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Suikoden 4 Kooluk recruit Snowe


After you acquire the Golden Seal from Lino, the islands have more side quests for you. Put together a formidable party with Chiepoo included, and travel to Mordo Island.

Mordo Island
At the Mordo Island Hot Spring you will meet Lo Fong, Lo Hak and Lo Seng. They ask for 10,000 potch and when you incredulously say "t-t-ten thousand potch?" they fight you. Spam high-level Lighting Magic on these three, trying to focus on one at a time to get them outnumbered quickly. 15000 Potch for their defeat. Also, the loss makes them respect you especially once you say your army name. Lo Feng, Lo Seng and Lo Hak are recruited.

You will be outside Mordo Island after this, but re-enter. Igor, the owner of the Hot Spring, is here and willingly joins you. What a guy.

Nay-Kobold Settlement
Take the Ship and enter Nay Island. Chiepoo will mention he wants to go to the Trading Shop, so walk through the Stonecutter's Field to Nay-Kobold Settlement.

Go to the Trade Shop and talk to the owner. You don't have to do anything here, but talk to the lady in front as you enter to hear about pickpockets. Leave Nay-Kobold Settlement and at the bridge, your Golden Seal gets stolen. Nalkuhl bumps into Lazlo and after the scene you realize the Golden Seal has been stolen. Run back into the Nay-Kobold Settlement.

Take a left as you enter to see Nalkul and Champo. After some admonishing from Chiepoo, Nalkul and Champo offer to get the Golden Seal back since Champo is a great mouse hunter. You just have to catch three mice in 99 seconds, not too difficult. Champ and Nalkul are recruited.

Hermitage Island
Teleport to the Hermitage Harbor. Go through Elenor's house to the back road to find Aldo. Generic recruit, just let him get on the boat and you will have recruited Aldo.

Walk around the forest area for a while, you are looking for a specific random battle. You will know it when you see it - Gau and four Demon Wolf's. Use spells on all enemies to get the Demon Wolves out of the battle quickly. Gau though has three physical attacks. Taking him out nets you a ton of EXP and Gau's respect. Gau is a beast physically, with a high attack and defense. I like to use him but as with many new characters in this game you have to start sharpening his weapon from level 1.

Nest of Pirate's
Go to Kika's room. Katarina has recovered from her injury and asks you again about Commander Glen. She's kind of a bitch still but let her join, she's an able magic user at least. :)


Try to go to your room. Desmond warns you that some scary people have entered your room. Speak with Brec and Jango and they are pirates who wish to join your army.

Head to the War Room on the floor with Desmond and Viki. Elenor will discuss her plan, which is to take Middleport and then gain more allies. Razril still has Kooluk troops stationed there so that will be last.

Put some quality magic users like Pablo, Jeane, Katarina, Viki, or Paula.

As you sail into Middleport, the sea monster with the tentacles appears. The Moving Isle has four tentacles with about 500 hit point. You will want to use the best magic you can on all enemies. Flame Array with level 4 Lightning and Fire magic can take out the other tentacles quickly. The Moving Isle has an impregnable defense that halves your attacks pretty much. 3500 HP is the amount of damage you need to take off, and thankfully it does not have too many powerful attacks but it can annoy you with status attacks. An Ocean Rune Piece and 11200 Potch are your rewards.


Ramada joins you as you go into Middleport. You are prompted to change your party if you would like. Sigurd wants to come with, and you will need him ahead.

As you get off your boat at Middleport, someone says you killed daisy the Lord's pet. Reinbach III and Micky do some talking and decide to join you. Reinbach's father is Lord of Middleport so he will talk to him on your behalf.

By the Trading Shop, talk to the strange old man Keen. Then go to the town square. Talk to the group of ladies to the right, one has an Interior Design Book. New stuff at the Armor Shop too but don't spend too much of your earnings.

Talk to Deborah at the Inn, and she is intrigued by you. Deborah joins you but not Oskar. Stay at the Inn and save. Now speak with Gunter on the other side of the central square area. You can play dice with him if you like.

Head to the north-most part of Middleport to see the Lord's house. Schtolteheim Reinbach II lives here. Ramada surmises that Reinbach II is troubled because he trades with the Orark Maritime Trade aka Cray Trading Company. This is true, and Reinbach II cuts a deal with you; you can use Middleport how you like, but because of his relationship with Cray Trading he cannot openly aid you.

As you attempt to leave Middleport, Reinbach III and Micky would like to join you. But, he wants you to bring him a Rose Crest to prove your loyalty.

Nay Island
Go to the Inn, and enter the room with Gareth the Engraver. Ask him of the Rose Crest, then tell him you are looking for Reinbach. He then gives it to you to deliver to him. The guy in the room next door mentions a huge lady in Middleport who wrecked the Inn.

Okay, take that Rose Crest to Reinbach III at Middleport. Reinbach and Micky are recruited. Exit Middleport, put Reinbach in your party and take Sigurd out. Keen shows up again by the Trade Shop. For 10000 potch, he will join you. Pay up, it's the only way to get him.

