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S&P lowers credit outlook for US, stocks falling

Stocks fell significantly Monday as the Standard & Poor lowered the U.S.'s credit rating to negative.
The lowering of the U.S.'s credit outlook by S.&P. came from the risk of lawmaker's inability to resolve fiscal difficulties, according to the New York Times.
The report released Monday compares the U.S. to other highly rated nations and that the U.S. does not have a clear direction on addressing and resolving our large debt, according to the New York Times.
As the U.S. is currently approaching the nationally set debt ceiling of 14.3 trillion dollars, lawmakers have only indicated that they are coming to an agreement on balancing the budget, according to the LA Times.
An S.&P. analyst said in a statement that though it has been more than two years since the beginning of the current financial crisis, policymakers have yet to address or resolve the issues, according to the LA Times.
Republicans and Democrats have very conflicting views on how to balance Washington's budget, and neither are willing to compromise as of now, though the decision has been negatively affecting the U.S. people for years, according to the LA Times.

President Obama throws his hat in the ring. Again.

President Barack Obama announced Monday his intent for presidential re-election in 2012.
Obama's campaign will be jaded this time, as a seasoned president instead of an upstart newcomer from the Senate, but Obama is feeling hopeful that he can win it again, according to the New York Times.
Obama's "Hope" campaign is also coming back, focusing on keeping the country in the upward angle we're facing. His campaign will emphasize the growth we've had as a country and the promises he has already made good on, according to the LA Times.
He began his re-election with a video release of real citizens emphasizing the need for Obama's rational politics, but his real campaigning across country will begin soon, according to the New York Times.
While the Republican candidate for President is unclear, former Minnesota-Governor Tim Pawlenty has announced his intentions to run, too.
Pawlenty has already sent out a video of his own, which emphasizes the need for change and stability that he believes Obama has not been able to bring, according to the New York Times.

Florida Pastor burns Koran

Pastor Terry Jones, of a small nondenominational church, said Saturday he does not regret the burning of the Koran which led to the violent riot and attack of the U.N. in Afghanistan.
Though his congregation in Gainesville, Florida has only 20 to 30 followers, Pastor Terry Jones has gotten international attention when he held a trial for the Koran, which he presided over, and found the book guilty. Soaked in kerosene, they burned the Koran, according to the New York Times.
This public burning of the Koran, which both the Secretary of Defense and the President urged him not to do, led to the the attack of the U.N. in Afghanistan, which left 21 dead and 81 injured, according to the LA Times.
Jones believed he held a fair trial for the Koran, which along with Islam, he argues are instruments of "violence, death, and terrorism", according to the LA Times.
Though Jones has argued that the attacks in Afghanistan are regrettable, he thinks he made the right decision, and argues that Islam is the work of the devil, according to the New York TImes.

Day-care Owner who fled after fire is brought back

A Day-care owner in Houston who fled to Nigeria after four children died in a fire was flown back to the United States Sunday, to face charges.
Jessica Tata, 22, fled Houston 2 days after the blaze at Jackie's Child Care. The cause of the fire is believed to have been a pot left unattended on the stove while Tata went shopping, according to the New York Times.
Tata is charged with 14 different counts that include manslaughter, injury to a child, and child abandonment, according to the LA Times.
Four different children died and three were wounded in the fire when Tata left the children unattended to shop at Target, which authorities proved with camera surveillance and a store receipt, according to the New York Times.
After being placed on the list of 15-most wanted fugitives, Tata was brought back from Nigeria to face the charges, according to the New York Times.

