January 5, 2009

Suikoden 4 Kooluk recruit Snowe


After you acquire the Golden Seal from Lino, the islands have more side quests for you. Put together a formidable party with Chiepoo included, and travel to Mordo Island.

Mordo Island
At the Mordo Island Hot Spring you will meet Lo Fong, Lo Hak and Lo Seng. They ask for 10,000 potch and when you incredulously say "t-t-ten thousand potch?" they fight you. Spam high-level Lighting Magic on these three, trying to focus on one at a time to get them outnumbered quickly. 15000 Potch for their defeat. Also, the loss makes them respect you especially once you say your army name. Lo Feng, Lo Seng and Lo Hak are recruited.

You will be outside Mordo Island after this, but re-enter. Igor, the owner of the Hot Spring, is here and willingly joins you. What a guy.

Nay-Kobold Settlement
Take the Ship and enter Nay Island. Chiepoo will mention he wants to go to the Trading Shop, so walk through the Stonecutter's Field to Nay-Kobold Settlement.

Go to the Trade Shop and talk to the owner. You don't have to do anything here, but talk to the lady in front as you enter to hear about pickpockets. Leave Nay-Kobold Settlement and at the bridge, your Golden Seal gets stolen. Nalkuhl bumps into Lazlo and after the scene you realize the Golden Seal has been stolen. Run back into the Nay-Kobold Settlement.

Take a left as you enter to see Nalkul and Champo. After some admonishing from Chiepoo, Nalkul and Champo offer to get the Golden Seal back since Champo is a great mouse hunter. You just have to catch three mice in 99 seconds, not too difficult. Champ and Nalkul are recruited.

Hermitage Island
Teleport to the Hermitage Harbor. Go through Elenor's house to the back road to find Aldo. Generic recruit, just let him get on the boat and you will have recruited Aldo.

Walk around the forest area for a while, you are looking for a specific random battle. You will know it when you see it - Gau and four Demon Wolf's. Use spells on all enemies to get the Demon Wolves out of the battle quickly. Gau though has three physical attacks. Taking him out nets you a ton of EXP and Gau's respect. Gau is a beast physically, with a high attack and defense. I like to use him but as with many new characters in this game you have to start sharpening his weapon from level 1.

Nest of Pirate's
Go to Kika's room. Katarina has recovered from her injury and asks you again about Commander Glen. She's kind of a bitch still but let her join, she's an able magic user at least. :)


Try to go to your room. Desmond warns you that some scary people have entered your room. Speak with Brec and Jango and they are pirates who wish to join your army.

Head to the War Room on the floor with Desmond and Viki. Elenor will discuss her plan, which is to take Middleport and then gain more allies. Razril still has Kooluk troops stationed there so that will be last.

Put some quality magic users like Pablo, Jeane, Katarina, Viki, or Paula.

As you sail into Middleport, the sea monster with the tentacles appears. The Moving Isle has four tentacles with about 500 hit point. You will want to use the best magic you can on all enemies. Flame Array with level 4 Lightning and Fire magic can take out the other tentacles quickly. The Moving Isle has an impregnable defense that halves your attacks pretty much. 3500 HP is the amount of damage you need to take off, and thankfully it does not have too many powerful attacks but it can annoy you with status attacks. An Ocean Rune Piece and 11200 Potch are your rewards.


Ramada joins you as you go into Middleport. You are prompted to change your party if you would like. Sigurd wants to come with, and you will need him ahead.

As you get off your boat at Middleport, someone says you killed daisy the Lord's pet. Reinbach III and Micky do some talking and decide to join you. Reinbach's father is Lord of Middleport so he will talk to him on your behalf.

By the Trading Shop, talk to the strange old man Keen. Then go to the town square. Talk to the group of ladies to the right, one has an Interior Design Book. New stuff at the Armor Shop too but don't spend too much of your earnings.

Talk to Deborah at the Inn, and she is intrigued by you. Deborah joins you but not Oskar. Stay at the Inn and save. Now speak with Gunter on the other side of the central square area. You can play dice with him if you like.

Head to the north-most part of Middleport to see the Lord's house. Schtolteheim Reinbach II lives here. Ramada surmises that Reinbach II is troubled because he trades with the Orark Maritime Trade aka Cray Trading Company. This is true, and Reinbach II cuts a deal with you; you can use Middleport how you like, but because of his relationship with Cray Trading he cannot openly aid you.

As you attempt to leave Middleport, Reinbach III and Micky would like to join you. But, he wants you to bring him a Rose Crest to prove your loyalty.

Nay Island
Go to the Inn, and enter the room with Gareth the Engraver. Ask him of the Rose Crest, then tell him you are looking for Reinbach. He then gives it to you to deliver to him. The guy in the room next door mentions a huge lady in Middleport who wrecked the Inn.

Okay, take that Rose Crest to Reinbach III at Middleport. Reinbach and Micky are recruited. Exit Middleport, put Reinbach in your party and take Sigurd out. Keen shows up again by the Trade Shop. For 10000 potch, he will join you. Pay up, it's the only way to get him.

Now go to the Inn to see Helga. Talk to her a few times, asking her to join you. Charlemagne comes out eventually and tells Helga to join you, but Charlemagne is not recruited yet. Up to the Lord's Manor to see a blue-clad fellow named Etienne. He joins you to play music.

Exit and re-enter Middleport about 3 or 4 times via port. Then talk to Charlemagne and he will finally join you - he actually fights in battle, too.

Nay Island
Keep Reinbach in your party. Speak to that Engraver Gareth to recruit him. He's in one of the rooms at the Inn if you remember.


You likely have over 70 recruits now. Build up Lino and your best magician, then rest and save. Go into the War Room to see Lino, but the OBEL ship will get hit from a mysterious ship that just appeared.

Lino examines the ship, and decides it may be worth a trip to venture inside. You can only have three total characters, with Lazlo, Lino and an optional character. A high-level magician like Jeane or Viki would be a nice choice. Don't forget to bring Support to heal you.

A robed man appears to take you to the 'captain'. The dead blades here will allow you to get to level 43+ quickly. At the end of the road in this first area you will come to a Prophet and two Dead Blades. The Prophet has a powerful attack, doing 80 damage with a status ailment. Just have Lino and Lazlo attack the Prophet while Jeane uses level 1 lightning magic to take out the two skeletons. The battles with the Dead Blades can be tedious since you have to kill them all on the same turn.

Through the next area, you will have a battle against two Prophets and two Dead Blades. This one can be grueling with the Dead Blades continually re-spawning. Rest up before heading forward.

You come to the end of your journey, with the Fog Ship Guide. The robed man reveals himself as Ted, and proclaims his intentions to leave. Tell the Fog Ship Guide you would not like to stay here forever.

