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Suikoden 3 Chris Alma Kinan Chapter 3


Duck Village
Chris' hunt for the Fire Bringer starts in Duck Village, with a lost Nash. The duo runs into Fred and Rico, so allow them to join. These two have the Maximillian combo move, so try to put them together to utilize it.

Talk to Rhett and Wilder, two of my favorites. You have to find the Duck Clan chief to get permission to bring these two as your escorts though. He is the elegant-looking one near the trade shop. After speaking with him, then return to Rhett and Wilder.

Lots of things to do as far as building up your characters. Rico has Water magic, as does Nash. But Nash is poor with Water magic, so take off his Water Rune and give him a Wind Rune (may not be able to do this at Duck Village, but later). Rhett and Wilder are also good at Water and Wind both, so give them one or the other and build it up. So, you have two Wind and two Water users.

Head back towards Budehuc, but stop at Iksay first.

Iksay Village
Go to the windmill and talk to Barts. He wants Grapes, so give him GrapeC that you likely bought from Vinay Del Zexay back in Chapter 1 or 2. Give him the grape and he will go to Budehuc Castle to be the farmer.

Budehuc Castle
Assuming you got the Copper Hammer from a previous Chapter 3 (at Caleria, from the merchant outside the Armor / Blacksmith shop) you can get your characters to level 12 weapon here.

Might want to make a trip to Caleria anyway. If you talked to Hortez VII at Duck Clan Village then Chisha Village, he will be at Caleria. You must tell him again how to get to Budehuc.

Kuput Forest
The path through Kuput Forest is simple, if you just travel east.


Chisha Village
The ducks bring you to Chisha Village, and then you will run into Yun and Yumi. They are from Alma Kinan, and know that Chris was coming.

Speak with Sana near the houses. Turns out Yun can predict what is going to happen, and sure enough enemies have come to Chisha Village.

Choose 'Watch out' and Chris will defend Sana. You can put Yumi in your party, if you want (she is a bow user with high magic + Earth Rune). You must defeat Franz, Ruby, a Mantor and a Mantor Legionnaire.

Afterwards, go to the Inn to rest and save. Then talk to Sana and you can put in your party, since Rhett and Wilder left. Put in the Ninja's, Ayame and Watari, and Barts in support (or someone else if you recruited others).

Head up the hill and talk to Nash a bit about your current direction. Then return in front of the Inn to talk to Yun. The plan is to bring them to Duck Village to get some help.

Duck Village
Build up Yumi's Earth Magic here and Magic Rationing maybe. Then, go to the Inn to see Caesar and Apple. Apple recognizes Chris, and the couple decides to come with you back to Chisha Village. Of course, Rhett and Wilder wouldn't miss this chance and when you leave Duck Village they come running to come with you.

Chisha Village
As you get here, Caesar begins preparations for the upcoming attack. I would put Fred in his own group by himself with Sana as his support. Spread the rest of the characters in Nash and Chris' groups and you should be set.

The enemy has the four southwestern units occupied while you are fighting up-hill. This can be difficult because of the lack of fighters on your team, but stick together and heal when necessary. Hopefully you don't lose any characters but it can be a little rough early on. After about 3 or 4 turns, Sasarai appears and is ready for battle. Sasarai likes to use the Water Rune for healing and for the ice attack (about 100-120 damage on all allies). You can go ahead and try to wipe them all out, or withstand until Hugo, Hallec, Mua and Joe make their way in. For a Major Victory, you acquire an Earth Chain Mail.

Afterwards in Chisha, Yun asks Chris to go to Alma Kinan to learn more about her father Wyatt.

Kuput Forest
As you head south through Kuput Forest, Yun stops you to show you the path to Alma Kinan. The forcefield is here, so only they can enter.

As you go towards this route, you eventually meet Yuiri, another Alma Kinan. Unfortunately, you are followed by Yuber. Yuiri joins you and your optional character is booted from the party. Yuber will use some Lightning Magic on your party, hopefully it does not cancel-out your magic spells. He should be easy to take out, but may finish off a few of your members too. Use The Shredding with Yuiri and Earthquake with Yumi, that should be a big part in taking him down.

Alma Kinan Village
Check out this interesting village. There is a Bujutsu Teacher and Tutor to the left. At the Item Shop, you can get some Melon Seeds from someone. The duck has an Orange Kennel, and Recipe #10 is at the Inn.

Check out the place next to the Rune shop. It is here where you talk for a bit, but Chris gets worked up. Head to the back of Alma Kinan, and Nash comes by. Yun too, to tell you about your father. He is alive and has the True Water Rune. Go back and talk to Fred, and say it's time to rest.

At night, go outside to talk to Yuiri. Chris starts to understand what is going on, Yun is being sent. Yun talks to Chris some more, and then it is time.


Unfortunately, Yuber, the Bishop and Sarah are onto you. Yumi and Yuiri join you for this fight. This is extremely difficult to win, because the bishop has some insane Wind magic, Sarah will use attack Water magic, and Yuber can use magic or assault your front line. If you can get off some Earthquakes and The Shredding's, it can help. But you need to kill one of them early to have a chance. If you lose, don't despair. It requires a lot of luck, and hoping that the enemies go soft on you as far as the magic / moves they choose.

Yun still sacrifices herself at the end of the battle.

Next day, Rico is with you. Go to the sacrifice spot to see Nash. Chris reveals her intentions, and then go to leave the village. Yuiri and Yumi stop you to send you off with some blessings.

Re-enter Alma Kinan and talk to Rody outside the Inn. Talk to Estella, and she wants to know where Gordius is, the village of only men. Speak to the young girl by the sacrifice site and she mentions she doesn't know about Gordius. Return to Estella and Rody, and they just say they'll join you.

Chisha Village
You can talk to Sana to put in your party here. After this, I generally build up a bit with treasure bosses and then go to Budehuc.

Iksay Village
I stopped here though, specifically the Inn 2nd floor. I forgot to get Mio earlier, so I recruited Mio to the 108 Stars of Destiny. Tuta does not join yet.

For Watari and anyone else you plan on using, level up their weapons to 12. And use up your ability points here. Buy any armor you need, then start heading towards the FlameChampHdaway.

Flame Champion's Hideaway
Go through here one more time. Take the left route, but ignore the next left route by the switch. Instead, go northeast, then northwest a few times for a save point and Azzodess. As usual, her double-door magic attack that silences you is the problem. Fortunately, you should have a few healers should one get silenced.

Return to take that western route with the yellow switch. This is a portal, that takes you to Sana. Chris Chapter 3 is over.