October 28, 2008

FF12 Nalbina Dungeons Barheim Passage


You wake up in Nalbina Dungeon. Balthier tells Vaan not to horse around but of course Vaan wants to explore. Not much to do here besides talk to the hopeless inmates. Save at the north part of the Stockade and then go through.

Bunch of wild Seeq's up here. They slaughter a defenseless Bangaa in front of you, then Vaan gets knocked out and finds himself in the middle of the pit with those three Seeq's. It is you and Balthier against them. This battle is not as hard as you would think. Casting Fire should quickly eliminate one of them. Save Daguza for last. Even with regular attacks you take off more. Wipe them out and your party retreats, not before overhearing a Judge and Ba'Gamnon speak.

As you begin to leave, your party finds all of your items / weapons / armor. And a map of Nalbina Dungeons. And two more treasures, a Tourmaline Ring and Gambit Fore: Targeting Leader. Save your game, then go east.


Lots of Imperials in the next area. Work your way northwest through them, until you get to an exit in the far north where the Judge is.

Basch is saved and joins your party, much to the chagrin of Vaan. Northeast in this room has 777 Gil, 293 Gil, 456 Gil. Burrogh here is very helpful with his weapons, armor, gambits, and more. For sure buy the Ally : HP < 50 and 30 % gambits. Upgrade Vaan's weapon if you haven't found a Long Sword / Mage Masher along the way. And a shield for Vaan if you are still fighting with a dagger. Blindna, Slow, and Poisona are must haves. Go up the stairs and hit the timeworn device in the center, and then go to the Gate Switchboard by Burrogh. Neither work so talk to Burrogh for a Tube Fuse.

Barheim Passage
Install the Tube Fuse into center device, the light will go on as the charge reaches 100%. Opening the gate ahead reduces that by 30% however, so this will continue to drop as you get further in Barheim Passage.

The Mimics in the next area continue to suck out the energy in these rooms. This restores their own HP and they will discharge that energy out on your members. Be wary of Basch with his lack of equipment, his HP gets low fast. As you get to the Great Eastern Passage, continue to head south and mop up Battery Mimics and Tiny Mimics. As the path turns southwest, be sure to head back northwest for the Map of the Barheim Passage. When you have the choice, take the northwest exit to OP Sector 36. Just clear the area of the two Battery Mimics and go on south. Take the west route again when you can, for OP Sector 37. Another Gate Switchboard at the far north once you've cleared the Battery Mimics and others. This opens the south gate.


So return to Special OP Sector 3. Head south to the north-south junction for a scene with Reks. Basch also gets a sword and armor now, I guess he found them on the ground. Save your game and continue the journey south, out of Barheim. Several treasures at the north part of the Zeviah Subterrane. Suriander frogs are down here, they have a decent physical attack but are not much trouble.

A save point in the area southeast of here. Then you will have a boss fight against the Queen Mimic, and a bunch of Tiny Mimics running around. The Tiny Mimics suck the charge at various points but really don't do much to you. The Queen has some decent attacks but is pretty weak until you take off about half of it's HP; then it busts out Shockstorm, high damage to all, and then Earth Shaker, which is a little less powerful. Use Blizzard throughout for maximum damage but save up MP for the end so you can really spam Blizzard to get it over with quick.

Dalmasca Estersand
You are in Dalmasca Estersand, with the entrance to Barheim Passage closed in. The goal is to head to Rabanastre but you haven't really explored Estersand, so check out the northern areas of Estersand. You will reach the South Bank Village. Seems the ferry normally runs but the boat is stuck at the north bank and the villagers don't know why. Touch the Estersand Crystal in the northeast part of the village.

Back southwest until you reach the Dalmasca Estersand Outpost. Hopefully you signed up for the Flowering Cactoid Hunt a while back, you can speak with Dantro here about this Mark hunt. Look for this Flowering Cactoid at the Yardang Labyrinth, towards the north end near the town. Not difficult at all especially with four members pummeling him at once. Cast Thunder, Fire, whatever, and put the boots to him quick when his HP gets low before he gets off 1000 Needles. You get a Cactus Flower as Flowering Cactoid is vanquished.