Fog Ship Guide then decides to battle you, as Ted wants his Soul Eater Rune. Use Eternal Ordeal with the hero, attack with Lino, and if you have Jeane you can use Thunder God with Ted on the first round. Fog Ship Guide likes to use a magic attack for 80-100 on everyone. Also a drain attack for 150-200 damage on one ally. Fog Ship Guide has an absurd amount of hit points, around 7000. You obtain a substantial amount of potch for this victory.

Ted obtains the Soul Eater Rune from the Fog Ship Guide, and then Leknaat comes forth after the battle. Ted's Soul Eater Rune is devastating in battle.

Run straight up when you regain control for a Pirate King Vest. Leave the Fog Ship now, fighting battles if you have magic left (you will gain valuable potch and EXP). When you get out, Lazlo saves Ted. Ask him to join you and he reluctantly will.


Sail into Na-Nal and there will be a discussion in your ship with Lino and Lazlo. So your party will be comprised of those two and two others. Again, bring at least one quality magician like Ted, Jeane, Viki, etc.

The beach is littered with kooluk soldiers. As you get to the end of the beach, two sets of Kooluk soldiers rush you and then Axel brings you to the Village Chief. The Village Chief actually has some insightful comments about how your OBEL group operates, and offers to release you on a condition; acquire the "Elven Remedy" from the Great Elven Tree.

Your 'Inn' is actually a jail cell. Pick up the Old Book Volume 4. Then, search the 'bed' and choose to rest. Run through the long trail between the Village Chief's house and the jail. After a long path you will see the elixir in the Altar of the Great Tree. Take the Elven Remedy and you will appear back with the Village Chief.

You are ordered to leave the village now, Axel takes you. But Selma stops you and asks you to speak with someone. The elves eventually lock you up as they don't want the land sold to outside influences. Talk to everyone in your party in the jail cell, and Selma lets you out. The kooluk have gone mad, harming the villagers because the elves "medicine" turned out to be poison.

You have some battles coming up. One against two kooluk soldiers, and then two against a set of three kooluk soldiers. Na-Nal then switches sides and formally announce an offer to ally with you. Accept the Chief's offer and Axel will join you. Selma is at the beach and she too will join you. Also notice Gunter is in Na-Nal Hillside Town - play some dice with him if you'd like.


Nay Island
You cannot teleport here, so enter the Nay Island Harbor. Enter the Village Chief's house and talk to him three times, until he asks to see the Golden Seal. He is still worried of a Kooluk attack, but joins forces with you nonetheless. He tells you to check back later for some people to join you.

Use the Glowing Mirror, then enter the Nay port again. Go to the Chief's House, and a few cooks will be waiting for you - Kevin and Pam. You've recruited Kevin and Pam.

Speak to the man with the brown vest at the harbor. He tells of Millay and he opportunity to marry into the esteemed Reinbach family. Put Reinbach III in your party after this.

Na-Nal Island
Teleport to the Na-Nal Square. Speak with Eugene and his mom at the Inn. His mom will send him with you.

Near the beach, you see Millay being pursued by some Scoundrels. Pound them into submission for ? Painting and ask Millay to join you afterwards.

December 28, 2008

Suikoden 4 Graham Cray Iluya


Obel Sea
After you flee Obel, things calm down and you are on the ship. You can talk to Nico here. Try to enter your ship.

Chiepoo sees a ship. It is the Pirate Kika. She tells you to come with her to her home. Might as well, no other real leads around.

First of all though, anchor your ship. Rest in your room then try to exit - Tov is on the other side of the door and talking about a Forbidden Room.

Go down the stairs and talk to Adrienne on the third deck corridor. With the Iron Hammer, she can sharpen your weapons to level 9. Unfortunately, your money will fly away doing this. Still, you probably have a good deal of potch saved up so feel free to use it on your main character's notably Lazlo.

Down to the fourth floor corridor and you can take the northeast door to the library area. Oleg is in here and another automatic recruit is here, Haruto. Go down the stairs once again to the fifth floor corridor. Here, you can talk to Lilin to have her create Accessories with your materials. Also, Pablo is here in the Rune Cannon Control Center.

Check out the forbidden room. Ask to come into the room...into Mao's room. Mao likes mushies. Back to your room and rest and leave again. Tov tells you again that something weird is going on. Back to the fifth floor corridor at the bottom. Inside the Forbidden Room is Nao, a friend of Mao it seems. He has mints as opposed to mushies. Talk to them if you want either.

Talk to Perrault at the top of the saloon. Look at his newspapers, specifically the article about Bartholomew, who is wanted by Kooluk. Remember him at Nay Kobold Village? You have to head to Nay anyway.

Nay Kobold Island
Check the beach. You will find a message bottle. Go to Items - Other, and you will find the Message Bottle here. It says Coral...Donuts...small island. That's your hint for now.

Make your way to the Nay Kobold Village. As you get near the bridge, Viki comes in. Leave and talk to her and allow her to join. She gives you the Glowing Hand Mirror (previously he Blinking Mirror) which in this case allows you to return to your ship from any island.

Nay Kobold Village
Take that narrow path going up. Enter Bartholomew's residence, and if you've read that newspaper you are allowed to 'take a gamble' and allow Bartholomew to join your army.

Back to the initial area of Nay Kobold Settlement, and talk to Bang the lottery guy. Recruit him to your party and now you have a lottery ticket dealer in your ship. Leave and get Viki if you have not already, or just use that Glowing Hand Mirror to return to the Obel Ship.

Na-Nal Harbor
Teleport with Viki to the Na-Nal Harbor. Speak with Ugetsu by the trading shop. This fisherman will join you.

Go to the town part of Na-Nal. Go to the Rune Master, and specifically ask for the Rune Master. Ask her to join you aboard the ship. Jeane is one of the most valuable characters in this game - she is weak physically, but she is unrivaled with her magic not to mention she can act as a Runemaster.

Check the town square part of Na-Nal to find a strange looking lady named Maxine. She is a Wind Rune specialist and she battles you upon speaking with her. Use Soaring Bolt with Jeane and your other elite magicians. Despite being a Wind Rune specialist, Maxine can use Earth Rune to protect herself as well (though it's a waste of a turn if she does this). Use level 1 Rune of Punishment as well. You'll gain a few levels once she goes down, and then she disappears.

Nay-Kobold Settlement
Go to the Trading Post here and buy a Flower Seed. Rest up in the Hot Spring, then go off to the StoneCutter's Field. See that figure by the tree in the middle? That is Maxine again. She is tougher this time, with more HP and higher defense. Not to mention she will slaughter your allies with Wind magic. Maxine can also heal herself or do physical attacks. Her highest level Wind attack will kill your party in one hit, almost assuredly.

