April 22, 2008

Preorder FES Persona 3 FAQ


It is the shipping date for Persona 3 FES around North America. FES will be in stores tomorrow for 29$. This is tremendous value considering the original Persona 3 is still quite a bit more than that. At times it is so open ended that it is hard to use a Persona 3 Walkthrough FAQ Guide because you have so many decisions based on what you like to do with your social links.

With FES you are getting an extended version of Episode Yourself, The Journey. All sorts of added content with extra scenes, you can go on walks with Koromaru to get items and meet people, and more social links / Elizabeth missions / costumes / Personae / games, and much more. The general story and plot do not veer from the natural course, but with all the new content it is a fresh enough experience.

When the normal Persona 3 ends there is not much light shed onto what happens afterwards with the main character and everyone else. Episode Aigis, The Answer, informs you on this as this quest shows Aigis and her relationship with Metis, her sister. You have some dungeon-crawling to do as The Abyss needs to be destroyed and along the way you will learn about what the main character went through.

Remember with Episode Aigis that you are trapped within the dorm and there are no social links. This is a good thing if you enjoy the dungeon crawling of Persona 3, and despite that there is a good deal of character development within your group during this part too.

Since Persona 3 FES comes out tomorrow you can expect the Persona 3 FES Walkthrough FAQ Review to be up and running by the end of April.

April 2, 2008

Persona 3 FES P4


ATLUS has been very busy lately with some games coming out in the immediate future along with a few others being announced. A few months ago they decided to bring Persona 3 FES to the USA and April 22 2008 was only a matter of months away.

P3 FES is only 29$ yet provides the same game and an extra 30-40 hours of gameplay than the original (the original is still pretty pricey more like in the 60$ range). With FES you get a more detailed story in a lot of areas that gamers wanted to know more about, like with Chidori and Junpei, and the game also goes a bit past the regular ending from Persona 3. Along the way Persona 3 FES has added a ton of features; more music, more Personae, new costumes, new social links, a harder difficulty, weapon customization, and much more.

Episode Aegis is much more of a dungeon-crawler type game, as without the hero from P3 you do not go to school or take part in social links. Also, gamers are already upset about the personae compendium being gone. That said, FES's additions make the main game experience even better than before (and it was already worthy of RPG of the Year 2007).

Persona 3 Walkthrough FAQ

Edit : Not only has Persona 3 FES been released, but we have already received Persona 4. Brilliant RPG's for the PS2.