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Beginning Suikoden Tierkreis Walkthrough

I've started to warm up to Tierkreis while doing the Suikoden Tierkreis Walkthrough Guide. Sure it's annoying having another typical JRPG Hero and his kiddie friends. Hero is somewhere between Tidus and Vaan, with his 'we don't know until we try' attitude towards everything. The rest of the cast is done well enough, and the voice acting for most of them is something to appreciate. The opening doesn't drag on really, as the party starts exploring early on and runs into The Order of the One True Way. They are interesting antagonists, and you learn a lot about their followers in Grayridge and eventually Cynas. Seems there is an opposing group too that the Hero begins to lead at the Forest Ruins, members that can touch a book and gain Mark of the Stars power.


Gameplay hasn't been difficult at all so far, even the few bosses fought. It's a different twist having a counting MP stat instead of level-based rune spells, and plus you can just buy / equip weapons which is very un-Suikoden like. Makes it seem more like standard RPG fare, not necessarily a bad thing though as it has enough of a Suikoden touch to remind you what you're playing.

Follow the guide above for recruiting characters. From the sounds of it, there will be plenty of miss-able characters out of the 108 Stars of Destiny.


Hey thanks for the Guide to Suikoden Tierkreis. It's a good game but I appreciate the help in recruiting the 108 Starbearers, they are difficult to recruit all 108 of them.