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July 26, 2008

Final Fantasy IV DS Eblan Rubicante

Okay I'm on my way into the Cave of Eblan. Got the Hovercraft taken near Eblan and the Tower of Babil, and I'm about to cross the shoals to enter.

Eblan Cave B1 - 3 Bacchus' Wines for completing the map. Head east right away for a few treasures, southeast for another, and southwest to reach Eblan Town.

Here in Eblan you can learn about the fiery Prince Edge. Buy some weapons and armor if you like.


Cave of Eblan First Passage - Grab the Ether to your right. North for a Tent and to Cave of Eblan - Second Passage. Before taking said passage, go to the middle of the screen and walk through the wall east for a Hi Potion. This is all you can reach in this area for now so go northwest.

Cave of Eblan Second Passage - Head north, east, then northeast for a Bomb Coreand south to go back to First Passage. Here you can grab a Cabin and two Hi Potions, then go east through the wall for two Elixirs. Continue all the way south and west for Spider Silk. Southeast has a Silver Hourglass and two Phoenix Downs. From here, go northeast to get 3 Hermes Sandals for completing Cave of Eblan First Passage.

You are back to the right side of the Second Passage now. West for a Shuriken and Gold Needle. The east room has a Save Point, and a Blood Sword to the east through the wall. Save and go north to meet Edge and Rubicante. Edge will fight but lose. Further north to complete Cave of Eblan Second Passage and get 3 Decoys.

June 8, 2008

Etrian Odyssey II 2 Heroes of Lagaard DS Review

Not too far from now (June 17), ATLUS will be serving up copies of Etrian Odyssey II Heroes of Lagaard to North America. Veterans of the first Etrian Odyssey will notice subtle gameplay tweaks, and some other important stuff most notably new classes.


As usual you have 5 characters in your party, made up of a variety of classes. In total you can have over 25 class types with all the variations to the regular classes like Medic. Then there are the new classes, like the Gunner in the picture with the ATLUS Jack Frost persona hat. Or choose between Dark Hunter, Protector, Alchemist, Troubadour, Hexer, Ronin, etc. New gameplay features include the ability to strafe around, allowing you to get around faster. Each character has a force meter which allows them to do a special attack based on what class they are. The endless character customization leads to a high replay value, though the intense difficulty means you will have to earn it.

You will die often as you start out, especially if you are new to the series, but just keep experimenting with the classes to see which groupings work well for you. The map drawing is the same as Etrian Odyssey I, something you will need to do to remember where things like treasures, walls, and pitfalls are.


May 12, 2008

DS The World Ends With You Review


We are in a transitional period for our console gaming systems as the PS2 / Xbox / Gamecube generation is being phased out and more PS3 / Xbox360 games are coming. Still not a lot of true RPG's for the latter two systems, though there are some. Recently you see most of the good RPG's coming out for the handheld systems like Nintendo DS and PSP.

The World Ends With You for the Nintendo DS is a more modern action RPG as you roam the streets of Shibuya Tokyo with Neku Sakuraba. The music in this game may remind gamers of Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 for the ps2. Most would be surprised that this is not made by ATLUS but by Square Enix, not something they do often.

Neku meets a lot of friends with the same pin that he has notably a girl named Shiki, and Neku has to team up with some of them to pass the trials of The Reapers. Through Neku's mind reading ability's he will be able to learn more about other people he encounters and of his strange past to get some answers as to why he is 'dead' and doing these trials in the first place.

One of the best parts is that you can always scale the difficulty if you are having trouble, or increase it if you wish to play a harder game (with much better item drops).

Your ds stylus will get a lot of work in this game. Often times there is a strategy you need to employ with your partner and Neku but at first and even later during major battles you will just end up rapidly smashing the stylus on Neku's screen to survive. The multitasking can seem impossible at first but you can always just have the CPU control your NPC character like Shiki. Sometimes you even have to yell into the DS speaker. It is a very style conscious game and you will need to know which pins are related to the areas you are in, because they either make you stronger or hamper your ability if you use the wrong one.