Now go to the Inn to see Helga. Talk to her a few times, asking her to join you. Charlemagne comes out eventually and tells Helga to join you, but Charlemagne is not recruited yet. Up to the Lord's Manor to see a blue-clad fellow named Etienne. He joins you to play music.

Exit and re-enter Middleport about 3 or 4 times via port. Then talk to Charlemagne and he will finally join you - he actually fights in battle, too.

Nay Island
Keep Reinbach in your party. Speak to that Engraver Gareth to recruit him. He's in one of the rooms at the Inn if you remember.


You likely have over 70 recruits now. Build up Lino and your best magician, then rest and save. Go into the War Room to see Lino, but the OBEL ship will get hit from a mysterious ship that just appeared.

Lino examines the ship, and decides it may be worth a trip to venture inside. You can only have three total characters, with Lazlo, Lino and an optional character. A high-level magician like Jeane or Viki would be a nice choice. Don't forget to bring Support to heal you.

A robed man appears to take you to the 'captain'. The dead blades here will allow you to get to level 43+ quickly. At the end of the road in this first area you will come to a Prophet and two Dead Blades. The Prophet has a powerful attack, doing 80 damage with a status ailment. Just have Lino and Lazlo attack the Prophet while Jeane uses level 1 lightning magic to take out the two skeletons. The battles with the Dead Blades can be tedious since you have to kill them all on the same turn.

Through the next area, you will have a battle against two Prophets and two Dead Blades. This one can be grueling with the Dead Blades continually re-spawning. Rest up before heading forward.

You come to the end of your journey, with the Fog Ship Guide. The robed man reveals himself as Ted, and proclaims his intentions to leave. Tell the Fog Ship Guide you would not like to stay here forever.

Fog Ship Guide then decides to battle you, as Ted wants his Soul Eater Rune. Use Eternal Ordeal with the hero, attack with Lino, and if you have Jeane you can use Thunder God with Ted on the first round. Fog Ship Guide likes to use a magic attack for 80-100 on everyone. Also a drain attack for 150-200 damage on one ally. Fog Ship Guide has an absurd amount of hit points, around 7000. You obtain a substantial amount of potch for this victory.

Ted obtains the Soul Eater Rune from the Fog Ship Guide, and then Leknaat comes forth after the battle. Ted's Soul Eater Rune is devastating in battle.

Run straight up when you regain control for a Pirate King Vest. Leave the Fog Ship now, fighting battles if you have magic left (you will gain valuable potch and EXP). When you get out, Lazlo saves Ted. Ask him to join you and he reluctantly will.


Sail into Na-Nal and there will be a discussion in your ship with Lino and Lazlo. So your party will be comprised of those two and two others. Again, bring at least one quality magician like Ted, Jeane, Viki, etc.

The beach is littered with kooluk soldiers. As you get to the end of the beach, two sets of Kooluk soldiers rush you and then Axel brings you to the Village Chief. The Village Chief actually has some insightful comments about how your OBEL group operates, and offers to release you on a condition; acquire the "Elven Remedy" from the Great Elven Tree.

Your 'Inn' is actually a jail cell. Pick up the Old Book Volume 4. Then, search the 'bed' and choose to rest. Run through the long trail between the Village Chief's house and the jail. After a long path you will see the elixir in the Altar of the Great Tree. Take the Elven Remedy and you will appear back with the Village Chief.

You are ordered to leave the village now, Axel takes you. But Selma stops you and asks you to speak with someone. The elves eventually lock you up as they don't want the land sold to outside influences. Talk to everyone in your party in the jail cell, and Selma lets you out. The kooluk have gone mad, harming the villagers because the elves "medicine" turned out to be poison.

You have some battles coming up. One against two kooluk soldiers, and then two against a set of three kooluk soldiers. Na-Nal then switches sides and formally announce an offer to ally with you. Accept the Chief's offer and Axel will join you. Selma is at the beach and she too will join you. Also notice Gunter is in Na-Nal Hillside Town - play some dice with him if you'd like.


Nay Island
You cannot teleport here, so enter the Nay Island Harbor. Enter the Village Chief's house and talk to him three times, until he asks to see the Golden Seal. He is still worried of a Kooluk attack, but joins forces with you nonetheless. He tells you to check back later for some people to join you.

Use the Glowing Mirror, then enter the Nay port again. Go to the Chief's House, and a few cooks will be waiting for you - Kevin and Pam. You've recruited Kevin and Pam.

Speak to the man with the brown vest at the harbor. He tells of Millay and he opportunity to marry into the esteemed Reinbach family. Put Reinbach III in your party after this.

Na-Nal Island
Teleport to the Na-Nal Square. Speak with Eugene and his mom at the Inn. His mom will send him with you.

Near the beach, you see Millay being pursued by some Scoundrels. Pound them into submission for ? Painting and ask Millay to join you afterwards.


This walkthrough really helped me. Thanks dude!

Suikoden 4 was not so bad :)