Wisconsin's democrats are back

The 14 senators of Wisconsin came back to the capitol in Wisconsin after their standoff in Illinois over collective bargaining rights for unions.
The 14 senators got a hero's welcome when they got back to the capitol, with people chanting their name, greeting them by name, and carrying signs supporting the 14 who supported them, according to the New York Times.
Madison police estimated the protesters to be around 100,000 at the capitol, the largest rally since the debate started, which have continued to be peaceful, according to the LA Times.
The democrats who had been hiding out in Illinois since February 17th were greeted positively by the people, but were scorned by their fellow senators, according to the LA Times.
Scott Fitzgerald, Wisc. state Senate Republican leader blasted the 14, saying they were "the most shameful 14 people in the state of Wisconsin."
The bill over collective bargaining rights was voted into law without the missing senators last week and was approved by Gov. Scott Walker, according to the New York Times.

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