March 30, 2013

FreeBSD Foundation Community Proposals

FreeBSD Foundation Project Proposals are now underway, as of the 27th. They do a good job engaging their community by asking for potential projects that should be submitted and evaluated to see if they deem worthy of inclusion in future development processes. If you are a FreeBSD user and have an opinion on potential functionality you feel should be used, submit your proposal.

FreeBSD Foundation had a great 2012, with a large amount of donations coming to cap off a busy year. At the moment, they are working on implementing the ability to boot FreeBSD in the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface boot environment (or UEFI).

November 11, 2011

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Xbox360 Achievements


CoD MW3 is out recently and it is time to take your controller and use it to shoot moving targets again.

When looking at the achievements make sure to double check the difficulty level before attempting. This is the #1 problem for people is they forget to make sure their difficulty is on the right level before attempting a Call of Duty Modern Warfare III Achievement.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 Achievements list

October 9, 2011


Lots of systems coming out soon. Hard to believe since it seems like the current generation has been so underwhelming. Video games are still popular yet the quality continues to wane. it has also become so hard for smaller publishers to afford putting games out and getting a return. So it's just the same old stuff.

Destiny of an Emperor Mods

Batman Arkham Origins PS3 Unlockables

WWE2k14 Xbox360 Achievements

Dynasty Warriors 8 Hwo to Unlock Unlockable Characters

Pokemon X 3DS How to Unlock Medals

July 8, 2010

new RPG Review FAQ design

The previous style was so old that the template was not supported by Movable Type any longer. Time to venture into the hills.

July 9, 2008

Crono Crossing: Chrono Trigger release Date

As you can see from the scan, not much has changed with Chrono Trigger since 1995 :)

Square Enix has been busy with ports and remakes lately, with last weeks announcement of Chrono Trigger DS being the latest. Due to complications with licensing, this is not a true remake like Final Fantasy IV DS but instead an enhanced port, with a few added features from the SNES version of Chrono Trigger.

If this was a few years ago this would be Chrono Trigger advance, which is where all the Square Enix ports were landing. Since the Advance has passed the torch onto the DS, we are now getting Chrono Trigger with DS touch screen use! The beautiful sounds and visuals of Chrono Trigger will not be changed but as far as gameplay we may be seeing an extra dungeon at the end. Not to mention Internet play and use of the stylus.

Any time Square Enix releases a port, a group of gamers groans and begs for newer games or a remake instead. Despite a PS1 port with Final Fantasy Chronicles, this is the first quality port of the game. FF Chronicles was ruined with the load times, which were just as bad with the Final Fantasy ports but even more debilitating for CT considering Chrono Trigger is an Action / RPG that requires that in battle / out of battle flow.

We will likely get more information soon regarding exactly what was added with Chrono Trigger DS FAQ. What we do know is that Chrono Trigger DS will be hitting North American shores at the end of the 2008 year, as Winter and Holiday season is upon us. Considering how big of a cult hit Chrono Trigger was for Square, this is going to fly off the shelves, port or not.

June 28, 2008

Dynasty Warriors 6 Special PS2 news


KOEI has shocked the world and is releasing Dynasty Warriors 6 for the Playstation 2. The PS2 version of Dynasty Warriors 6 Special is going to provide new weapons / musou modes for characters such as Cao Pi, Ling Tong and Ma Chao.

Ling Tong has his classic nunchucks, Cao Pi has a longsword and Ma Chao has a Buster Sword type weapon. We had speculated that there would be more Dynasty Warriors 6 characters with their original weapons, but I had thought this would be done in Dynasty Warriors 6 XL

Gamers who bought Dynasty Warriors 6 already may be upset especially those who bought a PS3 or Xbox360 just to play it! However Dynasty Warriors 6 for PS2 opens the game up to many more households as the amount of PS2 consoles in North American homes is probably close to Xbox360 + Ps3 combined.

It remains to be seen when Dynasty Warriors 6 Special is released and if there are new Dynasty Warriors 6 unlockable characters. Rest assured we'll keep you updated.

June 7, 2008

Preorder Final Fantasy IV 4 DS Release Date

kainazzo.jpg rubicante.jpg
Source: Famitsu

The day of July 22nd 2008 is drawing near, as Final Fantasy IV 4 DS will be released. In anticipation of this release date, the Final Fantasy IV 4 DS Walkthrough FAQ Guide has been started (edit - and now completed). This game has a significant increase in difficulty, as bosses are tougher and will require some tactical preparation beforehand making a walkthrough vital for this new FFIV adventure.

