December 17, 2008

Suikoden 3 Chapter 5 Walkthrough


Budehuc Castle

Your Flame Champion starts off at Budehuc, after the events at the Syndar Rune with the True Water Rune. Sebastian wakes you up and asks if you want to do anything.

Put one child, two women and three men in your party. It can be tricking determing who the game considers a 'kid' (Hugo is a kid, for example). So, I had Hugo, Mua, Juan, Piccolo, Nei and Queen.

Go to the top part of the Inn at Caleria. Nadir was glad to join the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Ruins of Cyndar
Take the Ancient Highway. Save as you get to the Ruins of Cyndar, and take the east route again ( the one that leads north straight to the covered ruin area). Where you saw the True Water Rune is now a treasure boss! Likely a Copper Sun enemy. You have seen these guys before, they attack with the ring-type attack on one character or the earth-based attack on everyone.

The real prize is the treasure chest, with 120,000 Potch, Mega Medicine A x4, Champion's Rune, Custom Helm, Chief's Hat, Armor of Rage, CustomChainMail, Ninja Suit, Custom Robe, Earth Shield, Power Gloves, Mega Medicine Dx2, Mega Medicine C x4, and Recipe #17. The Champion's Rune is very nice. For enemies that you can 'let go' (enemies that are under your level), you won't even fight them! Put this on a high-level character if you want to cruise through an area without fighting those pesky random battles.

Check out more treasure bosses if you'd like. Otherwise, talk to Sebastian in the main room at Budehuc to rest, and continue the story.

Budehuc Castle
Next morning, travel to the gate. An injured Franz is here. After he rests, he comes out to say that the Harmonian Army has turned on Le Buque, and is going to send the villagers to Crystal Valley. Franz asks for help, for his villagers and Iku.

The whole army cannot be sent, so Geddoe and his group go. They are used to this sort of thing, and quite a powerful six-man team. Build up their weapons to level 15 and get new armor / runes if need be.

Then, quickly leave Budehuc Castle and re-enter. Jefferson will be at the gate, giving people distinctions. He eventually joins, and he can appoint your characters to different classes giving them different boosts. All the Medal Sets, they pertain to Jefferson.

Return to Anne to put in a good support member. Preferably someone like Mio, Goro or Tuta so you can recover your HP easily.

Worst part have to walk all the way to Le Buque. Viki will not teleport you. Please equip a Thunder Rune on Geddoe preferably, or a Lighting Rune if you have no available Thunder Rune.

Mountain Path
At the mountain path, you will fight an improved version of the Twin Snake. It's moves are not different, but it has a buffed attack and defense to go with your higher levels this time around. Continue to employ the same strategy as before, taking out the left head that uses Wind magic, and let the weaker fire magic hit you. The EXP you gain is higher too as you will likely reach the mid-50's in levels, in addition to the nearly 200,000 potch, Rare Rune, Blessed Helm, Flame Casque, Wizard Hat, Blessed Armor, Dragon Scale, Blessed Leather, Premier Tunic, Custom Robe, Earth Shield, DragonTailOrnmt, and a ? Painting. This defensive equipment should be a fabulous addition for Geddoe's party. Onto Le Buque you go.

Le Buque
Le Buque seems empty. Check out Iku / Franz's house, by the Inn, and a scene occurs with the party.

Go inside the house a few levels to talk to Franz a bit about Crystal Valley. Then Aila comes to show you an injured Mantor Legionnaire with his mantor.


Mt. Senai
Head to the back of Mt. Senai (just going straight north). Of course, save along the way. This upcoming part is vital for acquiring the rest of the Stars of Destiny. Save, incase you screw it up.

All the Le Buque villagers are at the end, where the treasure boss usually is. Alas, a barrier is blocking Franz and you from reaching them. Luc and Sarah then show themselves.

Luc then discusses his motivation for the True Rune hunt. His eternal life leaves him feeling empty, and he has more grand ambitions. Luc summons monsters, a trick he learned from 'his mentor', as it is becoming harder for him to deploy the Harmonian Army.

This upcoming battle pits you against Luc, Sarah, two Salamanders, and three Mirages. Use Level 3 True Lightning Magic for Thunder Storm, likely wiping everyone out in turn 1 besides the two boss enemies. Like previous battles with Sarah, you will be hoping for her to burn a turn on turn 1 using heal on everyone. If you can get Aila to hit Luc, along with the Ace / Joker combo, you might be able to waste this huge group in just 1 turn. Your reward? Wind Magic Ring, which raises your Wind magic a grade.

Sarah seems to have acquired the True Earth Rune, and with Luc's True Wind Rune, they wipe out your entire party. Luc then uses a painful procedure on Geddoe to acquire the True Lightning Rune.

This is why you kept a Lightning Rune or (preferably) a Thunder Rune on Geddoe. But, Franz and Iku reunite.

When you regain control, talk to the villagers. You can actually rest, and save for sure. Start heading out of Mt. Senai.


Luc's present seems to be a big one, in the form of about 50 monsters. Really though, if you have an A+ healer in Tuta as your support, you should be fine with your HP essentially restored after each fight. These enemies can take off some damage, but likely won't push you to the edge. Even if you used up your magic in previous battles, you could have rested / saved with that villager anyway. So whatever you do, do not abandon the townspeople. Choose A, to continue mauling through the enemies. Chances are you won't even be as fatigued as your characters are acting. Abuse the Thunder Rune if you have it for Geddoe, though physical attacks should suffice if you've built up your weapons to level 15 or so. You get another opportunity to bail on the townspeople, but stay there and continue to finish off the monsters.

Duke and his boys are here to save you, of all people. Allow them to, and Duke, Nicolas, Gau, and Elaine join the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Le Buque
Back at Le Buque, Geddoe punchs a villager. Ruby, Iku and Franz join the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Budehuc Castle
The flame then switches to Chris. Roland, Borus, Salome and Louis accompany Chris to Brass Castle to report to a Zexen messenger. Again, you cannot teleport to Brass Castle. But Chris at least has a horse to burn through Yaza Plains.

At Brass Castle, you see soldiers rushing to the east side of Brass Castle. Head there to see Yumi, but things seem odd. She asks you to go to Alma Kinan Village with her - bring a powerful party to help Chris.


As you get to Kuput Forest, Yumi makes her move. Chris and Borus sense that she is Sarah in disguise, and a fight ensues. Sarah summons three Azzodess enemies, the same ones you fought at FlameChampHdaway in Chapter 3. Sarah will use Ice magic or heal the party. The Azzodess' have that spell that can silence your party, and does decent damage. Thankfully, these Azzodess' have much less HP to bring down. Sarah has little HP as well, and if you have someone with high swing and continuous attack like Juan, they can bring Sarah down in one sequence. You get a Drain Rune for victory.

Sarah still has enough power to steal the True Water Rune from Chris.

The scene shifts to Hugo at Budehuc Castle. Get a group together, then leave to Yaza Plains. You can't go out towards Brass Castle or Mt Hei Tou, as it says you should return.

Budehuc Castle
Back at Budehuc, a zexen knight emerges. Hugo decides to go to Brass Castle ahead of time, with Sergeant Joe and four others of your choice.

Fortunately Hugo has a steed to make travel faster. Rest and save at the Brass Castle Inn, then go to the east bridge. Roland and Salome are fighting the Harmonians, but there is something strange about these Harmonians. Anyway, you have 15 total to defeat, in 3 battles.

Afterwards, Luc, Sarah and Yuber come in to greet you. Luc wastes no time taking the True Rune from Hugo, and now has them all with his vessel to seal all 27 True Runes.

Chris, Yuiri and the real Yumi come to Brass Castle from the Grasslands. Yuiri and Yumi join the 108 Stars of Destiny, and then back in the castle, Caesar deems it time to press the attack on Luc and his friends, as Sarah is weak.

Brass Castle War Battle
Move your armies ahead and do battle. That is, except for against Yuber. He is too dangerous to fight, plus you can only take off half his damage for now. Meanwhile, mop up the enemy units and retreat from Yuber. Try to work your way to the far east just below Yuber's unit.

Eventually, Sasarai shows up in the northeast. He then joins the Fire Bringer, as Luc has betrayed Harmonia and Hikusaak. At this time, start using all of your Lightning Rune and Fire Rune magic (Jeane / Estella) on Yuber. You should be able to really drain his HP before even going in battle with him, which is good because he likes to dodge all of your attacks.

For a Major Victory, you acquire a Flowing Rune.


Budehuc Castle
Go to the meeting room, as Nash Clovis comes in. He seems to know where Luc's ritual is taking place, and you can order the attack here. I suggest you take some time to recruit any characters you missed, and build up other characters in anticipation of upcoming war battles. If nothing else, rest / save and check your squad formations.

Iksay Village
Go to the Item Shop. At this point, the Golden Hammer should be in the rarities.

Alma Kinan
Check out the Item Shop, to find that Killer Runes are being sold here (chapter 5 only).

Fight some more treasure bosses if you need to build up characters. FlameChampHdaway consistently gets characters to level 54, so that is your best bet.

Speak with Caesar to alter the formations one more time, then proceed to battle. Sasarai and Dios then join the 108 Stars of Destiny. They should be your last two (despite four 'empty' spots that are saved for the bad guys).

Final War Battle at Cyndar Ruins
All but about 4-5 of your characters will be used in this war battle. Unfotunately, you can only move about 4 / 5th's of your units since you have so many.

You are fighting monsters, but as you defeat them Sarah will create reinforcements in the form of Zexens, Karayans and Lizards. The Harmonian Soldiers might be the toughest crop out of them all, with their long, powerful weapons that often-times attack twice. Use your better warriors for those groups, and for the group with three Chimera's and a Siren.

Either go after Sarah or keep destroying enemy units, and she will eventually get 'tired' and flee. In battle, she is hard to defeat because like the Siren group, Sarah is in the back row behind three 900 HP Chimera's.

Yuber is who you need to defeat, but be careful of that powerful monster. You will want to use up your Fire Rune magic spells, along with both Sasarai and Jeane's lightning rune magic. Fortunately, Yuber is in the front row so if you need to attack him to win, you can do so quickly (assuming he doesn't dodge / counter every attack).


Ceremonial Site
You are to split up into four groups. Chris' group, Hugo's group, Geddoe's group, and Sasarai / Cecile / Thomas.

If Geddoe is your Flame Champion, Hugo will be fighting Yuber. If anyone else is your Flame Champion, it will be Geddoe's party fighting Yuber. Bring Ace, Geddoe, Joker, Queen, Aila and Jacques for a special scene. Tough enemies are inside, so try to sustain your HP and don't waste rune magic.

At the end, you will meet Yuber. Rest up before this battle. I would use Kindness Drops on turn 1 as you will likely get some heavy damage from Yuber, especially if he uses his rune attack for about 300 on one character. Hellsteed has a lightning attack for 100 on everyone, so you will want to take that out quickly. Yuber also has a regular attack that is highly accurate and often times critical. He also has the Thunder Storm spell for about 200 damage on each character. Worse yet, Yuber has a ton of hit points, upwards of 3000. And gets berserk at the end.

Fortunately, victory nets you level 58 or so, along with a Reflection Ring. Just as Geddoe gets ready to cut Yuber down, he flees. The True Lightning Rune however, is yours.

Next up is likely Chris going after the True Water Rune. If Chris is your Flame Champion though, it will be Hugo going for the True Water Rune. Anyway, bring Chris' main party with - Leo, Percival, Salome, Borus, Roland and Louis in support. You get a zexen knight special scene.

This might be the toughest fight ahead, in large part because the Zexen group is pretty weak by and large. You are to fight Sarah, two Azzodess' and two Horrobeasts. Hopefully Sarah burns her first turn on a healing spell right away. If she picks a Pale Gate spell, you're in deep trouble. The Horrobeasts will likely attack one ally for 150 damage, or so. The Azzodess' are the real wild card. They can use Thunder Storm for massive damage on your entire party, plus the silence attack. This can all seem like a lot, especially for the crappy knights. This is why it might be worth using Healing Rain in the first turn with Percival, but chances are that move will go before a lot of the enemy spells. Thus, you will be in trouble if the enemy uses the toughest possible attacks on you. You will be wishing for the Azzodess' to use their weak attack on one ally, and for Sarah to continually heal. Her Pale Gate magic is devastating. For victory, you will get to about 57 or 58 in level. Chris knocks out Sarah and retakes the True Water Rune.


