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belated class material links!

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July 12
Adrienne Rich "What Kind of Times Are These?

July 17
In class we read Jennifer Lee's piece on "Tiger Kids"

our reflection was the Guerrilla Girls on Tour

July 19
Annette Lareau interview on the Society Pages
(most relevant parts start at minute 6)

I also found an interesting living wage calculator online

July 24
Reflection on domestic workers:

class material for july 10

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intermission music - weeks 3 and 4

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we've been listening to:

Kahimi Karie - album "K.K.K.K.K."

Seu Jorge - album The Life Aquatic Studio Sessions

Pulp - album Different Class

end of class reflections - weeks 3 and 4

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June 26
Ben Folds - "Rockin' the Suburbs"

June 28
Jay Smooth - "How to Tell People The Sound Racist"

July 3
Funnyz - "First World Problems Rap"

end of class reflections - weeks 1 and 2

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As promised, here is a list of the things we have listened to at the close of our classes thus far.

June 12
Maya Angelou reading her poem, "Sepia Fashion Show"

June 14
The Bags, "Babylonian Gorgon"

June 19
We listened to 2 activists for the Dream Act, Veronica Gomez and Javier Hernandez, explaining the reasons for their hunger strike.

June 21
Jolie Rickman, "Emma Goldman"

essay #1 example

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The link below is to a classic example for our first assignment. It's Peggy McIntosh's short essay, "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack."

kittie knapsack.jpg


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welcome to our class blog. this is a place you can post videos, websites, observations, songs, and anything else that crosses your mind on the topic of race, class, gender, sexuality, or able-ism. we will often use blog discussions or examples to enrich our in-class conversation, and most importantly, this is your easiest vehicle for steering the class toward things that interest you rather than what interests me.

Frida Kahlo, Self Portrait with Collar of Thorns, 1940

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