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Suikoden 3 Hugo Chapter III Fire Bringer

Great Hollow
You start off at the Great Hollow, as Hugo just finished up talking to Jimba about going to Budehuc Castle.

Mt Hei-Tou
Of course, make a detour here for the BlueMantix. BlueMantix is actually somewhat difficult for Hugo's idiot party here, but Hugo and Fubar can do significant damage. The Tinto folks don't do much so they will prolong the fight. For a reward you get 100,000 potch, Mega Medicine D x4, Counter Rune, Worn-Out Casque, Bandana, Premier Armor, Blessed Leather, Fine Robe, Mega Medicine D x4. Then, use an Escape Scroll if you have one and get on towards Budehuc.


Budehuc Castle
The party looks on at this strange town. Check out the shops, buy some Escape scrolls, use up your skill points and sharpen your weapons. Then, go to the mansion to see the Zexen official leave Thomas and the rest of Budehuc.

Now go to the gate to talk to Cecile. Follow her to the mansion but look for Thomas and Cecile. Talk with them for a bit, then you can stay at the Inn for free. First, drop off the Old Book Volume 5.

Rest at the Inn and save. Go to the Inn to see what all the commotion is about - turns out the Zexen Councilor has some Zexen soldiers at the gate, because of Hugo's presence at Budehuc. Go off to the courtyard in front of the mansion, to see Thomas and friends congregating. Speak with them, and then go to give yourself up to the Zexens at the gate.

Even as Hugo tries to give himself up, the Marshal claims it is now him. Back to the mansion, and eventually Caesar comes in. You hear his plan and prepare for escape. Leave the area in front of the mansion and come back, telling Caesar you are ready to go. Ask him a few things if you wish, but say you're ready to go. Head to the Inn, rest / save, then you are ready to go the next morning.

War Battle with Thomas vs. the Zexens commences, but Hugo will not be involved.

Yaza Plains
Hugo is traveling through Yaza Plains, fighting groups of Zexen ironheads. Three groups to be exact. Caesar and Apple head off to Sgt. Joe's village.

Mt. Hei-Tou
Back to Mt. Hei Tou for the BlueMantix once again. It's worth the 90,000-100,000 Potch, plus a Taikyoku Tunic was acquired. Escape Scroll out, and to the Lizard Clan you go.

Great Hollow
Upon returning, Lilly finally decides to consider the money issue. The Tinto group is off to Brass Castle for a bit, and you are left with Fubar and the duck. Use up your ability points, and save your game.

Ancient Highway
Take the Ancient Highway out of the Lizard Clan. You will come across Guillaume, who is trying to get inside the door that the Bishop, Yuber and Sarah were looking at. Hugo does not have to encounter him if you do not wish, but you might as well rest up and get ready for a duel. Gullaume has not changed since his last duel at Vinay Del Zexay, so this should be quite easy for you. One tricky line is "did you think I would just defend?" - Guillaume then proceeds to defend again, so hopefully you call his bluff and do a regular attack. In general, at this point Hugo probably has at least a level 9 weapon so you should be okay. Guillaume then goes to Budehuc Castle to be the appraiser.

Duck Village
Speak with Sanae Y in the back of the Inn. Tell her that he is showing gratitude and that it is okay. Ask Sanae Y to join and you will recruit her. Hortez VII is nearby. Tell him where Budehuc is, but it is clear he does not know how to get there. He is not recruited yet so you will see him later.

Check the lodge back there to see Kidd the investigator, at work. Help him, and check the shelf for embers, then the window to see that someone could have came through it. Speak with Howard the janitor outside the lodge, then to the main part of Duck Village. Go to the wheel on the east side and talk to that duck, who says something about the murdered duck liking herbs. Last, go to the Trade Shop by the chief and speak with the duck inside, to get a letter fragment.

Brass Castle
Go up to Hallec and Mua. Hallec examines you, but then Leo and Roland come out. You can just run, or initiate a fight with the second choice. Hallec and Mua join you for this fight.

This is quite an easy battle actually, Hugo and Fubar can take out the main knights in one turn. Go after Leo first to get the heavy hitter out. Roland has an attack-all ability, or just a regular attack. Not that strong, but take him out in round 2 and the battle ends.

