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What is the message of this ad? Apparently, a soft drink labeled "diet" just isn't manly enough for the young American male demographic, raised on action adventure movies and eager to identify with the testosterone-driven heroes so esteemed in young male culture.In this ad, a rather thin young man manages to get the beautiful girl. On the "morning after," we see him reach for the soda with the black label, clearly intended to give the product a masculine appearance. Unlike the artsy, creative women featured in some of the Diet Coke ads, this young man's soft drink choice identifies him as a man's man. Really, is there any reason that this product should rationally be associated with a particular gender? Both Diet Coke and Coke Zero are similar, zero-calorie soft drinks. Any preference for subtle taste difference of one drink over the other is a purely subjective one, with no biological basis for a gender-based difference that I can imagine. Clearly, Coke is unabashedly trying to portray an image of an ordinary guy who is perceived by a hot girl as attractive, adventurous, and manly, due to his choice of beverage, something Diet Coke evidently was not successful at doing. If holding a can with a label that implies that they are dieters was considered an acceptable norm for young males in our culture, it is doubtful that Coke would have created a new product, and certainly they would not have targeted their marketing so blatantly to young males.

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