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Blog 1 - Goldsworthy's Ideas Applied to the City

Something I have found interesting which also relates to Goldsworthy's ideas of energy, flow, and transformation is urban expansion and urban revitalization. When studying the history of downtown and inner-city areas, we notice the trend of moving “up and out? as a commonality since the Industrial Era. “Up and out? is a term explaining the tendencies for individuals and families to move up in financial status to the middle and upper classes, and consequently out of the city and into the suburbs and development regions. This movement from city living to life in the suburbs was a response to several changes in the inner-city, but looked to be a staple for years to come. However, recent studies show a return of wealthier classes living in or very near the city. This movement is in response to something known as “urban revitalization,? in which downtown areas are rebuilding, rezoning, and consequently attracting new, young, and wealthier people back into the city. Whether or not this shift continues has yet to be determined. It does however provide an excellent example of the energy, flow, and transformation of the city. As Goldsworthy said, “The environment is fluid yet solid, dynamic yet static,? as is the city.