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Suikoden II Luca Blight Tinto Neclord


North Window Castle
Shu is worried Highland is en route soon. Next day, it is reported that Highland has taken Radat. Viktor wants to check it out.

Radat Town
Choose to go further in. Stick to the east end as you go south to see a meeting with the villagers and Kiba / Klaus. Stick around to talk to Klaus, evidently Jowy and Jillia are getting married. Back to North Window after this.

North Window Headquarters
Go to the meeting room, as Shu wants to do battle with Kiba right away. You can wait and change your units if you would like - usually I put my strongest characters (Shu, Hanna, etc) in Luc or Ridley's units.

War Battle vs Highland 3rd Company (Kiba) and 4th Company (Rowd)
Ridley is disgruntled early on in this battle because the Kobolds are fighting on the front line. After the 2nd or 3rd turn, Ridley and the Kobolds will bail on you. Still, with a powerful Luc you should have no problem beating down the Highlanders here. Still, after about 5 or 6 turns your allies will want to retreat even if the battle is going well. Losing Ridley is too much for your army.

North Window Headquarters
Talk with Shu. Everyone is disappointed and felt they should have won that battle. Go to your room, talk to Eilie and go to bed.

In Highland, Jowy and Jillia Blight are getting married. Jowy and Luca make their move here on Agares Blight.

North Window HQ
Next day, Shu states his plan. Riou is to take a small army and get the enemy to charge at them, and then the other generals will fan in from the sides to capture Kiba.

War Battle with 3rd Company Kiba, near South Window
It is just Riou on the map, with Rowd's crew staying put in the east, and Kiba / Klaus coming at you from the southeast.

Your ambush party is sprung early. This is fine though, just work on killing off Kiba's other Highland units, to put you in a position to surround Kiba. You may have a tough time of it, but eventually Ridley and the Kobolds appear right on top of Kiba's units. Use the Bright Shield Rune if you sustain any injuries, but you should be able to overwhelm the lesser Highland troops. Kiba may have a high defense but his attack is really not that high. The battle goes on for a long time though so just be careful about not losing a unit and potentially having a character die. Eventually the 4th company retreats as Leon comes by. Kiba is badly outnumbered so he gives up.


North Window Castle
Choose to recruit Kiba and Klaus three times. After the third, a messenger comes. Klaus reads the underlying message - King Agares Blight have been murdered. Kiba and Klaus are sickened, and they join the City-State to stop Luca Blight.

The next day, go to the entrance of North Window Headquarters to see Sheena. To the meeting room now as several Stars of Destiny are convening. Sheena comes in, who is the son of President Lepant in Toran if you remember from Suikoden I. Freed Y and Sheena join your party as you get ready to visit the Toran Republic via Radat Town.

South Window
Just stop by the northeast hall as Freed Y reminisces about Lord Granmeyer. Rest and save, then go to Radat Town.

Radat Town
Go to the right side of the bridge and go south to see a boat.

Banner Village
South a good ways, to Banner Village. Always check the Item Shop when you are here, until you find a Rose Brooch. Expensive, but you need one for a recruit. The northeast path leads to a forest near Toran.

Take the north path as you go east, for a Mega Medicine. East to the next screen and at the fork continue east for a Full Helmet. Back south and east.

Eventually you reach a north area with two ladders. Take the west one for a Stone of Luck, then up the right ladder. Two more ladders, take the left one for two more, and then go west to go DOWN a ladder for a Magic Ring. The really long ladder going up just a tad east of here is a Wing Ornament. Now go all the way east and up some ladders, grabbing the Poison Rune along the way.

Follow the path east, south, and back east to a new screen once you are in the forest. Save at the Journeyman Crystal.

North for a Silver Shield, then take the south path for a Silverlet. Now continue through the east path to come to a boss, a Worm. The Worm likes to use an attack that hits two characters vertically. More damage to the weaker, back row character most of the time. Also a lightning attack for 150 on everyone. This is another boss with a ton of HP, so expend your runes and hopefully you can get Freed Y in Berserk mode so he is at least some use. Overall though, a pretty easy boss. 35000 Potch is your reward.

Continue north and east to reach Varkas, the border guard. Varkas takes you straight to Gregminster.

Gregminster Palace
You wait in the same room Teo and Tir McDohl waited in. Talk with Lepant for a bit and you are asked who you would like to have in your party. Valeria is better in battle in my opinion but Kasumi allows you to get some recruits early, which is helpful. You also get the Blinking Mirror which if used on the world map allows you to go back to North Window Castle. Last, Lepant orders Sheena to join your army.

You automatically leave Gregminster but talk to Varkas to head back so you can explore.

At the Inn, on the second floor talk to Sarah from Suikoden I. She gives you a Cyclone Rune (high level Wind Rune). Buy a Celadon Urn at the Trade Shop if they have one. You need it for Lebrante in Radat. Buy some Ancient Texts too, they will be good to sell off later at Forest Village.

Lorelai is walking around in the northwest. She won't join you quite yet. Check the rare finds around the armor and rune shops, you might find something you like. Not much else to do here in Gregminster for the time being though make note of Gordon the trader and Lorelai for later.


Banner Village
As you get to Banner Village, Ridley and Apple are here to escort you to the base. The Highland Army is approaching.

Forest Path (Greenhill to Matilda)
Take Shiro to the Forest Path, where that strange Badeaux character is. Since you have more recruits he is receptive to you and with Shiro he knows you are a kindred spirit. Badeaux has Hearing-Ear Crystals for you. You acquire two Listening Crystals.

Forest Village
Teleport to Forest Village since you have Listening Crystals. Oh, and bring a Sound Set. You will see Ayda. Fight these Griffins and then use a Listening Crystal to talk to Feather. Feather is grateful that you saved her, so she will join with Ayda.