Only the True Fire Rune is last. Obviously, your Flame Champion will be going to reclaim this.

Meanwhile, Dios, Sasarai, Thomas and Cecile go for the Earth Rune.

With Hugo as the Flame Champion, you will have the option to have a very versatile party as his main party only consists of Fubar and Sergeant Joe. Caesar comes with, and then three other party members and a support.

Save your game at the nearby save point. Albert and Caesar meet up here. Albert just gives you the True Fire Rune back, and tells you to stop that crazy bishop Luc.

The True Water Rune and True Lightning Rune users come running in. Meanwhile, you can hear Bishop Sasarai get the True Earth Rune. The big door opens.

You can choose your party with any of your members, including Geddoe and his True Lightning Rune. He obviously must be brought with. Bring who you want though. Note that Futch and Viki have a scene with Luc at the end since they know him from Suikoden I and Suikoden II.

Luc is just ahead. He takes your Flame Champion to a strange world. It varies depending on which character you use (Hugo's is Karaya Village, for example). Either way, your Flame Champion will get to about level 61-62 with these Guardian fights.


The True Wind Reincarnate Dragon has a green, rain-down attack for about 150-200 damage on each character. The Fire Crystal and Lightning Crystal are in front, with the Earth and Water Crystals in the back. The Water Crystal can revive previously destroyed crystals. Unfortunately it is hard to attack this one since it is in the back row. The WindRincar has a longer, more powerful attack that it pulls off near the end, but you will likely have most of the crystals destroyed at that point so it should not matter.

Everyone goes up to level 62-63 after winning this battle. Sarah and Luc stay back as the Ceremonial Site is crumbling fast.

Budehuc Castle
Some scenes with Chris and Hugo departing Budehuc castle. Then you get the ending, and if you finished with 108 Stars of Destiny you get the sixth and final point of view, Luc's. This allows you to see the Lizard clan chief assassination first hand, along with everything else. Not to mention you get to see how powerful Luc, Sarah and Yuber are in battle.


December 14, 2008

Suikoden III Chapter 4 Wyatt Luc Yuber


Flame Champion's Hideaway
All three characters are now at the FlameChampHdaway.

Sana tells of her husband, who chose to live and grow old with Sana. Scenes of the Flame Champion talking about the 50 year cease-fire agreement.

After this, you select who is to be the new Flame Champion. The choice is entirely up to you. As you know, Geddoe has the True Lightning Rune. Thus, if you choose him the True Lightning Rune transfers over to Hugo. Who you choose should be based on who you like and want to control more often than not going on. Generally I pick Hugo since Geddoe is a beast with the Lightning Rune, and the Water Rune fits Chris since her dad has it.

Save your game after this. Tough battles await.

Sana initially leads you to the FireRincar. Aka the True Fire Beast Reincarnated. Do not use Geddoe's top True Lightning Rune spells, instead, use the fire two which he has a lot of. Chris hopefully has a Water Rune for healing. Hugo and Chris can just melee attack when they are not healing. FireRincar likes to use an explosion type attack for 100 on everyone. Not that difficult really. You'll gain a few levels and a bunch of ability points for victory. Also, notice you likely have 999,999 potch with all three main hero's pooled. A Dragon Incense is dropped by the FireRincar.

Hugo or whoever will take the True Fire Rune and become the Flame Champion.

Alas, the Masked Bishop, Yuber, Sarah and Albert are onto you. The Masked Bishop summons three Chimaera. This battle can look near-impossible at first. But, you just need to get off Geddoe's level three True Lightning Rune spell. Sarah will use ice magic, or fire magic on you. Luc will use The Shredding, Yuber will attack or cast Lightning Magic, and you should have Chris heal while Hugo attacks. One of the big variables is Sarah. If she wastes a turn casting healing magic on turn 1, this will help you immensely as far as getting the jump. If you can get off Geddoe's level 3 lighting rune spell twice, that should be it for these three. You don't gain much EXP, but you get the satisfaction of smoking these three along with some of their monster friends.

After this, the gate opens up, and everyone teleports in. The evil quartet decide to leave.


Chisha Village
Save, then run up the hill. Turns out, the Zexens and Lizards are feuding a bit. A bit later on, a lizard runs in saying that the harmonians are attacking!

Speak with Sana by the Inn to organize your party. Then, talk to Caesar.

First war battle with Zexens and Grasslanders vs. Harmonia
The harmonians take off good damage here. You start off with the grasslanders, then the Zexens come to help. This is impossible basically, even if you manage to defeat a few units you will be overwhelmed as a whole and have to retreat to Duck Clan Village.

Duck Village
Save at the Inn, then see Salome and the grasslanders arguing. At the front of the village, you get word that a fresh group of Harmonian Troops have made their way near. At the Duck Clan Village, the group is still disorganized.

However, Caesar and Apple discuss the possibility of the Harmonians having a phantom army. Aila is here, and she is willing to find the caster like she did early on with Sarah.

The next war battle is just as difficult - you only have grassland units, and a few Duck Clan units. You will get slaughtered again, but the idea is to stay afloat as long as possible and then Chris will tell the grasslanders to flee to Brass Castle. Meanwhile, Hugo, Aila and friends go towards Sarah.

You will fight a group of Harmonians, who are easy to dispatch. Another battle, and then a battle against Sarah and some Harmonians. Sarah uses Flame magic, and even with a mounted Hugo on Fubar, the AI will attack the harmonian soldiers. So, she will likely get her magic off turn 1. But, once you get to attack her, Fubar and Hugo should be able to do it in one turn. And you will get to about level 45. Yuber saves Sarah, and it is time to go to Brass Castle now that the Harmonian spell has ended.

Brass Castle
Head up to the meeting room (Salome's room). After some talking, go back up there and put in Lucia, Beacham and Jimba. Now, return to the Bujutsu Teacher to build up all three. Then, go to the far east of Brass Castle to see Sergeant Joe.


Hugo is confident, and goes back into Brass Castle to give a speech. Talk to Caesar to change the units when you can. Try to spread out your forces evenly, but keep in mind certain characters like Fubar are really good. Whoever Fubar is with will carry you through the upcoming war battle.

War Battle vs. Harmonia at Brass Castle
You have a thin route to Brass Castle, and you'll want to keep it this way instead of going further east. The enemies are much easier than the last few times, but powerful nonetheless. Yuber in particular still works whoever you send at him. Use your Lightning Rune and Fire Rune on him.

Allies come from the northeast in the form of Hallec, Mua and Thomas. Lilly also comes from the southeast. The enemies from Harmonia retreat.

Lilly talks to Hugo (or the Flame Champion, whoever it is). Lilly, Samus and Reed join the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Back up to the meeting room (Salome's Room in Brass Castle). The group decides that Budehuc Castle is the best bet for our base of operations, since it is big and in the middle of Zexen and Grassland.

Duck Village
Form a group (with Fubar and Sergeant Joe) and then go to Duck Village. Speak with Rhett and Wilder, who Joe orders to Budehuc castle. They reluctantly join the 108 stars of destiny.

Get the Thunder Rune at the Crystal Shop. Then return to your castle of Budehuc.


Budehuc Castle
You are in the meeting room, and you can change the name of Budehuc Castle, or leave it.

Now, you can put in whichever party you want to go with your Flame Champion. Experiment with your members and try to use up everyone's ability points (makes them better for War Battles).

Mountain Path
Make the trip to Mountain Path, and begin to walk up it. Viki appears behind you. Tell her to go to Budehuc since she cannot teleport back to Jowston.

Duck Village
Take a detour to Duck Village and talk to the Alma Kinan girl at the Rune shop. She gives you a Silver Hammer.

Budehuc Castle
Back at Budehuc, give that Silver Hammer to Peggi. Now, you can sharpen weapons to level 15. Level 16 is the max, so this is a big difference.

Put Viki in your party, then go to where she teleports you (which is right in Budehuc Mansion). Have her go to Mountain Path. Now...another Viki appears? But she is younger? This is little VIki, and she brings big Viki back. Tell little VIki to go to Budehuc Castle to recruit her. Thankfully, she gives you the Blinking Mirror.

The Blinking Mirror allows you to return to Budehuc anywhere on the World Map. Say goodbye to the hassle of traveling around the map.

Mountain Path
Continue up the Mountain Path to fight the GhostKnght. The Ghost Knight is the new treasure boss. Still, this boss should be a pushover, and may last a turn or two. Bunch of awesome new Premier / Custom armor for you in the treasure.

Head towards Caleria, and you will come across Futch! Futch was in Suikoden I and Suikoden II, as well. His dragon Bright is here, all grown up from Suikoden II.

Futch and Bright fly to Caleria with the Flame Champion. You will be sick from the flight, but he wants you to find Sharon.

Go ahead and you'll see her hiding behind the east wall. Speak with Sharon and follow her out of Caleria. Futch stops her. Tell Futch about your situation being the Flame Champion, and the three will join you. Futch, Bright and Sharon are recruited.

Budehuc Castle
Remember leaving an S Statue (Goddess S Statue, Knight S Statue, Hex Doll S Statue, etc) at Budehuc? You probably did this with Geddoe, as the Mountain Path treasure boss often drops S statues. Leave one at that top floor and enter the room later on.

This is especially entertaining with Hugo, as he bumps into Melville's dad Billy. He wants to play a game of Goppu, where the higher card wins. The goal is to collect as many total points as you can, so obviously when a higher card is at stake, throw down something big. If you can just get the three face cards, you are set. Save before doing this though, because if you lose Billy takes the S Statue and you have to find another! Otherwise, victory nets you Billy's services.

Vinay Del Zexay
Go to where Melville and Elliot play, by the Zexen Council. Turns out they are not there, so then go to where the Saint Loa Hideout is, in that alleyway. Melville and Elliot are then recruited to the 108 Stars of Destiny and they go to see Melville's dad Billy.

Great Hollow
Put Melville in your active group and Elliot as your support character, then teleport off to Great Hollow.

Elliot and Melville get to see Alanis. Her uncle is a lizard it seems. Not real uncle, but Alanis and family were captured. Hugo straightens it out for her family and Alanis joins the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Duck Village
Check out the back of the Inn. Hortez VII is back here after speaking with him at Duck Village, Chisha and Caleria. This time, lie about the location. Hortez walks off and it says Hortez has joined the 108 Stars of Destiny, finally.

Zexen Forest
Put someone with the Appraisal ability in your party (probably as a support member). Head to Zexen Forest (you will be on the Vinay Del Zexay side, if you teleport). Take the north-most path as you go east and you will see Goro, if you have not already. He is a bath maker and joins if you have someone with the Appraisal Ability. It's likely you got him earlier but he can certainly be recruited now.

Chisha Village
Put Mio in your support, and go to Chisha. Specifically, the item / armor shop and then go downstairs. Go north to the Inn area where there are a few rooms, enter one to find Tuta. He joins once he sees Mio.


Ancient Highway
When you are ready to continue on with the story, go to the Great Hollow and you will see Jimba running into the Ancient Highway (again, it's likely you already saw this event before the above recruits). Back at the Castle you are told to follow him inside.

The mysterious group is again at the door here. The Masked Bishop opens the door with help from the True Wind Rune.

Syndar Ruins
Save your game ahead, and as you see there are three clear paths. Ignore the first two paths west and southwest, but take the northwest path for a Byakko Chain Mail.

Back to the last intersection, and go northeast. Continue northeast and go southeast when you can, for Script #5 (if you loaded Suikoden II data). Then, take the east route across the bridge into the next area.

Continue to follow this until you reach a southeast route to Old Book Volume 4. Back to where you turned southeast, and then go west. Follow this until the path begins going south in the next area, then turn east. Follow this eastern route north.