Wisconsin's democrats are back

The 14 senators of Wisconsin came back to the capitol in Wisconsin after their standoff in Illinois over collective bargaining rights for unions.
The 14 senators got a hero's welcome when they got back to the capitol, with people chanting their name, greeting them by name, and carrying signs supporting the 14 who supported them, according to the New York Times.
Madison police estimated the protesters to be around 100,000 at the capitol, the largest rally since the debate started, which have continued to be peaceful, according to the LA Times.
The democrats who had been hiding out in Illinois since February 17th were greeted positively by the people, but were scorned by their fellow senators, according to the LA Times.
Scott Fitzgerald, Wisc. state Senate Republican leader blasted the 14, saying they were "the most shameful 14 people in the state of Wisconsin."
The bill over collective bargaining rights was voted into law without the missing senators last week and was approved by Gov. Scott Walker, according to the New York Times.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the first amendment protects hateful protests at military funerals, even when the message is deeply offensive.
Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote that although speech causes pain, we cannot react to that pain by punishing the speaker, even on hurtful speech.
The case arose when the Westboro Church protested an unrelated military funeral for fallen marine Matthew Snyder with signs of "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "God Hates Fags". Albert Snyder, the marine's father, sued the Westboro Church for, among other things, emotional distress, according to the New York Times.
The 8-1 decision of the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Westboro Church on three grounds; that they protested in a public street (1000 feet away from the funeral), that they protested on matters of public concern, and that it was not a private grudge between the Snyders and the church, according to the LA Times.
Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. was the only justice who voted for the Snyders, arguing that this was a malevolent personal attack at a time of deep anguish, and that our national commitment to free and open debate is not a license for the vicious verbal assault that occurred in this case.

California's Solar Projects Cause Problems

Large solar energy projects are being sued by Native American Tribes, environmentalists, and businesses for harming the environment in the Southern California desert where they are planned.
The La Cuna de Aztlan tribe is suing because the planned solar energy plants will utterly destroy their sacred lands, which is a vital part to the tribe's creation story, which would forever damaging the tribe's culture, according to the LA Times.
The companies who are building the solar energy plants raced to get environmental sustainability stimulus funding by the Obama administration, and in doing so, raced through the environmental investigations they must do before building, according to the New York Times.
Environmentalists, like the Sierra Group, believe that they failed to consider that the plants will wipe out at least 3 different species in the desert, and are suing the companies as well, according to the New York Times.
The La Cuna de Aztlan tribe has received an injunction for the company to stop building until the matter has been fully investigated, but the situation does not look hopeful for the native people and species of the desert.

Obama's New Budget Starts Congressional Battle

As Obama outlines his plans for the new year's budget, both democrats and republicans come together to criticize spending.
Obama looks to cut spending in many areas, but wants to continue funding areas of importance, like cancer research, the food and drug administration, our healthcare system, and developing education, according to the Los Angeles Times.
While many are in support of Obama's spending in areas of necessary development, republicans are ready to criticize any and all budget increases, according to the New York TImes.
Republicans continue to look for less spending and more tax breaks in the budget, and Obama, along with many democrats in Congress are ready to fight over necessary spending in our government.

Administration Announces Rail Project Pushing

Vice President Joe Biden announced the plans to implement high speed rail lines in America by asking Congress for 53 billion.
Speaking from 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, the nation's only rail line that approaches a high speed, Biden gave hope that in 25 years, 80 percent of the country would be connected by a high speed rail line, according to the New York Times.
The vice president's speech was met by concerns on spending, when the government has little to go around. Many expressed concern that their roads and bridges needed the attention and funding more, according to the LA Times.
Though met with difficulty from the Republican majority, many proponents of the project emphasized their appreciation for the investment in our future.

Superbowl upstaged with snowstorms

Texas, home to the 2011 Superbowl between the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers, has been taken over by snow instead of fans.
Hundreds of flights have been cancelled or delayed, leaving many fans stranded in airports, according to the Star Tribune.
But the snow isn't all that is dangerous, 6 have already been hospitalized from falling ice at Cowboys Stadium, in Arlington Texas, according to the New York Times. But none of the injuries were considered life threatening, and the weather won't hold down fans.
Though both teams have been forced to practice indoors this week, the weather won't dampen their spirits. The biggest game of the year will come, whether fans are ready or not.

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