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Here is an awesome list of novels, nonfiction, documentaries, dramas, poems, and Ted talks to keep you thinking critically about race relations!

Recommended by other members of the class:

The New Jim Crow - Michelle Alexander
The Warmth of Other Suns - Isabelle Wilkerson
Malcolm X (movie) or read The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Manny Marable version)
Invisible Man - Ralph Ellison
Native Son - Richard Wright
Ted Talk - Jeff Duncan Andrade "Growing Roses in Concrete"
Texas Tough - Robert Perkinson
Lose Your Mother - Saidiya Hartmann
Prisoner of Tehran - Marina Nemat
Funny Boy - Shyam Seleadurai
"To His Excellency General Washington" (poem) - Phillis Wheatley
The Tainted Desert - Kuletz
"How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America" (essay on Gawker)
Fledgling - Octavia Butler
The Black Power Mixtape (documentary)
Paris Is Burning (documentary)
How Jews Became White Folks - Karen Brodkin
Gift of Power - Archie Fire Lame Deer
CNN special "Who Is Black in America?" Soledad O'Brien
Passing - Nella Larson
Creating Masculinity in Little Manila - Linda EspaƱa Maram
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot
Speaking Treason Fluently - Tim Wise
First They Killed My Mother - ?
The Pact - ?
Lincoln the Racist - Thomas J. Delorenzo
The House that I Live In (documentary)
The Interrupters (documentary)
Black Reconstruction - WEB Dubois
The Help (movie)
'Bama Girl (documentary)
Maid in America (documentary)
Indian Killer - Sherman Alexie
Ted Talk - "The Danger of a Single Story" Chimanda Adichie
Reel Bad Arabs (documentary)
The Plague of Doves - Louise Erdrich

Class book project complete edition

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hey all here's the book with the table of contents it also includes everyone who emailed me their part.

class book project final pdf draft.pdf

Hi all,

Please remember that on Monday December 12th, we will be compiling our class book!

In order to successfully assemble the book, we need for every student to have 2 copies turned in on that day (Dec 12th).

If you already submitted a copy in class on November 26th, than you only need to bring 1 additional copy. If you didn't turn in a hard copy, please make sure to bring 2 copies to class. If you don't remember if you turned one in, check the PDF below from 11-29 to see if yours was scanned in. Or, just bring 2 copies if you feel like playing it safe :)

In the event you need to photocopy what you turned in on 11-26 (IE if it's not something that was easily saved on your computer) and you didn't ask for it back on 12-3, I would suggest scrolling down to Jake's blog post on 11-29-12 titled Class Book Project, open up the PDF file he uploaded, find yours, and print out ONLY your project (file -> print -> type in what page number yours is on -> print/ok)

Alternatively, you could make a photocopy of your project during our class break at one of the libraries/ computer labs. You could also contact me via email, and we could try to arrange a way to get your original to you before next Monday's class, but hopefully one of the first two options works, as I will only be on campus Thursday afternoon this week.

Thanks & I'll see everyone on Monday,

No Country For Young Black Men.

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I thought this would be very relevant in class today as we start talking about Rios' Punished. It's a link to a video of Melissa Harris Perry talking about the shooting of Jordan Davis. Davis, a young black man was short to death by a man who had complained that the music in a car he was in with his friends was too loud....


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Here's the list of who's signed up to do what with our project.

Tenzin - Potluck organization
Rashid - Class photo, portfolio
Peter - Table of Contents
Jake - Scanning
Shannon - Introduction for book
Bethany - Book
Heidi S. - Chapter headings
Kao - Page numbers
Hailan - Book
Ryan - Credits page

Hope everyone has a good Sunday!