Obel Ship Rear Deck
Use the Glowing Mirror, then go to the Rear Deck. Talk to Ugetsu, and you will catch Shiramine. Allow him to stay and fish with Ugetsu.

Go to Nay Island Harbor, then get back in your boat and anchor. To the Rear Deck you go, and talk to Shiramine. Cast the net where you are now, then depart.Sail east towards Na-Nal, and when you get near Na-Nal harbor, anchor and go back to the Rear Deck. Pull up the net, and you will catch Lilan, a friend of Lilin. Lilan joins you.


Deserted Island
From Nay Island, travel southwest towards the south end of Middleport. About 1 / 3rd the way there, you will come to the Deserted Island you were once stuck at. You will likely also run into a powerful Metal Crab along the way (expend your Lightning Rune Magic).

Check out the cave. Taisuke is here taking a bath. Go up and talk to him and rest yourself at the spa. Then as you are leaving, he says to get his clothes. Grab Taisuke's Clothes at the entrance of the cave, then go back in to give it to him. Of course he needs you to walk all the way out of the cave and then re-enter for him to put his clothes on. Thankfully he has his clothes on and will join your army and start making baths in your ship.

Leave the Subterranean Lake area (not the entire cave, just that last part), and re-enter. You will see Lilen here - tell her you are a friend of Lilin. Lilen is recruited.

Doughnut Isle
Teleport to Mordo Island, then get in your boat. Go a tad south for Mordo and then head due east - take this route all the way until you are directly south of Na-Nal Island. Tougher enemies are around here, like those Demon Hairball's and Spiny Gecko's. Eventually you will see a small island.

Rene is here. She knows a lot about those Treasure Maps you have been gathering. She gives you a Treasure Map and joins.


Iluya Island
Be prepared for this trip by bringing Mizuki, and remember that Flower Seed you bought at Nay-Kobold Settlement? You will need it now. Use the Glowing Mirror / Viki to get to Nay Harbor, and then start sailing north. Once you get to the rainy area (near Iluya) the monsters will get much more difficult. Might want to have extra ship parties made out, or rest often in your bed.

It is rainy on Iluya when you land at the Iluya Island Harbor. Search the nearby treasure for an Ocean Rune Piece and a Treasure Map. Further ahead for a Chinchilla Stand, then head north to a new area.

Kooluk Advanced Base
As you head along, ignore the chest by the Kooluk Army Advanced Base (Indoor) area. It is another Angel Hairball that will tear you apart right now. Do grab the Treasure Map on the crates on the other end, and inside for an Ocean Rune Piece and another Treasure Map. Search the corners to find a Simple Wallpaper in the northeast.

Destroyed Town
Next area is the Destroyed Town of Iluya. Enemies are all around including a Bloody Behemoth. In the northeast is yet another Angel Hairball that you should not encounter (or run if you do). Nataly is on the other end, thinking about the window that used to be there. Ask her to join and Nataly will join the 108 Stars of Destiny. Further south at this point to go to a new area.

Run straight north to Izak. Izak is the guy who is looking for a Flower Seed. If you already brought it, just talk to him again and he'll be impressed. He plants the Flower Seed, then joins your army. Search the area around him in the various paths. Some areas are blocked off, but you'll find your way. Grab the Old Book Volume 7. In the east part, you meet a ninja it seems. Say that you are Lazlo, and then Mizuki recognizes her as Kate. Kate recognizes Mizuki thankfully. Ask her to join and she will.


Nest of Pirates
You have to travel a good deal southwest from Obel / Mordo Island, but the monsters are not too difficult. Kika tells you to come in once you get to the Nest.

Take the far west path for Pirate Bracers. You can sharpen your weapons to level 9 here, if you want.

Inside, you meet some unfriendly pirates. Talk to Phil the tailor, ask him to join and he happily will. Rest and save if you want, then talk to Kika at the table. The pirates and Lino are pretty sure that Kooluk and Cray Trading Company are allying, and will be a tough force. Ask Kika for her help. She agrees that it would be best for you to join forces. Kika, Sigurd, Hervey, Dario and Nalleo all join your party. Before you leave, check Kika's room for a Treasure Map and Ocean Rune Piece.

Kika's ship now follows the OBEL ship from now on. Try to build up the pirates (Kika, Dario, Hervey, Sigurd) since they become vital in later battles. Also, build up Kate the ninja friend of Mitzuki.

Mountain Mass Island
If you really want to go on a journey, head straight north of Razril. The voyage is long but the enemies are the same as the ones by Iluya, so it's a good place to build up. Anyway, a good deal north of Razril and you will reach Mountain Mass Island. Rene can treasure hunt here after you have visited with her at the OBEL ship.

Nest of Pirates
Return to the Nest of Pirates. A 'guest' washes up to shore. Inside, it is none other than Katarina. Speak with her a bit to learn that Snowe is Captain of the Razril Knights now. He also sold Razril out to Kooluk.

Get in your ship, and you will see Snowe pursuing you. It is time for battle.

Former Friend
Naval Battle against Snowe's Army of Kooluk

Snowe has two ships, while you have two also. Snowe has a ship with Lightning / Earth Rune Cannons, and one with Fire and Wind Rune Cannons.

You have the Ship of OBEL and the Grishend (the pirate ship). Fill the fourth fighter slot for the Grishend, and take Nalleo out of the rune cannon slot (her power is only 4 for her runes). Instead, put Kate on this ship. For the Earth / Lightning Rune Cannon enemy ship, you need a quality Earth Rune user and Kate qualifies. The other Rune Cannon slot can be a weak Fire Rune Cannon user like Tov, in case the other ship engages the Grishend. For your ship, you will have three Rune Cannon slots if you got Lazlo to level 40 or higher (possible). Pablo definitely should be with this unit as the Fire Rune Cannon user (which you should be using all the time against the other Gaien ship). Jeane is generally the most powerful but it remains to be seen how useful her runes are in this battle (Lightning is a risk to use since it doesn't match up with the enemy). Try to fill one of the other two or three Rune Cannon slots with a weak Earth Rune, in case Snowe engages your OBEL ship.


So, the strategy above calls for the Grishend to engage Snowe and Lazlo to work on the other Gaien Ship. However it is likely that Snowe's Ship attempts to double-team the large OBEL Ship (which is why you should have put on a weak Earth Rune like Desmond as your other Rune Cannon user). Keep in mind though, if you attack the enemy when both are positioned in front of you...they both attack back. Thus it is a very risky proposition to be attacking in this position, you are better off standing by and just countering each enemy attack one by one with their weakness. The battle may be a stalemate for a while if Snowe cancels out your attacks, but just stick with the runes that will either match up with the enemies weakness or result in a canceled out attack.