The northeast detour ahead leads to a dead end, and the southwest one leads to an herb that may or may not be ready to be picked. North leads to a new area of the ruins.


As you get to the new area, Sarah comes out to block you. An important ceremony is ahead, so she summons a few Ghost Armors and Chimera's to do battle with you. Take out the monsters first, and if you have any luck Sarah will cast a healing spell on turn 1 instead of an attack magic spell. If so, this battle should be a breeze despite taking some early monster damage. An Armor of Rage is your reward for defeating Sarah.

Suddenly, everything gets icy. The party chases after Sarah, and when you gain control heal up and just head north.

Just like with the True Fire Rune, you have the True Water Rune boss. The WaterDragn has six Ice Pillars that will break on you for about 80-90 damage each time. And there are six of them that go each turn, so you can figure out that that is some major damage. Especially when the pillars tend to attack the same person. So, you might want to use Pale Gate magic or other attack-all magic to trim those down. Or, you can just go after the Water Dragon itself, as that ends the fight. A valuable Flowing Rune is your reward (high level water magic).

Caesar, Geddoe, Lucia, Apple and Chris run in. It seems the True Water Rune has been released, but you have some traversing to the north until you get there. Also, Luc makes his appearance.

Once you get to the True Water Rune, you see a passed out Jimba. An unfortunate set of events occurs, but Chris manages to acquire the True Water Rune (unless, Chris is your True Fire Rune user. If so, Hugo will acquire the True Water Rune). Suikoden III Chapter 4 then ends.


December 13, 2008

Suikoden 3 Chris Alma Kinan Chapter 3


Duck Village
Chris' hunt for the Fire Bringer starts in Duck Village, with a lost Nash. The duo runs into Fred and Rico, so allow them to join. These two have the Maximillian combo move, so try to put them together to utilize it.

Talk to Rhett and Wilder, two of my favorites. You have to find the Duck Clan chief to get permission to bring these two as your escorts though. He is the elegant-looking one near the trade shop. After speaking with him, then return to Rhett and Wilder.

Lots of things to do as far as building up your characters. Rico has Water magic, as does Nash. But Nash is poor with Water magic, so take off his Water Rune and give him a Wind Rune (may not be able to do this at Duck Village, but later). Rhett and Wilder are also good at Water and Wind both, so give them one or the other and build it up. So, you have two Wind and two Water users.

Head back towards Budehuc, but stop at Iksay first.

Iksay Village
Go to the windmill and talk to Barts. He wants Grapes, so give him GrapeC that you likely bought from Vinay Del Zexay back in Chapter 1 or 2. Give him the grape and he will go to Budehuc Castle to be the farmer.

Budehuc Castle
Assuming you got the Copper Hammer from a previous Chapter 3 (at Caleria, from the merchant outside the Armor / Blacksmith shop) you can get your characters to level 12 weapon here.

Might want to make a trip to Caleria anyway. If you talked to Hortez VII at Duck Clan Village then Chisha Village, he will be at Caleria. You must tell him again how to get to Budehuc.

Kuput Forest
The path through Kuput Forest is simple, if you just travel east.


Chisha Village
The ducks bring you to Chisha Village, and then you will run into Yun and Yumi. They are from Alma Kinan, and know that Chris was coming.

Speak with Sana near the houses. Turns out Yun can predict what is going to happen, and sure enough enemies have come to Chisha Village.

Choose 'Watch out' and Chris will defend Sana. You can put Yumi in your party, if you want (she is a bow user with high magic + Earth Rune). You must defeat Franz, Ruby, a Mantor and a Mantor Legionnaire.

Afterwards, go to the Inn to rest and save. Then talk to Sana and you can put in your party, since Rhett and Wilder left. Put in the Ninja's, Ayame and Watari, and Barts in support (or someone else if you recruited others).

Head up the hill and talk to Nash a bit about your current direction. Then return in front of the Inn to talk to Yun. The plan is to bring them to Duck Village to get some help.

Duck Village
Build up Yumi's Earth Magic here and Magic Rationing maybe. Then, go to the Inn to see Caesar and Apple. Apple recognizes Chris, and the couple decides to come with you back to Chisha Village. Of course, Rhett and Wilder wouldn't miss this chance and when you leave Duck Village they come running to come with you.

Chisha Village
As you get here, Caesar begins preparations for the upcoming attack. I would put Fred in his own group by himself with Sana as his support. Spread the rest of the characters in Nash and Chris' groups and you should be set.

The enemy has the four southwestern units occupied while you are fighting up-hill. This can be difficult because of the lack of fighters on your team, but stick together and heal when necessary. Hopefully you don't lose any characters but it can be a little rough early on. After about 3 or 4 turns, Sasarai appears and is ready for battle. Sasarai likes to use the Water Rune for healing and for the ice attack (about 100-120 damage on all allies). You can go ahead and try to wipe them all out, or withstand until Hugo, Hallec, Mua and Joe make their way in. For a Major Victory, you acquire an Earth Chain Mail.

Afterwards in Chisha, Yun asks Chris to go to Alma Kinan to learn more about her father Wyatt.

Kuput Forest
As you head south through Kuput Forest, Yun stops you to show you the path to Alma Kinan. The forcefield is here, so only they can enter.

As you go towards this route, you eventually meet Yuiri, another Alma Kinan. Unfortunately, you are followed by Yuber. Yuiri joins you and your optional character is booted from the party. Yuber will use some Lightning Magic on your party, hopefully it does not cancel-out your magic spells. He should be easy to take out, but may finish off a few of your members too. Use The Shredding with Yuiri and Earthquake with Yumi, that should be a big part in taking him down.

Alma Kinan Village
Check out this interesting village. There is a Bujutsu Teacher and Tutor to the left. At the Item Shop, you can get some Melon Seeds from someone. The duck has an Orange Kennel, and Recipe #10 is at the Inn.

Check out the place next to the Rune shop. It is here where you talk for a bit, but Chris gets worked up. Head to the back of Alma Kinan, and Nash comes by. Yun too, to tell you about your father. He is alive and has the True Water Rune. Go back and talk to Fred, and say it's time to rest.

At night, go outside to talk to Yuiri. Chris starts to understand what is going on, Yun is being sent. Yun talks to Chris some more, and then it is time.


Unfortunately, Yuber, the Bishop and Sarah are onto you. Yumi and Yuiri join you for this fight. This is extremely difficult to win, because the bishop has some insane Wind magic, Sarah will use attack Water magic, and Yuber can use magic or assault your front line. If you can get off some Earthquakes and The Shredding's, it can help. But you need to kill one of them early to have a chance. If you lose, don't despair. It requires a lot of luck, and hoping that the enemies go soft on you as far as the magic / moves they choose.

Yun still sacrifices herself at the end of the battle.

Next day, Rico is with you. Go to the sacrifice spot to see Nash. Chris reveals her intentions, and then go to leave the village. Yuiri and Yumi stop you to send you off with some blessings.

Re-enter Alma Kinan and talk to Rody outside the Inn. Talk to Estella, and she wants to know where Gordius is, the village of only men. Speak to the young girl by the sacrifice site and she mentions she doesn't know about Gordius. Return to Estella and Rody, and they just say they'll join you.

Chisha Village
You can talk to Sana to put in your party here. After this, I generally build up a bit with treasure bosses and then go to Budehuc.

Iksay Village
I stopped here though, specifically the Inn 2nd floor. I forgot to get Mio earlier, so I recruited Mio to the 108 Stars of Destiny. Tuta does not join yet.

For Watari and anyone else you plan on using, level up their weapons to 12. And use up your ability points here. Buy any armor you need, then start heading towards the FlameChampHdaway.

Flame Champion's Hideaway
Go through here one more time. Take the left route, but ignore the next left route by the switch. Instead, go northeast, then northwest a few times for a save point and Azzodess. As usual, her double-door magic attack that silences you is the problem. Fortunately, you should have a few healers should one get silenced.

Return to take that western route with the yellow switch. This is a portal, that takes you to Sana. Chris Chapter 3 is over.


December 12, 2008

Suikoden III Geddoe Chapter 3 True Lightning

Brass Castle
Surely you built up a ton of ability points at Mount Senai, so use them up at the Bujutsu Teacher since Geddoe can enter the center area now. West, and Aila will try to take out Percival.


Vinay Del Zexay
Check out the rarities at the Item and Armor shop when you get here. Then, rest at the Inn. Geddoe meets with someone, who says to go to the North Cave. You can get Script #2 from the kid at the Inn if you have not yet. Leave VDZ and Ace will come running after the rest of the group.

North Cavern
Duke, Elaine, Gau and Nicolas confront you near the end of North Cavern. It is duel time with Duke - he is not too tricky, plus he defended the first 3 turns in a row. After he is bested, Duke and friends turn around and let you go.


Up ahead is no treasure boss, and no person actually. Go to the far north to look outside, then Salome and Louis come by. They tell of a possible Harmonian invasion, and then Salome says to aid the castle across the lake (Budehuc Castle).

Return back in the North Cavern, and go to the end for the StoneGolem. Stone Golem has some powerful physical attacks, and has a brutal defense. Lightning Rune magic will be your best bet here, and it will likely take a while unless you have someone else like Queen casting. 100,000 Potch, Premier Helm, Premier Casque, Custom Leather, Robe of Mist, Ninja Suit, Engraved Gauntlet, Herb Seeds and a ? Statue.

Rest up and save at Vinay Del Zexay, then go to Budehuc Castle.

Lake Castle / Budehuc
As you enter, you will see all the scenes from Thomas Chapter 2. Check out the library at Budehuc when you get a minute, and for some odd reason Eike knows about Captain Geddoe.

Geddoe's party goes down the stairs and finds a place to sleep for the night. At night, Captain Geddoe shows Joker the True Lightning Rune.

Next day, watch as Leo and Percival leave. The councilor sends in some Zexens, but your party ambushes the back end. Another set to take out inside the castle.

After saving the day, Geddoe says it is time to go to the Flame Champion's Hideaway. First, go to Caleria. It is a long ways away, but you want to talk to the merchant outside the Armor / Blacksmith shop, for a Copper Hammer. You can sharpen weapons to level 12 now.

Budehuc Castle
Make the long walk back to Budehuc. It is worth it, to get everyone's weapons to level 12.


Flame Champion's Hideaway
The FlameChampHdaway is past Kuput Forest. Geddoe can't visit Chisha unfortunately, but shouldn't need to.

Take the northwest path until you get to the room with the teleport. Take the northeast path in this one, and then northwest again to get to a save point and the Azzodess boss. Having a Yellow Scarf on your healer Joker would be nice. This way Azzodess' special move doesn't completely screw you over. The True Lightning Rune should be able to carry you through this battle anyway. 120,000 potch, Wind Rune, Stone of Evasion, New Helm, and a ? Painting are your rewards.

Leave to Duck Village to rest / Save, if you want. Or else, just hit that teleport in FlameChampHdaway with Geddoe. Geddoe Chapter 3 ends as he is the last to reach Sana.

December 11, 2008

Suikoden 3 Hugo Chapter III Fire Bringer

Great Hollow
You start off at the Great Hollow, as Hugo just finished up talking to Jimba about going to Budehuc Castle.

Mt Hei-Tou
Of course, make a detour here for the BlueMantix. BlueMantix is actually somewhat difficult for Hugo's idiot party here, but Hugo and Fubar can do significant damage. The Tinto folks don't do much so they will prolong the fight. For a reward you get 100,000 potch, Mega Medicine D x4, Counter Rune, Worn-Out Casque, Bandana, Premier Armor, Blessed Leather, Fine Robe, Mega Medicine D x4. Then, use an Escape Scroll if you have one and get on towards Budehuc.


Budehuc Castle
The party looks on at this strange town. Check out the shops, buy some Escape scrolls, use up your skill points and sharpen your weapons. Then, go to the mansion to see the Zexen official leave Thomas and the rest of Budehuc.

Now go to the gate to talk to Cecile. Follow her to the mansion but look for Thomas and Cecile. Talk with them for a bit, then you can stay at the Inn for free. First, drop off the Old Book Volume 5.