Gone are the 2D graphics of the original Final Fantasy IV / Final Fantasy II US. These graphics had been used in the port versions of Final Fantasy IV that have came out over the last fifteen years. Getting a 3d overhaul much in the same manner as Final Fantasy III will allow for a new, brighter adventure.

The biggest change in gameplay is the Decant Ability System that allows you to learn ability's from your teammates. Sometimes they may just change your statistics like higher HP, magic, etc. Other times, the Decant Ability System will allow you to take past ability's from characters that leave the party (like "Hide" from Edward" for example). This allows for extra customization with your characters, and ups an already-high replay value for Final Fantasy IV DS.

The story does not change much, but FFIV DS does a great job of adding extra dialogue to further explain certain scenes. As usual though, Dark Knight Cecil will travel with Dragoon Kain on orders of the Baron King to go to the Summoner's Valley. Their journey begins there, as they have been duped and they hurt the mother of a young Caller / Summoner, Rydia.

It may be a wise choice to preorder this game. Preordered Final Fantasy IV DS owners will get a special FFIV DS Cover. Expect the FFIV 4 DS Walkthrough Guide to be finished around the end of July, shortly after the game is released.

May 27, 2008

Dragon Quest IV DS Release Date V VI News

Source: Famitsu

September 16th 2008 cannot come fast enough. Dragon Warrior IV Walkthrough FAQ was one of my favorite games of all time regardless of system. As an RPG it was ahead of it's time with a huge 8-9 person part and a great replay value / story for a game on the NES in the early 1990's.

Dragon Quest IV was actually released for Playstation one in Japan in 2002, but it never made it stateside. Dragon Quest IV DS which was released late last fall outsold almost every game in Japan, and sold about as many copies as Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, a legend in it's own right. Thus it was a given that in time Dragon Quest IV DS would be released in the United States sometime soon and that day turns out to be 9-16-08.

Part of this was decided likely because of Final Fantasy IV DS coming out July 22nd 2008, and some other games later in the summer on the horizon. It is not known when Dragon Quest V DS or Dragon Quest VI DS come out, but they have at least confirmed that those two will be coming out as well to complete the Zenithian Trilogy.

Dragon Quest IV DS keeps much of the same classic JRPG gameplay that fans around the globe and especially Japan loved so much. There are the first four chapters with Ragnar / Healie, Alena / Cristo / Brey, Taloon, Mara / Nara / Orin, and then the final Chapter 5 with everyone joining the Zenithian Hero to battle Necrosaro.

Dragon Quest 4 IV DS employs 3d graphics like the PS1 version of Dragon Quest IV and it also has animations during attacks and vivid backgrounds.

May 7, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV 4 Walkthrough FAQ Guides

One of the most popular gaming series finally has released another game, after 4 years from when Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was released. Gamers on the PS3 and Xbox360 have been stunned by the next gen experience that comes with Grand Theft Auto 4 IV. There have been a few games trying to copy Grand Theft Auto's style but the GTA series is always the one with the reputation and in turn the big hit.

There is multiplayer on GTA IV 4. There are all sorts of side quests you can do like racing, free roam, fight to the death, and more. Within the game, your character's ability is more realistic as far as how he moves and how the automobiles move. You have to drive reasonably to stay on all fours. Use of the camera is improved and your character can now duck, and you do not have to hold a button to run.

Graphically you will be stunned on either the xbox360 or ps3 Grand Theft Auto IV. Very detailed characters as far as their face, hands, fingers, and so on. Lots of attention to detail with the setting and the city as well. You are immersed into the game as far as the sound is concerned as you are always hearing the sounds of a busy city. People talking and cars racing by. It is more involved and you can hear people chatting, cars coming before you can see them, and all sorts of random noises.

The story mode can end in a few different ways. Along the way you can get drunk. And you will be completing missions and unlocking a ton of stuff.

April 20, 2008

Preorder Chapters of the Chosen DS Dragon Quest 4


Recently Square Enix has trademarked Chapters of the Chosen. Many are speculating that this is related to Dragon Quest IV / Dragon Warrior 4 as the game is based on 5 chapters as you control the chosen ones.

