Libyan civilian casualities rise

An a medical tent in Misurata, Libya, doctors are working around the clock to help and save civilians.
While the numbers of civilian casualties are unclear from the war, the makeshift hospital see 50 to 60 injured pass through per day, according to the New York Times.
Many of the dead and injured are innocent civilians, killed or hurt in their homes, attempting to stay away from the guns and the fighting, according to the New York Times.
With many attempting to flee Misurata every day, the city becomes a high target for takeover by Qaddafi loyalists, according to the LA Times.
Though foreign volunteers make up some of the hospital's staff, many of the doctors are from Misurata, meaning that many of the injured and dead they see are family, according to the LA Times.
With the four-year-old girl with shrapnel in her head, the doctor who couldn't save her became her mourning uncle, according to the LA Times.

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