August 2, 2008

FF4 DS Lunar Subterranean Ragnarok


Remember where you got Fusoya earlier on the moon? Head back to the Crystal Palace, saving outside before you enter. Restore your HP / MP and go to the back of the moon - you are transported to the Lunar Subterrane B1.

Lunar Subterranean B1 : Notice you can walk through the side walls here. Head through the left wall and go south when you can to find a blue teleport. As you get out, head south.

Lunar Subterranean B2 : Go north and get the Sage's Staff but you have to fight a Dark Sage and two Moon Maiden's. Follow the path to another teleport, taking you to the west end of B2. You can walk west through the wall, or just go south for the exit.

Lunar Subterranean B3 : Head north to see a thin sword being shown off. You will be fighting a White Dragon here to win the sword however. It has powerful physical attacks and abilities to hit the entire party. Watch out for when it uses Slow and follows up with Maelstrom - it is trying to screw your healer Rosa but if you are patient enough and get Haste back up, you should be fine. The Murasame for Edge is your reward.

Back to Lunar Subterranean B1.

Lunar Subterranean B1 : Walk through the east wall heading northeast, and follow the long path as it wraps around the exterior of B1. You will come to a Black Garb but you have to fight an Armor Construct to attain it. This is the best armor for Edge. The Armor Construct enemy will paralyze you and has some powerful physical attacks, but should not provide the challenge of a boss certainly.

The south path in Lunar Subterranean B1 will complete the map for you. 10 Hi Potions are your reward.

Lunar Subterranean B2 : South and east to walk through the wall. Work your way north a bit and then west to a treasure that is the Flame Whip. Before returning back, head all the way to the northeast and you can come out in this new area. Keep heading west to complete the map for 5 Ethers. Far to the northwest here is a Dragon Shield. Take the northern exit to B3.

Lunar Subterranean B3 : You start off in the north end of B3. It is a huge area, but there is not much to do besides find the staircase going down in the center. But go all the way to the south, and try to walk east through the wall. You will come out by a Dragon Helm. Keep searching to the east and you can find another hidden path that travels south, and you come out to the west to get the Dragon Mail. To the west is another chest (Dragon Gloves) and you can complete the map, for 5 Ethers.

Lunar Subterranean B4 : Go to the far east as you get there to get Artemis Arrows. Back to the staircase going down, and take the left path. Go inside the cave for an Elixir, and return outside and go to the far east for the stairs. Follow them to a side passage, where you can find a White Fang and X Potion. Take the west door to end up at the southwest part of B4. Grab the Stardust Rod but you'll have to fight a Behemoth for it. Complete B4 map for 3 Dry Ethers.

Lunar Subterranean B5 : Head down the bridge and west all the way for a Crystal Shield. You will have to fight two Ice Dragons for it. Continue on through the door, and go all the way north and east through the wall for a Protect Ring. Make your way through to the east end of the map, where there are two exits. The south exit leads to Crystal Mail but you have to fight a Behemoth for it. Then take the center one with the stairs going down, back to B5. Grab the Crystal Gloves to the east but you will have a dangerous Red Dragon waiting for you. They like to use Thermal Rays, taking off 2500-3500 on each member, and they spam the ability. Your only hope is to use Slow and then Haste your party, and whittle his HP down. Or cast Berserk on him so he just attacks Cecil instead of using Thermal Rays. When Berserk wears off you will have to use it again though.

Take the west path and go in the cave. There is a treasure in this cave, White Robe, and the exit in the middle. The path south leads you to the next area. Before you go this route you can go west for a Crystal Helm, but you will have a Dinozombie to defeat. Not a tough fight at all compared to those Dragons. Also grab the Red Fang in the cave to the east.

Lunar Subterranean B6 : You start off in the north part of the screen. Go west and east for a Fuma Shuriken on each side. Then head due south veering to the west as you go south for a Cottage. Before you take the southern passage, look west of the Cottage as you can walk across an invisible bridge. This takes you by a Golden Apple, and another teleport to the east that takes you to the far west part of the screen. You can take the northwest exit to complete for map for an Elixir. This exit takes you back to B5.

As you head north there will be a Protect Ring, that is guarded by a Behemoth. A Protect Ring is a perfect accessory for Edge, and I have one on Rosa too. Complete the B5 map by going to the northwest and you will acquire 5 Sirens. Take the teleport and then save.