Mua, Hallec, and your party decide it's probably best to run after this to avoid more fighting. Hallec and Mua join you in search of the Fire Bringer.

Duck Village
Head to Duck Village to give Mamie the Crab Rice Bowl from Hallec. Mamie will then join you.

Great Hollow
At the Great Hollow, check the center area on the first floor to see some lizards and Apple. Apple says Chisha Village is in a dire situation. Agree to help, tell Luce you are leaving, and then rest up / save.

Mountain Path
You will see Kuput Forest and Chisha Village open up, but Mountain Path and Caleria also do. Go to the Mountain Path for the Rock Golem, which should get your levels up to 37 or so. Not to mention 95000 Potch and a bunch of crappy defensive items.

You can sharpen your weapons to level 10 here, and maybe find some useful armor in the Rarities. Besides that, train, then head back. Only bring 5 members to Kuput Forest as there is a recruit you want.

Kuput Forest
Head east to the second screen. Now if you have an open spot in your lineup, you will want to wander around this area (particularly around the intersection) until Landis joins your party. It may take a while, or it may take just a bit. But he randomly joins you as you walk around the area with an open slot.

Travel east a few times to get out of Kuput Forest and towards Chisha Village.


Chisha Village
You are too late, Harmonian Forces are already here. Smack four troops around for a bit, then you have a battle against 5 harmonian soldiers. Last, you have some Mantor Legionnaires to dispatch.

Dios of the harmonians decides it's time to retreat for today. Next, you get to meet Sana of Chisha Village. Chris is here and you can charge her, but a fight does not occur. Nash breaks it up.

As you gain control, save and rest. Speak with the villagers behind Sana for Medal Set #2. Hortez is to the west, tell him where Budehuc is. But he goes off the wrong way, so you'll need to tell him again. Check out the Item Shop, the rarities has some really nice things like the Lion God Ring (no one in this party can equip it) and also the Wizard Rune, which doubles magic damage to enemies and the user. Still, a very powerful addition to any magician's repertoire. Go down the stairs at the Item Shop to find Wan Fu. He's like Rikimaru in Suikoden II, you have to pay the 3000 potch. Wan Fu then joins the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Take the side door to the lower bar area. Speak with Emily at the table. Your party will need high strength to be able to take down Emily, but once you do you impress her enough to get Emily to join the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Finally, talk to Sana in front of town. Next, run up the hill. Yuber and Albert Silverberg are here. Hugo unwisely challenges Yuber to a duel. He will waste you, regardless of what you try.

Hugo wakes up in bed. Sergeant Jordi gives him a strict talk, and then Sana talks to Hugo for a short bit. But harmonian forces are back.


Outside, Hugo agrees to Caesar's plan to be the Flame Champion. You can say 'hold on' to save and rest if you like, or just go with it. Hugo will need to prove his identity against Sasarai in a duel. Don't worry, his attacks are pretty weak not to mention easy to figure out. The harmonians retreat after his defeat.

Speak with Sana afterwards to get more information about the Flame Champion. Eventually, as you leave you will learn the location of the FlameChampHdaway. Unfortunately you should probably journey back to the Lizard Clan first, to build up your skills with the Bujutsu teacher.

Go to the Flame Champion Hideaway, and take the straight path north as you head in. The east route leads to Old Book Volume 9, then take the west one. Ignore the next west route for now, and go northeast.

In this area, go northeast for Old Book Vol. 1, then northwest for a new area and a save point. The treasure boss up ahead is no joke. Azzodess is probably the toughest one yet, even for you at level 43 or so. Joe is probably your only healer so hopefully he doesn't get silenced by Azzodess' favorite move, with the big doors opening. She will also use Lightning Magic, so hopefully you can get her to stop chanting before it gets off (takes quite a bit of damage to do so, though). Victory should get you up to level 44, not to mention 95000 potch in the chest, Stone of Power, Thunder Runner, Kite Rune, Wind Hat, ThndrboltLeather, Custom Tunic, Silver White Robe, Fire Magic Ring, Grape Seeds, and a bunch of other junk. Go back to the save point, then south a few more screens to that west path you skipped (with the yellow dot on the map). Eventually you reach some sort of teleport.


Chris and Chief Sana will be here. She introduces Hugo to the Suikoden III Flame Champion, and the chapter ends.