Keneth says that you should follow Snowe after this defeat. As you see, the blue marker is on Razril.

Head towards Razril, with a competent party. Tough enemies are along the way but just sail into Razril. As you get there, the Razril citizens have an uproar with Snowe's return. He cannot even land. Some strange Captain is at the top of Razril, where Glen used the Rune. Lots of scenes here, as Snowe leaves Razril.

Eventually, Lazlo and friends capture Snowe. You have a choice here - if you execute him, he's gone forever. And he won't join you (option 2). Just let the sea decide his fate.

Now, don't think you can just go to Razril. Or Middleport for that matter. Return to the Nest of Pirates.

Nest of Pirates
One of the pirates on the shore saw a mermaid the other day. Get on the ship after this, and re-enter the Pirate's Nest. You will meet Big Sister Lilon. Of course, Lilin knows her. Lilon joins you

Take the Glowing Mirror to Iluya. Go down the nearby stairs in that dead end area - but you will see Liloon hiding. Liloon is one of the tougher recruits to find, but she joins easily once you talk to her.


Hermitage Island
Use the Glowing Mirror to the Pirate's Nest. Hermitage Island is your next destination as Elenor Silverburg lives here. Hermitage Island is a stone's throw northwest of the Nest of Pirates. Dario, Sigurd and Hervey join you for this excursion.

You get off at the Hermitage Harbor. Go through a few areas and you will have a cutscene. The pirates talk to some mysterious girl. She is Agnes, Lady Elenor's pupil.

Everyone gets put to sleep, but Lazlo talks with Elenor more inside. She has an errand for you, and seems to be willing to join your cause if you do this for her.

Leave the house to the forest, and get the Mega Medicine x3 and Skunk Orb. Head on out now towards the cave. Lazlo is stopped by a Horned Behemoth. Use Eternal Ordeal, level one Rune of Punishment. This does roughly 300 damage while the enemy does 50. Three turns should do this enemy in - grab the Earth Rune Piece and 3000 potch for victory. Go into the cave now.

Limestone Cave
Get the Green Bottle and Crest at the back of the cave. And search the back (right side) for a Treasure Map.

Back to Elenor's Room. Return the Crest and Green Bottle, and after some confirmation Elenor decides to join you against Kooluk and Cray Trading Company.

Go to the Dirt Floor Room in the Hermitage - search the kitchen area for a Crab Bun, plus you can rest for free in the bed. Go out to the Forest and search the well for an Earth Orb. Also, a Copper Hammer in the nearby chest. You can sharpen your weapons to level 12 now! Another Treasure Map in the little building by the Hammer. Go out to the forest and head back to the ship. You cannot use the mirror.

As you get back to the harbor and onto the ship, you see Lino. Go to the War Room and everyone is gathered. Elenor makes her way here. She decides that to be able to go up against the Kooluk nations, you will need to win the support of the nearby Island Nations. To do so, you need a unified crew. So, Lazlo duels Lino En Kuldes. He went ahead and used two specials right away so it may be a good idea to defend to be safe, unless you know for sure he is defending (like when he says ' I think I'll save my energy a little'). You are probably used to these duels not to mention Lazlo probably has a level 12 or so weapon.


Afterwards, Lino En Kuldes gives up and tells everyone that Lazlo is the new leader. Lino hands off the Golden Seal to you as you seem to be the new King of OBEL now. Then you get to name the ship of OBEL. Choose Chicken to make Chiepoo happy. Then you can name your army. All hands, launch the Chicken.

December 27, 2008

Suikoden IV Lino Kuldes Obel


Abandoned Ship
Katarina does not feel well about sending Lazlo off. But, two of your friends that you used most will join with you (Paula and Keneth for me).

Then, Mr. Chiepoo busts through a box. The foursome does not know what to do with the exiled ship. Just sail along with R1 and fight some Fly Lizards.

After a few battles, you notice a ship. It seems to be a 'merchant' ship, headed by a mysterious guy and an older gentleman, Colton.

Speak with the strange man in the coat, and then go inside the ship cabin. Save your game and search the table for a Treasure Map. Then, talk to Colton to rest.

As you get up, the party tells the group that you are former knights of Gaien. ??? and Colton will waste you in two turns. You do learn that his name is Troy, the same guy you heard about earlier. A battle resumes against two Kooluk Knights. Your group will gain some levels for this. One more battle and you will jump on your old ship and row away. No battle against Kooluk Knights Troy : Colton.

Sail around and fight a random battle. After this random battle, you have a boss - Water Dragon. Use Berserk Blow and level one Rune of Punishment magic. The Water Dragon has a lightning attack for 15 damage and sleep status. If your HP gets low, just use Medicine. And when you run out of magic just use physical attacks - the Water Dragon has close to 1500 HP so it may take a while. It is mostly just annoying with it's sleep spell. You get a Dragon's Bone and 1000 potch for victory. But, the sea monster unleashes one final water wave to knock your party out.


Desert Island
You appear on a Deserted Island. Speak to your friends a few times and they join up.

Check out the area. Look for the foresty path, which leads to an open area that has a Necklace at the far end. This goes to Chiepoo. Now, search the cave. At the end (Subterranean Lake), search the glowing green spot to recover fully.

Return to the main area, and the party realizes this is a deserted island. Chiepoo will collect food, then tell the others what to do. Choose the last one for Lazlo, collecting Coconuts. Then, go to the edge of the island and find some.

Once you finish your task, go to the Subterranean Lake to see a mermaid. Search where she left for a Lucky Ring. Back outside and save, then talk to everyone to have them join up. Continue through the forest-y region to find the third person, and then go back to where the ship is. Take that side path with the kettle and food. Get some rest.

More tasks the next day. They're the same, so you might as well do the same task that you already know. Then, go through the cave to the Subterranean Lake again. The mermaid gives you a Water Amulet this time. Return out, gather everyone together, then go rest once more.

Return to the Subterranean Lake, and the mermaid talks to you. Say 'I will do no such thing' then grab the Guard Ring. Gather everyone together and go to rest once more. Chiepoo asks about eating the crabs at night.

Next day, the boat is finished. Looks like it has been recovered from this island after 1000's of years of being molded in as one with the forest. Anyway, talk to your friends but Chiepoo is not here. Strange sequence with the mermaid, talking about 'the cat' and 'the master'. Go up through the forest to the mountain.

