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feminism, privilege and race

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Here's a great blog post I read earlier today. I thought of it immediately when I read Weber's description of the controlling image of a "working woman." The post (which links to the original article it responds to) is for me a good example of the critiques many feminists of color have been raising for a century now about the mainstream women's movements.

I found this on yahoo news and thought it would be interesting to read because it ties in with the class. The article deals with the immigration law in arizona and speaks about the presidents reaction to it.

Sorry, I didnt know how to upload the file, but if you just cut and paste, it should work just fine.

Joe Biden's Will and Grace Comment

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Here is a youtube address to a Daily Show recap which feature's Joe Biden's comment about how the TV show Will & Grace has educated the American public. They also talk about gays on TV briefly. It's also just in general pretty funny.

P.S. Is there a way to embed a video on here? This blog program is not intuitive at all.

Who makes up the One Percent?

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Notable Statistics:
-American households [at the] cut-off for the top 1% will earn about $506,553 in cash income this year.
-The top 1% of American earners receive about a fifth of the country's income
-The top 1% of Americans by net worth hold about a third of American wealth.

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