Take a Sound Set to the house north of the Inn. Connell is inside. He will join assuming you have a Sound Set with. Bring all the Sound Sets to him at the castle to get them out of your inventory.

Two Rivers Human District
If you asked for 300,000 potch from Hans, he should finally have it! Took a while but it's probably worth it to wait for that sum of money. Kind of mean asking for it, really. But you now have an armor shop at North Window Castle.


Kobold Village
If you talked to Hix and Tengaar and Lakewest, they should have made their way to the Kobold Village. You have the Blinking Mirror and Viki so you can do this quest quickly.

First you need a Blue Stone at the South Window Item Shop. When you get to the Item Shop, a kobold comes running out of the store. The Red Flower is at the Cave of the Wind. You don't have to go too far into the cave to get it, that's for sure.

Check the Two River City Sewer to find the Green Bell. You have to go a bit into the sewer which is annoying. Back out to Kobold Village, but Tengaar has disappeared.

Unicorn Woods
Past the north gate of Kobold Village is the Unicorn Woods. Go west at the T, then start heading northeast to the next screen. Then start going southeast a long ways. Eventually you reach Tengaar and the village chief. It's all a hoax! But a real unicorn comes. Hix protects Tengaar, you appear back in the village, and the two join.

Leave and re-enter Kobold Village. Speak with the little girl, Yuzu, to the north. Help her, and now you are by the unicorn forest tree where Tengaar was hiding. Pick up the sheep, one of behind the tree (along with a Mangosh Shield).

North Window Castle
Head back to the meeting room of the castle. A big battle looms as Luca has enlisted Harmonia as help.

Next day, Ridley has been ambushed. You must send your units and pray you can save him.

War Battle To Save Ridley
Ridley has been ambushed near Radat. He is a huge asset in war battles so he must be saved. This is near impossible to get him to get out of a four-way pincer attack. Your only hope is to quickly get by one of the walking infantry units above you or to the left of you. Then get the rest of your army to Ridley so that you can recruit. Luca comes after round 2 and your army comes after round 1. You don't have much time and will probably lose Ridley here, but do not worry if you do.

Luc comes in after the battle to say he can take care of Sasarai of Harmonia. Go back to your room to see Tsai. He wants to go back to his house quick, so put him in your party and do so.

Ryube Village
Still burned down. But it is being re-built. At Tsai's house is his daughter Tomo. Tomo-chan joins your army after a bit of a talk. Go back to your castle and go to bed.

Overnight, you see Ridley being brought in to Luca. Next day the strategy is to draw Luca in and have your 20,000 soldiers circle him and take him out.


Decisive Battle vs. Luca Blight
Luca only have 4 units, but Luca himself is a beast as you can see. 18 strength 17 defense. Chances are you will not be able to do any damage on him but if you do, he unleashes a powerful attack on everyone. Concentrate on defeating his allies and keeping all of your troops alive. Despite his high attack, Luca won't do much damage since he's attacking someone with high defense themselves (Kiba). Luc comes and does a crazy spell to harm almost everyone in the stage. Eventually though your party cannot handle Luca Blight, and you retreat.

Everyone is demoralized. Head out of the castle on 1F to see Chaco and Ridley. Ridley is saved and has a message for Shu from Leon Silverburg. Save your game and this is your last chance to build up before the main battle against Luca Blight.

You are to form three groups of 6, led by Riou, Flik and Viktor. You want as many Lightning Rune equipped magicians as you can. Preferably those with over 100 magic at the levels you can get to (levels 37-40 pretty much). Tengaar, Viki, Nina, Luc, Rina, Eilie and Zamza are all close to 100 magic or well over in the case of Rina, Luc and Viki. These characters are essential for using high level Lightning magic. Even though Luca is strong against magic, this is your best bet to do the most damage. Physical damage on Luca is hard to come by but you'll still want your best tanks like Humphrey to absorb damage.

Luca Blight Night Raid
At night, the army has Luca ambushed. The first group is Flik and friends. Luca Blight is a powerful enemy, arguably the hardest one you'll fight in the entire game. His stength is crazy, and he attacks thrice per round. His physical attacks hit three times for good damage and his flame attacks can attack 2 or 3 characters. Healing is helpful but you'll want to expend all the high-level attack magic on him. Each group needs to take off 2000 damage on Luca, but you cannot take off more. Likewise if Viktor or Flik's party dies before Riou goes, you have to make up that HP on Luca that you failed to take off earlier! Which is a good reason to balance your groups well.

After 2000 damage from Flik's group (or their death), Luca moves onto Viktor. Same strategy here with Viktor and Riou, just spam Ball of Lightning and Bolt of Wrath (level 3 and 4 Lightning magic). Having the Cyclone Rune from Sarah equipped on Riou is nice to be able to use the fourth level spell to heal your entire party and take off 300 or so damage. These battles really are not too tough with the Lightning Rune strategy. 15000 Potch is your reward, but you need to chase after Luca. Heal up, and go after him.

Viktor and Flik join up so get rid of two other members. Heal up Riou and go north after you give him the best equipment. Two sets of Highland soldiers and you will be in an area near Luca Blight.

Luca sees a letter, which releases fireflies. Archers shoot Luca but Luca charges to Riou! A duel commences! Luca has little HP but his attack is still so devastating you have to be careful. Chances are he will use Wild Attack and you can defend to knock him out quickly, but he'll really make you sweat if he chooses defend. Be conservative with defend and you will probably win. After the Luca Blight boss battle, you see Jowy and Leon watch from afar, pleased with what has happened.