March 11, 2008

A $20 Duluth Night Out

By Abel Gustafson

This week’s featured dining spot is a cozy neighborhood café. Located only a couple blocks from UMD, the restaurant gets a hearty flow of patrons each night. To long time Duluth residents, it is still known as Taran’s Marketplace. To the younger crowd, it is referred to by its new name, Chester Creek Cafe.

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Hospitality first, sound check second

By Jordan Hanson

The life of the traveling musician can mean making sacrifices. One may give up a nice bed for the backseat of a van, a home-cooked meal for fast food, or a warm shower for a truck stop sink. Hospitality is foreign, except to the musicians who stop in Duluth to play at Beaner’s Central.

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Jumping around and saying stupid things: Corporate Thunder

By Jared Jacobson

It was 2004 in a freshman literature class at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Nate Miller and Ron Parpart were asked to share with the class their biggest life-influence. While everyone else shared things like “friends? and “family?, Ron and Nate caught each other’s attention when each professed “music?.

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March 6, 2008

How Was Your Weekend? - Turning Small Talk Into Real Talk

By Kristen Krebs

Students who participated in UMD's Pub Crawl last Friday had some interesting responses to classmates' polite small talk on Monday morning. Nick Vetsch captured a small audience as he explained to his classmates that the students were stranded when the scheduled bus ride home never showed up.

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