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Videos from class and beyond

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Homework assignment for the Dispossessed

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As announced in class today, be sure to bring these worksheets to class on Monday, completed.

Dispossessed homework assignment.docx

Somali American Research Series

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Many of you may be interested in these research talks on the Somali American experience. These are also a great opportunity for earning extra credit!

SRI information

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You can find all the information about the UMN Soc Dept's conference SRI at this link:

This includes a preliminary schedule and award nomination forms.

The extra credit points are:

8 points for presenting your creative project (sign up directly with TAs or Meg)

4 points for submitting your paper or other award nomination

Gotta Go

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Here's a link to the full version of the documentary we watched in class today, "Gotta Go", made by

Feb 27 quiz results

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Perhaps the only time you'll see my lecture notes online!

Click the link to download the quiz questions, correct answers, and how many students gave each answer. (This is for our second in class "quiz".)

quiz results from Feb 27.pptx

Academic Research Talks

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The sociology department has a series of academic talks this semester. You can find the schedule of speakers at the following link. All of the talks take place 4-5:15 pm on Tuesdays on the 11th floor of Social Sciences.

Here is the schedule:

Welcome to the blog!

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If you are reading this, congratulations! You found it, you got this far. If you want to read and comment on your classmate's posts, you can do it from here, much like you would any other blog.

BUT, if you want to make your own post, you will need to open up another page. Go to and on the righthand side click "Login to UThink." On your dashboard, under "My Blogs" you should see "Intro to Sociology." Once you click it, you select "Entry" from the "Create" pulldown menu. Make sure you add tags and a category once you've written your post so it will be easier to find.