Return to Dantro at the Outpost, and he rewards you with 500 Gil and Potion x10 for Dalmasca's Desert Bloom. Back to the South Bank Village to give Dantro's Wife the Cactus Flower. She rewards you with a bundle of Needles. She needs some Semclam Shells now. Check the northwest part of the village in the water to find one.

Now Dantro's Wife needs Nebralim. What a fetch quest. Well go to Dantro and he says to look behind the crates, so search behind the Chocobo for a Phial of Nebralim.

On the way back, head to Nalbina Town, which is the far east exit just south of Barheim.


Nalbina Town
Touch the Gate Crystal of Nalbina. Really nice visuals as you head in. Nice things at the stores too, like Steel Bows and Iron Swords. A new spell, Poison, and some nice gambits available. Get what you can afford. There is a path to the Mosphoran Wasteland but ignore that for now and head back to the South Bank Village.

Return the Nebralim to Dantro's wife. Valeblossom Dew is next, but you cannot get to the Broken Sands quite yet.

Balthier, Fran, and Basch leave the party as you get there. Save your game and talk to the purple Moogling Attendant. He can transfer you around Rabanastre, much more convenient than having to walk.

At the Sandsea Restaurant, sign up for the Wraith Ghost hunt. The Petitioner is Milha in the north part of Lowtown. Before this though, get some magic, armor, and weapons that you can afford. Then to Migelo's Sundries. Speak with Kytes here.

You are then off to Old Dalan's house. Take the stairs in the northeast and look for Milha. If you signed up for the Wraith, you will hear about this mark hunt at the Garamsythe Waterway (storehouse 5). You just have Vaan, so we are not doing this quite yet. Head due south to Old Dalan's house. You are to deliver a sword to a guy on the map that Dalan has marked off. Find this spot on the map to meet Balzac, and you will go in and watch Vossler and Basch go at it.


Basch will join Vaan after this, and then go to the Sandsea. Up the stairs to here Migelo talk about Penelo, who has been taken. The party is to go to the Lhusu Mines in Bhujerba, with Basch.

The Aerodrome is by the west gate. Speak with Fran, and then enter. Go to the far north end to speak to Balthier to go to Bhujerba.

October 24, 2008

FFXII Giza Plains Garamsythe Waterway


Giza Plains
After speaking with Old Dalan, go outside and south to the southgate. Save at the Rabanastre Crystal and go out of town to continue the Final Fantasy XII walkthrough.

The Hyena's are probably weaker than the Wolves that you were fighting. This should be especially easy if you bothered to build up to defeat Thextera.

Take the first south exit to the Nomad Village of Giza Plains. Speak with the kind folks here, specifically Masyua who tells you about the Sunstones. Turns out the Shadestones that the Nomads here have are brought around to the Dark Crystals until they become Sunstones. The kids here have to do this, and one of them (Jinn) is missing.

As Vaan exits, Penelo is here. She just joins you, fortunately she is at Level 5. She already has Cure unlocked, but unlock Light Armor 2 so she can have the Headguard, and black magic so she can use Fire, Thunder, and Blizzard. You can buy her some stuff at the shop here, notably a Broad Sword if you want optimum attack power.

Leave to the south. Penelo hands you 3 Potions and 2 Tufts of Phoenix Down once you do. Also, she tells about Gambits. This makes fighting with multiple allies easier.


From the Nomad Village, take the west exit, then south to Starfall Field, and east to Crystal Glade. Jinn is here, with a bad leg. Explain your deal about needing a Sunstone to Jinn. You are given a Shadestone, and you need to find a few of these Dark Crystals to power up your Shadestone. It doesn't matter which three Dark Crystals you visit, though I tend to go to the Gizas South Bank for the first one (just to the east) and work your way counterclockwise to the next two Dark Crystals.

Back with Jinn, and you really have a Sunstone. You will automatically be back at the Nomad Village and you are thanked for saving Jinn. Your reward is 50 Gil, 2 Potions, and 2 Teleport Stones.

