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writing help!

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Here are the resources from the UMN writing center I mentioned in class. I highly recommend looking at them as you are working through your term papers.




You should also look back at this post for help with citation formatting:


Louis CK: "If you're not white, you're missing out..."

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We talked in class about Louis CK's stand up bit on being white. I think it's both hilarious, and very insightful into just the kind of privileges white people enjoy.

"I'm not saying white people are better, I'm saying that being white is clearly better...."

Just as a warning, he uses explicit language.

Louis CK: Being White - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG4f9zR5yzY

Appropriation in sports.

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This is just so wrong!

'Native' Fashion Trend

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Interesting read on how the 'Native' and 'Tribal' patterns are misrepresenting real native culture. This is on the same plane as the 10/22 discussion about Halloween costumes.


The Help in Lebanon

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Interesting article from Fanice on how domestic workers are treated in Lebanon, and a fascinating global perspective on racism:


class project deadlines and notes

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OK y'all, here's a list of what I've got down for our class project. Please correct me if I got anything wrong, or add anything I missed!

11/19 BOOK: First review of book submissions (in theme groups)
OR VIDEO: Interview questions/script materials submitted and finalized

11/26 BOOK: Final submission and Layout Day
OR VIDEO: Material filmed, editing begins/gets planned in class

12/17 Book/movie release party, potluck

We will have a short check-in in class on 10/29.

Book chapters/theme groups (everyone needs to be in one of these by now):
-Something personal
-"This I Believe"
-advocacy (like for an organization)
-future of race in the US
-letters to someone 'different'
-on language

Some notes on how we'll grade...
Participation vs Product
-cons: need to know what everyone did specifically; grading personal contributions/material
-could do both
It's about the process
What is our measurable criteria? Pg count?
Hard to measure
Could be measured w/in group
Start with 100 pts and then lose them?
-not being in class on work days -
-not bringing material
-does the last day of class count?
-If you miss a work day, you lose 10 pts, if you don't contribute you lose 50 pts?
Let the team know if you can't make it? A make-up work day?

Conference at the Humphrey Center this week

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The 4th World Conference on Remedies to Ethnic and Racial Economic Inequality is happening this Thursday and Friday at the Humphrey Center. More info here:


different perspectives on Columbus Day

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I found so much excellent stuff today for Columbus Day that it was hard to choose what to watch in class. Here are a few extra links for those who are interested:

The video included in this post is especially good.

Democracy Now's conversation with indigenous activists in Colorado.

Reconsider Columbus Day