December 8, 2008

Full audio file used in final project

This is Dimensions a song composed in Reason for the final project.

final and project 4

December 7, 2008

Zhang Xiaogong

Zhang Xiaogong

Zhang’s work seems to be Chinese contemporary take on classical portrait paintings. It appears as though is Zhang is most focused on the eyes and stare of his subjects. The whole composition is slightly blurred except when the viewer’s gaze is on the subject eyes. Which are very clear and the pupil is dark and large. It is also important to note that there is stark lack of color.
His work is interesting, however, I feel that it is probably has much more of an impact if you’re a Chinese citizen. I am not caught up with contemporary Chinese society or history. Also I don’t find portrait paintings that interesting.

December 1, 2008

project #3

November 24, 2008

Project #2

secret tiger 2.jpg
secret lion.jpg

Wang Qingsong

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Project #1


Nash Gallery Review

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Andy Warhol Response

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Walker exhibit writing

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