Rest at the Inn and save. Go to the Inn to see what all the commotion is about - turns out the Zexen Councilor has some Zexen soldiers at the gate, because of Hugo's presence at Budehuc. Go off to the courtyard in front of the mansion, to see Thomas and friends congregating. Speak with them, and then go to give yourself up to the Zexens at the gate.

Even as Hugo tries to give himself up, the Marshal claims it is now him. Back to the mansion, and eventually Caesar comes in. You hear his plan and prepare for escape. Leave the area in front of the mansion and come back, telling Caesar you are ready to go. Ask him a few things if you wish, but say you're ready to go. Head to the Inn, rest / save, then you are ready to go the next morning.

War Battle with Thomas vs. the Zexens commences, but Hugo will not be involved.

Yaza Plains
Hugo is traveling through Yaza Plains, fighting groups of Zexen ironheads. Three groups to be exact. Caesar and Apple head off to Sgt. Joe's village.

Mt. Hei-Tou
Back to Mt. Hei Tou for the BlueMantix once again. It's worth the 90,000-100,000 Potch, plus a Taikyoku Tunic was acquired. Escape Scroll out, and to the Lizard Clan you go.

Great Hollow
Upon returning, Lilly finally decides to consider the money issue. The Tinto group is off to Brass Castle for a bit, and you are left with Fubar and the duck. Use up your ability points, and save your game.

Ancient Highway
Take the Ancient Highway out of the Lizard Clan. You will come across Guillaume, who is trying to get inside the door that the Bishop, Yuber and Sarah were looking at. Hugo does not have to encounter him if you do not wish, but you might as well rest up and get ready for a duel. Gullaume has not changed since his last duel at Vinay Del Zexay, so this should be quite easy for you. One tricky line is "did you think I would just defend?" - Guillaume then proceeds to defend again, so hopefully you call his bluff and do a regular attack. In general, at this point Hugo probably has at least a level 9 weapon so you should be okay. Guillaume then goes to Budehuc Castle to be the appraiser.

Duck Village
Speak with Sanae Y in the back of the Inn. Tell her that he is showing gratitude and that it is okay. Ask Sanae Y to join and you will recruit her. Hortez VII is nearby. Tell him where Budehuc is, but it is clear he does not know how to get there. He is not recruited yet so you will see him later.

Check the lodge back there to see Kidd the investigator, at work. Help him, and check the shelf for embers, then the window to see that someone could have came through it. Speak with Howard the janitor outside the lodge, then to the main part of Duck Village. Go to the wheel on the east side and talk to that duck, who says something about the murdered duck liking herbs. Last, go to the Trade Shop by the chief and speak with the duck inside, to get a letter fragment.

Brass Castle
Go up to Hallec and Mua. Hallec examines you, but then Leo and Roland come out. You can just run, or initiate a fight with the second choice. Hallec and Mua join you for this fight.

This is quite an easy battle actually, Hugo and Fubar can take out the main knights in one turn. Go after Leo first to get the heavy hitter out. Roland has an attack-all ability, or just a regular attack. Not that strong, but take him out in round 2 and the battle ends.

Mua, Hallec, and your party decide it's probably best to run after this to avoid more fighting. Hallec and Mua join you in search of the Fire Bringer.

Duck Village
Head to Duck Village to give Mamie the Crab Rice Bowl from Hallec. Mamie will then join you.

Great Hollow
At the Great Hollow, check the center area on the first floor to see some lizards and Apple. Apple says Chisha Village is in a dire situation. Agree to help, tell Luce you are leaving, and then rest up / save.

Mountain Path
You will see Kuput Forest and Chisha Village open up, but Mountain Path and Caleria also do. Go to the Mountain Path for the Rock Golem, which should get your levels up to 37 or so. Not to mention 95000 Potch and a bunch of crappy defensive items.

You can sharpen your weapons to level 10 here, and maybe find some useful armor in the Rarities. Besides that, train, then head back. Only bring 5 members to Kuput Forest as there is a recruit you want.

Kuput Forest
Head east to the second screen. Now if you have an open spot in your lineup, you will want to wander around this area (particularly around the intersection) until Landis joins your party. It may take a while, or it may take just a bit. But he randomly joins you as you walk around the area with an open slot.

Travel east a few times to get out of Kuput Forest and towards Chisha Village.


Chisha Village
You are too late, Harmonian Forces are already here. Smack four troops around for a bit, then you have a battle against 5 harmonian soldiers. Last, you have some Mantor Legionnaires to dispatch.

Dios of the harmonians decides it's time to retreat for today. Next, you get to meet Sana of Chisha Village. Chris is here and you can charge her, but a fight does not occur. Nash breaks it up.

As you gain control, save and rest. Speak with the villagers behind Sana for Medal Set #2. Hortez is to the west, tell him where Budehuc is. But he goes off the wrong way, so you'll need to tell him again. Check out the Item Shop, the rarities has some really nice things like the Lion God Ring (no one in this party can equip it) and also the Wizard Rune, which doubles magic damage to enemies and the user. Still, a very powerful addition to any magician's repertoire. Go down the stairs at the Item Shop to find Wan Fu. He's like Rikimaru in Suikoden II, you have to pay the 3000 potch. Wan Fu then joins the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Take the side door to the lower bar area. Speak with Emily at the table. Your party will need high strength to be able to take down Emily, but once you do you impress her enough to get Emily to join the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Finally, talk to Sana in front of town. Next, run up the hill. Yuber and Albert Silverberg are here. Hugo unwisely challenges Yuber to a duel. He will waste you, regardless of what you try.

Hugo wakes up in bed. Sergeant Jordi gives him a strict talk, and then Sana talks to Hugo for a short bit. But harmonian forces are back.


Outside, Hugo agrees to Caesar's plan to be the Flame Champion. You can say 'hold on' to save and rest if you like, or just go with it. Hugo will need to prove his identity against Sasarai in a duel. Don't worry, his attacks are pretty weak not to mention easy to figure out. The harmonians retreat after his defeat.

Speak with Sana afterwards to get more information about the Flame Champion. Eventually, as you leave you will learn the location of the FlameChampHdaway. Unfortunately you should probably journey back to the Lizard Clan first, to build up your skills with the Bujutsu teacher.

Go to the Flame Champion Hideaway, and take the straight path north as you head in. The east route leads to Old Book Volume 9, then take the west one. Ignore the next west route for now, and go northeast.

In this area, go northeast for Old Book Vol. 1, then northwest for a new area and a save point. The treasure boss up ahead is no joke. Azzodess is probably the toughest one yet, even for you at level 43 or so. Joe is probably your only healer so hopefully he doesn't get silenced by Azzodess' favorite move, with the big doors opening. She will also use Lightning Magic, so hopefully you can get her to stop chanting before it gets off (takes quite a bit of damage to do so, though). Victory should get you up to level 44, not to mention 95000 potch in the chest, Stone of Power, Thunder Runner, Kite Rune, Wind Hat, ThndrboltLeather, Custom Tunic, Silver White Robe, Fire Magic Ring, Grape Seeds, and a bunch of other junk. Go back to the save point, then south a few more screens to that west path you skipped (with the yellow dot on the map). Eventually you reach some sort of teleport.


Chris and Chief Sana will be here. She introduces Hugo to the Suikoden III Flame Champion, and the chapter ends.

December 8, 2008

Suikoden 3 Geddoe Chap 2 Le Buque Luc


Geddoe starts off at the Inn in Caleria. Speak with Nadir at the top - he is into theater, and you need a certain combination of age / gender to recruit him. Worry about that later. Talk to Ace and Aila at the bar to get them back in the party.

Check out the Trade Shop to meet Mike. He wants to play Kabu and he will join if you get 20,000 potch. This game can be annoying at first, but you will get the hang of it. The idea is to get at 9 (Kabu), or close to it. 7 or definitely 8 is generally good enough to rest on. And remember, if you have a score of 8 and get a 9, you have a score of 17 but 17 = 7. The best bet is to save, and just bet the max (9000 potch). You only need to win twice then. If you lose big, then just soft reset. Mike will join your group.

With Aila and Ace, go to the west part of Caleria with the stairs up to the strange merchant. Geddoe goes alone, to get 'fruit'. Also, a message from some guy. Return to the Inn to get Queen and Joker. A scene with Bishop Sasarai and Albert. The Harmonian Army is en route to grassland, to represent the great Hikusaak. It is time to leave Caleria for Le Buque, according to Geddoe's inside sources.

Mountain Path
Rest up, because at the treasure is a Rock Golem. Rock Golem has an attack where he jumps to a location and does a spinning punch for about 100 damage to each. Use level 1 Shield Rune magic to get your group Berserked, and use Geddoe's best lightning magic. Joker can heal with the Water Rune, if you gave this to him like suggested. This fight is more grueling than difficult, so expect a bit of work to take this juggernaut out. Your reward is 90000 potch, Stone of Magic, Mega Medicine, Goss Rune, Blessed Helm, Blessed Casque, Blood Armor, Fine Chain Mail, Premier Leather, New Tunic, Silver Robe, Kite Shield, Gauntlet, Mega Medicine B x2, Mega Medicine B x2, Beautiful Kennel, ? Statue. Hopefully this is a Hex Doll S Statue or Knight Statue S. If so, DO NOT SELL IT. You need to place this in the altar room at Budehuc (up the stairs, first room on your left). Leave the room and do not enter it with Geddoe. Return later with Hugo after you recruit Melville and friends.

North Cave
For Geddoe's group, the Chimera treasure boss is a breeze. You should have no issues trouncing it in a few turns if you are built up sufficiently. It's worth the trip if you're coming here to drop off the Knight / Hex Statue S at Budehuc. You acquire 85000 Potch, Mega Medicine D x4, Dancing Flames, Damaged Casque, Feather Band, DamagedChainMail, Fine Leather, New Robe, Boots and ? Painting.

Mt Hei-Tou
Might as well bring an Escape Scroll and take out the BlueMantix quickly. Three turns max for Geddoe's party, and you get another 90000 potch, Killer Rune (very nice), Bandana, Premier Armor, Lightning Leather, Fine Robe and Medicine A.

You have done enough building up and gathering treasure. Head back to Mountain Path, and go north at the treasure boss to Le Buque.

Mountain Path
Unfortunately the Rock Golem is back. Another long, drawn out battle but hopefully you can manage without any dangerous spots. Another 90000 potch for you, a ? Statue and a bunch of junk armor.


Le Buque
Take the path to Le Buque, and you will hear about the Mantor Trainers. Harmonia took them over and let them live despite being a part of Grasslands.

Immediately upon entering, Franz and Ruby attack you along with two other MntrLegnnr's and Mantor's. Franz should be easy to route early on, while Ruby has quite a bit of HP. These enemies do not take off much, so you should be able to beat them all in 3 or 4 turns and get to level 35-36.

Franz explains he was to attack anyone who entered the village of Le Buque. You also meet the masked Bishop, but he does not tell you what his name is.

Enter the village, and a scene occurs at the center of Le Buque. Franz leaves, and you can walk around the village. Go to the east part to check out the Item and Armor Shops. Probably a Premier Casque in the rarities here for you. Rest and save at the Inn, and speak with the people in the next room at the Inn for Script #4.

Go to the west part of town to see Edge and the Star Dragon Sword. Pay him 1000 Potch to duel him. This can be a tricky duel so that's why it helps to save to make sure. As usual, being conservative especially at the beginning is useful to learn what lines = what attacks for Edge.

After walking around the east portion of Le Buque, you will see Sarah go into the tutor shop. Aila runs after her, so follow her and speak. The masked bishop is inside, speaking some crazy talk about a million deaths.

At the center of the village, the bishop tells the Mantor Trainers that they will be granted second-class citizenship in Harmonia, if they succeed in the upcoming war.

Check the north part of Le Buque, west of the Inn. Iku and Franz speak about the upcoming war. Franz is excited, but you will talk to Iku some more in her house afterwards. You can listen to her, or check on the suspicious bishop outside.