A boss crab is at the top. Defeat the weaker enemies with it, but the big crab cannot be hurt. Lazlo uses the Rune of Punishment and the crab opens it's defenses up. Use the Rune of Punishment - Eternal Ordeal on the Boss Crab. Hopefully you have Keneth who can use Berserk Blow to take out the smaller crabs, or use Paula's Wind of Sleep. Of course the bigger crab has the stronger attacks, doing about 50 to one person with the blue-ish wave attack. Continue to use Keneth's lightning magic and the Rune of Punishment, when you are not healing. A Crab Bun, Crab Shell, and Giant Crab Shell will be dropped. Not to mention a lot of potch and you will level up to 21 or 22.

Lazlo passes out afterwards, for using the Rune of Punishment. Run through the strange shadows and listen to their words. Attack the shadow at the end as usual.

Talk to one of your allies when you get up, and you are ready to leave the Deserted Island. The mermaid Lilin tells you of land straight south of here.

As you sail about, fight a few random battles. Then, you fight two Killer Rays. Work on taking one of them out first with your strongest spells (The Shredding with Paula, Thunder Runner with Keneth, Eternal Ordeal with Lazlo). The enemy rays have a combined attack for about 70-80 damage on each character, so you will need to focus on healing after absorbing one of those. Not too difficult, and you get a Water Rune Piece and Jizo Clock for victory.

Talk to your allies. Your oars are gone, and you're screwed again it looks like. But, Lazlo sees a ship. Desmond comes out and speaks with you. Tell him your name, but Desmond freaks when he sees your rune. He gets Lady Flare to check it out. Turns out, you are with the princess of Obel. You are going back to Obel now.


Obel Royal Ship
Talk to everyone on the deck, then go inside. Talk to the other guy, Flare, and then save. Go back outside, talk to everyone once more and Desmond says we're getting close to Obel.

Kingdom of Obel
Desmond and Flare tell you to check out their place after you search the town a bit. You can use the appraiser here and talk to Yu to have him heal you. Go to the far right and up the stairs as you get to the enclosed route. Next area, you will see Ornan and a lady that hands Soap over to you. Above is a great defensive gear shop and the blacksmith. Spend all of your hard earned potch here, getting your weapons to level 5 or 6 hopefully, and getting a bunch of new defensive gear. Go further up the stairs at the enclosed route.

The rune shop is up here. Finally, you can buy Lightning Runes. Do this for Chiepoo and probably the hero too. If you still have potch, after that haul at the blacksmith / armor shop.

At the very top is an interesting looking guy, who says the king is probably in that big building. Go inside the Antechamber and talk to Stachesu. I mean Setsu. He allows you to come in and rest thanks to Lady Flare. You will meet Lino En Kuldes, who wants to talk to the hero. Lino en Kuldes says that the Rune of Punishment was originally found here in Obel. He tells you that you should check out the ruins. Lino En Kuldes hands you the Ruins Entry Permit so that you can go in. Outside, Lino tells Desmond to get your living quarters ready at the Wharf.

Travel east of the Kingdom of Obel castle to reach a cave-like structure. Inside, is a huge ship. Desmond introduces you to Louise - also, Tov joins and Chadli joins.


Go to the First Passageway and to Lazlo's room. You meet the Executor of Balance, Leknaat, who tells you of the Rune of Punishment and it's relationship to the user.

Meanwhile, a scene with Troy, Colton, Ramada, and a few new gentlemen. There is the Governor and a scary man in Graham Cray. Snowe of all people comes into the meeting, obviously to rat on you leaving Razril.

Now, you can enter the Ruins of Obel to continue the storyline, or go do whatever you want and recruit members / explore. You can even set sail with the ship at the harbor.

First, go in town to the Blacksmith and go down the stairs. Talk to Ornan and he will join you. Prepare everyone by fighting in the ruins for a bit, and then head to the harbor to get on the ship.

Mordo Island
Northwest of Obel is Mordo Island. It is a small but calm island. That said, you will be fighting enemies around here.

Buy a Crystal Ball at the trade shop since it is cheap. Look in the back of the place for Window Set 4. If you need to rest up, just take a dip in the Hot Springs. It is free and restores your HP and MP.

Not much else to find here. You can fight around if you want especially since you can recover your HP and MP for free. When you are ready, leave and start heading north.

Nay Island
Directly north of Obel is Nay Island. Or you can look at it like Nay Island is just a tad south of Iluya Island, so set your charter to Iluya. You will come across Nay Island along the way.

Take the stairs down to the right as you walk along the harbor. Talk to the old man then grab the Wool Loincloth. Nay seems to be an older clan. Head north into town.

West as you enter to see the blacksmith. He can sharpen your weapons to level 7! Lazlo's Twin Heaven Fang is quite powerful at level 7. Go up the west stairs and look for a Treasure Map in a chest nearby.

The village chief's house is to the east. The chief welcomes you and you can search the shelf in the back for another Treasure Map. Check out the 'high ground' for an Inn. Rest and save here, then search the west shelf for Old Book Vol 6. One of the Inn rooms has a chest with another Treasure Map.

Back to the Harbor area. See those steps going way up in the east part of the port? Go up them.


Nay-Kobold Settlement
Head through Stonecutter's Field here. As you head east through the field, look south for a Treasure Map chest.

As you enter the Nay Kobold Settlement, talk to Bang the lottery worker here. He can be recruited later. Enter the trading post to talk to Perrault a few times. Tell him to join you and that there will be a lot of people there - Perrault then joins your army.

By the appraiser on the right side of the village is a Lightning Orb behind him. Walk up the long winding path nearby to the hot springs. Enter the residence in this new area and talk to Bartholomew. Bartholomew has Old Book Vol 3 in his house.

The hot spring is in the back. Go to the left of it and make your way to the back and search for a Treasure Map. You can dip in the hot springs if you want your HP / MP restored. Otherwise, not much left to do in the Nay-Kobold Settlement.

Back on the Obel ship, and travel east (and a tad south). You will see a new island, not too far from Nay. It is Na-Nal.

You fight battles everywhere here. They are pretty tricky. Worse yet, there is a Golden Hairball to the east behind the ship on the shore. Please use your best spells to kill it quickly (about 500 HP) because it has some scary attacks. You will acquire a Stone of Evasion and a Treasure Map for your victory. Then, enter the boat right by it. Up those stairs and search around the basket for yet another Treasure Map.

The town of Na-Nal is just to the north. If you go east, you have the Inn. Rest and save, then talk to Rita. You will need to learn how to succeed in this funny version of Mahjong. You might lose the first few rounds but then you'll get the hang of it eventually. After you win several games, settle the score then talk to her again. Tell her to go to your ship and you will recruit Rita.

West for the Equipment Shop (with a Fire Magic Ring in the bargains) and further west for the Hot Springs. Back to the intersection by the Inn and north to continue.