Rabanastre Lowtown
You are at the south gate, so just look for that huge door that opens to Lowtown. Vaan leaves Penelo as he enters Old Dalan's House. He has the Crescent Stone and gives it to you since you have the Sunstone.

Storehouse Five is what leads to the left door and ultimately the Garamsythe Waterway. It is in the northwest part of Lowtown Rabanastre. Remember where you were fighting rats earlier with Vaan? This is near where you need to go, but go left instead. Kytes opens the door and hands you 2 Potions, and 4 Phials of Eye Drops.


Garamsythe Waterway

Your first real look at the depths of the Garamsythe Waterway. Hang a right if you want to clear out some Dire Rats and get a treasure. Left for a Save Point, and then you will be in a different area. You are heading northeast and going uphill as you face Dire Rats and Steelings on the other side. Eventually to the northeast there are stairs down to the watery level, and the path becomes much more linear.

Also you will run into some tough Ichthon's. Take the south route when you can after going west for a bit, to find an Oaken Staff. Further west and north for another treasure, and you will soon find the Royal Palace.

Rabanastre Royal Palace
You see two characters fly in. Then you gain control of Vaan, so get a Map of the Royal Palace of Rabanastre and save. Lots of treasures in the next room, and then talk to everyone. Seems there is something important upstairs, but as you try to go to the northwest a guard tells you to wait. The seeq notices you want to go up, so talk to him. Now for some reason Vaan is the one to call the guard, and the Seeq then chats with him. Just go to the wall to the right of Vaan and stick to it so you can go by and flip around up the stairs.

The Signet yearns for sunstone's strength, To light the clouded way. Once in the Palace, you'll find the signet tile. Give to it the Sun's power, and it will light your path. That is what Old Dalan said regarding this floor.

However there are guards everywhere. The trick here is to create a path going north by calling the soldiers south. Start by taking the south route east, and then at the far east call the guards just north of you. They will run south, so hurry up and run back to the beginning. At the beginning, call the guards that are just north of you so that they run south. Now you can go east, hugging the north wall as it wraps to the north. Snake around west and stop at the Lion signet. Use the Crescent Stone to light the path (which looks to be in the far northwest). Just continue to call the guards in the northwest south of you, so that you can wrap east, north, and back west to get to that faint light. Search it for a small path.

The door shuts behind you. Search around for a 'switch' by the blocked door ahead of you. Examine the wall now, and Vaan goes through. You meet those strange people that flew in, just as Vaan finds the Goddess Magicite. They demand it, but then soldiers begin to run all over. Balthier and Fran catch you, and just as you are trying to flee you are almost shot down.


Garamsythe Waterway
You are back in the sewers. Turns out, Vaan will be working with Balthier and the Viera Fran. Use up the rest of their License Points if you can get something decent for them, and then Save. Before you continue through the Sewers, you get a far more detailed explanation on Gambits.

Next area, look east for a map of the Garamsythe Waterway. The exit route looks quite simple. Start heading south and clockwise in general until you reach the stairs. You should not have much trouble with the monsters along the way, although the paths are skimpy so you will likely have to plow through them all. The Gigantoad's can surprise you with their speed and 25-30 damage per hit. Take the thin routes in the southeast all the way to the middle-south, where you find another blue Save Point.

You meet a lady that Vaan catches, named Amalia. The Imperial Soldiers are not difficult to withstand. Turns out this Amalia is going to join you for the ride, though Vaan seems kind of clueless as to her identity. Balthier then explains the Guest system in FFXII. Return back to save, then continue onward.

Four slimes ambush you ahead. Flan to be exact. They are weak to fire, so anyone who can cast it should do so (probably Vaan and Fran). These guys can gang up on you, but the damage they take off is negligible. Just burn these guys down one at a time, try to target whoever Amalia is fighting to keep things quick plus she takes off a ton.


Tougher monsters are ahead in the southwest though. Ghosts teleport into battle and cannot be hurt while they are in the middle of teleportation. They take off a bit especially with Fire. Then there are the Garchimacera's, you may remember them from Final Fantasy V as Garkimasra in the Walse sewers. Anyway, you fight three of them at once so try to gang up on one at a time to evaporate their ranks.

