Movie Review: Office Space

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Each of us are shaped heavily by the sociological institutions that we belong to. Most of us go to college with the intentions of being able to get a quality-paying job in a field in which we enjoy. But, many come to realize that much of what we spend years, and countless hours of the day learning about in school is never utilized. Creativity and personal innovation is blocked because of structure and a lack of agency especially in the workplace. In the movie Office Space the characters come to this harsh realization, and then push on to challenge the established social norms.
Peter the main character hates his job, and is losing his mind. Every day he goes to work and is stuck needing to answer to the demands of his multiple bosses, and operate within strict boundaries. Simply by doing what he is "supposed to do" his life is miserable. This is similar to how people around the world are confined by social norms and structure. Thanks to race, color, ethnicity, economic status, and so on, everyone is placed in a category. The rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. The powerful stay powerful and the weak stay weak, all wish very little room for mobility. Office Space helps display this social conflict in an environment that is more relatable for many.
Once Peter has finally had enough of being in a state of constant agony due to his job, he decides its time to do something about it. Although he is hesitant and scared he takes on the tough task of breaking established norms and attempting to g gain agency. Again this is sociologically significant. Not only do sociologists work to understand how groups work, but they also challenge ideas and traditions that are not logical. Like Peter they take pride in stepping up and making others aware of the injustice on display, and begin efforts to change it.
Before class, I was unaware of the numerous issues and inequality in out world. Simply by pointing out examples of these problems along with "making the comfortable, uncomfortable" the way I see the world has changed in a dramatic way. Although Office Space is a comedy, and was produced to get laughs, it lays out some substantial social issues particularly steaming from power and breaking social norms in favor of agency.

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