Northeast for the Armor Shop here, which has many goodies including the Pirate Armor (Bargain). Check the boxes west of the Armor Shop for another Treasure Map. Further north and into the nearby Rune Shop. Look around the right side of the room for a Treasure Map. They have the valuable Killer Rune (albeit for 5000 potch) but it makes your physical attackers into monsters, with several critical hits. At this point I generally have Lazlo with Rune of Punishment and Lightning Rune, Chiepoo with Lightning Rune and Water Rune, Keneth with Killer Rune and Lightning Rune, and Paula with Wind Rune and Lightning Rune. The excess Lightning Rune's are great for the level 1 spell not to mention Lighting Runes are always overpowered in Suikoden games and this version is no different...but, it is vital you have at least one Water Rune user for healing.

Reinhold is at the north part of this area. Reinhold wants you to take care of some girl in red in the next area. At the Na-Nal gathering square, talk to Mitsuba. Offer to duel her - she is not as strong as she acts. Two specials should nearly kill her. So, be careful starting off like most duels just to ensure you are picking the right move. Mitsuba and Reinhold join your party after you defeat Mitsuba in the duel.

Go to the north part of town, with the Na-Nal Chief and his son Axel. Grab the Stone of Strength chest in their house, and that's about it. You can visit the prison or Selma and the Elves, but there is nothing doing.


Ruins of Obel
Take the left route (the route opposite of the Wharf route from the Obel Antechamber). You will meet a young kid, Rakgi. He allows you to go in. The purple ghostly soldiers resurrect themselves unless they are the last to die. Fortunately, they have low HP to offset this.

The first route is simple, but then you get to an area with multiple paths. Down the stairs and take the southeast path for a Thunder Amulet. Back to the other area and go west along this lower floor for a 5000 potch chest. In the big room, the northwest path continues on.

Take the east route at the T for Magic Hand. Keep going west now, through the T. Eventually, the path winds south to another T, with a treasure nearby. This is a One-Piece Dress. Get it, but continue south for a treasure BUT DO NOT GET IT. This is an Angel Hairball, and you absolutely cannot win this battle right now (the thing has 3000 hit points). If you are stupid enough to engage it, just continue to run from it.

So, back to where you got the One-Piece Dress. Go through the door here, and then take the north route into a new area (further west is a dead end). Go up the nearby stairs and take the first east path you see for Window Set 2. Up the stairs one more time for a save point.

Take the east route first for a path that leads to a T. East at the T for a Mega Medicine and then west to another T. Taking the south path leads you back to the room with the Save Point, so just keep going north after you heal up.

Rakgi warns you about the Aura. Sure enough, 'Guard' emerges. Use your strongest Lightning Rune attacks, and or Rune of Punishment attacks (though you have another boss battle so you may want to conserve some of that high-level rune MP). Guard has a sphere-like attack for about 60-80 damage to one character. After a decent amount of damage, Guard will flee and you will gain Platinum and ? Ornament. Take this exit now.

You will be outside, at the Inner Ruins. Get Mushroom x3, Mega Medicine x3, Escape Talisman and save. Search the tree in the far end of the next area for a Treasure Map, then talk to the lady.

This is Rikie, Rakgi's mom. She sees the Rune of Punishment on your left hand. Seeing you, Rikie realizes her husband must be dead. As you try to exit, that Guardian comes to stop you. This time, it has two different colored hands to attack you with. It has a sonic wave attack for about 50-70 damage on everyone. It's physical attack is even more powerful, around 100-120 damage to one character. The Rune of Punishment and your Lightning Runes should carry you through this battle. A Diamond and Iron Hammer are your rewards.

Afterwards, Rikie and Rakgi join your party. Fortunately you appear back at Obel after this episode. Return to your HQ and talk to Manu near the boat. Agree to have him transport you to the harbor of Obel. Get on the ship.

Obel Sea
As you reach the Obel Sea, you hear a mermaid calling for help. It's Lilin. She joins you and tells you that bad people stole her friends.

On the world map, you will see a huge white dot - go towards the ship to slam next to it. Choose the first option to the thug that talks to you. These idiots want to fight you, it seems. Use level 1 Lightning Magic to maul them quickly, if you even need to use that. You fight three Captain's Staff, and then three more of Captain's Staff. Then they give away their identity that they are the Cray Trading Company. You can shoot those idiots down if you want, either way Lilin thanks you and joins your army.

Sail back into Obel. Dario and Nalleo are here and they see you with a mermaid. They think you are the one selling them.


Pirate Dario
Another ship battle vs. Pirate Dario. You will want a Fire Rune Cannon user and a Water Rune Cannon user. Tov might be your best Fire Rune user unless you gave a better character the Fire Rune. Also a Water Rune user will be needed. As you notice here, the rune cannons that any given character can equip go hand in hand with their own runes equipped. Anyway, this battle is as simple as using the Fire Rune Cannon user constantly, as you will either draw the enemies weakness or neither party will sustain damage. Dario and Nalleo retreat despite Lilin saying you are allies.

Another scene with Dario and some new characters, Sigurd, Hervey and Lady Kika. Re-enter the Obel Harbor after this.

The Obel soldier tells you to go see Desmond. Desmond has a new message for you - hunt down Oleg, who is said to be in Nay. He has some interesting knowledge that Lino En Kuldes wants. Talk to Desmond again to form your party. Might want to bring your lower-level characters so they can build up levels and sharpen their weapons at Nay Island.

At the higher ground part of Nay Village, go to the part east of the Inn and talk to the guy. This is Oleg. Tell him you would love to see how his invention works.

At night, try to leave your room at the Inn. Graham Cray showcases some sort of power directed towards Iluya, and Troy flips out about it.

Next morning, go to that thing Oleg was looking at. You'll see the blast of energy torch Iluya. Then you hear people washed up on shore. Go to the beach and you will see a couple from Iluya.


Obel Kingdom
Not much else you can do besides return to Obel.

As you get back, rest and save. But a ThunderGodGarb at the Armor Shop bargains. Then go to the Antechamber. Talk to Lino En Kuldes and he is sure that Kooluk is going to invade the south now. Lino recruits Oleg for you.

Walk towards the Wharf, and you will get ambushed by Akaghi and Mizuki, the two you saw in Razril back in the day. They are not hard and only have about 500+ hit points. Gang up on one of them early on to end the battle quickly. Level one Rune of Punishment makes quick work of one of these two. But, you get a decent amount of EXP and should be around 31-33.

Ramada is apologetic and is looking for some sort of confirmation that you won't kill them. Take Louise out of your support slot, if she is in it. Then talk to Manu to go back to the beginning of Obel.

