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Suikoden II Tinto Neclord Yuber


North Window Castle
When you get back, Riou passes out. Meanwhile, Jowy accepts the throne in Highland. Next morning, you can do some things.

Radat Town
Hopefully you bought a Celadon Urn from the Gregminster Trader. Go to Lebrante the appraisal expert, and he will join if you have that Celadon Urn.

At the Radat Bar is some guy named Hoi impersonating you. Stick up for him, and you'll both get beat up.

Have you got a Rose Brooch from Banner Village yet? Bring the Rose Brooch to Simone on the southwest part of the Radat Bridge. Simply ask him to join your group and he can have the Rose Brooch back. You can also recruit McDohl and Gremio at Banner Village.

South Window
Max runs in as you enter. Accept his pledge and he will join your army.

At the Inn, Annallee gets kicked out. Now go looking for her, though she is hard to find without help. She is in the northeast part of town, east of the stairs going up to the council hall. Tell her you want to hear her sing, and then tell her to do it again afterwards. Annallee then joins you.

Speak to Killey by the Trader Shop and tell him about Alex. Back to HQ, as Killey is at the Item Shop talking to Alex. Return to Killey at South Window and ask him to join 3 or 4 times. Eventually he will.

Kobold Village
Return to the Unicorn Forest, specifically that big tree where the sheep were. Sigfried shows up if you hold up a Listening Crystal (assuming you have a female with). Let Siegfried join you.

Banner Village
Put Kasumi in your party. Make youe way to Toran. When you get to the spot with a bunch of ladders, go to the next screen. As you go north and then east, look for a path south through the forest. Basically, hold down as you travel east.

Rokkaku Hamlet
You are caught as you enter, but Kasumi knows Hanzo. Hanzo sends Mondo and Sasuke with you. Speak with the Ninja outside for a Blinking Crystal. At the Trader Shop, get Sound Set #6 downstairs.

Note that if you do not have Kasumi, you cannot come here until you have 100+ recruits.

Go to Gregminster while you're here. Speak with Lorelai, who will join since you have more recruits and Killey.

Ask Gordon to join you at the Trader Shop. You need to make 50000 Potch trading around the world of Dunan. This is not too hard, if you bought Ancient Texts early on from Kobold Village and anywhere else you can find them cheap. Sometimes they are cheap at Gregminster and other times you can sell them for a huge haul at Gregminster. If the ancient text money is not enough, try Crystal Balls at from Forest Village and sell them at Kobold Village.


Back at Kuskus, save at the Inn and look for Karen the dancer. Not too hard to do this dance, write down the combo if you absolutely have to.

Go to the north part of town as Culgan has shown up at Kuskus. Take Culgan back to North Window.

North Window Castle
Go to the meeting room, and Culgan formally gives you a peace treaty letter. Riou decides to go to Muse, but everyone is worried it is a trap. Shu has a backup plan with Viktor. Take the boat to Coronet, then walk north to Muse City.

Muse City
Of course it's a trap once you get up there with Leon and Jowy. Shu's idea is to have Viktor smash the archers and have Pilika be the bait so Jowy won't attack. It works, and you can escape.

North Window Castle
After this, you are back at the castle. Talk to Shu near the stone tablet on the first floor. Then rest up and go to the entrance of the castle. You will see Koyu, and then will be talking in the meeting room. Turns out Zombies are infesting the Lampdragon Bandits home near Tinto. Viktor of course joins up along with Koyu. Pick a powerful party, and start heading southwest of Two River City and Kobold Village. Actually, first make a detour to the Kobold District of Two River City, to recruit Bob. You should have enough recruits to do so now.

Drakemouth Village
Rest up and save. Then talk to the guard in the northwest. He opens up the Drakemouth Trail.

Head west until you see some stairs going up to the northeast. Take those stairs until you reach a T, then go east for a Master Robe. West leads to Gijimi and the Lampdragon Bandits place. It is decided you will be going to Tinto to help out Gustav. Just go all the way west now.

Tigermouth Village
Check out Sierra at the Inn if you want, and get the Tomato Seedling and Chick around town.


Crom Village
Go to the Inn here with Wakaba. L.C.Chan runs out. Look for LC Chan hiding behind the Item Shop. He will willingly join you to show you his combat skills and to eat your food.

Tinto Village
Tinto is the flashing light in the northeastern part of the map here. Go to the east part of town for two houses with Unicorn Plans #3 and Dragon Plans #3. Check the stores, there are nice things at the Armor Shop. The Blacksmith can sharpen to level 13.

Up the stairs and visit with Raura to the east of the State building. Tell Raura about Jeane and she'll want to join your army. Head on into Gustav's building afterwards.

Enter their meeting room and Gustav has a bit more respect for you after defeating Luca Blight. Agree to aid them and Tinto will aid you too. The dork Marlowe gets you a room.

The next day, Shu has sent Ridley and Klaus to oversea the operations in Tinto. Shortly after talking, Lilly runs in to tell about the monsters that have shown up. Sure enough, run to the front of the town to see Neclord and about 15 zombies. They taunt you and then flee.

Back to the meeting room in Tinto, as Jeff and Hauser of Old Muse come in. Jess denounces you because he still thinks you killed Anabelle. Jess flips out some more and then leaves. Talk to Klaus and Gustav about the actual strategy with Neclord now. Then go to bed.

Leknaat wakes you. She talks about the Shining Shield Rune and Black Blade Rune (thought they were the Bright Shield Rune / Black Sword Rune but...). Next day, go downstairs to find out that Jess is sending out the army! Your army now has to commit to his strategy while you and Viktor stay back.

