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April 27, 2009

Suikoden Tierkreis Dreambeasts Trade Items

In Suikoden Tierkreis, you will come about a room where you fight 'Dreambeasts' - battles against tough monsters that are simulated by this room thanks to Nuzhat of the Magedom. Nuzhat was banished from the Magedom of Janam as Rizwan takes over the Arcane Academy.


Suikoden Tierkreis Dreambeasts are not easy - the battles are long with several thousand HP, though most are tame enough not to threaten your party too much (that said most battles in Tierkreis are easy, so..). Sadly, the EXP they yield is insignificant; certainly not enough to warrant using the Dreambeasts as a means of leveling up.

Dreambeasts can drop important items / weapons. Netherhorn / Avian Shreks / Roaring Bird drops the Netherlion Horn. The Snow Demon Dream Beast has been known to drop the Fenrir Sword. The drop rate for these rare items is very low, so even fighting the Dreambeasts it may take a while to get these items.

You can get a Dreambeast room at your own HQ in Tierkreis. You need to recruit Nuzhat for this. You will see Nuzhat make some comments as you are leaving the Magedom early on. After splitting from the Magedom, go to the Salsabil 'residence'. You see will Nuzhat here. If you bring Mubal the Chronicle guy, he will make a comment to Nuzhat about joining your army. However, you also need to have the 'lift' working to recruit Nuzhat. For this you need to recruit Balsam and recruit Yod from the Grayridge Mine. Once you get Balsam and Yod on your army, just talk to Nuzhat with Mubal in your party and Nuzhat will join. You then appear at your HQ as Nuzhat gets the basement ready to be the Dreambeast room at your HQ.

April 18, 2009

Suikoden Tierkreis How to Recruit all 108

After a bit of work, the Suikoden Tierkreis Walkthrough and a separate section has been created to list how to recruit all 108 Starbearers by order of appearance. A lot of characters were tricky without a guide and several are missable. Following a guide by order of recruitment is a nice way to ensure you have no problems :) The battles in Tierkreis certainly didn't provide much challenge.