In this area, go east to see a sword floating. Watch out, this is one of the toughest battles in the game as you are up against Dark Bahamut. He hits you with Mega Flare to start the battle, and you have to hope you are in the mid to high 60's to survive. Chances are at least Cecil, Rosa and Kain will be alive. If Kain dies though and you have Phoenix, then you have your party revived. Dark Bahamut will quickly start using Flare on you and then Reflect on himself. You will want to Haste your party and get him Slowed, but you might have to Dispel him and then get Slow on him before he casts Reflect, or just cast Reflect on a party member and Slow on said party member. Dark Bahamut still moves fast even when slowed. If you attack him he will counterattack (not all the time), but if you have Blink up you will dodge it (Edge dodges attacks regularly too). Towards the end of his 60,000+ HP, he will start casting Heal for 4000-4500 HP restored each time. This will prolong the inevitable but you should be able to defeat him once you get Hasted and everyone back alive after the first Mega Flare. Your reward is Cecil's ultimate weapon, the Ragnarok. Be sure to head to the Save Point and save after this battle.

Back to B6 and take that exit southeast of the invisible bridge. There is a side passage on the way to Lunar Subterranean B7. Grab the Minerva Bustier but you will have to fight a Dark Sage and two Moonmaiden for it. Take the exit for B7.

Lunar Subterranean B7 : Head southeast and enter the first cave. You have a hard-earned save point here. This is a useful place to be when you want to fight a hard treasure boss or one of the greater enemies guarding the special weapons / armor. Also in this room is a Cottage.

The first door east of this has Plague Horror guarding a powerful lance. Was not impressed with this battle. Just attack with Kain, Cecil and Edge. If you have Ragnarok, this will be that much easier. With Rosa you will want to use Holy and Bahamut with Rydia. No need to Haste since Plague Horror does it anyway. It will use Protect and Shell so you may wish to use a Dispel spell instead of Holy for Rosa. Or just keep going at it, you're likely to take it down with 2 or 3 seconds left even without perfect augments. The Holy Lance is now yours, Kain's best weapon.

One more door east and you have another special boss, the Lunasaur. His Bad Breath attack will screw your ailments up if you are not prepared or are unlucky. Cecil routed my party one time. If you can survive that, you should be in the clear. Lunasaur mainly casts Bio on himself after using Reflect, or he'll do a physical attack. If you have the Ragnarok you will maul this Lunasaur with your Holy attacks. Kain does good damage as well and having him jump to avoid the initial Bad Breath is a good idea. Take the two Ribbons as your reward, as you can guess they work well with Rydia and Rosa. They prevent status ailments. Save and travel to the north part of B7. Complete the map for 3 Coeurl Whiskers and you can continue onward.

Lunar Subterranean B8 : West is a dead end, so go east and grab the Fuma Shuriken as you work your way back west. You will fight Evil Masks on this floor. They like to cast Reflect on themselves and your entire party, and then will proceed to use Holy and Flare on himself back onto you for high damage. Try to cast Haste right away on your party after he uses Reflect on himself, and then use Slow on yourself after he puts up a Wall on your entire party. Go all the way south to clear the B8 map, netting you 3 Gold Hourglasses.

Notice there is another sword on the southern podium, the Masamune. Ogopogo is guarding it, a fish that looks very similar to Leviathan. Not a terribly difficult fight, as Deluge should only put Rydia in danger especially if you can get the front row guarding. It will use the ability twice to start the fight, then will do some physical attacks. Heal up after this, and then cast Slow on him. This should help immensely as usual, along with Haste on yourself. Everyone else should be attacking and Rydia using Bahamut, as he does not counter physical attacks at all and only uses a weaker blaze attack to counter magic.

Lunar Subterranean B9 : Travel south, taking the east path for an Elixir. Follow the path west and back south for a Gold Hourglass. 3 Light Curtains for maxing the B9 map.

Lunar Subterranean B10 : Another Fuma Shuriken as you work your way south. An Elixir to the west and for completing the B10 map you get 3 Stardusts.

Lunar Subterranean B11 : New enemies here, Zemus's Breath and Zemus's Malice. Both are pretty weak enemies and Zemus's Breath likes to use Libra on you. 3 Lunar Curtains are your reward for finishing this area, and this is the last area before the end of the game. If you want to go back and save, do it now.

