class project deadlines and notes

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OK y'all, here's a list of what I've got down for our class project. Please correct me if I got anything wrong, or add anything I missed!

11/19 BOOK: First review of book submissions (in theme groups)
OR VIDEO: Interview questions/script materials submitted and finalized

11/26 BOOK: Final submission and Layout Day
OR VIDEO: Material filmed, editing begins/gets planned in class

12/17 Book/movie release party, potluck

We will have a short check-in in class on 10/29.

Book chapters/theme groups (everyone needs to be in one of these by now):
-Something personal
-"This I Believe"
-advocacy (like for an organization)
-future of race in the US
-letters to someone 'different'
-on language

Some notes on how we'll grade...
Participation vs Product
-cons: need to know what everyone did specifically; grading personal contributions/material
-could do both
It's about the process
What is our measurable criteria? Pg count?
Hard to measure
Could be measured w/in group
Start with 100 pts and then lose them?
-not being in class on work days -
-not bringing material
-does the last day of class count?
-If you miss a work day, you lose 10 pts, if you don't contribute you lose 50 pts?
Let the team know if you can't make it? A make-up work day?

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