Speak with the Innkeeper, then a scene happens. Talk to the lady by the Inn now, and then start to follow Cedric as he runs back towards your base at the Wharf. Follow him here and talk to Louise. She is hiding Cedric here and he will join you. Also, because of Cedric joining Lazlo will absolutely fly if you hold down R1.

Return back to the Antechamber at the top of Obel. Lino En Kuldes knows ahead of time that Cray Trading Company is behind Ramada, Akaghi and Mizuki's attack. After learning that they are simply a pawn, Ramada, Akaghi and Mizuki are recruited. Setsu though is worried about Lazlo's presence here with the Rune of Punishment.

It is night time - head towards the Wharf. Unfortunately, you will see a fleet of Kooluk ships rolling in. Uh oh. Note that if you continually choose the second option here (not to use the Rune) you will get the bad ending. Use the rune instead, and fry the Kooluk fleet. Lino En Kuldes can see from afar that you are in pain. Time for a naval battle with the rest of the Kooluk advancers.

Defending Obel
3rd Kooluk Fleet vs the Obel Warship

Okay, the enemy has a ship with a Fire Rune Cannon / Wind Rune Cannon, and another with a Wind Rune Cannon / Earth Rune Cannon. To combat the latter, get Paula or your best Wind Rune user. And for the former ship (enemy flagship) get a Fire Rune user like Tov. At worst, you have split even against the enemy and at best you'll get their weakness. Fill up the Fighters on both of your allied ships and get ready for battle. Try to have Lino's ship work on the Fire / Wind Rune ship and then have Paula launch Wind Rune Cannon shots at the smaller ship.

Back at the Obel harbor, Lazlo passes out in front of Chiepoo. Another scene with the Rune of Punishment, this time focusing on Brandeau acquiring the rune. Rune of Punishment has now reached Level 3.

Lazlo wakes up in bed, and when you go out in the saloon everyone will be talking about the Rune of Punishment and the prospects of it falling into enemy hands. Try to head into Obel town, but you are blocked by a soldier. Kooluk seems to be advancing.

Back to the Wharf, and go to the war room on 1F. Lino En Kuldes tells you to go into town and recruit anyone else before you leave, notably a doctor. Take off Flare's equipment, it is more useful on your other character's as Flare is not usable until later on.

Run into town, and talk to the couple by the Antechamber. Gary and Emma won't join you, they'll stay on the island. Talk to the old guy in front of the Equipment Shop and he will join, and you get a scene. Check out the area by the Armor Shop and Blacksmith - tell the two ladies to flee to the ship. Sharpen Flare's weapon to 6 if you wish. Also, you see a scene with Pablo. Strange looking guy.

Go by the trading shop. You will see Adrienne here. She will join you - she is a blacksmith and will take the Iron Hammer you got from the Guardian so she can sharpen weapons to level 9. Talk to Yu nearby, the doctor, and he will join you too. Go to the docks and tell one of the fisherman to go to the ship, and he will. The other stays. Flare says it's time to go, so return to the Wharf. Flare wants to stay in Obel.

Head to the War Room. Setsu leaves too. Tell Lino that you are ready to go. Setsu does his best to distract the enemy. Lino, Lazlo and friends flee Obel.


December 22, 2008

Suikoden 4 Snowe Lazlo


Suikoden IV
Start a new game. Suikoden IV is not like Suikoden III, in that you have a traditional RPG hero, named Lazlo. Much more like McDohl and Riou of Suikoden I and Suikoden II. You uh, even get to determine his voice to a certain extent.

At Sea
Suikoden IV starts off at sea, with Lazlo and Snowe part of the Gaien Marines Academy, from Razril. Snowe is your best friend, and one of the more interesting characters throughout this game. Soon after talking with him, your first skirmish is about to happen.

First Engagement
Snowe's Ship vs. ????. Choose Keneth as your Rune Cannon, as he has the lightning rune which you will want on the water rune. Just go up to the enemy ship and shoot the lightning rune cannon at the opposing shit - at work, it will be a push (neither ship gets damaged).

After your victory, Glen and a woman fight you (her name is Katarina). Use your Friendship Attack, and just battle them for about 5 turns. Glen chastises Snowe for not being careful about the enemy boarding the ship. Next, you have a duel against Commander Glen. If you are familiar with Suikoden duels, this should be nothing new. You want to use Special when you think he will use a regular attack, you will want to defend when he is going to do a special attack, and if he baits you to attack by defending, just do a regular attack.

Afterwards, it seems there is some sort of ritual for graduating tonight.


Gaien Knight Ship
Talk to everyone, notably Tal, Jewel and Keneth on the top. Then go inside the deck to save, then talk to everyone inside. Back outside to talk more to Jewel and Tal. Turns out Paula is no where to be found - you will then see a scene as the party reaches Razril.

Razril - Hall of Knights
Hurry and go to the Hall of Knights. Take the first door to the east, and then the route that is not going up the stairs. Get the Old Book Volume 9. Take the next east route if you want to save or get the Steamed Bun / Water Orb, then talk to Katarina in the north.

Glen gives you a speech about the enemy Kooluk, and a tough man in Troy. After the speech, time for the Kindling Ritual at the harbor.

Razril Harbor
Back to where you got off the ship, and then go all the way to your right as you get out there. Snowe Vingerhut gets the torch from some guys. Then he gives it to you, so talk to everyone and light all the torches. Further north for a scene with Lord Vingerhut, and some fireworks.

After talking to those in your group, head south to where the torch lighting went on. One man is looking for his daughter, remember this. Further south and east to see Chiepoo, a cat. Chiepoo witnessed a kidnapping, so run back to your fellow knights. Ask any two of them to join - I usually pick Keneth and someone else, as Keneth has the powerful Lightning Rune at his disposal. I chose Paula this time around for her Wind Rune.

Go southeast to the back streets. Random battles can occur here, so be careful. Take the trail south for a Mushroom, and then look east for a huge open area. Check one of the mini-alleys for a pirate with the little girl. Intervene, and get ready for a fight. The Pirate is pretty tough actually, so you will want to use the Friendship attack on him a few times. Have the weaker allies take out the underling. You will get a few hundred potch and a ? pot. Check nearby for a crate that has a Treasure Map.

Naturally, the girl thanks you and you go on your way. Head back to your dorm area and tell Snowe it is time to sleep.

Next morning, go to the harbor to speak with Snowe. Mess around if you want, but return to the Hall of Knights Courtyard to train. Choose your party - again, I always have Keneth for his Lightning Rune. Chose Paula as my other character this time around. Fight some battles, hopefully until you get to level 4, then go out on your mission.


Razril Harbor
Go to the ship straight to the south. You can choose to fight groups of monsters three times, or deliver a message to Middleport. Just choose to fight wild sea creatures first.

