October 21, 2008

Chrono Trigger DS Dimensional Distortion Dalton


The impending release of Chrono Trigger DS is but a month away for North Americans - November 25th 2008 to be exact. Info has been linked from trailers and the site regarding the new optional content added to the game from the SNES and PS1 port of Chrono Trigger.

One addition is the Dimensional Distortion dungeon that spans through several eras. Strange bosses can be found in here including Dalton with the Lavos background as you fight. The reward of these dimensional distortion dungeons is unknown but we can expect some tough fights. The entrance to the dimensional distortion dungeon can be found just east of Crono's house.

Also the Dragon Sanctuary has been added of course related to the Reptites in the Prehistoric Age. It seems the reptites will have a different ending in this one, and it could be tied to the dragons in Chrono Cross as well. Another sidequest which will result in you traveling from one era to another to find your way through.

chronomonsterportal.jpg Famitsu

Last but not least is the Arena of the Ages, which is where the DS wi fi capability comes in. It is not required that you fight with another DS player, you can train your monsters by yourself too. There are 50 types of monsters you can train here, and fight other DS users monsters with. Both get items for fighting but the winner gets special items not before seen in Chrono Trigger. Initially you are raising what looks to be baby Nu's, as they gain experience they form a more recognizable monster. You can give them vague orders (to use items for example) but it seems they act on their own prerogative regardless, listening to you at times but not others. Maybe the coolest part is you can have your monsters train while you are venturing throughout the time with Crono and friends.