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She's All That
She's All That is a romantic teen comedy that presents many examples of sociological themes. The sociological themes present in the film include social construct, stereotypes and social class. First, I will briefly summarize it for those who have not yet seen the movie.
The movie takes place at a California high school and revolves around high school students: Zack Siler(Freddie Prince Jr.) and Laney Boggs(Rachael Leigh Cook). These two main characters live two different lives. Zach is the most desired and popular man in the school and Laney is an outcast art student known for her dirty and unkempt appearance. Zach agrees to a bet which involves him transforming an undesirable girl into prom queen within six weeks. In his charade of befriending her as his love interest he actually falls for her.
The social construct of beauty in this movie is evident in the appearance of Laney Boggs in comparison to the popular girls in the high school. Her appearance from the beginning is laughable to the popular males at the school. She has glasses and messy hair kept in a bun with paint covered overalls to portray her unattractiveness. In contrast she becomes more noticeable and attractive after she is given a makeover and her appearance changes from unkempt to clean and more revealing in the clothes she wears. Beauty is sexualized in this movie. It is a norm in society to see images of beautiful women in advertisements and most often these women are sexualized.
Social class are presented through the portrayal of stereotypes of teen cliques in the high school. Zach was a privileged and popular as opposed to Laney who was poor and non involved in the social life. The popular crowds are depicted as upper class privileged individuals who participate in either sports or cheer-leading. They are often desired and respected or feared by the other population. In contrast the lower class individuals are depicted as the losers, isolated from the norm. These stereotypes of social class are often found in society within advertising and popular culture. The lower class are often not respected and looked down upon as outcast.
This movie examines the affects of social constructs and social class on individuals in society.

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