When you get a minute, go up the elevator in the east and talk to the two miners. Go behind them and follow the path to another elevator inside the mine. Take the east path for a Cape of Darkness and a bit more north to see Neclord. Seems like he has ambushed you and Jess' risk has failed like your army knew would happen. Neclord beats you up for three turns and then tells you about his awesome Moon Rune. Neclord tries to curse you, but you can see the other True Rune the Bright Shield Rune, rejects the curse. Run out of the mine back to Tinto.

Back in Tinto, it is infested with zombies already. Riou passes out from the Bright Rune, then 'Joei' has some problems himself in Muse. Riou wakes up in Crom Village, southwest of Tinto.

Crom Village
As you wake up and talk to everyone, form a party with Leona and try to leave Crom Village. Who walks up but Kahn from the Cave of Wind. He has an idea on how to stop Neclord, but needs help from someone in Tigermouth Village.

Tigermouth Village
The lady that was sleeping is now up in the middle of town. Something strange with Sierra, and she offers to join if you battle her. Use your best rune magic right away, she does not have much HP and you can rest right afterwards. Chances are you can take her down in a few turns, despite her relatively powerful physical and magical attacks.


Crom Village
Back at the Crom Village headquarters (in the back of town), Sierra takes a liking to Klaus. Choose your party in the morning, as you are to sneak into Tinto through that mine entrance east of Crom.

Mine Entrance to Tinto
This is one of the longest caves in the game. Save your MP as best as you can, you have multiple bosses to deal with.

When you get to the first north-east-south fork, go east. Southeast for a bit for another fork, where you should go north and continue northeast to the next area. The hallway gets darker in the next room at the T. Go right for Dancing Flames and west a long ways, north a long ways, then southeast down some stairs. Just head northeast in the next area.

Go right for a Stone of Magic Defense and a Full Helmet. Take the north path, which wraps west and south to the next area. North here, taking the rock-stairs up for a Master Garb. East to exit. North a long ways and then west when you can. Follow the path under the bridge and continue to go north for Window Set #5 and Old Book Vol. #9. Take the east path across the stone bridge to a T. Go east for a good ways until you can go south for a Silver Necklace. South more for a Mega Medicine, then go back up north all the way and east for some slides.

Hit the right-most slide twice to get to the eastern area. South for a Double-Strike rune. Speak with Mazus, but you cannot get him quite yet. But soon, so remember his location. Back east a bit and north up the stone stairs to the save point. Down the eastern slide for a Wind Hat, then go north of the save point for Star Earrings. Drop down the path straight south from the save point, and follow it a good distance.

When you see a box, push it north into the recess so it acts as a bridge. Soon you will reach the Stone Golem. It has an earth attack for 130 damage on everyone. Use some of your spells, but remember you have more bosses to fight so keep some high level magic as well. 50000 Potch is your reward and a bit of EXP.

Go straight north, then east to cross over into the Tinto mine. Follow the path to the elevator, and continue to the next elevator until you reach Tinto town.

Tinto City
Take the Elevator to the south and then work your way west to the blacksmith. Defeat the zombie here and then start going up the stairs. All the way to the top, to the church of Tinto. Rest up before you enter the green door.


Neclord is sealed by Kahn and Sierra is taking care of the Night Rune. As for the battle, Neclord likes his bat physical attacks for 100 damage or so. But he has an instant-kill laser type attack. Use all of your spells here to take him down. With any luck you saved some high-end spells despite that Stone Golem fight. Despite his legend, he has a meager HP total. 70000 Potch and The Shredding are your rewards.

Neclord gives back the Night Rune, but Viktor slices Neclord up. Time to go celebrate with Gustav.

Strange enough, the town is populated the minute Neclord leaves. Jess and Hauser join you at the gate along with a host of other automatic recruits (the Lampdragon bandits, Marlowe, etc).

Crom Village
Enter Tenkou's house in the northeast part of town. Since you have Window Set #5 now, he will join you.


North Window Castle
Back at the base, talk to Shu as the group discusses retaking Greenhill. Save and rest first. Go to the first floor at night, then back to your room. Lucia ambushes you. She is not afraid to cast high level magic on you. Riou fights her for about 5 turns, so just stay alive and soon enough Flik, Viktor and Tsai barge in to stop her.

Lucia escapes the next day.

Please bring Kahn with. Along with another Resurrection Rune user, or two. You'll see why up ahead.

right at a fork for winged boots. north more for dream robe, then far west and north for stone of skill. Go go all the way north to a new screen, then you'll see some highlanders as the path turns west. Soon you will reach Lucia and some other Karayans. Use some high level rune spells on all enemies to take out the front-line Karayans. Lucia attacks a few times around and has good technique so she will probably counter you often too. Her best attacks are high level fire spells, and it's trouble if she uses it twice in a round. Just spam high level lightning magic on her to put her out in 5 turns or so. 33000 Potch and another Blue Gate Rune are your rewards.

Lucia leaves, and you can continue west. This is the same path you took leaving Greenhill the first time, so you don't have to worry about the treasures. Just continue south once you reach the house, back into Greenhill City.


Greenhill City
Fortunately, south of the school is a lady who allows you to rest. And a state soldier who allows you to save. Do so, as back in town you have more highlanders to defeat. Continue to make your way to the gate.

The dangerous Yuber is here. You don't have to fight him but the Bone Dragon he summons is just as dangerous. Bone Dragon attacks once but his attacks are absolutely brutal. He has a physical attack for upwards of 400 damage on one character and a huge meteor attack for 300+ damage on everyone. Bone Dragon probably has close to 10000 HP, if not more, to go along with a stingy physical defense. This will be a long battle, hopefully you don't have too many Lightning Rune users. A whopping 100,000 potch is your reward.