Zemus is here, with Fusoya and Golbez. They'll use a Twin Meteor on him to destroy him, but he has another form. They are not as lucky with this one, as Golbez's dark past makes the Crystal useless when he uses it on Zeromus.

Once you get in battle you can use the Crystal to release Zeromus' real form. This ugly creature will start off with Black Hole, which will negate any buffs you set on yourself and any negative ones on Zeromus. Next is the Big Bang attack, so try to get a Haste in right after the Black Hole and then you can easily guard with everyone to survive the Big Bang. When he rumbles, he is just about to use the Big Bang. This tactic uses Sap on your party in addition to doing heavy damage, so Cure up and maybe have Kain jump ahead of time to avoid it. Try to use Slow on Zeromus but when he uses Black Hole you'll have to do it again along with casting Haste again. As long as you can keep up and remember to defend before Big Bang you should be okay. Have Edge through weapons with the highest attack power like Fuma Shurikens. Cecil should attack, Kain should Jump, Rydia should defend, use Asura or Stardust Rod for a Comet attack. Rosa of course should be busy with Curaga / Curaja and getting buffs for your party and Slow on Zeromus.

Final Fantasy IV 4 DS walkthrough

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August 1, 2008

Final Fantasy IV Giant of Babil Four Fiends

Giant of Babil Final Fantasy Guide FAQS : Leaving the Moon with Fusoya, you will see the Giant of Babil just as you enter. Fortunately, your friends are fighting it. This allows your party to go inside the Giant of Babil.

Giant of Babil Mouth : Head to the north path and take it down to the neck.

Giant of Babil Neck : You get 3 X Potions for completing the smallest map in the game. Just go south and leave.

Giant of Babil Chest : Follow the path and take the Fuma Shuriken you see to the north. In the southwest is a Hi Potion and east of this is an Ether. Check the northeast corner for Yoichi Arrows and to the center for a Siren. Complete the map for 5 Remedies and take the center-north path going on to the Stomach.

Giant of Babil Stomach : Straight north for a Silver Apple, then take the skinnier far east path for a Soma Drop. Keep heading to the northwest to complete the Stomach map and get a Dry Ether.

Giant of Babil Inner Passage : Go south and east but take the first north path for an Elixir. North of here is the rest of the map for the Inner Passage, and you'll get an Elixir for completing it. Notice the red guy who sells sundries to you, and a save point. Buy some cottages because the Giant of Babil has always been one of the best level grinding areas and of course it's best to do it by the save point.


Giant of Babil Inner Stair : Just a bit to your north are the four elemental fiends, revived by Zemus. You will be healed and your MP will be restored. The order is Scarmiglone : Cagnazzo : : Barbariccia : Rubicante.

Scarmiglone still counters your attacks with nasty status ailments. That said your party is more capable of recovering. Still, having Cecil with Draw Attacks + Counter allows you to just let Scarmiglone attack and have Cecil's counterattacks do the damage, so as to avoid getting countered with status ailments.

Cagnazzo is a pushover. With Haste, you can use it on both Fusoya and Rydia to ensure a Thundaga user is always ready for his wave. If he hides in his shell, still pound him with Thundaga or a high summon like Bahamut.

Barbariccia is difficult to deal with since you do not have Kain around to stop her spin. She will use Maelstrom to knock down some characters to >10 HP. Make sure Rosa still has Haste on her to Cure at any point, and have Esuna ready for when she petrifies you.

Rubicante is a difficult one, with his Inferno attack being very damaging especially when not prepared for it. He always uses it as soon as he opens his coat so resist the urge to cast spells and defend with everyone until he uses it. Then heal up and use physical attacks if you'd like (though he'll counter those with Firaga). Having Draw Attacks + Counter helps here too because Cecil can just attack Rubicante back when Rubicante uses physical attacks. Also you can use Bahamut to pierce the coat for 9000-9999 HP damage. If you are trying to use spells wait until he has had his coat on for a while and then start the spell, so that it ends right when his coat opens. He is the final fiend so don't be afraid to burn MP on him.


Zemus' Four Fiends are defeated for the final time. Head back to the save point to use a Cottage and save.

