Reminder for students in the book group for the December 12th class

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Hi all,

Please remember that on Monday December 12th, we will be compiling our class book!

In order to successfully assemble the book, we need for every student to have 2 copies turned in on that day (Dec 12th).

If you already submitted a copy in class on November 26th, than you only need to bring 1 additional copy. If you didn't turn in a hard copy, please make sure to bring 2 copies to class. If you don't remember if you turned one in, check the PDF below from 11-29 to see if yours was scanned in. Or, just bring 2 copies if you feel like playing it safe :)

In the event you need to photocopy what you turned in on 11-26 (IE if it's not something that was easily saved on your computer) and you didn't ask for it back on 12-3, I would suggest scrolling down to Jake's blog post on 11-29-12 titled Class Book Project, open up the PDF file he uploaded, find yours, and print out ONLY your project (file -> print -> type in what page number yours is on -> print/ok)

Alternatively, you could make a photocopy of your project during our class break at one of the libraries/ computer labs. You could also contact me via email, and we could try to arrange a way to get your original to you before next Monday's class, but hopefully one of the first two options works, as I will only be on campus Thursday afternoon this week.

Thanks & I'll see everyone on Monday,

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