As you begin to head north again from the southwest corner, take the east route to the center. Lots of rusted devices here, they will be used later. And save your game before you go in the Overflow Coaca.

Big flaming unicorn in the next room. Of course, this is why you bought Blizzard. It will use Rush and likely will be hammering your guest Amalia, so try to heal her when you can though she is liable to spam Potions on herself too. Casting Protect on her could be useful too, or for whoever the Firemane is attacking. If you are not careful you may lose a character here. Bushfire can really do a number on you, have all of your characters run away from him when he readies that ability.

Afterwards, disaster strikes. Vayne is here. Vaan has a dream with his brother, and Galbana Lilies.


FF12 Rabanastre Estersand Westersand


After the opening scene, you finally get control of the main character Vaan, wandering around the upper level of Rabanastre. Speak with Penelo near you and then you are to head off to Migelo's item shop. Head south past all the other shops to get there and he will have you on an errand.

Fortunately it is not really a fetch quest, as when you get to the Sandsea restaurant north of Migelo's. Tomaj here will explain FFXII Mark Hunts, since he actually has one available. The Clan Primer he hands you allows you to keep up on the whereabouts of the hunts that you are currently signed up for. He also has a Writ of Transit, and he gives you an Orrachea Armlet. Since you cannot just equip weapons and armor, he teaches you about license points and has you unlock the Orrachea Armlet so that you can equip it.

Dalmasca Estersand
Obviously take the east exit here, after you sign up for the Rogue Tomato mark hunt. Use this save point to heal up and save whenever you like.

As soon as you travel a bit northeast in the Estersand, you can see the Rogue Tomato on the cliff. Beat up on some Cactuars first though to get to level 2, then rest up and return. The Rogue Tomato should be sliced up easily with just regular attacks, though halfway through the battle it'll make a maneuver down the cliff, so you will have to circle around to get to it. Try to avoid the attention of the nearby Wolves so as to not get them in the battle too. Down here the Rogue Tomato can only sustain a few more hits from Vaan but he also has a Flame Breath tactic that can do decent damage on you, so watch your HP incase you need to use a Potion. Grab the Galbana Lilies then return to Rabanastre.

Only to find out that you are locked out. After some scenes, Penelo and Migelo come and you have your way back into Rabanastre, just in time for the speech by Vayne Solidor. More pretty graphics.

Once you regain control, head to Tomaj at the Sandsea to get your reward; 300 Gil, a Teleport Stone and 2 Potions. Check the mark board to find that there is another hunt available right now, the mutant beast Thextera. Turns out the person you must find is right next to you at the Sandsea, so talk to Gatsly the merchant. He needs you to go to Dalmasca Westersand to take out Thextera, who is just to the south of the first screen in the Westersand (Galtea Downs).

Before any of this, you will want to train Vaan a bit more and get a Broad Sword, and some spells. Cure and Fire prove most useful here, but you'll want to just get the Broad Sword and then train up for a bit to sell enough Wolf Hides so that you can get Cure and Fire.


Thextera Mark Hunt
In Dalmasca Westersand you should be able to beat up the Wolves pretty easily and grab the nearby treasures, you'll probably find some gil to speed the process up. Still, you will want to be level 4 or 5 for Thextera who can be difficult with just Vaan especially for a new player. One trick is that once you clear the area around you, notice that your MP regenerates. So once you get Cure you should be able to not have to return to the save point too often with your MP regenerating.

Thextera runs around the battlefield fast, plus he is huge. Worse yet, even if you wipe out the Wolves by him, he can still call for help and get more Wolves after you. Regular attacks will leave you being bombarded by the enemies and not have enough time to Cure. The trick is to get Fire and cast that on Thextera right away, hopefully with just 1 Wolf or less nearby. You only need to hit him another 3 or 4 times with Fire, so keep spamming it as fast as you can. You will probably need to Cure or use a Potion once he uses Fangs, a powerful attack that takes off about 100. Quickly heal up once Thextera is defeated because the smaller wolves will still be there.


