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September 19, 2009

Dragon Quest V DS Walkthrough

Been having a great time with Dragon Quest V DS Hand of the Heavenly Bride lately. Firsts thoughts while playing this game is how this did not make it to America. For the Super Nintendo in 1992 this would have rivaled Final Fantasy IV in quality (which was Final Fantasy II stateside). Might not have sold as well, but at the same time Final Fantasy was struggling until FF2 hit the SNES market. But I digress.


Classic gameplay in Dragon Quest V DS, with the real difference being that you can randomly recruit monsters that you have defeated before (sometimes many times before, and you need a Wagon to do this). With the dozens of monsters you recruit, you'll notice that the monsters have access to some of the best spells early on. Of note though is that monsters with a Wisdom ranking under 20 will not follow your orders all the time.

The story is well done here, the first time where a Dragon Quest really has had an active plot (though Dragon Warrior IV made strides especially for an 8-bit NES game). A huge addition to this game is the Party Talk feature, something that has added 1000's of extra lines of character development. At any time that you have control of the Hero you can press B to listen to what your party mates say (or open up the menu and just 'talk'). This is great for reminding you what you might need to be doing, and to get to know more about your human and monster allies. Sadly, this was taken out of the American version of Dragon Quest IV DS.

The Dragon Quest V 5 DS Walkthrough follows through the 1st Generation as the Hero is younger, and into the later generations as he becomes more formidable and is able to recruit monsters and outfit himself with Zenithian equipment.