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class material for july 10

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What would You Do Links


Below is a few links to some youtube clips of What Would You Do episodes. Ive seen many of these episodes and quite a few of them speak about some of the material closely related to class regarding race,class, gender, and sexuality. Just to be aware, these episodes have some harsh language which is sometimes hard to hear. All of these episodes are done by actors in controlled settings. Thank you




Alice Bag

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Here's a link to a reading from Alice Bag's new memoir (she is the Chicana punk I mentioned in class):

Tough Guise

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I saw this in one of my class and i though it related to what we talked about in class today. mostly the first 2mins.

Joe Biden's Will and Grace Comment

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Here is a youtube address to a Daily Show recap which feature's Joe Biden's comment about how the TV show Will & Grace has educated the American public. They also talk about gays on TV briefly. It's also just in general pretty funny.

P.S. Is there a way to embed a video on here? This blog program is not intuitive at all.

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