The CPU fight is still one of the hardest fights in this game. The strategy is the opposite in this one. Instead of a weak attack node and a defense node that needs to be defeated, you have an extremely destructive attack node and a weak defense node. The Laser Barrage attack by the attack node can take off more than 2000+ to each member. This will likely wipe out a few members right away. Your best bet is to hope Rydia and Rosa can survive the attack, because then you can use a Bahamut to do a lot of damage on the Attack Node and Rosa can use Curaja. If you can get Haste on Rosa you are in good shape, though the Laser Barrage attacks come quickly! Curaja takes a while too so make sure you get Curaja up right away. One Bahamut and a few physical attacks from Cecil and Edge should do the Attack Node in. At this point, you just have the Defense Node healing the CPU for about 800-900 HP. Cecil and Edge take about this off, but if you have Rydia use Ramuh you're set. It takes off 4000 on the CPU and heals the Defense Node, so you don't have to worry about defeating both Nodes (which would be instant death because the CPU has a 9999 damage attack if by itself).

A Final Fantasy IV DS Exclusive Golbez Cut Scene occurs. You get a little more of the back story here between Cecil and Golbez.

July 31, 2008

FFIVDS Lunar Whale Lunarian Fusoya Bahamut


Final Fantasy IV 4 DS walkthrough FAQ continues. As you return to King Giott of the Dwarves, the party despairs over losing the final dark crystal. Golbez can now go to the moon. But Giott mentions the Lunar Whale. He doesn't know Mysidia exists but after hearing so, he is sure the elder is attempting the revival of the Lunar Whale.

You will need to return to the Light World, but how? Talk to Giott a bit and then Cid will come out. He is hurt but he will affix a drill to your airship, to plow through the hole. To Mysidia, to the Tower of Prayer. Cool scene here.

The Lunar Whale is now yours. Go inside of it, and the south end has little ports where you can rest. Then go to the north part to activate the Crystal and head to the moon.

Lunar Tunnel West : See the big blue crystal area? You are to land northwest of this, on a plateau with stairs leading down and a cave to the west. The Lunar Tunnel West has a Golden Apple to the east, but you fight a Eukaryote and two Prokaryotes for it. Finish up the Lunar Tunnel West map for 3 Sirens. In the northeast there are two more chests, a Lunar Curtain and Stardust. Straight to the north is the exit.

Outside on the Moon, travel east and south a bit and you will reach the Lunar Tunnel East.

Lunar Tunnel East : Nothing special here. Just go south to complete the map for 3 Sirens.

Outside, go west and north into the Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace : Inside is the Lunarian Fusoya. Fu So Ya is an FF classic. You will hear that someone is manipulating Golbez, a guy named Zemus. Also you hear of Kluya, Fusoya's younger brother. Kluya is Cecil's father.

After all of this, you are to leave the Moon with Fusoya and return to stop the Giant of Babil! Before touching the crystal to go back though...

Lair of the Father : The Bahamut Cave (Lair of the Father) is the structure east of the Crystal Palace (on the map). Definitely save before going in here; this cave is optional, and very difficult no matter when you go. Entering it on your first trip to the moon, it is that much harder. You will need to run to survive.

Lair of the Father B1 : Travel south all the way until you reach the Genji Gloves. Head back north and look for an eastern route. Take the northeastern route and go through the wall for a Genji Shield. For completing the Lair of the Father B1 you get a Golden Apple. Take the southeast exit to continue onward.

Lair of the Father B2 : You are to head west right away. The northwest has a Genji Armor, then go straight east for the Genji Helm. The thin north path is dangerous. You will fight an automatic boss, a Behemoth. He counters everything you do to him, so your best bet is to use Blink on your attackers, Edge and Cecil, and then when he counters he'll miss. It may take a bit but it is a foolproof strategy. Finish the Lair of the Father B2 map for another Golden Apple.

Lair of the Father B3 : Another thin path going south, and another Behemoth. Use the same Blink strategy. Before you get to the far west side, you will have a third Behemoth to defeat. Completing the Lair of the Father B3 cave nets you yet another Golden Apple. In the northwest is the king Eidolon, Bahamut.


When you walk up to him, you will fight. So make sure you are prepared. Starting off with your party, Have Fusoya and Rosa use Haste on everyone. Then Slow on Bahamut (very important), and Shell on everyone. This should allow you to hammer Bahamut and kill him before MegaFlare comes. The Reflect strategy does not work like it did in Final Fantasy IV 4 SNES, because Bahamut will just reflect the spell off himself. Have Cecil regular attack and Edge either regular attack or throw Shurikens. Rydia should spam Leviathan. With any luck you will have Bahamut killed before he gets off MegaFlare. If not, Shell and defending should help you survive this battle. Obviously, the Bahamut Summon is your big reward. This summon will help immensely with some tough parts coming up.