Look by the armor shop, and a scene occurs with the bishop and a mantor legionnaire. Security from the 'altar' is being removed, so the party goes to speak with Iku about this altar. Evidently at Mt Senai, there is an altar that the Flame Champion was once at - Iku will take you there. After another scene in the front part of Le Buque, the Bishop leaves and you can check out the rune shop.

Mt. Senai
Take the east path north for a save point, then take the west path north to the next screen. Just keep heading north and you'll see the Bishop and Sarah walking from the east route. Ignore this east route and continue north.

As you near the next area, you find that you are being followed by the Bishop's guardians. It is Geddoe's rival Duke, along with Elaine, Gau and Nicolas. Choose the first choice to fight these jokers. Duke likes to use Lightning magic, so focus your attacks on him initially. A unite with Joker and Ace on Duke is very helpful on turn one. Save your magic for later in the battle when it is less likely to be interrupted. Joker can heal with the Water Rune, and you can have Geddoe use the Lightning Rune on Nicolas who likes to guard your physical attacks. For winning, you get some ability points and are allowed to move on obviously.

Up ahead, a battle against Sarah and the Bishop ensues. This is a scary battle - not one you are supposed to win, but you will get some decent rewards for your efforts if you do. First off, go after the Bishop. He has a brutal Wind Rune spell that you want to cancel. This dragon wind spell will slaughter your entire group except for Geddoe likely. The problem is, you can't send your force straight at the Bishop because Sarah will get in the way and act as a meat shield to give him more time to cast. So you will generally wipe out Sarah in turn one, but the Bishop will also probably get off his wind spell. It helps to have Freeze built up for Geddoe, as I managed to knock down the Bishop on turn 2 with just Geddoe and Jacques left. Once knocked down, you can use high-level lightning magic to defeat him.

After the battle, win or lose, the True Wind Rune is unleashed on your party. Leave Mt. Senai, save, and re-enter.


As you get to the point where the Bishop and Sarah were, you find Nemesis. Nemesis likes to use Lightning Magic and it is near-impossible to cancel out. Just use the first level Shield Rune spell to get your party Berserked, and pummel away. Using the Water Rune with Joker to heal when necessary. You should be in the 37-39 range, depending on whether or not you defeated the Bishop.

More importantly, grab the 75000 Potch, Stone of Skill, Mega Medicine B, Hunter Rune, Fine Helm, Custom Casque, Silver Hat, Byakko Chain Mail, Custom Leather, Custom Tunic, Blessed Robe, Mangosh, Winged Boots, Mega Medicine C x5, Script #6 (if you loaded Suikoden II data), and a ? Statue. The Custom-wear in particular are very nice additions. Use an Escape Scroll out.

Le Buque
Sell your excess gear, rest up, check out the Rune shop / Tutor if need be, and start heading toward Caleria through the Mountain Path. Near the main intersection, Joker and Ace confront Geddoe about what is going on. Too many shady details, and only the captain knows. Even he has only an inkling, but it seems to be all related to the Flame Champion and the fear Harmonians have of him. Another scene with Geddoe at the fire with the Flame Champion. Thus it is clear Geddoe has some past with this Flame Champion. Geddoe Chapter 2 reaches the end.

December 6, 2008

Suikoden III Chris Chapter 2 Nash Iksay


Vinay Del Zexay
Check out the trade shop to find a Grape C, you will want one of these for an upcoming recruit. Go near Alanis, Melville and Elliot to see Alanis has to leave. Visit other shops if need be, or just head to the gate to see Borus and Louis.

Zexen Forest
Pass through here, and head towards Yaza Plains.

Yaza Plains
Hopefully you don't have an area-boss to fight here, as you just have Borus with Chris. Make your way to Lake Castle.

Budehuc Lake Castle
Thomas and Sebastian are worried that Chris is there to apprehend them over the common-land issue. But Chris does not mind, and turns a blind eye to the situation since she does not get along with the council much. Now you can recruit characters with Chris and they will show up at Budehuc.

Brass Castle
Return to Brass Castle to advance the story. Chris and the Knights are to press on the Lizard Clan. Just go to your room and rest, then there is a meeting afterwards.

Next day, Louis reports in hung over. You have a minute to do some things, so talk to Salome in his room and get everyone in your party that you can.

North Cave
Head to North Cave, with plenty of restoratives. Try to build up Percival's Water Rune as well. The Bonesoldiers and SparkBeetles inside are tricky enemies that turn random battles into long, drawn-out fights. Of course, rest up at the save point and save.

A chimera is up ahead. Your party should be able to carve it up with critical hits, but it has a powerful flying attacking on several allies. This is even more powerful towards the end when it is Berserked. Just attack it and have Percival use the Water Rune to heal your allies. You will get to the low-30's in levels.

Inside the treasure, you can find 86000 Potch, Mega Medicine B x2, Blazing Wall, Mother Earth Rune, Blessed Helm, Guardian Casque, Feathered Hat, Byakko Chain Mail, Lightning Leather, Fine Tunic, New Robe, Mangosh, Fish Badge, Herb Seeds, Mega Medicine A, Script #3, Old Book Volume 15, Medal Set #5. Quite a haul.

Brass Castle
Return to Brass Castle. Rest, and save. Then talk to Salome, and tell him you are ready. The party will then begin talking about assaulting the Great Hollow of the Lizard Clan.

War Battle: Zexen Federation vs. Lizard Clan
After a turn, Dupa, Shiba and Bazba show up for the Lizards. Bazba is one of the easier units here especially for a playable character. Shiba is no fun, partly because you probably built him up a bit with Geddoe Chapter 1. Once the third turn rolls around, Beachem and Lucia show up for the Karayans. Things are looking bleak. The key is to hold firm here, not advancing but at least holding your position. Dupa and Shiba's units are the dangerous ones, the rest you should be able to handle. Eventually, the enemy gets flanked with Borus on one side and Percival on the other. Borus in particular is a monster in these battles; fast, accurate and strong. He cut down Beacham with no resistance. Lucia herself is not even that great - if you can take her out, Dupa and everyone else will retreat. Major Victory. Your reward is an Evasion Ring.


Great Hollow
Chris will be outside the Great Hollow with all of the six knights - but Salome stays behind to watch the battle progress. Move forward and get ready for a battle against 6 lizards. Another battle against six lizards, then rest up.

Borus challenges anyone inside the Great Hollow. Shiba and 5 Lizards run out. Just try to heal everyone in this battle while you take out the lesser lizards. Probably a bunch of armor drops here.

You can duel Lucia, if you tell her to stop the accusations and then so be it. Otherwise Salome just tells you to back out, with Harmonian forces approaching.

Brass Castle
Speak with Salome in the west part of Brass Castle. Chris is furious over being used by the Council, and decides to head to Vinay Del Zexay, with just Louis.

Zexen Forest
Take the Zexen Forest, and near the exit Chris will faint and have a dream about Lord Wyatt.

Brass Castle
The rest of the Knights stare at Chris until she wakes up. Then Chris gets up, and you should go to the west part of Brass Castle again.

Look for Percival. He wants to go to the Iksay Festival so take him out of Brass Castle.

Iksay Village
Percival sees his mom as soon as he enters. When you regain control of Chris, go to your right immediately and tap X. Watari the Ninja is over here but he is nearly impossible to spot. Once you talk to him, you will need 100,000 Potch to recruit him. It is best Chris does this since she is generally loaded.

You cannot leave the village to get Watari in your party, unfortunately. So just go to the windmill area, the back of it, and a scene with Chris. She gazes off, and Nash of Harmonia comes to visit with her. He has a way with women.


Unfortunately, the Lizards and Karayans attack Iksay during the festival. Rush back into town, and you have a fight with four Lizards. Percival joins afterwards, and then you fight a few lizards and a few karayans. Dust them off, then run to the back of the town.

Shiba and 5 lizards are hot on your heels. Fight them if you wish, though Shiba is a powerful specimen. Slowly, you can take out the lizards and that will leave you with just Shiba.

All the villagers are hanging out at the windmill. Dupa and Jimba come on up now. Jimba seems to know about Chris' dad and the armor at the Karayan Village. Chris gets upset and a duel starts with Jimba. This should be an easy one, Jimba is weak defensively and does not do too much with Chris' armor.

The party re-forms after the Iksay festival disaster.

Lake Castle
Go to Lake Castle, and head to the basement door (down the hill, left of Juan the Bujutsu Teacher). Speak with Watari here, who has a flashback to North Cave with some strange Ayame character.

Talk to the Innkeeper Sebastian to get Watari in your party. Sharpen his weapon to 9, and try to max out Swing and Accuracy.

Mt Hei-Tou
Go towards the BlueMantix. You do not have any one character that can do a lot of damage, but as a whole you should be able to each put in some. The Blue Mantix just does not have many powerful attacks, and is annoying at worst with it's poison / paralysis. 70000 Potch is your reward, along with Mega Medicine D x4, Mega Medicine D x4, Worn Out Casque, Bandana, Old Flame Armor, Old Chain Mail, Lightning Leather, Damaged Robe, Mega Medicine D x4 and a ? Figurine. Pretty crappy! The potch is nice though.

North Cave
Bring Watari to North Cave. Ayame is here, waiting for him. A duel commences immediately. This is actually pretty tricky at times to decipher what type of attack Ayame will use. When in doubt, use defend. Watari should be more powerful than Ayame so that's a good start. After the victory, she will continue to hunt Watari by joining him at Budehuc with the 108 Stars.

Take out the Chimera at the treasure area, grabbing 43000 potch, Mega Medicine D x2, Mega Medicine C x2, Dancing Flames, New Helm, Blessed Casque, Feather Band, New Robe and a ? Painting.

Brass Castle
Return to Brass Castle, and Louis will go get your room ready. Head to your room to rest.

At night, Chris is pondering the events with Jimba and his advice about the Flame Champion. Salome comes in, and talks to Chris a bit about her dad and her getting some time away from the knights. He offers to cover for her.


Return to Chris' room, and search the bookshelf in the first part of the room. A secret passage opens, and here is Nash. Nash is to accompany Chris into the Grasslands, but she must change her outfit so she is ready for this trip. Zexen armor would not suffice. Nash joins the 108 Stars of Destiny, and the two run off as the knights look on. The enemies in the sewer are not tough. Chris Chapter 2 ends.

Suikoden III Hugo Lilly Chapter 2


Plain Amur-North

Karaya Village is no more, so go towards Duck Village with Sgt Joe and Fubar. Watch out for Peckles, the area boss. He can be a bit tricky for just these three.

Duck Village
Rhett and Wilder come running in to greet Sergeant Joe, who was just thinking about how long it's been since he has been here.

Near the west part of village, a scene plays out with Lilly Pendragon from Tinto - daughter of Gustaf in Suikoden II. She is looking for the Flame Champion. Follow her to the Inn after this, and you will talk further about the Flame Champion. Naturally, she wants you to accompany her and she's willing to pay you 4000 potch total for your services. With Lilly, Reed and Samus, Hugo and friends are to travel to the Great Hollow. As you finish up talking to Lilly, talk to the Chisha-looking villager for Old Book Volume 5.

Buy an Earth Rune, and then affix that to Samus. Take Samus' Wind Rune and affix that to Lilly (taking off her Sword of Rage). Samus is so poor with Wind Magic that you are better off forgetting that, and using all of your ability points to level up the Earth Rune. This plays a key defensive role in the upcoming fights. Likewise, Lilly is at least average with Wind magic.

Underground Highway to Great Hollow
Build up levels for a bit in the first two areas of the Underground Highway. You don't want to go too far west, setting up a boss battle you aren't quite ready for. Get to the low 30's, fighting an area-boss will help immensely with this. Anyway, after this head out and go to Brass Castle.

Brass Castle
Sharpen everyone's weapon to level 7, and get some Belt of Strength's for your allies namely Hugo.


Underground Highway
Rest and Save at the Duck Village before heading back here. Go all the way west and say you want to talk to this group of strangers.

