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Phantasy Star IV Hunter Alys Brangwin


The most famed Hunter in all of Planet Motavia is Alys Brangwin. Alys is a legend at the Aiedo Hunter's Guild and you will hear about her all over the planet. Despite her not speaking much of her past, it is often times brought up - like at Tonoe.

Alys fights with boomerangs / slashers. These are generally weaker, but attack all enemies on the screen. Alys starts off powerful, but by the time she leaves she has become somewhat weak offensively compared to your other choices. Still, she is a great fighter with some decent offensive techniques / skills. Most people won't level up to the point where they acquire all of Alys' techniques.

Always give Alys two boomerangs instead of one boomerang and a shield (and Kyra for that matter).

Alys' Skills
Vortez - About 3x normal damage for Alys, but on one enemy. Very useful for the few boss fights you have her. Alys starts with this skill.

Moonshade - Moonshade puts an enemy to sleep / paralyzes them. They may recover the next turn, or in a few turns. Works on all regular enemies. Alys gets this Skill on level 10.

Death - Simply takes out a regular enemy. You may or may not receive this Skill as she learns it on Level 13.

Alys' Techniques

Saner - starts with this technique.
Shift - starts with this technique.
Foi - starts with this technique.
Zan - Alys learns this on level 8.
Gifoi - Alys learns this on level 14.
Gizan - Alys learns this on level 18.
Nafoi - Alys learns this at level 22.
Nazan - Alys learns this at level 27.


For emulator users, check out the "Alys trick" with gameshark codes. You can have Alys with you when you go to Dezolis and Rykros!

Wow, so you can have Alys come back right away after that event? That would be cool to try actually, I wonder how that works considering how restricted the party is most of the game.

For this matter, once I discussed with one of my friends, not only about the content you talked about, but also to how to improve and develop, but no results.