July 29, 2008

FF4 DS Sealed Cave Golbez Kain


Continuing the Final Fantasy IV 4 DS Walkthrough Guide, you will need an airship that can fly over lava to reach the Sealed Cave. The last crystal is here, but you need Luca's key from Giott and the Dwarves.

Sealed Cave B1 : Nothing to the west, so head south and down the rope. Further south for a door, which turns into Trap Door. These are tough creatures that lock into a target and then use an instant death ability. You will need to be fast and don't be afraid to use your best abilities here. Near the end of their HP they will turn into another random monster. Head inside this cave now to find an Ether and Kotetsu. Back to B1, and take the lower west path for a Bestiary. West some more to climb up another rope. For completing the B1 Sealed Cave map, you earn 3 Gaia Drums. Take the door in the northwest corner for another Trap Door and a passageway.

Four passages to take in this area. Also, grab the Hi Potion and Ether. The northeast and northwest doors net you nothing in return. Head southeast to Sealed Cave B2.

Sealed Cave B2 : You can go east or south. Choose south, and go east for a Bestiary. The east route leads to a Phoenix Down and a north path. Plenty of doors here. Starting from the northeast, you will find; nothing, Lustrous Sword, Elixir / Fuma Shuriken / Light Curtain, nothing, Save Point, and Kotetsu / Black Cowl. South to complete the B2 map and get 3 Red Fangs. The final door here leads to B3.

Sealed Cave B3 hallway : Grab the Ether in the hallway. Take the southwest exit and there will be another hallway to take. Two treasures in the southeast, a Hi Potion and Phoenix Down. The northwest door leads to nothing, so take the southwest path to B3.

As you travel east, you will see a rope going down at that first hole. First take the northeast path for a Silent Bell and then complete the B3 map for 3 Blue Fangs. The southeast door leads to nothing. Climb down that rope from the earlier, in the middle of the screen.

West is the exit and east is the door - you get two more Blue Fangs for completing the B3 south map. The east door has a Dry Ether and X Potion. The west exit leads you to a Save Point.

Sealed Cave B4 : Just walk around and complete the B4 map for 4 White Fangs. The ropes lead to nothing so just go south to the B5 entrance.

Sealed Cave B5 : You get a Megalixir for completing the B5 map. Just go north and grab the Crystal.

As you head out, the Evil Wall will stop you! This boss closes in on you until it's right up next to you and will then slaughter you. So, this battle is essentially timed. Haste is a must have on everyone if you can, Berserk on your attackers like Edge and Cecil and Kain might be wise too. Jumping with Kain missed a few times for me so I kept going for the sure regular attack. Leviathan is a boon with Rydia, dealing 7000+ damage, otherwise the -aga spells should take off 3500-4000 for you.

Once defeated, you can walk out. Those who have played the original Final Fantasy IV 4 remember that you are betrayed by a friend as you leave - again.

July 28, 2008

FFIV DS Sylph Cave Summon Yang


The Sylph Cave is like the passage to The Feymarch (Land of Summoned Monsters for those of you not playing the DS version), as you will need Float cast upon everyone to avoid damage.

Sylph Cave B1 : Northeast are two treasures, Angel Arrows and a Bestiary. There is another treasure through the wall east but you can't quite reach it. Just take the exit to the southwest.

Sylph Cave B2 - There are two exits here, one northwest of where you start and one from a path directly south of where you start. Take the northwest one to get to B3. Go north here to grab the Hi Potion, Maiden's Kiss and Faerie Rod.

Back to the entrance of B3. Directly east through the wall and head north and then east. You will be by some empty treasures and a path to the north part of B2.

With this northeast B2 path, you can go east and south to see four treasures; 3000 gil, 2000 gil, Remedy, and a Bomb Core. Further south for another chest, and a hole in the ground that lets you fall to the southeast part of B3. Grab the treasures first; Emergency Exit, an Ether, two Maiden's Kisses and complete the B2 map for another Silver Apple. There does not seem to be much here after falling down, but if you travel all the way north and west through the wall you will reach a warp south of those empty chests. You can grab the B3 map's item, a Silver Apple, as well. Take the red teleport. This takes you to the Sylph's Cache.