The North American release date for Dragon Quest IV DS is not that far off surely. This highly anticipated DS game blew sales away in Japan in late 2007 when it was released. Not even Final Fantasy IV DS could compare to DQ IV DS. It is personally one of my favorite RPG's, definitely the best Nintendo RPG. Needless to say it was way ahead of it's time with it's party structure, tactics, and depth.

After Chapter 5 all the characters join together but you no longer control every character. That said the ally AI is pretty good in this game; it's great to see Brey use Bikill on your allies like Alena and Ragnar. Chapter 5 is full of content while the first four chapters are very enthralling especially if you are just meeting these characters.


Gameplay is similar turn based, and back in these days you could not see your allies during battle. That said the setting is much more vibrant and it is based on where you are fighting the enemy, plus the enemies are now animated. It is similar to the PS1 remake that never made it out of Japan but with more smooth graphics. Preorder Dragon Quest IV DS and keep up with as you will know the release date the day it is released.

Dragon Quest IV 4 DS Walkthrough Guide

April 19, 2008

Rondo of Swords Walkthrough FAQ Guide


Rondo of Swords is a strategy RPG for the Nintendo DS produced by ATLUS. Most who play the game immediately think of Shining Force, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc.

A short while after starting though SRPG fans will notice a difference. Rondo of Swords requires strategic precision or else you will likely be slaughtered, even in battle 1. You are vastly overpowered right away and you are to flee and only engage the enemy when you have to. In this game instead of moving to a spot, staying there, and attacking, Rondo of Swords allows character to attack and charge through enemies and in turn switch positions on the map. The enemy counters with the same type of strategies to ruin your formations so this is another challenge in what is already a daunting difficulty level. You will likely lose often in this game and will have to realize your mistakes because this game offers little room for error.


A couple typical things about this game typical of most ATLUS games. There are limited copies of this, you will generally only find 2 ATLUS copies of games at any given EBGames or Gamestop. Of course there is always eBay and you can probably get it cheapest on there - remember Rondo of Swords released at 30$. Always listed at Lordyuanshu ATLUS Walkthrough FAQ for the guides. The translation and characters are done well, if not a little annoying at times. ATLUS games like Rondo of Swords do a good job creating a cool atmosphere with interesting characters that you will actually care about by the end of the game.

Lots of replay value with Rondo of Swords as there are different endings to the game and many different characters to choose from. You will get to involve all the characters anyway, as even characters who are not fighting battle can be doing other errands to increase class or fight to gain levels in the meantime.

April 15, 2008

Final Fantasy 4 IV DS Release Date Confirmed


It had been rumored for a while, but Square-Enix finally has confirmed the release date for Final Fantasy 4 DS. Many RPG experts had figured it would be in the summer of 08 and indeed it is July 22nd 2008. Hardcore Final Fantasy fans will surely be getting this game but it is also going to touch a series of gamers that were too young to enjoy Final Fantasy IV / 2 for the SNES.

While Squaresoft most of the time gets lambasted for continually porting games that have already been put out without adding much (FFIV GBA, FFVI GBA, all the Final Fantasy I ports, etc), Final Fantasy IV DS is different. While it's not terribly different from the original version, they did add a lot more content in terms of the story and how your characters grow in battle with the Decant Ability System. This Decant system allows you to still use ability's of allies that have left your party.

Graphically this will stun you. It is done similarly to Final Fantasy III DS as they have turned a 2d game 3d. Dark Knight Cecil will catch your eye for example. There is also voice acting which people either hate or love. Generally it is not done well but for FFIV DS it is solid. In addition to the added dialogue, the voice acting brings out the characters much more. There are also extra never before scenes and finally you can talk to your characters outside of battle to get their opinion's on what's going on.

Not much to say about the music, as Nobuo Uematsu was doing his best work at this time for Squaresoft. The FFIV DS version is no different.


One thing I loved playing the japanese version of Final Fantasy IV DS is that the difficulty has been spiked to the point where it is about as hard as the FF4 Japanese version was for SNES (the FF4 / FF2 SNES version in the USA was made a bit easier). This can be a good thing for those veterans who always complain about RPG's becoming too easy; the boss enemies definitely are not in this one! Those just getting into the series will take their lumps early on in these battles but will learn that in general there are a few weaknesses to focus on for each enemy.