Back to the Sandsea to claim your reward. 500 Gil, a Teleport Stone and a Headguard. Sign up for the next mark hunt that you now see is available - the Flowering Cactoid (Rare Cactoid). Dalmasca Estersand is the location and you are to look for Dantro.

Before you do anything else, head to the Centurio Clan for Mob Hunting. So, go north a tad and west when you can (from the Sandsea). Look for the Conspicuous Bangaa, who notices you have the Clan Primer.

The Clan Hall is a nifty little place. Helpful hints are all around, and you will want to talk to Montblanc at the top right away. You are now a member of Clan Centurio. Talk to him again for 3 Potions, 2 Warp Motes, and 2 Teleport Stones.

Rabanastre Lowtown
To get to the Lowtown, head to the east or northeast to find a set of stairs. Head to the far southeast to Old Dalan's Place. Vaan wants to get into the palace to steal some stuff, and Old Dalan has a plan. He also knows about the Crescent Stone, but it needs to be augmented by a Sunstone in Giza Plains first.

October 23, 2008

FFXII Dalmasca Rasler intro pics


The luscious graphics of Final Fantasy XII are obvious as soon as you start up the game. It is a long scene but you will see Ashe's lover Rasler go down in battle after the wedding day. Dalmasca is in trouble. The FFXII walkthrough guide does not begin with these characters, but they all play a major role in the story.

Nalbina Fortress North Ward
You will begin as 17 year-old Reks. A familiar figure is here to greet you, his name is Basch. Learn the controls a bit and talk to the two around you then open the gate. The first fight is simple but then you see an Air Cutter Remora.


As you enter the imperial area near the king, head north but look for an east route to the stairs up. Save your game on the next floor and continue up. You have to defeat three imperial knights here but you should not have much trouble, just attack efficiently, you should not need a potion.

Just a little bit ahead and everyone is on the ground. Basch is taken away.

April 14, 2008

Final Fantasy XII 12 Hunt FAQ Guide


At the Final Fantasy 12 FFXII Walkthrough FAQ has reached a million views. It is amazing to think, but FF12 and Final Fantasy in general just has this huge fanbase that stays consistent. Plus there is so much content in the game that gamers are engrossed for hundreds of hours, literally.

You do not have to get too far in Final Fantasy XII to open up the Centurio Clan Mob Hunts Guide. Basically you sign up to hunt one of these monsters with a reward if you defeat it. You may get a hint as to where or what it is, maybe even some help as to how to defeat it. I find it is best to sign up for a few hunts and then go through your normal quest, and you may run across a few. Or after you have done a bit of storyline / plot stuff, take a break and work on some hunts as it is good for building up your characters.

Lots of these hunts are palette swapped versions of enemies you fought previously, but they still pose a unique threat. I tend to favor having two allies who are berserked / bravery / bubbled / hasted attack the enemy constantly, with a healer overseeing the battle and being ready to retreat if disaster strikes. But you must fight each hunt differently based on that enemies weaknesses / strengths. For example if you are fighting Marilith you will be fighting a quick enemy so it is essential you have Haste up so you can be on the same level of speed as her. Likewise if you are fighting a physically strong enemy like Gil Snapper you will want Protect up so your brutes can handle the physical punishment from Gil Snapper. And these are just the early hunts! Another absolutely essential strategy is if the enemy you are fighting has any buffs like Haste / Protect / Attack up, etc, you will want to use Dispel. Dispel is your friend and always have that ready because they might put those buff effects back up even if you Dispel them.

One classic hunt is FF5 Gilgamesh. Remember him from Final Fantasy V? He is back with his dog Enkidou. Gilgamesh and Enkidou may initially seem like a joke but you will respect them especially after their second hunt battle at Lhusu Mines! His combo rate is ridiculous and he can make short work of you with his speed and power. It is crucial you get Enkidou finished as the two of them wreak havoc together and make it hard to Cure everyone and still make progress attacking.

More on Final Fantasy XII hunt FAQ later. If you want the full Walkthrough FAQ just check