Sylph's Cache : There are six treasures here. Starting from the southwest treasure going counter-clockwise, you have the Moonring Blade (2 Elder Treants and Malboro), Avenger Sword (two Malboro enemies), Medusa Arrows (two Tunnelers), Blue Fang (4 Evil Dreamers), White Fang (4 Evil Dreamers), and a Red Fang (4 Evil Dreamers). East of here is a set of stairs going down, which leads you out of the Sylph Cave!

Back to the original fork in B2. Take the south exit to go back to B1, this time the south end of it.

B1 : Back to B1, you can go east for a save point in the southeast corner, and then go northeast through the wall to reach the previously inaccessible chest netting you an Elven Bow. In the southwest corner is another path to B2, and you can go further west for two chests, 1000 gil and a Cottage. Might as well take the alternate path to B2.

Southwest B2 path : Start heading north and take the first east passage to go yet another B1 path. A ton of treasures are north of you, starting with an Arctic Wind, Golden Apple, Soma Drop, Ether and Hi Potion. Plus, you get a Silver Apple for completing the B1 map. Back to the southwest B2 path, and go north to find a passage to B3 and an eastern route through the wall that leads you to a Mage Masher sword, but you have a Bog Witch and 5 Bog Toads to deal with. Back west and take that B3 path.

Northwest B3 Path : Head immediately west through the wall for an Elixir. Now go south and east to reach a house. Inside, you can visit with the Sylph's. Grab the Kiku-Ichimonji and Aura Staff in the house. Yang will be sleeping but you can talk to the Sylph's. Taking the upper staircase allows you to leave without trekking all the way back.

July 26, 2008

FFIV DS Tower of Babel boss treasures

Been playing a ton of FF4, for the FFIV DS walkthrough faq, since it came out on Tuesday. I'm already in the Dark World, on the way to Tower of Babil to get the rest of the crystals.

The boss fights in this game are much harder. Each requires an entirely new strategy basically.

Tower of Babel

Basement Floor 13 : 5 Antarctic Winds

Basement Floor 12 - 3 Arctic Winds. Green Beret in northwest. Ice Lance in far east (Security Eye monster). Icebrand Sword in the southern door (Security Eye monster). Continue on in middle door.

Basement Floor 11 - CatClaw to the left. Phoenix Down and Basement Floor 10 passage to the southwest. Southeast has passage to Antarctic Wind and Killer Bow. Hi Potion in far east. Basement Floor 11 gives White Fang for clearing.

Basement Floor 10 - West for save point. Southeast for Ice Armor (Security Eye monster). Northeast for Ice Shield (Security Eye monster). Complete Floor B 10 for 5 Hi Potions. Northwest has stairs to Basement Floor 9.

Basement Floor 9 - Grab Arctic Wind to the east. Center room is locked. Hi Potion to the east, exit to the northeast. Basement 9 floor completion nets you 5 Remedies.

Basement Floor 8 - Take nearby stairs.

Basement Floor 7 - East for save point. South for Dry Ether and stairs to Basement Floor 6.

Basement Floor 6 - Head west to the center for Rubicante and Dr Lugae. Rubicante is going to Eblan. Dr Lugae battles you. You will be fighting Doctor and Barnabas the giant. The giant attacks Lugae first but eventually figures out how to attack you. This should be an easy battle, though Barnabas will self destruct.


Careful after this. Dr Lugae changes form. He has a Reversal Gas ability that reverses moves (so Curaga will kill your party). He'll use it again to lift the reverse mode from you, so when it is off you can heal yourself normally. However in reversal mode you will heal Dr Lugae when you attack. So you can use healing items like Elixir on him for an instant kill, or wait until reversal mode is off to attack him. Meanwhile, use black magic spells on your own party to heal! This is the only way to heal in reversal mode.

June 4, 2008

P3 FES Answer Gamefaqs Cheat Guide


It was a long haul, but the Persona 3 FES Journey Walkthrough Guide has been finished in text version, and is now at the Gamefaqs site for download or at Why buy a Persona 3 FES strategy guide when you can get a better guide for free?

Most useful are the answers for social links / class questions, Elizabeth Velvet Room Requests, or boss strategies. It is important to be efficient when playing Persona 3 so knowing the answers certainly helps! The toughest bosses in the game are actually the Tartarus Floor bosses like the floor 252 boss.

