California's Solar Projects Cause Problems

Large solar energy projects are being sued by Native American Tribes, environmentalists, and businesses for harming the environment in the Southern California desert where they are planned.
The La Cuna de Aztlan tribe is suing because the planned solar energy plants will utterly destroy their sacred lands, which is a vital part to the tribe's creation story, which would forever damaging the tribe's culture, according to the LA Times.
The companies who are building the solar energy plants raced to get environmental sustainability stimulus funding by the Obama administration, and in doing so, raced through the environmental investigations they must do before building, according to the New York Times.
Environmentalists, like the Sierra Group, believe that they failed to consider that the plants will wipe out at least 3 different species in the desert, and are suing the companies as well, according to the New York Times.
The La Cuna de Aztlan tribe has received an injunction for the company to stop building until the matter has been fully investigated, but the situation does not look hopeful for the native people and species of the desert.

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