Florida Pastor burns Koran

Pastor Terry Jones, of a small nondenominational church, said Saturday he does not regret the burning of the Koran which led to the violent riot and attack of the U.N. in Afghanistan.
Though his congregation in Gainesville, Florida has only 20 to 30 followers, Pastor Terry Jones has gotten international attention when he held a trial for the Koran, which he presided over, and found the book guilty. Soaked in kerosene, they burned the Koran, according to the New York Times.
This public burning of the Koran, which both the Secretary of Defense and the President urged him not to do, led to the the attack of the U.N. in Afghanistan, which left 21 dead and 81 injured, according to the LA Times.
Jones believed he held a fair trial for the Koran, which along with Islam, he argues are instruments of "violence, death, and terrorism", according to the LA Times.
Though Jones has argued that the attacks in Afghanistan are regrettable, he thinks he made the right decision, and argues that Islam is the work of the devil, according to the New York TImes.

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