Just started up Persona 3 FES The Answer Walkthrough, and this spinoff is much harder. It is just a dungeon crawler, so do not expect social links or anything of that nature, as you are stuck in the dorm the entire game. That said you do learn a lot about the past of all the characters and the reasons as to why the main character disappeared at the end of the Journey.

The battles are much more difficult in The Answer, it is like playing The Journey on hard. Enemy shadows move faster on screen. Normal enemies are difficult as it is, and you fight Floor bosses like in Tartarus. Every boss that has a weakness has Evade for that weakness too (like Evade Ice, Evade Fire), so this right here makes getting group hits extremely tedious.

As you can imagine, now Aigis gets control of multiple Personae. She can fuse personae but cannot access the Persona Compendium. The rest of the party comes along and also Aigis' sister Metis who seems to know more than anyone else about the Abyss of Time that you are traveling through.

RPG of the Year Persona 3 FES is now over 100 hours long with the added 30+ hours from The Answer.

May 29, 2008

Destiny of an Emperor Walkthrough Mod Cheat Hacks


It is amazing to me there is nothing about the great Destiny of an Emperor on this blog. Destiny of an Emperor Walkthrough FAQ has been getting a lot of attention lately because of the Destiny of an Emperor mods out, and the programs being released to make modded Destiny of an Emperor games. Destiny of an Emperor has been a cult hero for years as it is one of the best early NES RPG's and it is still very playable to this day with it's fast gameplay on the world map and in battle.

First of all I would like to thank some friends at the Lordyuanshu Forum, Niahak and James at Kongming, for their work with these mods. Before we went to work with the much loved NES RPG Destiny of an Emperor, we had little to work with. Now we have a program to alter the levels that characters reached. Niahak also created a tool for changing the text in Destiny of an Emperor so that you do not have to go in and use a Hex program to change the text because that is a drag.

The most popular mod so far is Destiny of an Emperor 2.0 created by James of Kongming. It can be looked at as a harder, more accurate version of Destiny of an Emperor (in relation to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms history in Han China). Battles are much harder with more dangerous generals at gates / castles and the generals are where they are supposed to be.

Destiny of an Emperor Wei Cao Cao Mod is the other Destiny of an Emperor Mod with text translations already, but it is only halfway complete. You take control of Cao Cao and the Cao family instead of Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Shu. With Cao Cao a lot of the enemies are the same like the Yellow Turbans and Dong Zhuo, but there are some differences as well. There is an alternate ending with Lu Bu if you try to recruit him.

Other mods include a Yuan Shu Mod, Liu Zhang / Shu Mod, a Wu Mod, A Yellow Turban Mod, and even a Dong Zhuo mod is being worked on. With the text translation tool by Niahak we should have an even easier time of creating good Destiny of an Emperor mod games. Look for Destiny of an Emperor Walkthrough Cheat Guides on the horizon as more of these modded Destiny of an Emperor games come out.

May 1, 2008

Persona 3 FES Social Link Walkthrough


Persona 3 FES Social Link Fusion Walkthrough FAQ Guide

I have been playing Persona 3 FES all day the last few days! I must say it is almost even more fun than the regular Persona 3 as not having to do the Academics / Courage / Charm building allows for a more fun time being able to build Social Links.

Things I have noticed from playing on the new Hard difficulty. Allies get tired much easier unfortunately and the enemy does not let you live if you make stupid mistakes. Also it seems luck seems to be against you a tad but I can't confirm that.

The new requests are plentiful and a lot of the new additions are just hilarious (like seeing the 'tapes' in the command room of the Chairman Ikutski's crazyness). Overall The Journey is a fresh adventure and the balance of difficulty going through Tartarus is just perfect.

Persona 3 FES Answer Walkthrough Guide

April 15, 2008

Bionic Commando Walkthrough FAQ Guide


This is a classic game that is being remade so look for Playstation 3 Walkthrough FAQ Guide and Xbox 360. Bionic Commando was an original action game that allows you to swing around like Spiderman and use different guns like a machine gun, bazooka, flame gun, etc.

Before battle though, you have a map of sorts with a lot of stages. The levels that are 15 and up are just pit stops where you can talk to people to advance the story or to get important items like Communicators.