Sail around holding R1 to sail fast, and control it with the D-pad. After three battles and maybe a few levels gained, return back to the port. Next, there is a job at Middleport for you.

Speak with that guy at the harbor, he has the details. Also, you learn about pressing 0 to see a larger scale map. The nice part about this is, you can direct where your ship is going from here. So, click Middleport, but try to get near the west part of Middleport is. This is where the docks are.

As you get to Middleport, talk to the guy's strange request. He ran into a monster nearby and will reward you kindly if you can defeat it. For now though, explore the village a tad.

The Inn is to the northeast where you should probably rest or at least save. Search the pictures on the first floor of the Inn for a Treasure Map. Head west for a 500 potch chest, along with a defensive gear shop, item shop and smithery. Strengthen Lazlo and every else to level 3 - you likely won't have the Potch for it, but leave and build up around Middleport. Check out the north part of Middleport for a mansion and a Fancy Console to the east as you enter that area (before the gate).

Eventually though, you will run into a Damp Hairball. These Hairballs will hound you, all game. Have Keneth use Berserk Blow, while Snowe and Lazlo use Friendship attack or heal. But this thing is tough - it will likely use the Water Rune ice magic spell on you several times, for about 25 damage to each person. This will use up Lazlo and Snowe's Water Rune magic real quick. Use Medicine to keep up, continue to use Berserk Blow with Keneth and Friendship Attack. 500 potch and a ? Pot are your rewards. Go back to Middleport.

The guy who requested help gives you 2000 potch. This should be enough to appraise all of your ? items, and then sell those. Hopefully you gain a decent bit from this, but spend it on upgrading your weapons.

Return to Razril, after your first adventure out on the waters. Katarina says something about a separate mission, as your party mates leave. Start heading toward the Hall of Knights and you will go to a scene with Mr. Ramada, a merchant who is involved with Lord Vingerhut, Glen and Katarina. Leave, talk to Snowe, and you can walk around town again.

Pick up some of the rarities at the equipment shop. Then, go to the port in this part of town - you will overhear Akaghi and Mizuki.

Back to the Hall of Knights to get Snowe in your party once more, then to the audience chamber. Tell Ramada you are ready to go to Iluya.


Iluya Island
Go to the port and get on your ship. Make your way to the far northeast, to Iluya.

Along the way though, the ship will stop. Talk to everyone on the deck, including Snowe. After talking to Snowe, choose to fight. Snowe shows his true colors here, as the ship is ambushed. As you choose to fight, Lazlo takes over as commander essentially.

Pirate Brandeau
The battle vs. Pirate Brandeau is one where you have one ship against his two. But, put together two rune cannons - an Earth Rune user and a Water Rune user. Go after the ship quickest to make it's way south to you - that way you can take it out before the other has a chance to gang up on you and get free shots. Just use the rune that that particular ship is weak to. Not really a hard battle.

But next, you are boarded and a Gaien Knight is taken out. Pirate Brandeau and an Assassin are on the ship, and you are now in a battle with another Gaien Knight against these two. Wind of Sleep probably won't work here, so just focus on killing off the Assassin here. He has less hit points than Brandeau and you absolutely need to oust one of these two quickly. Heal with the Water Rune or Medicine when needed - keep in mind, Pirate Brandeau can use level 1 Water Rune magic as well, in addition to taking off about 50 damage with his Fire Rune. But, once Brandeau is alone you should have no trouble ganging up on him and healing when necessary.

After the battle, Brandeau pulls out his trump card, in the form of his third rune the Rune of Punishment. Everyone is annihilated besides Lazlo. Meanwhile, Glen yells at Snowe for fleeing his ship.


Brandeau then decides to take care of you personally, in a duel. This one will last a while, as your defenses are much higher than your attacks. Be conservative until you learn which quotes = which attacks for Brandeau. Try to save up your full power for a special attack, to do a ton of damage.

Glen finally reaches the ship after the battle, but he is the one closest to Pirate Brandeau as Brandeau starts to waste away. The Rune is then transferred to Glen as Lazlo watches on.

Back at Razril, save in your room. Go to the main part of Razril town, with the shops. Konrad is at the Inn. Head to where you lit the torches and talk to everyone, someone has Cough Drops. Snowe wants to go to the Item Shop so go there and get the Mega Medicine. Townspeople seem to have turned on Snowe.

Return to your room and speak with Funghi. Then, go in the kitchen and talk to her for the Commander's Medicine. Snowe gives you some Mega Medicine too. Go up to Spire, previously unreachable, and eventually Commander Glen's room. Say the Mega Medicine is from Snowe and talk to them for a bit.

Save at your room, and as you leave it seems there is an attack. Tell all the playable characters that they should go out and fight. Run to the ship at the Razril port now.


Pirate Dario vs. Knights of Gaien

The smaller enemy ship has a Fire Rune, while the other ship has a Fire and Wind Rune. Obviously you will want to use Jewel as your main Rune Cannon with Water being strong against the two Fire ships.

Try to focus on the smaller ship first, and have Snowe engage the main ship. Snowe has a lot of underlings and a high endurance so he'll be okay. Once you take out the smaller ship, you should have no trouble mauling Pirate Dario's main ship.

Afterwards, Snowe decides to go out on his own and chase down the enemy. Lazlo is forced to go and help Snowe (choose that option). Lazlo scares off Dario and the scene shifts back to Razril.


Back at the Commander's Room, Snowe gets punished again for his bad decision. Go save and sleep for the night, then go to Funghi at the kitchen to bring the Commander's Meal to Glen's room. Unfortunately, a rune cannon hits you. Time to run out there and fight. Katarina and the two playable characters that you picked most will join you.

As you reach the harbor, pirates attack you. The pirate in red is tougher, so you may wish to focus on him first. Heal when necessary, as a second battle against three pirates commences. Definitely will want to use Berserk Blow with Katarina in this battle. 450 Potch is your reward. Then, a third battle against the pirates.

Meanwhile, Glen is stumbling around his room. He goes to the rooftop and shred's the enemies fleet with the mysterious rune. Dario yells to retreat.

Return to the Hall of Knights, and then the rooftop where Glen was. An important scene happens, with Snowe, Lazlo and Glen. Katarina then gets word of troops near the Hall.

Lazlo now has the Rune of Punishment. And Snowe blames him for Glen. Just run straight north to hear something with Rakgi, and Rikie. Then, a voice asking you to kill it. Attack the Mysterious Shadow. Lazlo's Rune of Punishment sure is strange.

Afterwards, Snowe and Lord Vingerhut continue to conspire against Lazlo. Talk with Katarina and tell her you did not do it. It still does not matter. Two of your friends will talk to you (the ones that don't join your party). Katarina then dumps Lazlo off on a small boat.