The ManInBlack decides to battle you, if you chose that option. ManInBlack has lightning magic, but his physical prowess is downright scary. He will parry or dodge your attacks often, and the only really good option for attacking is Hugo and Fubar's mounted attack, and even that can be countered or dodged. Use up The Shredding early on from Lilly's Wind Rune, then use Sgt. Joe's Water Rune to stay on top of healing. This is a very tough battle, with the ManInBlack having a substantial amount of HP. Even when he gets close to death, he will become Berserked, taking off even more. You will have to take him out quick at this point, because he will carve up Fubar and Hugo fast - even a fully-healed group of those two. Use whatever you have to get him down. You will gain a level or two, and get the Gold Emblem for victory. Plus, you learn the ManInBlack's name is Yuber.

Finally, you can continue west in the Underground Highway.

Great Hollow
As you get to the Lizard Clan's Great Hollow, you hear blades. You can choose to rush and fight, or to sit back and wait. In which case, you will see Chris and the Zexen Knights roll up.

Chris and Lucia get in a verbal spat. After the confrontation, both sides back off.


Enter the Great Hollow. Needless to say, it is not what Lilly envisioned. Luce and Lucia see Hugo, alas you must tell Luce the terrible news about Lulu.

When you regain control, sharpen Hugo and Sgt. Joe's weapons to Level 9. Then go up to the training center, and unload all of those ability points on physical abilities for those two (Swing, Accuracy, Heavy Damage (Sgt. Joe), Continuous Attack (Hugo), etc).

Look for Lilly and the Tinto folks up by Dupa and Shiba, on the top by the chief's room. Dupa tells the story of the Fire Bringer and Flame Champion.

Back down the stairs after this, and go towards where you found Twaikin with Thomas / where Geddoe went to see the Zexen's in Chapter 1. You will see Lilly and her Tinto crew. Insanity ensues, but they don't have your money so they just join again.

As you leave the Great Hollow, you bump into Jimba. You haven't seen him in a while either so he learns about Lulu's death too. Bring Jimba to Lucia to have a talk. Jimba then comes back to Hugo to ask for him to go to Lake Castle / Budehuc, to investigate the new lord and possible Fire Bringer.

Go to the Inn and speak with Anne. Put Fubar in your party, then rest / save. You will need to spend more time at the ability center with the Tinto characters and Fubar. Your party should be much more formidable now. Just as you leave the Great Hollow, it is the end of Hugo Chapter 2.


Suikoden III Lake Castle Thomas Chap 2


Budehuc Castle
Thomas is now more comfortable in his position as lord of Budehuc Castle. To continue the story you are to go to Iksay Village, but I suggest you put some of the newer, lesser used members in your party and go to North Cave to build them up for an upcoming war battle. At the every least, put all the new recruits in your party to at least use their 500+ ability points that they come with, so that they have some techniques.

Iksay Village
At Iksay, you will see a Zexen Councilor looking for Budehuc. You can take him there, or lie and say you don't know about it :). Return to the castle to talk to Sebastian, who says a councilor is coming. If you lied to him it will take a few days of resting before they find their way here, so you can level up your guys and get any recruits you missed in Thomas Chapter 1. One recruit I forgot about was Koroku at Mt Hei-Tou. Take the first path north, then northwest to a corpse and look to the left for Koroku.

Budehuc Castle
After you rest a few days, the Councilor will come to the castle. Because they have funded Budehuc Castle, they still consider it their's despite the Grassland / Zexen agreement that is signed.

Rest up after talking to Muto, and then next day the castle is surrounded. The councilor wants Hugo, who is wanted by Zexen. Return to the mansion to speak with your group, and then Hugo and his group. Return to the town entrance and look for Apple and Caesar. They'll help fix the situation, it seems. Back to the courtyard in front of the mansion.

Caesar has an idea, to get Hugo and friends out of Budehuc so the Zexens have no reason to surround you. After the lengthy conversation, go to the entrance of Budehuc to see Cecile's dummies. Return to the mansion, and go in the side door. Take the next side door and then you will see Muto, Piccolo and Martha. Back to your room, and sleep.

Next day at Budehuc, go to the courtyard and all the groups will be assembled. Before battle, Caesar gives you a 'bundle'.


War Battle vs Zexen Councilor at Budehuc
Hopefully you leveled up Twaikin, Mel, Shabon, Nei, Toppo and Piccolo. These are generally the characters (along with Thomas and Cecile) that end up in the war battle. Twaikin is an absolute tank, and if you had a Firefly Rune (from a Purple Creeper), you must put it on Twaikin. The enemy will take off near 0 on Twaikin. Mel has a high attack and starts on level 32-33. Piccolo might be the key though in these war battles. If you leveled up the Lightning Rune to at least B or B+, he will fry the zexens to the tune of 600 damage each.

There are a few unites of three of the orange Zexens. These are weak units, though the lead can at least do a bit more damage than his underlings. The four-party zexen units come with a Zexen Knight on a horse, but they start off in front so you will likely take out the leader quick to end the fight. These are the most dangerous fights though. The Zexen Councilor just has three orange zexens in his unit, so you can carve him up easily. The enemy will send one unit to attack, but just press the attack yourself with the Piccolo / Twaikin / Mel / Thomas unit, and destroy all of their units. Then send Hugo and friends out to the Grasslands.

You acquire a Counter Ring for a Major Victory here, while Juan goes to Brass Castle.

Budehuc Castle
Next morning, go up to Cecile at the gate. Then leave the town, go to Iksay or something, then come back to Budehuc. Near the courtyard will be Leo and Percival, and unfortunately it sounds like you're still in trouble. But they are prosecuting Councilor Durabum. Thomas father, Councilor Lowma, also disowns Thomas.

It is the last day for Thomas, so when you go to rest you wake up at night. Speak with Sebastian as you go down the stairs, then go down the hallway to the side of the castle to see Muto. Return to your room for a conversation with Cecile, and then that will be it for the night.

The next day, Thomas is prepared to leave. Cecile and friends make an effort to stop him, and Thomas finally comes to his sense. But he knows the Zexens will want war after this.

Sure enough, a new war battle starts. You now have three total units, with one new unit to go with Cecile and Thomas' from the previous battle. Twaikin with a Firefly Rune is still your most fool-proof choice, but Juan and Augustine will now be in the battle and they are formidable themselves. After a few turns, Percival and Leo begin to attack. The problem here is that you can only take off half of their HP, so don't get frustrated when you cannot defeat them. Still, wipe the rest of the Zexens out and the battle will be over.

The party retreats to the Budehuc mansion. Fight the Zexens along the way, with your main party. The second Zexen fight is impossible, even if you get off Piccolo's high-level Lightning Magic. So try to stay alive but you'll take some licks and the battle will be over. Fortunately, some mysterious allies wipe out these Zexens and you have one more battle left. You are weary, but it is only a few Zexen Knights.


Afterwards, the Councilor is in trouble. It seems finally Thomas and friends have earned their independence, with the sale of Budehuc Castle to Karayan Lucia.

December 3, 2008

Suikoden 3 Thomas Budehuc Chapter 1


Budehuc Castle
Thomas enters Budehuc Castle, and is approached by Cecile. Go towards the mansion after this.

Sebastian comes running down the stairs. He seems to have poor sight. A meeting is called, and Thomas meets the entire cast. All 5 of them. But Juan is not there.

Down the stairs the next day to see Sebastian. You are to find the civilians and speak with all of them. Check out the library for Eike. You probably came across him in Geddoe's Chapter as Eike collects all of your Old Book Volumes.

Check out the basement next, to find Muto the warehouse guard. Go down to the 2nd basement floor and then take the path until you reach a steel door leading outside. Up the hill (south on the map) until you reach the training center, headed by Juan. What a guy he is.

In the main part of town, speak with Martha at the lottery ticket shop. Check out the weird purple tent nearby. Piccolo is inside. Then Cecile of course, guarding the castle. Thomas has a flashback here, of his dad banishing him.

Enter the castle now, to see Sebastian getting worried. You get a Letter to the Knights, and you are to go to Brass Castle with Cecile.

Brass Castle
Having just Cecile and Thomas level 1, you would think this is hard. But the enemies at Yaza Plains take off 1 damage. You will likely gain a level or so as you get to Brass Castle.

You will bump into Leo in town. Make your way to the center building, and go up the stairs. You will see Chris walk away.

Enter the nearby room to meet Salome. He helps you and Cecile out with all important matters. Then leave, back through Yaza Plains to Budehuc.

Budehuc Castle
Back in Budehuc, go up to your room but Sebastian is not around. Up the stairs to your room and Thomas will be tired.

You find Sebastian outside the next day, talking to a lady. The party offers to help look, so take Cecile and Piccolo and go into the castle. Check out the destroyed Elevator, then go up to the library to find that Eike is gone. Back outside and to Juan, who is sleeping of course. He knows where this Thomas from the Village of Nor is. You have to go to Mt Hei-Tou.


Mt Hei-Tou
Travel four screens east, until you reach the save point. East a screen from here to find Thomas. But Thomas the little boy has a Boar ready to gore him. Juan and Cecile rush in and a battle starts. Use the unite attack with Cecile and Thomas. Thomas becomes dizzied for a turn but at least he is not vulnerable to an attack. Piccolo takes a while to use his Lightning Rune abilities but still use Berserk Blow for good damage (near 300). The combo attack takes off 50, and you should only need to do it twice to take out the Boar. The Boar has a good attack, but just use medicine to heal. The party gains a few levels and gets some cash, and saves Thomas the kid. And you get a ? Figurine.

Use Juan's Bujutsu Teacher skill to use up your points for Juan, Cecile and Thomas (obviously, Piccolo's should be used on Lightning Magic). Return to Budehuc to a hero's welcome.

Budehuc Castle
The party talks a bit as the woman and young Thomas go off.

Next day, Thomas wakes up tired and not sure what to do (as usual). Talk to Cecile at the gate. Juan, Piccolo and Martha are not much help for finding Sebastian. Then talk to Muto and go to the front of the mansion. Sebastian comes walking up from the basement. He is depressed, the castle is running out of money.

Thomas calls a meeting in front of the mansion. Thomas decides that the only way to get business here is to lease out the land to shops, but Sebastian is convinced the Zexen Council won't allow this. Go up to your room and start searching for the legal document. Your friends come with you. Eventually Thomas finds it, just like Martha said.

After you regain control, talk to Sebastian. You can organize your party here but Cecile, Piccolo and Juan are the only ones available still.

On the World Map, a ton of locations open up.

Iksay Village
If you have not done a Chapter 2 quest, this should be your first visit. Go straight north to see a lady in blue, Mel. She has a pet, branky. Ask her to come to Budehuc, and Mel will join the 108 Stars of Destiny. Believe it or not, she is powerful in battle.

Go to the appraisal shop to get your Figurines appraised. Gordon is at the item shop. He checks out your party but isn't impressed. We can recruit Gordon later, check out his inventory though. The girl here gives up the Pale Gate Rune, but you might want to get it with a more powerful character (a character who has tougher battles).

Brass Castle
Scott and Waurenhyte at on the left side of Brass Castle. Unless you got them with Geddoe, which you could have. You just need a Deer Antler (from Vinay Del Zexay trade shop) to recruit him.

Check out the tutor shop in Brass Castle. Talk to Ernie in the back room. She asks you a bunch of questions, and you need to answer 5 straight to get her to join you. But they're not easy, fortunately she lets you take the quiz as many times as you like.

Some of the questions are - What has nothing to do with farming? (a quiver) Which of the following phrases cannot be said? (I ate a cactus for dinner) Which is the correct spelling? (Sea Bream) Which of these sounds threatening (Gggrrrr) What is the Duck Clan Chief's Special Characteristic (An amazing tail). These are just 5 questions but you should be able to figure out the rest. Ernie joins the 108 stars and you now have a Tutor at Budehuc.

