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Endangered Peoples: 'Racial Extinction' Framing in Anti-Abortion Movements by Kia Heise
Kia Heise researched and examined anti-abortion movements within the African American community. She collected data by observing social movement organizations, politicians and political pundits in 2009-2013 in addition to coding documents within websites and the media. In her presentation she discussed two racial extinction frames: race suicide frame and race genocide frame; however, Heise focused primarily on race genocide. Her research stated that several members of the African American community regarded "birth control as race suicide." She referred to political leaders such as Marcus Garvey, Jessie Jackson, Black Panther members and the NAACP when discussing African American views on birth control and its role as a tool from the White race to commit black genocide. She discussed eugenics and African Americans opinions on the White race discouraging reproduction for African Americans so that they can eliminate unwanted qualities within their race. African American's who believed in birth control as a form of black genocide protested against the pill as a form of having some agency. Having been the minorities in America with little agency in the structure, refusing to take the pill showed that they still had agency over their lives. This talk touched on issues social construction of race and inequality of race. Socially constructed ideas placing unequaled values on races allow for racial discrimination and fear from the undesired race.

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