When you land on a normal stage where you have to go down and fight, you will be able to choose your gun, defensive item, a miscellaneous item, and a Communicator. One of the tricky things in this game is knowing which communicator to which stage. Only one works on stage but generally you use one of them 3 times or so and then move onto the next one. For example the stages in the far northeast use the orange one. The stages just southwest of that (like 8, 9, 7) use the blue communicator. In the middle south like 2 and 3, you will use the green communicator.

In battle you can defeat enemies to acquire little white pellets or something. If you pick up a certain amount you can restore your life and add another max HP point to whatever you were at. The more HP you get the more of those white things you need to get it higher though. Anyway the action is where this game really shows off how good it is - you need to be quick, dodging gunfire by ducking or swinging to a safe ground. Stage 7 is one of my favorites as you have to swing all over and you must not fall or you will die! It is challenging.

At the end of each stage is a boss battle. Sometimes it is a group of weaker soldiers with a commander, but sometimes it is a flying machine (easy), a soldier with a tank like thing, or a difficult robot that will grapple you and take off a ton of damage. Regardless of all of this you need to do damage to the red machine to the far right (just a few bazooka shots should destroy them but earlier on they take a lot of damage).

bionicboss.PNG finalboss.PNG

Once you get to the final area to the northeast you will begin to understand what the enemy has in plan with their weapons. This is where it gets really tough as you have to fight on an aircraft of sorts while evading flame. This is fun but then you have to shoot a bazooka at the cockpit - this can be extremely difficult to time. Another solid action game with some depth to it. Find more Action RPG's walkthrough faqs at Lordyuanshu . com

April 14, 2008

Double Dragon II 2 NES Cheats


Still getting my Double Dragon fix, I've now beat the first 3 since yesterday? Am I not best? You can buy walkthrough FAQ Guides or just get them for free at

Just recently I took down Double Dragon 2. This one is more refined in some ways than Double Dragon 3. You start off with 4 lives and if you play on two player B you can attack your teammate and when you kill him, you gain lives! So you can do this for an extra 4 lives which is good to do if you are going to go through on Supreme Master.

The hardest thing in this game is getting used to the fact that Kick and Punch are switched around based on how you are facing! So A for example is punch if you are facing left, but A if you are facing right is a kick! This does not take that long to get used to but is a weird quirk. Regardless you will be doing the spinning jump kick most often as it takes off a ton of damage and puts you out of harms way.

There are no extra characters in this one like Chin and Ranzou of Double Dragon III. But you at least get extra lives making the game tolerable with it's difficulty. The enemies though can provide a challenge and there are plenty of opportunities to fall off a cliff to lose a life quick (even a helicopter battle where you can fall out the door, but the enemy can too).

The Supreme Shadow Master is at the end if you beat Jimmy's clone. He has some crazy moves and will backflip away from your spinning jump kick if you do it too early. Shadowmaster also uses this jumping clothesline that will send you flying. Worst yet he goes through 5-10 second blips of invisibility, where you are best off spamming spinning jump kicks so he doesn't beat you up while invisible. If you do not use up too many lives early on in the game you should be able to take out the Supreme Master with a few lives and save Marian yet again.

April 13, 2008

Double Dragon III 3 Walkthrough FAQ


Wow what a game this is. It is sort of an RPG. Well not really, more of an action game, but there are RPG elements. You get a couple characters along your journey but you start off as Billy (or Billy and Jimmy if you are doing 2 player) for a few stages. Billy and Jimmy are balanced and their jumping spin kick is quite powerful in any situation.

The best part is, this game is difficult. If you die once it is game over, but once you get extra characters you can use them when you die (but those who die you cannot get back obviously). Billy and Jimmy travel to China, Japan, Italy and then Egypt in search of special stones for saving Marianne, the babe of the Lee's. This time though she appears as Queen Noiram at the end to kill you.

Billy and JImmy are well balanced characters that are probably best using kicks throughout or the spinning jump kick. Chin the chinese fellow joins after you defeat him in China. His power is unrivaled especially with his fists. He is slow so you must be crafty when moving him - always go diagonally at the enemy instead of straight on. Ranzou the ninja joins after Japan. He is fast, elusive, and can get out of any situation. He also has a plethora of moves in his disposal as he can run around and do crazy attacks in the air. He fights with a Ninja Blade that is weaker than the rest of the characters but has a very nice reach.


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April 2, 2008

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