In the middle-area of Brass Castle, go to the kitchen. Look for a geeky, blue-clad dude named Arthur. He heard about Hugo breaking through the border, and wants the scoops. Tell him you'll help. Go to the back room of the kitchen and look at the oven / fireplace. Arthur and Thomas fall down. Just head north, you've done this with Hugo before. These monsters down here are tough for Thomas' crew though, hopefully you have an overpowered character like Mel with. Arthur will join the 108 stars of destiny once you get to the end.

Speak with Meg's relative, Belle, who needs a ? Screw to get Gadget Z to work.

Great Hollow
Check the Great Hollow. Specifically, go to the southeast path (the one Geddoe took to find Chris) and you will see Twaikin, a miner. He joins you. Take him seriously, he is quite a tank.

Iksay Village
Check Iksay again as you go back to Budehuc. Hopefully there is a Rose Brooch in the rarities of the Item Shop. If not, keep checking back here each time you get out, you need one of these. Sell the Mole Gloves from Cecile if you need to.

Vinay Del Zexay
This is the furthest to reach village, but a trip that Thomas and friends should take. Especially if you found the Rose Brooch from the Rarities at Iksay Item Shop. Take it to Augustine by the port to recruit him.

As you came in, you may have seen Guillaume running after Shabon (unless you did this quest with Geddoe). If so, talk to Nei and Toppo where they perform (north of the Inn). Then go west to the center area to find Guillaume. This duel is obviously much harder with Thomas compared to Geddoe, but Guillaume isn't too hard to duel. Basically, be on guard most of the time unless you can tell he's defending. All of his special attacks he will shout out before using. Once you take him out, suggest Budehuc Castle to these three, and Nei / Toppo / Shabon will be recruited to Budehuc.

North Cave
Heal up, and go through North Cave to the Save Point. Rest up at the SP, because a treasure boss is up ahead. It will be a Magician, which is a joke. Use your Unite attack with Thomas and Cecile to quickly prevent a magic spell. Other than that, use high level Lightning Magic with Piccolo, and you should win easily. Especially if you have studs like Twaikin or Mel in your party.

Plain Amur-North
Speak to the cowgirl Kathy here. She's trying to count horses. I had 18 but you will have to count. Tell her to go to Budehuc after counting the horses and Kathy will be recruited.

Duck Village
Check out the Item Shop / Appraisal shop to see Mamie. She needs a Crab Rice Bowl in Kuput Forest. Might want to check out the Tutor and Rune Shop while you're here.

North Cave
Hopefully you have an Escape Talisman for a quick exit. Head all the way inside to fight the Magician again; it should be even easier, possibly beating it in ONE turn. The important thing is that you generally find a Turtle Tunic your second time in the treasure here, so put that on Juan and he won't be sleeping each turn :). He's quite powerful when awake as you probably already knew. Even if you don't get the Turtle Tunic, you can always transfer Mel's to Juan.


Head back towards Budehuc.

Yaza Plains
In the west-most screen in Yaza Plains (close to Budehuc) you will find a trainer in white and light green. Say all right to Kenji, so you can do some training. Then choose w-water, and Kenji will run off to Budehuc and join the 108 Stars of Destiny.

Budehuc Castle
As you near the mansion, Thomas just goes to bed for the night. Next morning, Cecile rushes in. Eike has been missing for some it seems!

Try to leave Budehuc after this, and Shizu comes in. This quaint lady says she can fix your elevator. It won't be fixed immediately so you will have some time to spare. Shizu joins the 108 Stars of Destiny though.

Back in the middle of town, talk to Piccolo and Martha. They then hear Cecile scream as Geddoe and friends come to Budehuc. They mean no harm and are just passing through.

Put Augustine in your party, and go to Iksay Village Item Shop. And just Augustine, no other members. Right when you walk in, Gordon notices you. Gordon is quick to join the 108 Stars of Destiny, seeing Augustine. Back at Budehuc, you now have an item shop.

Budehuc Castle
Rest at Budehuc Castle, in Thomas' room. Check out the elevator the next day, Shizu got it working. Time for a test trial.

Turns out there is a mysterious third basement floor that no one knows about. Follow the path until you reach a T. The party will split up here. Take the first left path as you continue deeper in, and you'll eventually run into the rest of the group. Sure enough, Eike is up ahead reading. Suiko III Thomas Chapter 1 then ends.


November 28, 2008

Suiko III Geddoe Chapter 1 Aila


Geddoe's Chapter 1 should be the last one you do. Geddoe usually has a bit of spoilers as he is more of the behind-the-scenes plot character acting as a member of Harmonia. Not to mention, Geddoe's party generally has the harder chapters / boss fights.

Vinay Del Zexay

The party is to pursue the Fire Bringer story, which started in Iksay (Grasslands). Talk to the villagers of Vinay Del Zexay, and be sure to use your potch on sharpening your party's weapons.

Zexen Forest
Just walk east through the forest. The enemies should not provide much resistance.

Yaza Plains
There are two different routes to take in Yaza Plains, but for now just go straight north.

Great Hollow
Geddoe knows how to talk to these lizards. Shiba lightens up once Geddoe speaks with him.

The main area of the Great Hollow is huge. You can explore later, just follow to the path up and then to the chief. Speak to the guard outside for a Sunbeam Rune.

Geddoe's meeting with Chief Zepon is brief but he understands the main idea regarding the Fire Bringer. Afterwards, go west and talk to the soldier for Old Book Volume 3. Then enter that room, the training center. You won't have much in terms of ability points, but you may as well use what you have. Check out the Armor Shop / Weapon Shop if you want, but you are likely low on funds unless you abused the Lottery system already.

East of the armor shop are three lizards speaking about some suspicious activity. Follow the lizards even though they tell you not to. Just as you begin to follow, the lizards stop and fight you. They have a high attack, but are slow and you should be able to gang up on them slowly. After 3 turns, the battle stops. Shiba joins.


Return back to the training center, as Shiba has a ton of ability points you should use up. Back to the tunnel, and pass through. You will come to another lizard, who runs in the far door. Follow him. Soon you will be outside.

Zexen knights have some lizards down. Battle begins against Chris and five Zexen Knights. Again, unless you abused the Lottery System, it is highly unlikely you will win this battle. Chris will cast Breath of Ice and that should take off about 200 on everyone. A great reward is yours if you win, but don't expect to. The zexen knights flee, but head back inside. Strangely enough, the knights make no noise as they retreat.

Return to where you met with Chief Zepon. Turns out the enemy got Chief Zepon. Geddoe suggests seeing Chief Lucia now of Karaya.

Karaya Village
Aila and four Karayan Fighters greet you at the entrance. Just survive a few rounds and the fighting will stop. Aila just uses physical attacks but if you don't use unites, this group can overwhelm you a bit.

Jimba comes up to you after the fight and stops Aila. Go to the northeast hut for another scene with Geddoe and the chief.

Ace and Joker go off. Head towards the entrance to see Aila and a weird, blue-clad woman. She says the village is going to be burnt down. Aila just chases her down and Joker / Ace choose to follow. Save and rest up before doing so.

Plain Amur
Go to the save point, then head north to see Aila. She then runs off again.

Back in the village, Jimba talks with Geddoe about the Fire Bringer bandits.Combined with the assassination of the Lizard Chief Zepon, things are definitely strange around the Grasslands. The conversation is then interrupted.

Back to Plain Amur, as Aila finds Sarah. However two strange figures teleport in, a guy in black and a robed man. Joker and Ace take Aila and run away. Save your game and go towards the fire in the village.


Karaya Village
Chaos ensues at the village. Queen and Geddoe are together still. If you wish to fight you can choose "I have an inkling". You will be going up against Borus and two Zexen Knights on horses. First of all, hopefully Queen and Geddoe are fully healed to even have a chance. You will need to get off a Soaring Bolt from Geddoe, so hopefully you had a chance to upgrade his Lightning Magic and the other part of the equation is Queen dodging an attack or two from the Zexen Knights. Otherwise she'll get slaughtered and Borus and friends will move onto Geddoe. Whoever wins will gain a ton of experience points. Geddoe and Queen flee, but meet up with Jacques, Ace, Joker and Aila towards Plain Amur.

A few spots open up. You are to go to Caleria to end the chapter, but first check out Mt Hei Tou.

Mt. Hei-Tou
Go east a few screens, then north. Stick to the northeast until you come to a corpse for Recipe #15. Further north for the BlueMantix. The Blue Mantix can be a tough enemy in the low-mid 20's for levels, which you are likely in. It has a long-range attack, and also an area-based poison attack it loves to use when you have a few melee fighters nearby.

The key for your party is to get off Soaring Bolt, and then other lightning rune attacks with Geddoe. Have Aila provide the healing, and everyone else can just do physical attacks. It may take a while, but you will gain nearly 90,000 Potch, along with a Wall Rune, Blinking Rune, Melon Seeds, Old Book Volume 12, some nice armour and Mega Medicines. A decent haul. Head out of Mt. Hei-Tou. One note about these treasure bosses - they re-spawn if you are using a different character or even with the same character so long as you have a few hours of gameplay. For now, on to Yaza Plains.


Yaza Plains
Instead of going directly south, take the western path a few screens. You can now go to Lake Castle.

Lake Castle
Cecile greets you at the gate. Thomas and friends then come by to explain the free trade system at Lake Castle. Now you can 'recruit' characters, though since you have a full party with Geddoe there is not really a point to recruit a lot of characters. Most are better left for the weaker characters. Still, Geddoe will meet Stars of Destiny along his path that are worth recruiting. Before leaving Lake Castle, bring the Old Book Volume 12 to Eike and dump off some spare items to Muto to clear your inventory.

As you leave Lake Castle, Thomas' flame at the Trinity Sight System will open up. You can pick him next time if you wish.

Brass Castle - left side
Take Yaza Plains' south exit so you can go towards Vinay Del Zexay or Brass Castle. Scott and Waurenhyte are outside Brass Castle left side. Scott wants a few Deer Antlers.

Inside Brass Castle, and go to the Rune Master shop. Jeane is here. Ask her to come to Budehuc Castle - she sets up a Runemaster shop and also can be used as a support member. After Jeane joins the 108 Stars, check out the next door Tutor to level up your Lightning Magic for Geddoe. I also suggest getting Joker a Water Rune (from Vinay Del Zexay) and level up his Water Magic here. The Fire Rune is simply broken in Suikoden III. You will constantly be attacking your own allies with the area-based attacks. Better to have a healer instead of a worthless rune.

Vinay Del Zexay
Buy that Water Rune. Check out the Trader Shop for a Deer Antler. We'll drop this off with Scott a bit later. Sharpen your weapons if they are not at level 7 yet. The officer nearby gives you a Medal Set #1. The Item Shop has Belts of Strength, great accessories for your melee fighters. Last but not least, speak with Dominic at the Armor Shop. Buy the Mole Armor from him. Dominic will appreciate your sense of style, and join you. You now have an Armory at Budehuc Castle.


You will also see Guillaume chasing Shabon here. Speak with Nei and Toppo, then head to the square by the Council Hall. Guillaume and Shabon are here. Stop Guillaume and a duel occurs.

Guillaume is pretty obvious with his Deathblows. He will always say "Deathblow Attack!". Other than that, you may want to be conservative and defend. Guillaume is somewhat powerful and can handle quite a few hits. Nei and Toppo come afterwards. You have the option of telling them about Budehuc but I prefer to recruit these three later with Thomas. Geddoe has a stable 6 characters so there is not a lot of variety.

Brass Castle
Sell the Deer Antlers for 2500 to Scott, and he joins your group.

Great Hollow
Head to the top level to train your attack skills. Then head along clockwise to the trade shop. Buy a Crystal Ball here, then speak with the human in blue, red and white. He hands you an Iron Hammer. Give that Iron Hammer to the Lizard Peggy at the Blacksmith shop.

Mt Hei-Tou
Head back to Mt Hei-Tou, and to the spot in the north where BlueMantix is. It will have reappeared, with more treasure. The fight should obviously be much easier now. Just continue to use the Shield Rune level 1 spell early on in battles with Aila to up everyone's attack power essentially, with your allies berserked. Geddoe should of course use Soaring Bolt.

