characters reach level 61-62. The Suikoden II Beast Rune is gone. Your party runs out of L'Renouille afterwards.

Make a separate save after you beat the game. This can be used in Suikoden III, as some character's levels and weapon levels will carry over.