President Obama throws his hat in the ring. Again.

President Barack Obama announced Monday his intent for presidential re-election in 2012.
Obama's campaign will be jaded this time, as a seasoned president instead of an upstart newcomer from the Senate, but Obama is feeling hopeful that he can win it again, according to the New York Times.
Obama's "Hope" campaign is also coming back, focusing on keeping the country in the upward angle we're facing. His campaign will emphasize the growth we've had as a country and the promises he has already made good on, according to the LA Times.
He began his re-election with a video release of real citizens emphasizing the need for Obama's rational politics, but his real campaigning across country will begin soon, according to the New York Times.
While the Republican candidate for President is unclear, former Minnesota-Governor Tim Pawlenty has announced his intentions to run, too.
Pawlenty has already sent out a video of his own, which emphasizes the need for change and stability that he believes Obama has not been able to bring, according to the New York Times.

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