After winning, you will likely gain about 60-70,000 Potch, and some more weapons / items. It should be significantly less valuable than the previous haul, but you will likely get the Medal Set #3 a ? Figurine.

Mountain Path
Far to the southeast on the Suikoden III Map is Caleria and the Mountain Path. Save your game at the beginning part of the mountain.

As you get to the first split, take the east path if you want some Asian Herbs. Probably not worth the walk. Go north to exit. Another long path with a fork at the end in the next area. Go north this time for Medicine. Further east for a save point, and then you'll see a big three-way split with a huge center area. And an area boss ahead.

This is the Twin Snake, with a Right and Left Head. Watch out for this beast's Tri-elemental attack on all members for 100-120 damage. Otherwise it can use physical attacks that take off about the same, but on one character. Also the heads will cast magic, and you can be screwed if it used The Shredding (wind attack) immediately after using the Tri-attack.

As for your strategy, this is one of the toughest mandatory bosses in the game, even for Geddoe's capable party. The goal is to get one of the heads taken out, so that you can avoid the Tri-attacks. Preferably the right head so it won't use Wind Magic on you. Use Great Blessing to heal with Aila, or the first level Shield Rune spell to Berserk everyone. Starting off, use Geddoe's second level magic on the left head and everyone else should attack, except for Joker or Aila if you get hurt. Round 1 you will likely take a tri-attack, but the key is to attack the left head incase it is casting Wind magic. If it gets off the wind magic right away turn 2, you're screwed. Once you take that head out (about 1500-2000 hp), the battle will turn in your favor. It is easy to dodge the physical attacks from the body, and they are only powerful on one ally. The right head uses fire magic but it is weaker and area-based. Definitely a tough battle early on but your rewards are nice in EXP and skill points.


Plus the treasure. You will gain 44000 Potch, with a few Medicines, ? Figurine, ? Statue, Dancing Flames x1, New Casque, Feather Band, New Chain Mail, OldlgtngLeather, New Tunic, Old Silver Robe, Feather Earrings, Winged Boots and a few Antitoxin. Nothing too special but still worth getting of course.

Le Buque is to the north, but you cannot go there so head southeast for Caleria.

Lots of stuff in this place, including the frontier defense force's HQ in the back. Check the left though for a blacksmith. There are Tomato Seeds with the other person here. You can sharpen your weapons to level 10, I suggest you do so considering you have a bunch of potch from the BlueMantix (2x) and that Twin Snake. There are some nice things at the rarities armor shop. If you have extra potch, spend it on that.

When you go to the back area by the HQ, the party splits up. Ace goes to give the report, and you regain control. There is a warehouse in the back here, just talk to the northwest guy. Don't worry, it has the same stuff as Muto (somehow). Also, a Bujutsu teacher here. Surely you could use up some of the skill points you gained through Mountain Path.

Duke and friends approach when you get to the Inn. Gau and Nicolas don't talk much but there is Elaine, with her...well, you know. The hunt for the True Fire Rune is about to commence among the border forces. Geddoe Chapter 1 ends, and you can start up Thomas Chapter 1 to finish all the 1's up.

November 26, 2008

Suikoden 3 Chris Chapter 1 Zexen


Vinay Del Zexay
Chris Chapter 1 starts off in Vinay Del Zexay. Chris is the head knight of the Six Knights of Zexen, who are run by the Zexen Council. Chris' chapters are quite easy in comparison to Hugo and Geddoe's, except maybe her third chapter. She also has advantages in money and starting ability points.

Chris is upset about late Captain Galahad and Vice Captain Pelize. She then has a summons in front of all the council members. They give all sorts of complements to her and think that now would be a great time for peace negotiations after showing the council's strength in previous battles.

Chris is dropped off at her house. Just go inside and rest for you, you can do more later. Save your game, and the next morning the Six Knights of Zexen are at the gate to leave.

Before you leave, enter the Zexen Capital and go to the Council Hall. Take the side doors in front of you, one leads to the armory / rune sage / item shop and the other leads to a Bujutsu teacher. You may also wish to sharpen you weapons in town before you leave.

Zexen Forest
Thankfully, Chris has a horse so you can just burn through here.


Brass Castle
Lulu gets bumped into by Louis here. When you get a chance, check out Brass Castle and the east end of it.

Lord Dupa of the Lizard Clan is paying a visit. He says Chief Zepon wants to hold a gathering on the Amur Plains to 'rest the grides' (peace treaty). Go up to Louis and tell him you will rest.

As you wake up, it will have been a few days and time for the peace treaty. Lucia, Dupa, Beecham and a few others come to sign the treaty for the Grasslanders.

Afterwards, the soldiers become agitated. A messenger comes in to say Lord Myriam and Lord Lanchet have died in a surprise attack.

War Battle Zexen vs. Grasslanders
You are severely overmatched, as the Lizards have most of the area occupied. After a turn, the victory conditions change to escaping via the east route. You will need to take out one army of Karayans to open up the path. Send out your Zexen Knight forces to soften them up. Roland's unit can finish them off, and then have Chris retreat. Reach the east-most spot for a Safe Retreat.


Karayan Village
The party is on Plain Amur, near a Karayan Village. Salome plans to raid it. Go up ahead to save your game first.

As you enter the Karayan Village, Chris will travel with the horse. Lulu rushes up to her and gets it, this time you see the scene from Chris' perspective of course.

After this, you are to flee towards the back of the village. Karayan Soldiers fight you, 4 at a time. They also drop new chain mail regularly. Near the back are a ton of dead karayans. Chris and Salome are worried it may be Borus.

The next day, enter the center door at Brass Castle. Borus ensures Salome he did not massacre those Karayans. Anyway, Chris is summoned back to Vinay Del Zexay, so do your things around Brass Castle then go to the west side of it. Borus is waiting with the horses.

Zexen Forest
Burn through Zexen Forest with the horses. You may see Rico and Fred as you near the exit. Just make your way to Vinay Del Zexay


Vinay Del Zexay
At the Council Hall, Chris will be ordered to be on the attack with the Grasslanders. You can head back into the Council Hall if you want to use your ability points on Bujutsu or magic.

As Chris gets back to her house, Borus leaves. The Butler shows Lady Chris a coat of arms from the Lightfellow Family, which was delivered recently. Chris Chapter 1 ends, and you should start up Geddoe Chapter 1.

Suikoden III Hugo Chapter 1 Fubar


At the Trinity Sight opening, choose Hugo Chapter 1. The Trinity Sight System by the way is done very well, as the three main characters come across eachother throughout the game.

The cursor starts on Hugo and it's a fitting beginning to Suikoden III.

Karayan Village

Hugo starts off in a Karayan village led by Lucia. Lucia is from Suikoden II, a former enemy in the Highland army.

When you get a chance, you can sharpen your weapons and go to the Bujutsu Teacher to train skills. Go to the far west house on the map and talk to Jimbo, and soon Luce comes out. Lucia then tells Hugo he must deliver a message to the Zexen Capital of Vinay Del Zexay. Of course he will be accompanied by the Duck Clan Chief Sgt. Joe, and Hugo's pet Fubar, and also young Lulu. With the Letter to Zexen, you are off.

Before you leave the village, Jimbo asks you to drop off this Pentacle Amulet at the Lightfellow Residence in Vinay del Zexay.

Your first look at the map as you get out of the Karayan Village. You can go through Plain Amur-North to visit Duck Village, but there is not much to do there unless you want to advance Hugo's Wind Magic to D. Get used to the battle system on the Plain Amur's and take the west Plain Amur towards Brass Castle. There is a save point for you to use here.


Brass Castle
The party admires all the stones. The blacksmith inside can sharpen your weapons to level 7. Also, you will meet Belle on this side of the Brass Castle.

In the middle area, Lulu will get bumped by Louis. Hugo will meet Chris Lightfellow and some of the Six Knights. Just continue along, checking on the shops if you want. But considering the weak enemies you've had in your way so far, it's unlikely you have much Potch to spend.

Zexen Forest
Take either path going west here, picking up Mid-Blossom Herbs if you would like (Medicine D). Towards the end you will run across Fred and Rico, the Maximillian Knights.

Vinay Del Zexay
The trip to Vinay Del Zexay was not too bad. The Zexen Capitol is a beautiful place. Take that path going west as you enter and look for a yellow line on the west part of the map. This is the gate to the Lightfellow House. Drop off that Pentacle. You can ask for nothing, for food, or for money. You are pretty broke, so asking for money might not be the worst thing. You get 5000 potch and if you don't feel bad asking for more, you can get another 5000 for a total of 10,000 potch.


Now to deliver that letter. Go to the huge center council building. The Zexen at the door takes a while to talk to but he eventually is receptive. As you get in, you learn it may take 2 to 3 days to get in and speak with a councilor. At least you have time to explore and the 10,000 potch from the Lightfellows to spend. Particularly the Blacksmith, try to get Hugo and or Joe to level 6 / level 7 weapon. Maybe sharpen Lulu's a bit but don't spend too much on him quite yet.

In the southeast there is a confrontation at the square, between Melville and Guillaume. After this, go to the southwest to here Elliot and Alanis talking about the Knights of Zexen. Follow them down the alley. Meet the Saint Loa Knights. Agree to go with them to the North Cave in search of Melville's father.

North Cave
Travel north through the cave, eventually to a spot to rest at night. Soon after, you come across some bandits. The young Saint Loa Knights get a little scared, but jump down the side as you walk down in a circle. Bandits are below, and a save point in the next area.

The Saint Loa Knights charge ahead as they see light, but Guillaume flips a lever and the kids are trapped. Meanwhile, bandits sneak up on Hugo, Lulu and Sergeant Joe. There are four of them, so you might want to try Wind of Sleep and then kill off the bandits that don't fall asleep. You get a decent amount of EXP / Potch for winning along with a ? Figurine. Elliot and Alanis hit the lever and Guillaume runs away, after wailing on Melville.


Vinay Del Zexay
The Knights go their own way after journeying back from North Cave. Time for your party of three to rest, and check out the Zexen Council the next morning.

Finally on this day, they let you in. The Zexen rep is an idiot, but you have to give him the Letter to Zexen. Back to the Inn.

At night, something weird is going on in the bar. Later on, your party will hear some Zexens run to the Inn. As they walk in the Bar, and then to your room, they find it empty.

As Hugo and friends run away, you fight a few sets of Zexens. The orange Zexens are a bit easier than the Zexens in armor. At the Vinay Del Zexay gate, Percival and Leo are waiting for you. If you say "No Chance", a battle will ensue. Your best bet is to use Wind of Sleep and hope 2 or maybe 3 units fall asleep. You just need to wound one of the Six Knights here, preferably Percival since he's weaker and has less HP. Leo is a beast, you will definitely want him asleep. Breath of Ice by Joe might be a nice spell to try too, but just work on Percival and the Knight in front of him. You get no reward for winning besides Joe taunting them after the fight. Fubar flies in to save your party as you run off.

Brass Castle
As you get to the center of Brass Castle, you are noticed, thanks to the aristocrat. Hugo, Sergeant and Lulu go down a chimney.

Take this strange sewer-like route north. Banshees and Arachnvore's are down here. They may actually become difficult towards the end as your MP is probably sapped. Eventually, you see a dead end but a door right by you. Thankfully, it leads to the Grasslands side of Brass Castle.

Plain Amur
Take Plain Amur towards Karaya. You may fight Dark Hare's, and they may drop a ? Screw. You need this Screw for a recruit you may have talked to in Brass Castle, named Belle. Can't get her yet though so keep going towards Karaya Village.

In the second area, you see smoke in the distance. Save your game, and Hugo goes straight to Karaya.


Karayan Village
Yes, it was the Karayan Village on fire. Just as you run in, Lulu encounters Chris. Unfortunately, Chris makes a stab without looking. You can duel Chris if you want, but it will be broken up. The knights eventually leave.

The village stops burning the next morning, as Hugo and friends are about to set out towards Duck Village. Hugo Chapter 1 ends here. It is advised you choose Chris Chapter 1, then Geddoe Chapter 1 to continue.