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Great Speaker!

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Jeff Duncan-Andrade - Note to Educators: Hope Required When Growing Roses in Concrete

In this Askwith Forum on February 26, 2010, Jeff Duncan-Andrade draws from Tupac Shakurs powerful metaphor of the rose that grows from concrete, as well as research in fields such as public health, social epidemiology, and psychology. Duncan-Andrade explores the concept of hope as essential for developing effective urban classroom practice. (Note: This forum was part of the annual Alumni of Color Conference.)

Racism and fetishism

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I thought the class might be interested in this blog entry. It's old and the items in questions have apparently been pulled but I liked the blogger's take on how companies represent other cultures in order to sell items...

citation help!

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Here are 2 websites I came across that offer a good quick reference to citing books and other materials for your class paper. Remember that we are looking for "in text" citations.

Project idea

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Hi all,

The Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies (GWSS) homepage has a photo project called "Why feminism?"

If that model appeals to you, your class project could be something similar. What question would you ask about U.S. race relations?


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welcome to our class blog. this is a place you can post videos, websites, observations, songs, and anything else that crosses your mind on the topic of race.most importantly, this is your easiest vehicle for steering the class toward things that interest you rather than what interests me.

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Michelle Alexander talk info

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Michelle Alexander, author of the New Jim Crow, will be in town on Thursday Sept 27. The event is at Hamline United Methodist Church at 7:30 pm. It's free but you need tickets (available starting today). More information see